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Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/worldnews
Sedai07 -4 points

Honestly who cares. There are hundreds of weedkillers to choose from.

Pontus_Pilates 8 points

Well, people should care. Gyphosate is so widely used because many of the alternatives are worse for the environment. Monstanto the company just causes moral panic which leads to dumb descisions.

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/Nokia
noobie107 1 point

unless you prefer the smaller size of the 6.1, the 7+ is a no-brainer

Pontus_Pilates 1 point

And even in there, it's not that big of a difference. The 7+ is 10mm longer, but they are equally wide and thick.

If the additional price isn't a concern, I agree that 7+ is the obvious choice.

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/Android
bearskito 20 points

Some of the new Nokia phones are pretty good though. If they can avoid falling into the HTC pitfall of catering to nonexistent markets, they should be able to make a comeback

Pontus_Pilates 7 points

Yeah, according to this tweet they already outsold the likes of HTC and Sony in the last quarter.

It seems like a strong brand name and great design in the more affordable price range is a good combination.

bearskito 1 point

A few of their devices are playing into the weird sort of mid ground between flagship and lower end midrange where no one buys phones unless they're on contract, at least in Canada or the US. I'm not sure what that end of the phone market is like outside North America.

Pontus_Pilates 3 points

In many markets, the phone pricing is fairly linear, not just flagships and low range.

Flagships cost around 1000€. When you are paying the full price of the phone, a device that costs between 400-600€ and offers 80-90% of the flagship features is a pretty great deal.

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Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/Android
wildgoat 1 point

If budget is not a concern, as on date which android phone has the best camera out there?

Pontus_Pilates 5 points

Huawei P20 Pro is the current champion. The Pixel phones are also quite good with their software trickery, but Huawei combines software wizardry with overwheliming hardware.

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/Christianity
Pontus_Pilates 4 points

I'm pretty sad that there even is a term like 'evolutionist'. We don't label people who believe in other basic science facts.

People who secretly believe in electromagnetism, how do you cope with your life?

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/funny
ThrombBone 1 point

Group think is a real phenomenon especially considering professional esteem and peer supported finding require acquiescence to the predetermined hypothesis of global warming.

Pontus_Pilates 0 points

Now don't be silly. The evidence is overwhelming. I'm not sure you understand how science works.

Sure, at some point there is peer pressure. Biology departments sort of expect you to believe in the existence of forests. History departments want you to accept that there really was a Roman empire.

Claiming a conspiracy doesn't really work as nobody's benefitting from global warming. The oil companies tried to keep it under wraps for decades, as trying to pollute less directly hurts their profits. There is no big cabal who makes billions from slightly increased energy efficiency.

Animal species don't make any money from going extinct. Nobody benefits from increasing natural disaster like what happened in Houston and Puerto Rico.

ThrombBone 1 point

What "evidence"? Surely you don't mean the unadjusted average global temperature chart, do you?

Or how about that new Swiss Climate Consortium that intends to shred what the mainstream narrative has been pushing down your throat?

Pontus_Pilates 1 point

I really like that all your links are to some websites designed in -97 because the cranks pushing this stuff are technologically so limited.

If you were actually interested in evidence you could find it everywhere. But clearly you have chosen your narrative and would rather visit those Geocities sites than any reputable publication.

I do understand that I can't change your mind on this, people rarely do believe in conspiracies because of evidence, rather they like the story. However, I do want to know: why do you think there is this massive global conspiracy to falsify all climate data? Who's behind it all? Who benefits?

And who keeps melting the glaciers and polar ice caps if it's not the climate?

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Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/Nokia
Pontus_Pilates 1 point

I'm in the same boat. They were the only ones promising the white version right at the release. I really hope it comes this week or early next at the latest.

In long run, waiting for an extra week for your phone isn't significant, but the only reason I ordered from them was the early availability of the white version. If they only ship it in May, I could have walked into a store and picked up the black one, or waited for a bit.

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/Nokia
Pontus_Pilates 1 point

First, let's wait for Android P.

Second, Nokia is not going to release two Nokia 8's this year. They'll ride with Sirocco and then release a 9 if they want a new flagship.

and a dated processor

Do you think its dated because the number is smaller than 845 or because the performance is bad?

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/politics
[deleted] 0 points


Pontus_Pilates 6 points

I don't live in Sweden, but neighbouring Finland. We generally believe that adult citizens should have a way to prove their identity. I'm myself a bit baffled about how Americans get along without an ID.

I have to show an ID when I go to the post office to retrieve a package, not to mention something like renting an apartment, opening a bank account or visiting a doctor.

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/politics
Cool_Blue_1 252 points

+1 for Mothers Rights and +1 for Women's Rights! This is cool and lordy I hope we get pictures.

I worry about the safety and health of the baby, though. The Senate is known to the State of California to cause cancer. 😂

Pontus_Pilates 3 points

This is cool and lordy I hope we get pictures.

Here's Licia Ronzulli bringing here kid to the European Parliament:

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/todayilearned
AntillionReddit 39 points

Oh and I forgot to mention that i have 30 minutes of paid launchbreak every day? In reality I work around 34 hours / week

Pontus_Pilates 14 points

Yeah, when I go to my launchbreak, I like to browse Reddit on my phone.

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/MechanicalKeyboards
Pontus_Pilates 2 points

The second ones are all over this sub, people seem to enjoy them for some reason.

The first ones I've never seen. They're probably fine, but I'd be a bit concerned that they only show renders, not the actual product. See if you can find some actual pictures of them before ordering.

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/MechanicalKeyboards
anlumo 3 points

Well, I just assumed that everyone already has one of those anyways. However, I recently used one of these you can get for $18 (worldwide free shipping), and it works quite well even for relatively delicate electronics like keyswitches.

Pontus_Pilates 1 point

You don't even need that expensive of an iron to build a keyboard. You can get cheaper irons from your local hardware store and they do a fine job.

I guess fancier soldering stations are more pleasant to use and might have some high-end usage scenarios. Howerver, I've built two or three decent boards with some old cheapo I borrowed from my brother and I've had had zero problems.

TommiHPunkt 1 point

durability of the tips due to the station recognizing when you've put the iron into the holder, ultra fast heat up time of less than 5 seconds, high power, so you can use a very low temperature, as you don't rely on the heat capacity of the tip, all makes your life so much easier. Also, quick change tips (literally 5 seconds to switch) and actually precise temperature readout, a great user interface, very light and ergonomic iron, thin, yet heat resistant cable...

Pontus_Pilates 1 point

Yeah, maybe those are important if you do this daily. But if you build a board here and there, maybe once or twice a year, it's not really worth the money.

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