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Polloco commented on a post in r/shpongle
Widar 2 points

Radioactive Sandwich, you're great! I really hope that you give vinyls a thought for the new album!

Polloco 1 point

Thanks! Vinyl is way to expensive for us, unfortunately.

Widar 1 point

Have you seen the vinyl crowdfunding site ? Let us know if you decide to try it! :)

Polloco 1 point

Will do!

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JeebsFat 1 point

Sorry, what's the shot in the bottom for? Edit: *slot

Polloco 1 point

Which one?

JeebsFat 1 point

It looks like there is a slot in the bottom of the case, but I can't really make it out from the pictures or understand what's its purpose is. Could you explain please? Thanks!

Polloco 1 point

You mean below the synths themselves? That's just to move them off the bottom and give me more comfortable access to the buttons. They're set in depth wise a bit so I can put the Elektron lids on them when traveling.

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Karmoon 1 point

That is badass!

What synths are you using?

I am just learning about modern synths after finally admitting that things other than the Juno and Moog exist heheh.

Polloco 2 points

This box is mainly for the Elektron AnalogFour and Octatrack.

bobfromsanluis 2 points

Okay, so basically, Baltic Birch, and that is what the military uses. Got it, thanks.

Polloco 0 points

If you say so.

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Polloco commented on a post in r/Elektron
solidusgear 1 point

So I got sound from it but it won't do anything else =(

Polloco 1 point

What do you mean?

solidusgear 1 point

The only thing that works is when i do MIdi in on Octatrack into keyboards midi out.

but case in point im wanting to do what everyone does in all the videos where they play on there keyboard or drum machine and then it comes connected on octatrack and then they change the arpeggio. Can't do that when my keyboard is controlling what's on octatrack.

Polloco 1 point

Yeah. I don't be wove you can create a midi loop. Think about it. You'd be going keyboard out to OT in, then sending that same message back to the keyboard. Have you tried

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Polloco commented on a post in r/AskReddit
beavers10 2 points

Have you tried a pechakucha? I modify it for my 8th grade students. 10 slides, 20 seconds each, no text on the slides. They do one all about themselves in the first week so we can all get to know each other. I do one for them too. I get a lot of lebron and Nike shoes, but they love it and they get practice presenting.

Polloco 2 points

Never heard of it. Sounds neat. I assume I can Google it?

beavers10 3 points
Polloco 1 point


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Polloco commented on a post in r/NetflixBestOf
Polloco 2 points
Toke_420 3 points

I searched, I swear! Only result was from 6 years ago..

Edit: Oh, different subreddit, I didn't even know about that one.. Sorry, subscribed now!

Polloco 2 points

Whoa. I also didn't realize it was a different sub. Hahaha.

Polloco commented on a post in r/synthesizers
Polloco 1 point

The Sam Ash in king of prussia has a few synths in the old speaker monitor room. There's also an access virus ti2 on Craigslist, but it's $2500. You'd never need another synth again (though you'd certainly want one). There's also an analog four for around $600 in CL.

IRSizone 4 points

you're still in, or around, a fairly metro area.

forget the analog revival. look around on craigslist, find yourself a '90's rompler workstation with a decent keybed. patching it won't be easy, but the presets will probably make up for that. I'm fairly certain you'll be able to find an alesis quadrasynth or a korg m1 for less than 200. you might be able to find an ensoniq zr-76 or mr or ts-10/12 for less than 500. you also might be able to find a kurzweil k2000 for, well, less than a new deepmind.

Polloco 1 point

Philly Craigslist usually sucks for synths a lot of the time. With that said, since the holidays just ended there are a few more then usual.

Polloco 2 points

Saw the Make Noise video about the Krell patch and figured I'd give it a go. I ran it through two EchoPuss analog delays and a hall of fame reverb. Stay toasty!

TwoBeautifulMen 2 points

Stereo analog delay! Sounds awesome!

Polloco 1 point

This time I ran them in serial, but I did get the 2nd one to do parallel. However, the newer one is a lot quieter than the first one. Trying to figure out why.

Polloco commented on a post in r/shpongle
mikronaut 1 point

Quite possibly true, though this would be a great opportunity for them to undo the track splitting!

Polloco 1 point

Which would ruin the entire album.... The album works so much better due to its flow in and out of each other.

mikronaut 1 point

Have you heard it in the original 8 track format? It would still be mixed the same way (in other words, seamless transitions), but in my opinion the tracks benefit from the structure originally intended. Hearing it that way actually caused the album to go from being one of my least favorites to being easily in my top 3.

For example, I was never really a fan of tracks 6 to 8 because they all sounded very similar, but when they're put together, they're this long and epic tune, track 6 is an intro that builds into it, and it's just wonderful. It's a similar thing with 9 and 10, where instead of being a separate tune, track 10 is just a dubby metamorphosis within the song. But my favorite is definitely 14-16. When they're put together as intended into one piece, it's one of Shpongle's most unique tracks.

This is something that, in my opinion, every Shpongle fan should experience at least once, and it is how they play the tracks in their sets. Simon has said that the track splitting was a mistake, and now they have an opportunity to fix it, so I would love to see it happen.

Polloco 2 points

I literally will only listen to the album from start to finish. I've never once just listened to a single track off the album except to reference new monitors or cans in my studio. I either dedicate a full hour to the album or I don't listen. Haha.

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Polloco commented on a post in r/edmproduction
Polloco 1 point

Do you want analog or digital? What's your budget?

beyondfiction 1 point

I’m open to either, looking to spend under $1k

Polloco 1 point

Oh dude. That opens the game up a lot. Look into the behringer deepmind. Analog and should be usable as a midi keyboard.

Polloco commented on a post in r/nin
Polloco 2 points

The Slip isn't very good and his soundtrack work/Ghosts isn't interesting or exciting to listen to.

hikikomoriyume 1 point

Gone Girl is a masterpiece though. I agree that The Social Network and TGWTDT are boring.

Polloco 3 points


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