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Insomaniac10 2 points

This is all fair, but complaining about season rewards does not hold you back from ranking up either. They are mutually exclusive. I could care less about season rewards, and I went from P3D4>P1D2 the other day ¯\(ツ)/¯

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point

Oh boy, best of luck getting back up there. And yeah, you have a point.

SeeSea123 8 points

It's an item for the trophy cabinet, I don't have an issue with it being a different colour but gold hurts, it's like getting a bronze medal for coming first in the olympics

And with all of the other colours they could've gone with, they went with a colour which is associated with a lower rank (by name and by colour), all while we haven't had a chance to acclimatised to the new system

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point

That's true, and at first I was super confused and angry, but I just don't really care about it much anymore. If we all do get a gold banner, oh well. The gold banner is still exclusively for champion 1-3. I do understand why people don't like gold tho, because its the color of gold1-3.

tulpaflower 1 point

My solo standard rank is so low smh. I just can't climb there 😂.

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point

You'll get where you want to be eventually, just keep training and getting better.

jams17 7 points

Congrats on your new Gold Banner!

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point

Thanks lol!

OldHanBrolo 1 point

With 2000+ hours in the game I'm proof motivation only gets you so far. Plat 3 in every game mode for three season now.... :(

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point
  1. Have you watched your replays to see what you think you need to improve on?
  2. Have you practiced a lot in training?

Here is a good video to check out:

Skip to 14:15 it explains how to rank up from plat to diamond.

OldHanBrolo 1 point

Lol I feel like a moron now I have never done that. I watched many training videos but thanks for the tip

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point

No problem, good luck!

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ThomasOZRed 3 points

They do not count every player, they only count players that have been searched. So no, they're not accurate. That being said, you can be fairly sure that everyone is the top 500 has been looked up on the website at some point, so for your purpose it is accurate. It is just not accurate when looking at the overall distribution because many low ranked players are not included.

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point


lohkeytx 1 point

this shows literally nothing. I have a screenshot of beating Kronovi hiding around somewhere when i was champ 2. doesn't mean i'm god tier GC. Share the replay. Pictures mean nothing

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point

actually, no. I'm not going to share the replay because I played worse than usual. But still managed to win, though. and managed to make a crucial save right after being demoed that kept us from losing. I also scored a pass from my teammate and scored the overtime goal. Felt kinda like a normal game to me. nothing crazy.

ytzi13 1 point

If you're getting stuck in a rank then you're probably not playing right. No one expects anyone to carry. Your teammates and your opponents are selected from the same pool of players, so if you take that logic and apply yourself to it, then only thing really affecting your rank is the level that you are playing with. Some games your teammates will carry you and others they'll let you down. Your consistent level of play is still where you end up.

My #1 advice would be to change your perspective. Your goal is to get to a certain rank and you seem to think that it's your teammates holding you back. Instead, worry about how you're playing and how you can best adapt to your teammates and what their perceived strengths and weaknesses are. That's how you win games, that's how you become a better player, and that's especially how you rank up in solo queue.

Everyone seems to have this belief that set teammates are the only way to improve and go up in rank. But those players always want to party up with players at levels they can't get to themselves. On the other hand, while it may not be true for everyone, I've always found the opposite to be true. I've never been able to go anywhere with a team, regardless of their level, and every single time I've reached a new level in this game it was due to me solo queueing. Hell, I spent the majority of this season with a regular team - good players by all accounts - and we just couldn't climb. Then I started solo queueing and remembered how much easier the game felt. I solo queued to GC for the first time in standard this past weekend and got the rewards as well. Some of those games I was really uncomfortable and had to change my play-style in ways that only let me earn around 200 points, which was way lower than my teammates, but we would keep winning. Then, I faced off against those same players and adapted and I kept beating them.

