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PoorPeoplePhD commented on a post in r/books
seraph1337 26 points

I just ran an adapted version of this short story as a D&D encounter for my players last week. this is heartbreaking to hear.

PoorPeoplePhD 3 points

Can you give us more information on this?? Sounds like something I would love to give to my DM.

PoorPeoplePhD commented on a post in r/canada
cutchyacokov 14 points

What data did you use for this? The numbers for HRM and the GTA look like 2006 census data but that would put metro Saint John ahead of metro Moncton so now I'm not sure what you're using.

I just double checked to be sure. HRM cracked 400K in the 2016 census.

PoorPeoplePhD -1 points

Its either the 2015 or 2016 census data that shows SJ's population is the only one in the NB that has shrunk in relation to the growth of Fredericton and Moncton.

SJ is on a pretty downward spiral right now in a lot of ways.

PoorPeoplePhD commented on a post in r/AskReddit
sugarsnappy 1 point

Hey, welcome to modern ecology, where we study the collapse of ecosystems. (It is actually fascinating, in a car-crash-can't-look-away kind of fashion.)

PoorPeoplePhD 2 points

I'm a Poli Sci PhD, so I'm currently looking at the collapse of society, most of my work has been the nutritional impacts of food insecurity (which I guess can relate to the collapse of ecosystems and ecology) and its larger scale effects on life prospects. Everything looks pretty grim, but I try my best to find a path for change.

Turtledonuts 2 points

: (

PoorPeoplePhD 3 points

Yeah, through my field research my emotions followed the path of:

:D -> :) -> :| -> :( -> :'(

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Dr. PoorPeople, Ph.D., MA, BA(Hons). Conducts research in Social Inequality, Poverty and Community Development. Currently stationed in Eastern Canada working in various priority neighborhoods.

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