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Pmw26 commented on a post in r/EthereumClassic
timeROYAL 0 points

You know I wonder if the devs a listening to the community, the last few weeks there has been so much talk in the community about rebranding.

Pmw26 -1 points

You guys make a great point regarding the rebrand proposals. I believe that 1. Now would be the time to do it; in unison with all the recent and upcoming developments and 2. There can be a way to give a proper nod to the history/meaning of ETC's core principles but also eliminate the "Classic" term from the name. It just gives an initial impression of being outdated to most who don't know more about the project when they first encounter it; when in reality, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Pmw26 commented on a post in r/stormtoken
Pmw26 3 points

While I agree that more formal updates would go a long way, it would seem that the team has been busy at work and has accomplished a lot as of late; particularly to get this listed with the major exchanges. Getting Binance and Bittrex in the past month or so is huge. This positions Storm very well for long term growth and the timing couldn't be better in terms of immediate outlook with the upcoming Rebrand and Airdrop.

Pmw26 commented on a post in r/AnonymousBitcoin
Pmw26 2 points

Well done Jake and Team. I look forward to more info being released; the Executive Summary and the Summit clip are great at conveying your main points of emphasis for the project. It's so refreshing for a new/fork project to set such high accountability standards for itself. Anyone who calls this project's legitimacy into question either has an agenda or lacks understanding of the big picture. ANON will be a great success.

Pmw26 commented on a post in r/SysCoin
Danny-boy6030 2 points

Just wish somebody would answer my question about whether I need to do anything with my paper wallet.

Pmw26 2 points

I would suggest to contact the team directly about your question to make sure you get it right. I reached out to Sebastian the other day on here with a similar fork question and was really impressed by their responsiveness.

Pmw26 commented on a post in r/ZClassic
Pmw26 3 points

Correct guys. Up almost 50% in last two hours as word is just really getting out. While there may be a final pump in August that will be way to late to get on board for this one anywhere near this price. This fork is the real deal with alot behind it. Very strong team for BTCA, CNBC announcement (how many crypto forks get that), and some bad ass conceptual design & tech.

indiMjc 3 points

Yea word really IS just getting out I cant hardly find any info on it. Im going to look through the ZCL subreddit but maybe you guys could help me out, wth is going on?

Pmw26 2 points

Check out this article. Has link to places to learn more as well. Hope helps.

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Pmw26 commented on a post in r/SysCoin
Pmw26 5 points

I don't believe Verge and Sys are comparable nor are their recent situations. It's like comparing apples and oranges. Verge has long been a pump and dump coin who's hype has not lived up to it's actual concrete development. Conversely, Sys has been a longterm project with strong tech and real world applications. It's been performing extremely well vis a vis Bitcoin and there are also other price catalysts on the horizon i.e. airdrop beyond April 30th at the end of May to attract further short term investment. I think it's a better strategy in Crypto right now to "buy the news" and invest in the strong projects that are achieving their benchmarks and have real use case- as consolidation for the industry is coming-and many weak projects that are all hype will fall by the wayside. Therefore, now is the time to ACCUMULATE and invest in Sys for the long-term.

Cloudex123 1 point

You have written very well and I represent your opinion. But for me it is not important to know the team completely. The previously known developers and Brad Marsh are perfect. They are incredibly sympathetic and competent. Brad should anyway be the talker, he does not seem as nervous as some others ;) But of course I would be interested in who Saul Wolf is. Also one of the developers? An investment man? Also as young as the known guys? Maybe everyone in the Pac company can mak e announcements as Saul Wolf because he doesn't exist? Mysterious :)

Pmw26 2 points

Agree with your point. Some anonymity with the devs is cool, like this project is really organic and coming from the Community but I can see how too much with upper management makes it seem abit shadowy to existing and potential investors.

Pmw26 commented on a post in r/paccoin
ilovepaccoin 1 point

this is a joke people, he is trying to scare you or he is simply retarded.

Pmw26 1 point

Right on.