My point is that you should be looking at what you're doing each game and learn how to adapt best you can. Set little goals and feel good about accomplishing those, win or lose, and you'll improve faster. Playing with higher level players could certainly be beneficial, but it can also hurt you. Those players will be better at cleaning up after your mistakes and filling in holes that you make, and you'll be learning how to play at a level that might not work at your own. Rank is a staircase and you need to hit every step if you want to fill in the holes in your game. You may even be able to hang at a rank 1 or 2 above you to some extent, but it doesn't mean that you're really at that level.

And if you don't know what you need to work on, find a coach or post a replay at r/RocketLeagueAnalysis

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point

Thanks for the info.

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PlatnissEverdeen commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
PlatnissEverdeen 4 points


PlatnissEverdeen 7 points

You simply cannot disassociate the color of a rank from it's reward. I am a champion level player and was excited to see what the reward will be for me, but this feels 'weird'. Mixing the colors up is NOT a good idea; yes Psyonix will get more "creative freedom" out of it, but this is simply unacceptable. If you got the champion rewards this season, that means you belong in the highest of ranks. Champion+ marks the "highest group of ranks". ie. the "Purple ranks". Champion 1 is better than 95% of players in ranked, and in solo standard it's better than 98%. Psyonix did a great job in Season 3 when they made the wheels. It was very clear what skill group you reached. The sad part is, the Tier 6 banner will also apply to champion 3's. This rank is better than over 99% of players, but they're getting a reward that looks like it's made for gold. I just don't understand why they are "combining rewards". Each set of ranks has a different color, so why combine the rewards? I mean look at the GC reward, it's clearly the best one out of all the banners. Why? Probably only because its GC, it's the highest rank. If you're making a seperate reward for GC players, why aren't you doing it for other ranks? (The Grand Champion rank is also a PURPLE RANK, but yet it isn't a gold color like the other 3 ranks below it). I don't know about you, but the second I saw these rewards I knew people weren't going to like them. If you have a rank in a game that is gold in color, you cannot take that same color and make it into a reward for a rank that is WAY BETTER than it. It just doesn't make sense! I haven't seen any other game out there that does that. I know Psyonix is trying to get more creative, but in my opinion and a lot of others', this wasn't the right call.

Thanks, Platniss.

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Plumato 5 points

Literally almost my exact ranks, I'm climbing solo 3s, halfway through diamond 3!

1s uhhh, I need to work on too LOL

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point

Yeah I need to work on 1's as well. Good luck getting champ!

Plumato 1 point

Thanks! It's a grind, but when I'm confident, it rolls great.

PlatnissEverdeen 2 points

Yeah, I got champ back in standard today, and just hit it in solo today as well. I was playing well.

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PlatnissEverdeen commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
PlatnissEverdeen 1 point

Hesitate less; once you see the enemy hit the ball and you know you can go for it, do it. Don't stop and think about it or it'll be too late.

As ytzi13 said, practice hitting the ball hard. (especially for clearing)

Learn to position yourself better. Think about where the ball is GOING to be in a couple seconds whether than where it currently is. That way, you can be in position to get the ball right after the enemy hits it. (An advanced tip is to look at the enemies car right before they touch the ball. That way you have a good idea where the ball is going to go after they hit it).

People will still try and pass across the backboard ALL THE TIME in diamond. For 3v3, If you know your teammate is behind you in defence, don't be scared to get right up near their goal, so that when your other m8 passes you are already there for it. The second it passes in front of the enemy goal, smash it in. You'd be surprised at how much of a difference it makes at that level to be ready for a pass like that, or any pass. If you are a second too late then most of the time the enemy would've cleared it from their net and you can no longer score.

If you see your m8 struggling in your corner to clear the ball, go up and help him. There may be an enemy player trying to get the ball from him, but if you come up out of nowhere and smack the ball away, it leaves the opponent in a bad spot; it will also free up your teammate so that he can get a boost refill or something. NOTE: If you're in 3v3 then this is easier because you have another teammate who can back you up if something goes wrong. This is riskier in 2v2 because it's just you and your m8. If you miss the ball, you may get scored on. I would make 90% sure you can at least get the ball away from the enemy before you go for something like that in 2v2.

