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Fascinating stuff. I appreciate the fact that people are studying these issues.

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Sorry for the ramble, I love to talk about this stuff!

I grew up in poverty my entire childhood and am now stationed in a city that has one of the highest poverty rates in Canada- it is so hard to see it everywhere in society as people's day-to-day life for generations.

My research half looked at issues within the community and half looked at other studies and journals about how a lack of food can overall impact people's ability to progress up the social ladder (i.e poor development, lack of motivation, etc). It was eventually presented to a city council and helped with developing community gardens, addressed serious issues with some local food banks and it is showing some pretty fascinating results on the ground!

I grew up somewhat poor but not so bad (Asian family that at one time couldn't afford rice), but I've lived with this belief, founded probably from observation and experience with no real indicator of where it originated, that in a given society, there will always be people who are "poor" or at the very least barely scraping by, and that there is no real way for everyone to "prosper." Maybe it's not your field, or maybe it is, either way, what's your take on it?

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Marco-level issues and solutions have never really been my forte for issues like that.

Sure you will never have 100% prosperity, but I'm not looking to do that. My research simply looked to address some very glaring issues in some communities that needed help getting food, education and overall better community.

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Pearson and the textbook industry.

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Check out OERs in Canada and other countries. There are some bright millennial student leaders working on this.

I just ran an adapted version of this short story as a D&D encounter for my players last week. this is heartbreaking to hear.

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Can you give us more information on this?? Sounds like something I would love to give to my DM.

I think its only a Canadian chain, but WokBox is an amazing Asian fusion restaurant with some fantastic noodle and rice dishes that taste so much better than your average Chinese/Asian take-out joint.

Chuggaaconroy for sure, he'll forever be a legend in the Let's Play community. His constant levels of enthusiasm, knowledge and production value will ensure his continued success.


ELI5: The process for connecting new construction to already existing infrastructure. (i.e sewage, internet, power)

I live in a neighbourhood that has had a lot of quick construction over the years and have seen lots of new development pop up in relatively quick time. How are these construction projects connected to already existing infrastructure?

What data did you use for this? The numbers for HRM and the GTA look like 2006 census data but that would put metro Saint John ahead of metro Moncton so now I'm not sure what you're using.

I just double checked to be sure. HRM cracked 400K in the 2016 census.

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Its either the 2015 or 2016 census data that shows SJ's population is the only one in the NB that has shrunk in relation to the growth of Fredericton and Moncton.

SJ is on a pretty downward spiral right now in a lot of ways.

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Fresh veggies are so cheap though

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In comparison to frozen, they are a lot more expensive. Plus, they last longer and usually come in much larger quantities. Much more suited for a poor person/family.

"A Room with a View" by E. M. Forster.

Absolutely dreadful book except for a few clever uses of imagery and a scene about some naked guys running around a lake. Other than that, a dreadfully boring story about some rich English people in Italy.

Hey, welcome to modern ecology, where we study the collapse of ecosystems. (It is actually fascinating, in a car-crash-can't-look-away kind of fashion.)

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I'm a Poli Sci PhD, so I'm currently looking at the collapse of society, most of my work has been the nutritional impacts of food insecurity (which I guess can relate to the collapse of ecosystems and ecology) and its larger scale effects on life prospects. Everything looks pretty grim, but I try my best to find a path for change.

Yeah, through my field research my emotions followed the path of:

:D -> :) -> :| -> :( -> :'(

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Dr. PoorPeople, Ph.D., MA, BA(Hons). Conducts research in Social Inequality, Poverty and Community Development. Currently stationed in Eastern Canada working in various priority neighborhoods.
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