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Polloco 3 points

So does that mean we're not allowed to post our own videos in the main sub anymore?

sawwaveanalog 5 points

There are no rule changes to the sub, this is just a stickied thread and excuse to post.

Polloco 2 points


plasticonofran 3 points

Nice, really like it. How do you rate the O-Coast vs the Mother-32?

Polloco 1 point

I don't have a M32, but the 0Coast is one of my favorite synths just because it's got such a unique sound.

Polloco 1 point

Just a little ambient soundscape I put together. The 0Coast is sequenced via the CV/gate out of the Analog Four. The A4 is playing random arps with conditional trigs in the sequencer. I'm tweaking the arp time and range live. The 0Coast runs through a parallel pair of EchoPuss analog delays, then into a Corona Chorus, Flashback delay, Alter Ego delay, and a Hall of Fame reverb.

For some reason, the A4 was putting out weirdly timed arp patterns. I originally had it set at a speed of 6 with a range of 3 but it played odd notes and in weird timing. Ended up sounding pretty neat, though.

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Polloco 15 points

A video of a magician making a 3 foot parrot appear out of fucking nowhere. I've searched high and low but I can't find it anywhere. I've watched a billion bird magic tricks and still no luck. I wish I had saved it. It was some skinny awkward looking guy and I'm pretty sure it was some sort of competition or award show.

iamasuitama 2 points

Is the beatstep wired to the OT? How does that work?

Polloco 2 points

Midi din out to OT. Knobs are set to parameters on a track. I cam change the global channel on the BS to rock any track. Top pads trigger sequences, bottom pads modulate reverb time.

iamasuitama 1 point

Dope! Do you compose on the OT, with that in mind, or is the OT basically running stems from DAW export? I really like the creativity even in the setup here. What's your soundcloud if I may ask?

Polloco 1 point

The OT is running samples and loops from our songs, plus synth and instrument sounds that I can sequence or play live. Ableton runs all the stems. Check out

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Afturmath 19 points

The year I got my first synthesizer (1997), I also got a poster of NYC from my mom for Christmas. The two have been exquisitely intertwined for me ever since.

I busted my ass for the last 10 years in networking and cybersecurity to get myself to the area and my studio to this point. Now I have a great work/life balance that also affords me the ability to fill my studio with new shinies. Since I don't rely on music for income, I can buy new gear without stressing about how it will pay for itself. I would like to make music professionally, but I don't want to have to live off touring. We'll see what happens over the next 5 years as my modular synthesizers and mixing setup grow, though.

I listen to mostly techno, ambient, deep progressive, deep house, psytrance, drum & bass, and breaks while I work, including my own music. There's a special place in my heart for anything made with Moogs, an SH-101, an ARP2600, or a CS80. I also listen to a lot of eurorack jams.

Polloco 6 points

Psytrance? Come out tonight to Club 299. Fractaltribe is holding their 10th anniversary party. Atmos is playing. 12 hours of psytrance, techno, and chill. You won't be disappointed.

BlissnHilltopSentry 5 points

I want to live in a city where someone can just casually say "oh yeah, you should check out this 12 hour party of psytrance, techno, and chill tonight." Out of the blue.

...but america's healthcare sound scary.

Polloco 1 point

Fair enough!

Moonsun69 3 points

I was using this scheme, Beatstep+OT. Its the way it is. You can't preprogram MIDI CC value settings for Beatstep encoders, only CC itselves. Beatstep doesn't have MIDI Input (not USB), but you can buy USB MIDI host device that will allow you to sync values between OT and Beatstep. Beatstep USB to USB MIDI Host, Host MIDI In and Out to OT. And program one of the controller buttons to CC61, this command send currect parameters from OT to controller. I went further and switched from Beatstep to Behringer X-Touch Mini, it' small too, but have indication, push encoders and two layers, that doubles amount of controls.

Polloco 1 point

Gotcha. That blows. The whole point of the BS was the midi din out and not needing a damn converter box. Haha.

casio_ob_four 1 point

My phone zte a612 acts as a USB host. I can plug in my midi USB devices to it. You can check support for this with USB OTG Checker from the google play store. You need an OTG cable to get this to work.

My tablet, Maitai mt107 does not act as a USB host, I would have to root it to try and add support for that. It can however be put into developer mode fairly easily and from the settings -> developer options menu be instructed to appear as a USB MIDI device when connected via USB. That way I can send MIDI from apps over USB. I have a RPI acting as a USB -> 5pin MIDI converter for sending output to 5pin MIDI devices. This is a stopgap til I root the tablet.