If you can start getting good at reading the ball before it bounces, you will have a very good advantage over other players in this rank. That combined with little hesitation, and you'll be all over them. I was playing standard 3v3 today at a high diamond level with maybe 1 or 2 champs. I was hesitating way less than usual, going for balls without too much thought, and I was pouncing on them over and over. I did the same thing next game, and again I was all over them. You'd be surprised.

One other thing I want to add about reading the ball. Try and visualize this with me:

Your sitting in the middle of the net waiting for the ball. The enemy hits the ball straight at your net, but its too high so it bounces off the backboard and goes right back to him. He scores.

How could you prevent this from happening? You could jump in the air before the ball hits the backboard, and as it's bouncing back out into the field, you meet it in the air and hit it away. Now I know this isn't easy, but if you practice doing that, you will save a lot of balls from going in.

One_Word3r 1 point

Hey is this for pc only?

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point

No, i believe it's also console.

One_Word3r 1 point

Yeah it’s pc and PS4, I did my research lol

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point

ah nice

ytzi13 1 point

Lol. All that aside, good bots would be great. They really should create a public API for people to develop a their own AI.

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point

it would be so much fun to practice against top level players.

ytzi13 1 point

Right, but I'm confused because once you touch the ball the game can no longer continue, so I'm just trying to figure out what you're actually asking for.

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point

That part is hard to explain. I guess instead of re-creating a match EXACTLY, you could just load a match with RLCS level bots. But again, that will be a long time before bot's get that good, if ever. I didn't really think about what happens after I hit the ball ;p

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mattshak 1 point

Honestly, I play unranked 98% of the time simply because idc about ranks and my buddies are more casual players that I play with and I don't want to solo Q ranked when idc lol I play a lot of solid players in unranked, often GC's. My unranked MMR is pretty high though.

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point

I peaked at around 1455 unranked mmr (top 0.6%) and It seemed kinda normal to me sometimes. I mean you can tell that there is a difference from lower unranked games. My friend was above 1800 mmr in unranked and we got decent players a lot of the time. Unless you get really high, the players will most likely be around your skill. Maybe 1 rank higher.

Shite_Redditor 1 point

Keep playing. Stay calm and positive and you will get back up in no time. Everyone has these periods. All you can do is try to get better at the game and remember rank doesn't matter. You haven't got any worse if you de rank, nothing has really been lost.

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point

That's true, I know it'll come in time. Thanks.

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Bear52023 1 point

I get your point, but permanently preventing someone from playing this game, that the person paid for, just for typing "kys" in the chat ? No way. And why the hell would you report him on Steam as well? Did that ever achieve something ? You sound like you are more toxic than him/her. I'm not trying to defend the guy who said "kys", but from what you've just written, you don't seem any better than him, just saying.

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point

No disrespect but I honestly don't know what to say. Someone tells me to kill myself over nothing more than an online video game and you're getting mad because I reported him on steam -_- Who wouldn't report that? Plus my friend is dead because of suicide so I AM going to report him twice.

PlatnissEverdeen -14 points

Turns out this guy is on a 21 game losing streak in bronze 1v1. He only has 24 games played in the gamemode.

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PlatnissEverdeen commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
MissingHalf 2 points

Hahahaha.... Good joke, my friend.

The best part is still ahead of you, cuz the most cancerous rank is champ1. Every1 here thinks they are freaking gods of this game since they are in "champ". I'm so fucking glad I finally left this hell and tbh low champs are not better than plats in the meaning of the skills - they also make those shit-like mistakes - so good luck tho in climbing through those shitranks.

PlatnissEverdeen 3 points

I mean, champs are better than plat. Their skill is better. They would destroy plats.

DoktorDust 1 point

I know. It gets worse when you get above mid c2 depending on what time you play.

PlatnissEverdeen 1 point

RIP good luck

DoktorDust 3 points

Because he was the close player available at that time.

PlatnissEverdeen 0 points

Understandable, but ugh it's kinda annoying. Whatever.


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