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taking a screenshot of the desktop, deleting the icons, then setting it as a background

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You don't even need to delete the icons, at least not on Windows. You can right click the desktop and under "View" there is an option to show/hide icons.

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It's awful, but I kept on thinking of that gif/clip from IASIP that people post about "the implication" when reading the thread, especially since there are far to many people who don't understand satire.

If these men had managed to get in the house, after terrorizing a 16 year old girl, while holding a knife, is she actually going to be able to say no to anything they "suggest" she do? And then in their brilliant minds they think it's plausible deniability.

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I never got around to catching up on IASIP but I looked up the clip. It's horrible how similar the situations are.

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Usually this happens to me too, but I remember going to my GP once and mentioned that I felt what I thought was a lump in my breast and she just had me lift my shirt up then and there to do a quick check for it before referring me to get a mammogram. I guess this may be different though, considering how I specifically asked for her to check.

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I had a doctor tell me to drop my pants so he could do a rectal exam. He put on a glove, lubed his finger up and wiggled it right in without ever leaving the room. I still think this doc fucked up though. At the very least he failed to communicate what he was doing properly, and at worst he intentionally assaulted her. That's up to an oversight commitee to determine though.

Are we sure that the ticket banner is going to be 5 ticket multis? This would be the first time since the GSSR change that tickets earned by spending stones don't also have a GSSR multi. So far the only banner similar is the LR Gogeta and Vegito ticket banners, which had a GSSR on their multi.

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I've always made it clear to people who I'm going to be associated with closely for a long period of time that if and when I get to the point of not being able to move and talk and having to go to the toilet in a bedpan to either euthanise me or let me finish myself off. Having seen many, many elderly people deteriorating in a miserable old people's home just so the relatives can put off the inevitable I now think it's just downright cruel.

There are ones even where you can just see it in their eyes that they've had enough and just want to go but they don't have the ability to do anything about it.

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I'm 90% sure my grandmother willed herself to death after she broke her hip. She should have had several more years to go but the decrease in mobility just tanked her will to live. About three months after leaving the hospital she was rushed back and held on until about an hour after her children came to say good buy.

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I wish for the life of me to find this source. I had it years ago but its gone. It was a French film I think.

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Lmfao I never comment on reddit. But I literally spent an hour last month trying to find this video.

Edit: found a longer version.

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I'm sorry you had to deal with this dick-tickling-ass-monkey. I promise that not all men are so abusive.

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Back in the day, my nonconformist brinksmanship would have focused on playing games with the definition of "demonstrations of sexual orientation." A shirt that says "I'm gay" clearly qualifies, but what about a girl wearing a shirt that says "my boyfriend got trampled by yaks and all I got was this stupid t-shirt"? What about "gay people exist"? What about a shirt that says "happy and gay" with a picture of a smiling and dancing stick figure? How far do I have to get from statements of orientation or endorsement of same before it stops being a problem? I'm pretty sure I know the answer; the goal is to make the hypocrites actually say it.

Edit: how about a shirt that says "asexual" or "I have a sexual orientation"?

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LAOP actually listed some examples of shirts kids were punished for wearing.

One girl had a shirt that said straight out the closet and she was disciplined for it. One boy had a pride shirt that had a rainbow and said unity under it and another girl had a shirt that said being gay isn't a choice.

I really want somebody to wear a "being straight isn't a choice" shirt. Or maybe "I'm as straight as a ruler."

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What sort of losers - alcoholic or not - pick on a fucking five-year-old? They need their freaking asses kicked into the middle of next century.

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Racist bigots that's who. In one of her comments she mentions that they also commonly say "sand niggers."

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So just to clarify, this family would have rather stayed in a house that currently had almost no roofing than be moved to a hotel or a new house? Am I understanding this correctly?

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It sounds like the parents actually wanted to accept the landlords initial offer but were talked out of it by their idiot son. Staying in the house was just a byproduct of refusing the offer.

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sounds like another Dokkan Super Builder tbh, lets hope it wont become a lost project like that one

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Honestly that guy was just out for a relatively quick buck from ads. If you check his other apps they all went without updates after launch too.

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add filtering based on type or category or multiple selections such as applying AGL, Super, and SSJ3 category filters all at once?

lol i had no idea

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I was talking about a guy who made a similar app to yours but abandoned it days after releasing it.

(Election says he's gonna get a LR, I vote for it. They make it LR Rose and Zamasu instead.)

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An LR Fusion Zamasu better be this art. Not a fan of him once his body starts to become mush.

