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PorkMuncher commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
PorkMuncher 1 point

I disagree. I think people are overestimating how much stuff like this matters in casual play. What matters more is stuff like positioning and map movements, but since it is harder to determine the "correct" play people just ignore it. Unless you are Diamond+ I find this was a waste of your own chance to win.

On the other side, since people overestimate stuff like this, your team would likely get tilted as hell (if it's ranked), and this lowers the win chance by a lot. So maybe at the end of the day you saved yourself some brain cells :)

Miyaor 1 point

If you are above bronze then it matters a lot lol. Junglers without smite will get outjungled by anyone

PorkMuncher 1 point

It is a disadvantage sure, but it is a much bigger disadvantage to the team when someone is not rotating where they should. Smite is easy to see, but map plays casual players often just ignore. My point is that the disadvantage is not as big as people here make it out to be.

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Moistsanite 4 points

Should just make Vannaka one shot them, like Kuradel does to the monsters that escape.

PorkMuncher 1 point

Haha this is even better

[deleted] -8 points


PorkMuncher 6 points

The point is that it is unnecessary hindrance, not that it can not be dealt with. Firemaking used to require clicking for each burnt log twice. Does not mean it should stay that way.

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PorkMuncher commented on a post in r/runescape
PorkMuncher 21 points

Hey just don't sell the items on the Grand Exchange, their true value is much higher.

ditchmygame 9 points

Oh I don't plan on it. Just found it funny that I bought these items when they were nothing and nobody placed value on them. They were junk.

Now I have these ultra rare items.. Never expected that.

PorkMuncher 6 points

Real people are willing to do thousands of hours of work for those items, you are wielding a lot of power :d

PorkMuncher commented on a post in r/SorakaMains
PorkMuncher 2 points

Do whatever makes you win the game. If they don't care for being healed, chances are it doesn't matter much at the situation anyways, or maybe that they are just bad at the game. In either case - just make the decision that has the best chance helping the game.

PorkMuncher commented on a post in r/SorakaMains
PorkMuncher 6 points

The only time you can go for aggressive Qs is when you can win an all in. You can win an all in levels 1-2 (most matchups) or higher levels if they are not full HP (preferably because you landed your aggressive Qs lvl 1-2 :D).

If you can't all in the enemy and win - then you can't go for the Qs. The only Qs you can do at that point are the max range ones, but those will only hit when the enemy makes a mistake and walks in them.

PorkMuncher 1 point

Edit: Just to make it clear - it is really easy to land the Qs when you are close to them - AA range and closer

xDTwistedAngelDx 2 points

I think this is my biggest problem. I also play lux and so I’m used to staying well out of auto range. I try to hit my q from as far away as possible. I have to become more comfortable staying at shorter range because my mentality for ages (playing lux) has been ‘if i’m in range to auto then i’m in range to get annie ulted’.

PorkMuncher 2 points

Yes, to actually win lane with Soraka you have to be ready to fight to death. In some matchups you just cant win such a fight if the enemy is competent.

Another problem when playing aggressive as Soraka, is that jungler will come and kill you OFTEN, because you will be far from your tower.

It is easier to just play Soraka carefully to scale and win game that way, but if you want to actually win lane too, then it can be really hard.

PorkMuncher commented on a post in r/SorakaMains
PorkMuncher 2 points

If someone is just venting their frustrations in an unhelpful way just mute them or ignore them. Responding won't help, it will probably just make them rage more and focus less. It also does not matter if they are correct - if you made a mistake (for example - in some situations it might be better to take W lvl 2), it does not mean you have to listen to them crying. Just focus on what you can do to win the game, not who's fault something is.

Having said that - sometimes, for your own sake, and for the sake of good team morale, it can be helpful to admit your mistakes in chat. It makes the atmosphere healthier and you won't take yourself so seriously (which is good for learning).

Edit: And I personally bother explaining my build only to ADCs that actually care for the build itself. If they are crying in chat, they are not trying to understand, they are just trying to make themselves feel better for losing.

PorkMuncher commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
PorkMuncher 8 points

Don't have to reconnect - just sell a component and "Undo"

AstBernard 23 points

Doesn't work.

PorkMuncher 4 points

Worked for me. Just buy something else - "Undo", so that the shop recalculates pricing.

PorkMuncher commented on a post in r/SorakaMains
PorkMuncher 13 points

Soraka is the best baiting champion in the game, and barrier is a possible extension for that. When Soraka sits under tower being almost dead, but in fact still has barrier + ult + silence up, it is easy to get bad dives from the enemy.

Another thing is that junglers love camping Soraka, and since she is strong 2v2, she is usually pushed far up in the lane. If you have ignite and jungler comes - good luck surviving that!

PorkMuncher commented on a post in r/SorakaMains
PorkMuncher 1 point

This is not so much to do with the redesign, just taking the opportunity to offer some general feedback: please don't make the entire subreddit dark. Maybe I am the only one, but the high contrast makes my eyes hurt. I would really much appreciate if the readable portions would stay dark letters on light background.

PorkMuncher commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
dakinerich 261 points

I think the better strategy is to spectate their game and commentate on how many fucken mistakes he made and his low IQ plays. That would tilt 90% of league players.

PorkMuncher 138 points

By defeating the monster you become the monster...

PorkMuncher commented on a post in r/SorakaMains
PorkMuncher 7 points

Press F to pay respects

Seriously though, she is a really strong laner and most people don't realize it. If the build blows up Rito might nerf her, because they (Riot) and players are just used to heal-maxing Sorakas


What build? Can you enlighten me?

PorkMuncher 4 points

Korean Soraka build that doesn't max heal early (only at level 7/8) and takes barrier for tasty baits. With damage/defensive runes she can just 1v2 botlane. As I understand the items are pretty standard tho.

immibis 1 point

Think of it this way - he owns a big chunk of Amazon. How much do you think it would cost to buy Amazon? Now take 16% of that amount, as he owns about 16% of it. If he wanted to sell Amazon entirely, he could have that much money.

PorkMuncher 1 point

Hey, but when people invest - doesn't it make so that he would own less than 16%? So how does he manage to own this much of Amazon?

Phixer7 2 points

Its an estimated value of what his assets are worth , he does not have 120 billion in cash at the bank.

PorkMuncher 2 points

This much this thread made me realize. An extension of the question would be - how did his assets become worth 120B when 1) He never invested anything near that value 2) His company never turned that much profit

As in - how could he retain 17% of the company, when he did not invest 17% of the total investment.

But unless there is another obvious thing I am missing, I just have to read up on this. Thanks :))

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