Pmw26 2 points

The point of this post is strictly to spread fud and should be ignored. The days are numbered for market manipulators who seek to pull the 1 to 2 sat scheme and other get rich scams. These mostly hurt well intentioned investors, good companies, and give this great industry a bad name. This line of thought is why the industry as a whole is stuck in such a downturn right now. Both the maturing market and regulatory authorities will eliminate such possibilities soon anyway which is great for all real crypto investors. The real value of Pac is in it's Community approach and upcoming Charitable partnerships; not to pump and dump etc. There is infinitely more money to be made both in Pac and the crypto industry as a whole through real investment than getting involved in this.

Pmw26 commented on a post in r/paccoin
Veternus [M] 6 points

Correct - we own the trademarks to both PACcoin and any variation of that and PAC - The People's Alternative Choice.

Pmw26 1 point

Didn't doubt it for a minute that you guys were on this but thanks for weighing in publicly to confirm so that the fud & bs don't gain any traction.

Pmw26 1 point

Exactly. I am advocating a DEX for Pac similiar to what Crypto-Bridge and Binance are doing. This is the way of the future and it holds so many possibilities. I believe the devs already mentioned putting together an exchange but just put it on the back burner to get the Redemption right. Which was smart. A DEX such as this would provide true economic decentralization with users controlling their own private keys & funds unlike now where those in reality belong to the exchange not the user. Expect others to follow suit. I think Pac's would be best utilized by combining the DEX with Pacfyle/Lyfe to provide an economic, social, and charitable platform all in one place with Pac as the reserve currency. This would differentiate it from other cryptos, simplify things for many users rather than different sites for different things, and make the overall experience more meaningful than it will be separately.

cubeez99 1 point

A DEX actually is mentioned on page 21 of the White Paper. It's on the right side of the flow chart.

Pmw26 1 point

Yes "Coinfyle". Great idea by the devs. I am fully behind them and their roadmap for Pac, so hopefully this post didn't come off otherwise. Just suggestions where I believe decentralized exchanges like the new Binance and Crypto-Bridge are the way of the future so I hope they consider taking our DEX in that direction.

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Pmw26 commented on a post in r/paccoin
williejk 2 points

Interesting idea which I believe others are already exploring. Eg Bitcore and Bitcoin, where you can send either currency using the same wallet address. Talks are on between TRX and ADA, Monero and LTC . There is another being developed called OTC which I think will link exchanges. PAC could and should explore such..

Pmw26 1 point

Correct. Both that others are seeking to implement this and we should as well. See Bridge Coin.

DLostintime 0 points

let them do paclyfe etc first ;-)

Pmw26 0 points

I think would be even better if these concepts were applied to pacfyle etc especially the planned exchange. I really hope the devs are planning to take in that direction and that's why they haven't been rolled out yet. Would really differentiate Pac from the rest. Good things come to those who wait, and better to get it right rather than rush it.

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Pmw26 2 points

I'm not advising anyone to "sink more money" into this or any other coin, investment, etc. Everyone needs to do their own DD regarding their investments and evaluate both their capacity to purchase it and their tolerance for risk with that investment. What I am advocating is that this Community take a more positive/proactive/civil/constructive tone regarding all of this. There are many intelligent people here. If we work together we can improve any aspects of this project to foster it's growth and success.

Pmw26 3 points

It won't be if the tone of investors here remains negative. However, the fundamental concepts behind Pac are strong and anything can happen in crypto. The story of which coins will survive consolidation & ultimately achieve mass adoption(if any) is yet to be written.

Pmw26 commented on a post in r/paccoin
Pmw26 1 point

Another great suggestion. What could be better than making both a profit and a positive impact on society? I believe the differentiation of this coin from the thousands of others out there will be key to its survival. There is bound to be serious consolidation of the crypto market in the coming year or two; even if the overall market cap of the asset class continues to grow. Implementing ideas such as this and putting greater emphasis on the charitable aspect of this project will differentiate it from the many others out there and ultimately insure its long-term success.

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