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Haha I love the idea that they fuck us on this game too and make us play as Jack just as a fuck you

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Its the Kojima twist!

And if Jesus is dying and Maggie is leaving then who the fuck is going to lead Hilltop?

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I will... im sure AMC will hire me as I have no acting experience.

If you give them a cheap enough rate I mean...

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$100 a day would buy me enough plot armor to survive the whole series.

It's been a week and this is being reposted....

Yah but its great though.

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It is... and people can simply scroll through the sub to see it.

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Am I right in saying that the dude got released even after pleas by law enforcement not to?

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It's new mexico... everyone gets released here.

Even suspected child murderers?

Interesting... I almost never do this, but, I'm gonna have to ask for a source on that one.

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You're welcome to look on the albuquerque sub. Tried to get you a couple of links from our local news but being on mobile is making it difficult.

What VHS comeback? I see a small cassette revival going on, but I see no VHS comeback.

It would be cool though if film came back. Like the old 8mm and 16mm film. Film projectors too. And indie movie theaters.

And goddamnit, where is the revival for reel-to-reel tapes? Hipsters wanna talk about how records sound better than digital, but reels are even better than records!

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8mm and 16mm still has a strong backing. Pretty much still have a job thanks to 8mm.

I only want multiple orgasms daily. Don't put me in a box.

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Yeah... your weird.

It is a gateway drug tho.... but they kinda created that themselves.

A gateway to what? The fridge? I've been smoking for leisure for 10 years now, I have absolutely no desire or need to try anything harder.

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Just how the D.E.A has it under schedule 1 with Heroin. I can just see some people smoking weed for the first time. Realizing its not as bad as D.A.R.E/DEA makes it to be than trying Heroin assuming its the same deal.

Adult Chico could easily have been retconned into Gray Fox. That would have been great.

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That's my head canon.... but I got block out portable ops.

7k upvotes for something that doesn't even fit this sub. The dog was known to do that so they filmed it. Mystery solved....

I mean I like playing video games and listening to music and reading books. I can't tell you if that's because of brainwashing or because those things are fun and neither can you really. What else am I supposed to do, sit with my thumb in my ass all day?

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Hey, if sticking a thumb up your ass is fun for you than yeah I'd say do it all day. No one's judging.

Pics on how you got it to fit? Had mine out months ago and tried the same thing but its about 1/2 inch too big.

I'll have to pull mine out. Thanks for coming through.

4/10 computers are gay.

GTA is at its best when it's simple, close to real life in terms of cars,guns and gangs. Who asked for all these jetpacks and flying cars ? Even those races in the sky were a bit stupid.

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Jet pack would of been cool if it was part of the chillad mystery... but online ruined that and like you said put flying cars in. Making gtao closer to a new gen saints row.

Going to Best Buy for gaming/comouters/TVs is like going to the batting cage for a massage

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If you have gamers club grandfathered in than no... it's not.

It's the sequel to ART!

Except Keller is trying to do the opposite of Berry.

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GTA V online is still packed and they have supported this game longer than most companies who just drop support.

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Single player still has bugs, rockstar ignores actual problems with online, bans people for modding, shit show list can go on and on.... but hey adding "free" content that was mostly cut to make tons of money off microtransactions sure gives them a great excuse! Good guy rockstar for keeping that support up!

How do you imagine a real game? Also cool repost.

Don't worry guys, Jims gonna repost this for karma just like op.. why? Because they're karma whores.

How do I mute reposts like this?

Fuck off with this shit

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The mods stopped the other repost. Let's stop this one too!

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