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Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/AskReddit
shirtlessin1stclass 70 points

European men wear really tight pants.

Pay toilets

Very few drive a pickup truck

Pontus_Pilates 2 points

Very few drive a pickup truck

My friend had a Hilux when he was 19 and it was the most hilarious thing. A pickup!

Knobopoly 17 points

Wow, you really have dinner at 5pm in the US? It seems crazy early to me.

Pontus_Pilates 14 points

You should see Finland. Lunch time starts at 10:30, and it's perfectly acceptable to start thinking about dinner at 16:00.

I guess it's because you go to wörk at 7:00. Or something.

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Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/europe
Normanbombardini 11 points

Things actually got pretty rough in Sweden as well, just remember the Stockholm Potato Riot of 1917. A lady in queue for war-time rationed potatoes got arrested for hitting a rude policeman over the head with a rolled-up newspaper. Source in Swedish

Pontus_Pilates 7 points
Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/politics
Pontus_Pilates 3 points

To be fair, the story was shopped around. She tried to get paid to tell it before Trump's lawyers paid her. On Slate's Trumpcast, they dicussed how Slate had that story before the election and Slate isn't exactly a conservative news organization.

But she reached the settlement before it was published and that was it.

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/videos
Creativation 64 points

Is this the latest challenge? Like the harlem shake only more gay? This shall come to be known as "Gaying".

Edit: RT article about this video- Russian air cadets in hot water after stripping off for music video parody apparently the video was their take on the NSFWish Benny Benassi - 'Satisfaction' (Official Video).

Pontus_Pilates 4 points

I mean, of course it was from Benny Benassi. Next you are going to tell me about a video apparently called Eric Prydz - Call on Me.

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/nba
Pontus_Pilates 2 points

Yeah, I wouldn't fuck with these guys who grew up during the Yugoslavian Civil War. They don't seem to be affraid about some scuffle on basketball court.

Like when Teletovic was smirking at hold-me-back LeBron after giving him a hard foul.

genti_watchman 235 points

Isn't this called hockey?

Pontus_Pilates 2 points

In the NHL, you don't get ejected for fighting. So by jumping the opponent's star player, you might take them out for five minutes.

But it's also pretty clear that crosses the line and the opponent it going to come after your skill guys. So there's some status quo going on.

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/nba
nowhathappenedwas 608 points

More context:

Markkanen is shooting 37.5% on threes, which is barely above the league average of 36.2%. He's 71st in the NBA in 3P% out of the 134 players who have shot enough threes to qualify. He's tied for 18th in 3PM.

As a rookie, Curry shot 43.7% on threes, which was 7th best in the NBA. Curry's 166 three pointers were good for sixth most in the league.

Pontus_Pilates 146 points

Nobody's saying that Markkanen is as good of a shooter as Curry or Lillard, but he's quite good. Him being so tall makes it stand out.

But he has such a pretty shot that you'd expect his percentage to go up. He shot 32% in December and 51% in January, so there's clearly some fluctuation.

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/nba
Pontus_Pilates 24 points

Zach keeping Bill reigned in makes Bill so much more enjoyable.

Suddenly when every other sentence isn't about the Celtics and there is some pushback to his hottest takes, Bill is phenomenal.

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/chicagobulls
Pontus_Pilates 1 point

While I agree, a strong winning culture without proper tanking can lead to an Atlanta 2015 situation where the team is great, but not quite good enough.

With Philly, the tanking lasted for half a decade. I wouldn't mind if this Bulls team lost more games this season and picked one more great talent.

Of course, Bulls will probably pick pretty high in any case, and as this draft showed once again, you don't necessarily need to pick in the top three to get a great player.

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/nba
Ezo31202 8 points

I distinctly remember Bill Simmons being on his podcast talking about how he doesn’t think Markkanen is good at anything and is porbably overvalued because he can shoot and it’s the modern NBA.

Fuck he talkin about.

Pontus_Pilates 6 points

There was the post-draft episode where he and Joe House were cackling at Chicago's pick, House calling Markkanen "The Finnish Andreas Bargnani".

I guess Chicago should have picked Malik Monk.

Ezo31202 1 point

I just remember everybody was basically laughing how we or the Knicks didn’t take DSJ or Malik Monk. The lolbulls and lolknicks was so strong during the offseason.

Pontus_Pilates 1 point

I mean, there's still a real possibility that Smith turns out to be the best of those three, but at least Frank and Lauri have shown that they belong in the league.

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/sports
northforthesummer 251 points

And yet they still lost in 1980 to a bunch of upstart young kids

Pontus_Pilates 1 point

To be fair, the Soviet team was on a two-week bender.

In the cleanup of the Olympic Village, according to "The Boys of Winter," workers found 121 empty vodka bottles in the drop ceilings of the Soviet units.

YourFlyIsOpenMcFly 394 points

They remind me of little Kovalevs.

Pontus_Pilates 2 points

Any mention of Kovalev reminds me of the video of him shooting one-handed backhanders.

Pontus_Pilates commented on a post in r/Christianity
crusader-knight 2 points

Why couldn’t he do that himself?

Why does he want the animals here?

Pontus_Pilates 1 point

See, the Old Testament doesn't go too deep into the divine psychology. It depicts God as a seat of your pants character. Hey, I've got so many animals, who's going to look after them!?

Hey, man seems lonely, how about I create a WOMAN!

What about a global flood?

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