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but the ones in the beginning are wrong

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yes, I have no imperfections

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I was referring to how age and gender clearly affect certain abilities

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I know.

There's a video that comes to mind but I really don't feel like putting "dog running and pooping" on my search history

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Ctrl + Shift + N

I only started playing her actively after the rework. I think the rework was what made her interesting to play.

Before the rework the only use for her was as a ward bot. Her scaling with items was non-existant, the things she could actively do were few.

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Danny is the opposite of edgy

The problem is that unsubbing like that doesn't matter for most of people on reddit. We bought into premier package due to buying into false promises that this year was going to be amazing. So far it's as bad as 2017.

So if we cancel our membership, we're still paid up until November 2018-February 2019 depending on when you bought the premier club.

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To be honest, I think you just got lured with the bonuses or whatever. Nothing wrong with that in itself. But I think you are not being fair.

You knew Jagex's track record. Giving them more money would not make them better themselves. So when you say you did it "on false promises that this year was going to be amazing" then that is on you.

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No,jagex made those promises, and they turn out to be false, again. It is definitely not on us.

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Well if Jagex promised something and did not deliver then they are a scummy business, I am not denying this. But then again - if you trust promises of a scummy businesses and get screwed many times over - what that makes you?

Why would Jagex change when what they do is working? Their EULA probably has words "AS IS" in there somewhere. The only leverage you have over them is your subscription money. So what I take from this - you actually value their game more than you would like to admit.

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This is a good meme :)

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This is a good Jamie :)

This party is about to get WILD

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I will not. Don't worry buddy.

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Depends what your goal is.

Do you want to get better at the game? Then learn when to fight the enemy and go for aggressive Qs.

Do you want to just chillax and play for fun? Then do whatever you please. Coin is a more reliable, relaxed build for sure.

A guy with no social life trying to farm karma 😂


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People who dont plan to do the methods of gp/hr the bots are doing dont benefit from them going away. People who say make 20m/hr at rax as their money maker wont benefit when food or potions or w.e else goes up in price . So in a sense bots benefit them by keeping prices lower

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Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

By your example all consumables should just be free. A person that only kills Rax would not benefit - you are right actually. But there are other activities in the game than Rax killing. Why should Rax killers have the weights balanced unfairly to their side? Why no money for skillers?

there is money for skillers, just because you dont wanna put as much effort in along with risk (investment in gear etc) why should your reward be higher? look at potentially the best money in game, staking, huge risk huge reward. merching, big risk, big reward. you buying 15 toadflax seeds tryina farm some herbs shouldnt make the same as the dude with over 3bil in gear/perks invested doing something that requires practice, skill and time streaking telos (o ye theres risk in that too from risking streak to potentially not making profit depending plus gear dropping etc)

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

No one said "make the same". Just what the items are actually worth. In this example bot undercuts limpwurt price so much that I finish task almost empty handed.

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What elo is this? Problem with a Q max is that when the enemy is good they will all in you when you go for an aggressive Q. If they don't - then yes max Q.

The irony is that this very image is an old, stolen meme

We have surpassed any and all expectations!

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Dogman the incredible!

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Catpaw the Ravenous!

To me - Aery only. The reason is because it is just more fun. I am not in the LCS and playing with Guardian is just boring as hell. In my opinion - unless you are a really competitive player - just take the one you enjoy more. In casual play things like position and map awareness matter 10x more than any rune choice you can make.

Always full AP. Get outhealed bby : ^)

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Peace was never an option

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Plis, mister, mercy

No other champion has even close the healing of Soraka. Sona is a possible "low-interactivity" (easy to get in to) substitute, Nami actually requires you to play aggressively. Other healer champs could just as well not have the heal at all IMO.

A second heal% item wont be very good

But you can sit just on an additional idol, since cdr is also handy

because the others have no AP (unlike Censer) and also diminished returns.

Yes and no, you invest into stuff that doesnt fit into a pure healing build, but I don't see what you mean by dimishied returns. There is no cap to heal boost. It will always increase your heal proportionally. But I guess if you only stack % heal and no AP then your base heal falls off together with the % boost just as any base value on a spell would do.

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Yes with diminished returns I meant that first 10% of heal % actually increase your heals by 10%, the next 10% are only a proportional increase of ~9%. There can probably be certain amounts of gold where having a second idol is the biggest W heal, but as soon as you lose out on an AP item because of it your W will not be optimal. The last time I tested even at full 4 AP items (Censer + Raba + Meijai + whatever) you would get more W heal from another AP item than an idol item.

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Yes with diminished returns I meant that first 10% of heal % actually increase your heals by 10%, the next 10% are only a proportional increase of ~9%.

That's what you call "additive stacking", the bonus you already had from another healboost item doesn't get multiplied further by the next. The factors are applied to the base 100% but not the total heal that is already boosted. After one item you are at 110% heal and the next 10% will get you to 120%. There are no dimished returns.

What you were looking for is multiplicative stacking, where you would get 110% after the first 121% after adding another 10% item and 145% if you add another 20%.

Your mistake is that you are comparing the heal amounts by taking the new 110% as base and to get from 110 to 120 you would need a 9% bonus (110 x 1.09 = 119,9 ~ 120). But it doesn't work like that. All percentages are ADDED to the 100%.

even at full 4 AP items (Censer + Raba + Meijai + whatever) you would get more W heal from another AP item than an idol item

Owning the Deathcap increases the value of AP significantly. I guess you could say that it increases your AP ratios by 40%. So on your W for example you go from 60% to 84% ap ratio. Also the Deathcap percentage will obviously stack multiplicative with heal boost, which means if you have a ton of AP so your base heal (that only interacts with heal boost) becomes less impactful you will get very close to the same bonus as fully stacked heal boost would give you. With the recent nerfs you only get 38% heal boost max but deathcap gives 40%, but deathcap is just 1 item. On top of that pure AP is easily accessible but healboost requires more investment into defense and utility. The nerfed idols are also a bit underwhelming. Going from 10% cdr/healboost to 8%heal boost and now only 5%healboost/cdr was a huge nerf. They literally cut it in half. I used to sit on idols a lot but now it feels really bad.

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You can call the stacking mechanism any fancy name you want, the point stands, that for the biggest heal on W you don't get any more heal% items than Censer. MAYBE the last item at 4 AP items, but I imagine it actually will still be less.

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this propganda, wikpedia actually dont need so much for the servers

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