Worth mentioning that once a USB MIDI device is class compliant, it should work with a USB Host, so my M-Audio Midisport UNO works with my ZTE just fine.

Although you didn't ask, it's worth mentioning that Android latency is actually worse under Oreo 8.0 than Nougat, 7.0:

No idea about Oreo 8.1. Both my devices are running Android 7.0 Nougat.

Polloco 1 point

Dope. I knew most of that. Was more just looking for interface recommendations. I have a Note 8 on oreo. All I plan on doing is controlling my Octatrack with Lemur via midi. Gonna grab an interface tomorrow and see what happens.

HeavilyBearded 1 point

May I see your Captain America issues?

Polloco 1 point

You still interested in those Captain America issues?

[deleted] 1 point


Polloco 1 point


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Polloco commented on a post in r/FL_Studio
coranns 14 points

Alt+Scroll to raise/lower velocities, or Alt+X to open the scale levels tool.


Polloco 0 points

Isn't it ctrl alt scroll? I learned this a few days ago.

BlazingThunder30 8 points

No it's alt scroll

Polloco 1 point

Hmmm. Ive been using select all and then ctrl alt scroll to change all the Velocity levels at once. Ctrl shift scroll moves notes.

Polloco commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Polloco 1 point
  1. For my rottie mix - "Mr. Kitty, you don't need to get all over protective. We're good. Stop being a grumpy old man."

  2. For our Dobie mix - "Polloco, other dogs are cool. They just want to play. You can trust them. I promise."

  3. For our cockapoo - "Lemmiwinks, stop eating shit. It's gross."

To all of them - "y'all are awesome."

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ausernametoforget 34 points

As a teacher: why would I waste that much (especially knowing they’ll be more expensive still in Canada) on iPads when I can buy a Chromebook for about $250-300 each (Canadian dollars). Kids don’t need a stylus and everything that I want them to do on a computer can be done pretty much in google docs/slides/classroom.

I pity you teachers that haven’t started using Google Classroom.

Polloco 2 points

I love Google Classroom. I'm using it with my 6th graders and it makes life so easy.

Polloco commented on a post in r/synthesizers
i_make_song -11 points

With a band name that dumb you better be lol!

Polloco 4 points

You're literally the only person to have ever said that. Maybe others have thought it, but people find it fun.

i_make_song -4 points

I wasn't trying to be a dick, it's just not a very "serious" name. I can't think of a popular band that has a name that goofy (Reel Big Fish maybe?).

Perhaps people aren't being honest with you?

Polloco 4 points

Infected Mushroom. Presidents of the United States of America. They Might Be Giants. Just a few silly ones I can think of off th top of my head.

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Velcrocore 2 points

What kind of music are you making? What does your voice sound like? Do you want it to sound clean or gritty? I would try each preamp out going for a clean sound, and try each preamp out going for an over-driven sound. It’ll take you an hour or two, and give you actual sonic information.

Polloco 1 point

Fair enough.

Velcrocore 1 point

You didn’t have to remove the question! There might happen to be an engineer with the same preamps at their disposal. I have the art rack mount pre, and like overdriving it with LDC overhead drum mics, with the impedance turned down.

My money is on the sapphire pre being the cleanest, but I’m unfamiliar with the mixers you mentioned.

Polloco 1 point

I didn't remove it! Haha.

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kierwest 2 points

Hahaha I wish. When I finish PA school, I will have the cash flow to "rescue" comics.

Polloco 1 point

They'll probably still be here!

kierwest 1 point

I'm in love with your x-men collection. Just wanted to gush about it.

Polloco 1 point

It can totally be yours! All of it! Haha. We could totally work something out. Go halvsies with a friend! Tell your mom it's a good investment in your future! Sell a kidney!

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Polloco 6 points

We bought a Dobie mix off of Craigslist in Jersey City back in 2007. We got him on a Sunday. He had serious behavior issues. He was aggressive and crazy. He wouldn't listen and it seemed like he hated us. We took him to the vet that Friday where he proceeded to bite a vet tech. They suggested sedating him to continue his exams and such, which we allowed. A few hours later they call us to come get him and tell us that we need to go in the back and get him out of the crate he's in because he's growling and jumping at anyone that gets near. I go back, they open the crate, and he immediately runs to me and lays down at my feet. From. That day on until we had to put him down 2 years later, he and I were as inseparable as could be. Fucking Meekrob.

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