GNS3 safe on corporate network? by Popocuffs in ccna

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This is out of scope here, but for my curiosity's sake, is the physical nic involved here so it can process layer 1 and 2 stuff for the VM, rather than having to emulate that in software?

I think now that I've gotten myself started on this track I might as well go home and learn a thing or two about virtualization. I hear it's all the rage these days.

GNS3 safe on corporate network? by Popocuffs in ccna

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I did. I purchased VIRL for this purpose. At this point I probably should have just bought the hardware, but I just don't have the space in my house for it.

GNS3 safe on corporate network? by Popocuffs in ccna

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Thanks, I'm glad I asked. I guess I'll have to stick to whatever I can do on Packet Tracer while I'm at work.

...or maybe do some work while I'm at work.

Passed ICND2 934/811 by lancejack2 in ccna

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Congrats! You killed it.

I definitely felt the same way during mine -- There were so many questions that I had narrowed down to two answers, and just kept quadruple-guessing myself.

I like to tell people, the test is weirdly designed to trip up the people who are almost there on the knowledge but not quite. They'll throw things in there where it triggers the part of your brain that says "this is the right answer!" but if you read more closely it's really not, so you can get into trouble if you're familiar enough to know what a "right answer" looks like, but not quite enough to know what the right answer is.

I wish I could recall examples, but yes, those tricky practice questions I used to dismiss as "aw that's just bs", are real.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate releasing exclusively for Nintendo Switch on August 28th, 2018! by MHKogath in MonsterHunter

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God damn it. I had already made my peace with this since MHW is so much fun.

Fuck it. Mega potion muscle pose for life.

PSA: NYC home owners can get 70-80% tax rebates on new solar panels + installation by magenta_mojo in nyc

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A few times a year when I'm enjoying a day off, I get door to door salespeople trying to sell me solar panels.

Are these (or any door to door sales) remotely legit?

Marvelous by manndolin in Breadit

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Hops are super pungent, bitter flowers. They are steeped in kind of like tea to add the aroma and bittering. You can make alcohol without hops, but it would pretty much be malt liquor.

The alcohol comes from when the yeast eats the sugars from the grains, though there's a whole other thing that happens before that, mashing, because the grains start as starches need to get broken down into sugar with enzymes.

Ebooks? by Popocuffs in ccna

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Thanks! This is just what I needed to know. It's great to hear that it's even readable on a phone. I like the textbook for loading up with post its and scribbles, but one day I decided to take it with me on the subway, and it was nothing but regret.

AAA, RADIUS and TACACS+ in ICND2 by joshgoldeneagle in ccna

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Yep, I took it on Friday (pass, 898/811) and got two questions that mentioned AAA, and they were about functionality, not specific commands.

I was stressed about this going in as well because Lammle goes into a bit of config detail, and it's not fully implemented in PT, so I went nuts trying to dig up how to configure, and then realized

The secret to planing end grain cutting boards by PriebeWoodworks in woodworking

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My story to the ER while they're sewing my finger back on: that damn cucumber just wouldn't hold still.

Flynn And His Son Met With Russian Ambassador In December 2015 by scuba_steve757 in politics

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I feel like "thanks, Trump" is not a thing because there's a good chance he will mistake it for actual gratitude.

Failed the CCNA composite exam by ArcaneWaffles in ccna

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The show ip protocols command is ridiculously handy. Something like that you'd figure would just tell you, "yep, EIGRP and OSPF are running." but it tells me what I need to know like 80% of the time, for whatever protocol is running, and it's surprisingly readable.

Korg Gadget for Switch has been released (at least in the US) by CursedSpade in NintendoSwitch

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Thanks for taking the plunge. I was super stoked about Gadget because noodling around in Korg DS-10 was so much fun, but I guess I should just go dust off my DS. I couldn't imagine how they could have taken a step back from that. Also, I'm just realizing there's no Kaoss-style control? I didn't bother reading up on it because I took that as a given.

Whenever I see forced motion controls it feels like a misguided order from corporate to justify putting the sensors in their controllers.

Korg Gadget for Switch has been released (at least in the US) by CursedSpade in NintendoSwitch

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I think it's a pretty awful trailer, and they're playing up the game aspect a bit much. It looks like they called up the people from the rooftop party in the Switch launch trailer. This dude.

Re: touch: That is incredibly sad. Korg DS-10 had full touch for everything, and even had a Kaoss Pad.

Here's an old one I did a long time ago (geez, 9 years) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv9GMSmYMbM

Remembering commands by rhc5s in ccna

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Yep, lab. But not just so you can achieve your goal and walk away.

I find I learn the best when I break something, and spend the next hour or two flipping settings around trying to fix it, and breaking other things. Whenever I try to question mark my way out of something instead of typing it line by line straight out of the book, I inevitably break something.

"Did that work? No? Okay now I have to put it back." results in you going back and typing that command a second time, but with a "no" in front, and all the config t's and config-if's and en's and show commands you're going to be doing along the way.

Imagine that for everything you're going to break. Consider it a good thing if there's a lot.

My dad challenged me to make something and I think I exceeded expectations by predatorsp in woodworking

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I'm past frustration and having a minor panic attack just looking at it.

Need some advice studying. by AlejQueTriste in ccna

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I don't think I have ADHD but I am kind of experiencing the same thing as you. I'll sit there and just move my eyes across the page, and by the time I get to the bottom I realized I absorbed basically none of it.

I feel like having experience in the field (I'm a network support tech) is weirdly a bit of a disadvantage sometimes because I'll come across a topic that I kinda know, and zone out when they go over things I already know, and by the time I get to the stuff I don't know, I'm already zoned out.

I think what helped here was putting time into Packet Tracer. The frustration of trying to set up something (say, OSPF or EIGRP) and inevitably messing it up and having to troubleshoot it was enough to get me to focus on figuring out what happened.

What's your study environment like? I don't know how ADHD works, but it helped me a lot to isolate myself in my house -- I set up a little table and folding chair in the basement with nothing but my study materials and a glass of water. I tried to study at my desk but the second I looked over at a trinket or something on my desk, I'd get immediately derailed.

Whats your fastest method to find block of address the host in? by [deleted] in ccna

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In addition, to save a glance at the table, your jump number/block size/bit value is 256 minus decimal mask.

Do you get a piece of paper and a pencil when you take the exam? by mingoleg in ccna

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Mine was a crusty windex scented laminated 8.5x11 with a chewed up dry-erase marker that looked like the previous users wrote by clutching it in their fists.

There's a tutorial segment where they give you a quick practice test to make sure you know how to use the test interface. The best thing to do during then is to write down 128, 192, 224, 240, 248, 252, 254, 255, and never have to think about it again during the test.

Passed ICND2 200-105 by wsdnull in ccna

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Congrats! Hope this leads to good things in your future.

I just recently wrapped up on the Lammle book and went straight to ExSim just to see where I stood, and I've been getting into the high 600's.

It's not to say that there's any shortage of information in the Lammle book, but I definitely ran into things on ExSim that went way deeper than I was ready for -- SNMP, for example. It was obviously not really meant to be comprehensive and I'll be doing more focused reading, but I do feel like it set me off to a great start.

I'm glad to have gone with ExSim if only for the reality check. The simulations brought me back to the claustrophobic interface from ICND1.