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What went down with the "cyber attack" that never was, and with Chairman Pai's handling of the situation, raises enormous credibility issues and flaws with the FCC's process around its disastrous repeal of net neutrality, to say the least. This definitely provides a bigger opening for lawmakers in the House to sign the discharge petition to pass the CRA and reverse the FCC's move to gut net neutrality. Many lawmakers, including Republicans, want to sign the discharge, because they know doing so is what their constituents want, especially ahead of the midterms -- but there is also some hesitancy to buck House leadership by signing the discharge. It's up to internet users and the public to highlight the FCC's lies and flawed process with their members of Congress -- if reps hear enough from their constituents on this, it can give them the resolve to sign the discharge. We've seen this, including with Republican Rep. Mike Coffman signing the discharge, but we have to use every opportunity, including the FCC's handling of this phony cyber attack, to keep pressure on lawmakers.

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Since I don't live in the States, I have a (slightly stupid maybe) question: There's been a huge public outcry about the entire net neutrality ordeal, the ripples of which were felt even in my country halfwag across the globe. Is this not evidence enough for the FCC that the public does not want these laws? This is a democracy after all...

Thank you.

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Here's the thing, the current ruling party of the FCC doesn't care what the public thinks. All they care about is the money in their own pockets and they have the rest of their party protecting them.

some hesitancy to buck House leadership

You're there to serve your constituents not your party or the House. Either do what you were elected to do or get the fuck out so somebody who cares will.

Oh man that's brutal... Similar story whr I live - there was a plan in place to make all of the downtown core of the city anyway into one big WiFi zone owned by the city and it would either have been free or next to nothing. City of Toronto decided to sell it to the private sector where the whole project was cancelled.

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Every time I use it I'm glad Fredericton NB went through with their free wifi downtown plans.

I mean, not that similar, but I would absolutely kill for WiFi everywhere downtown and this makes me sad.

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Fredericton New Brunswick has free wifi over a good portion of the downtown and a few other heavily trafficked spots.

That's not really the point is it? It's not like a security camera for the purpose of filming somebody stealing or trespassing.

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That would be the intended use for security cameras though. Being able to see if your employees are not doing their job is just a bonus.

You should see if they offer a management training program. You're basically already doing everything a department head is expected to do anyways. If you're lucky you might even push K out of her job and get it for yourself.

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I'd like to hear from the ones who avoided predation. What did they do differently?

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I don't think any actually escaped predation. They are either too ashamed to admit they were victims or don't believe they were victims. At this point it doesn't matter if they make it public but I do hope that they are getting help from somebody.

Edit: Apparently MyKayla Skinner's coach never left her alone with the scumbag. It could have been something other coaches did too.

Don't forget about Encore +. It's got fairly large seletion of late 80's and early 90's shows that aren't available anywhere else. My personal favorite is The Littlest Hobo.

Can someone please tell me why the fuck boys think it's okay to spread rumors that they fucked a girl (or in this case, raped her) and why they always seem to do it to girls they claim to like? At the very least, doesn't ever cross their minds that lying about fucking a girl they like will only guarantee that she will never like them back?

I know there are other serious issues here, but I was the victim of rumors about being fucked too (along with countless other girls) and I just wanna fucking answer as to why boys think this is either acceptable or somehow helpful to them.

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It never even occured to me to lie about sleeping with a girl. It did to my friend though. He never took it as far as actual sex in his stories though. First time was just a kiss that never happened, the second involved touching bare breasts. You would have thought he would learn his lesson after the first story became public. Of course I didn't learn my lesson either and believed his story the second time.

I can only assume boys do it to look cool. They don't know or care about the repercussions to themselves or the unwitting subject of the lie.

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Sidenote: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency is an awesome show

Edit: doubt it'll do much at this point, but here's the link to the petition for renewing the show

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Didn't know this petition was a thing. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Don't think Vegeta is an Ape or Giant.

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I think those were just used as examples. But its Akatsuki so who really knows.

I may be confusing her with somebody with a similar name, but I think LainyLoves2Lactate did something like this.

I'm glad I double checked the sub rules, I almost pinged her.

So let's say he goes through with this terrible plan and "Rain" gets pregnant. Is it possible for him to relinquish rights while the fetus is in utero, paving the way for "Snow" to adopt? Would it be different if a straight couple wanted to do such a thing? Or, if not before birth, immediately after?

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I believe adoption is usually only finalized after the child is born.

It's just a better idea to do it through a clinic so that there is zero chance he's on the hook for a child he doesn't want. It's also better for the women because it prevents him from seeking parental rights in court.

I agree that the older cards should get an EZA but I don't think they should be removed from the pool.

I also don't want PvP. Most games actually suffer from having it. The devs either over balance everything reducing PvE to something that isn't even fun, or don't care and whales are the only ones who benefit from the PvP.

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I tried to speak in the meeting and was told by the head of year it was not the time or place for me to speak. I did try. And now we discuss many difficult topics, this is the last one. (With my parents)

We haven’t discussed this particular topic in six years. I am hoping the discussion later goes well

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Good luck. Don't be afraid to just walk out if they refuse to apologize.

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