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The party thinks the party would like to remain in power and will use whatever rhetoric is necessary to do so, which means the party would like you to believe that they practice "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics"... Which is basically just mercantile capitalism.

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Is mercantile capitalism different from mercantilism?

whats with the PUBG fanboys always saying the person getting scammed deserved to get scammed. Why not put it on the actual scammer or the fact that Bluehole took away the only safe trading platform out of greed? If a woman gets raped is it on her also? fuck off.

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-34 points · 1 month ago

Shooting range has been asked for since EA lauch and they haven't done shit regarding it...ITS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN; here's why. Libtard Brendan doesn't believe in competition which is why this game relies on RNG and no MMR system in order to blur the truth about it's ignorant esports scene. NOTHING about this game is skill based. The recoil mechanics are a joke, the loot system is literally luck (i.e. no gauranteed loot drops, look at the removal of gauranteed car spawns for an example), circles that move randomly instead of getting concentrically smaller, crate drops that have 7(?) Different weapons that can be in them, one shot HS mechanic that isn't even reliable, oh and then pile shitty network performance on top of that.

As OP said, even the haters (me) are passionate about this game because at it's core it is a GREAT game; however, there is too much too wrong for too long to expect anything great to happen in one patch, let alone a 2.0 patch.

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-7 points · 1 month ago

Try owning a car first, you edgy ass tweener.

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What's a tweener?

Jesus christ, you wanna see russia at work, sort by controversial. Or don't just scroll. This place is a cesspool.

Recently I was sent this video screencap as some sort of a proof that the media slanders Trump and indoctrinates liberals into hating him. I still haven't understood what is it that's supposed to be so inaccurate and slanderous about the titles.

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I feel like whoever made that was way too proud of their assessment of the situation.

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187 points · 1 month ago

I'm from Canada. A few years ago I had to have my gall bladder removed. Do you know how much it cost? I honestly don't know. I never saw the bill I went in, had it done, and I left. Had a vasectomy a couple years later, had it done, no idea the cost. My dad had a CAT scan done a month ago, total cost???????? Who knows....

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I went to the emergency room twice in two days out of state for kidney stones (they just gave me painkillers and sent me home day one) and it was 12,000 dollars. That was like 12 years ago and I'm still paying for it.

152 points · 1 month ago

If you're that guy, I have a PSA:

If you find a cricket that can chirp a negative number of times in 25 seconds LEAVE IT ALONE, if those go extinct, subzero temperatures become impossible and water can't freeze anymore!

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Are you from Nightvale?

In his book plugging interviews recently, when asked why he didn't tell Congress or the American People that the Intel Community was observing Trump Campaign staff communicating with Russians, Comey said we didn't know what we had and it might be nothing. Wouldn't be proper to take an action that might influence the election based on an unknown.

When asked about if he thought twice about sending the memo about Anthony Weiner's laptop to Congress knowing it would be made public, Comey said no I never thought twice about it. There were thousands of emails and we didn't know what we had. We had a responsibility to share what we had because it might be pertinent to the election.

Even looking back he can't admit that he treated info about the candidates with partisan bias.

Trump connections to Russia: didn't know what we had, wouldn't be right to release info that might hurt Trump.

Hillary emails on Wieners laptoo: didn't know what we had, wouldn't be right to keep something from the public that might hurt Hillary

I hope the weight of the damage Trump is doing to the country weighs on Comey's heart until the day he dies.

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It's bugged me a lot that he's been all preachy lately. Like dude, we remember your Bullshit.

28 points · 1 month ago

I think it's required to get a sign that says "Welcome to our Ool. Notice there is no P in it. Please Keep it That Way."

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I have no idea why but every time I see that sign I boil rage on the inside.

They'll probably have a clever jokey picture about pissing on the toilet seat somewhere in the guest bathroom as well.

Quite probable that there is at least one thing with Live Laugh Love on it, probably a candle set with unused yankee candles in it.

Oh and a linen closet where the wife keeps her half gallon of Kirkland vodka hidden from her husband who owns a flatwork company and refuses to admit that he drunkenly mowed over your wolf river saplings like 3 days after you planted them.

Ninja edit : meant boil with rage

ah excellent, I'm quite adept at the fetal position

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I read that as fecal position twice. I'm too tired

115 points · 1 month ago

Guys a legend really..saves freaking China, parachutes into Normandy and blows a bridge up, then gets a job as a janitor at MIT and does math problems during the day, playing poker by night for money and goes big league to rob a casino, but then gets recruited by the CIA into this weird program called Treadstone...dude had a wild ass life.

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What's the CIA one?

Ninja Edit : I'm stupid nevermind

That's doesn't answer his question. What is your source on the idea that the Inuit genocide against Greenlanders cut off walrus ivory shipments? Greenland had long been out of contact with the mainland by the time the Inuit colonizers showed up.

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His first sentence provided this answer I feel? Maybe I missed something lol

18 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

No. Not at all. Just lucky they aren’t dead. When I was that age a jackass that I used to hang out with was trying to figure if the broke lightbulb he was trying to replace was still powered on. I thought he was a complete tool so I handed him a wire coat hanger and pointed at the light as I backed up. He said what if it’s hot? I grabbed an asphalt roofing shingle and folded it in half, handed it to him, and gave him the thumbs up. He wrapped the coat hanger in the shingle and proceeded to light his ass up with a huge arc and screams that made the neighbors come outside. He chased me around making threats while I laughed my ass off for about five minutes.

Edit- since we have electricians measuring dicks here.

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You might be the jackass in that story.

Comment deleted1 month ago

The thing is a voting machine needs to be air gapped and open source with paper ballots to check against.

They're such an obviously purposeful way to manipulate the results. Like literally the only reason to have a system like this "need" remote service is to hack it.

If the machine needs service then use paper ones until a person can fix it IN person

I hate this place sometimes.

The will of the people is a fucking joke.

Original Poster-4 points · 1 month ago

Nah I just want to change how many times I fuck you mom

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Lol. Because you said you instead of youre, your post is fucking hilarious and incest.

M249 is the best gun in the game, you're a fool if you leave it

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The thing fucking barks. I love it so much. Bbbbrraaaahhhhppp it goes

Lol I pointed this issue out in a post last week and nobody knew what I was saying.

WTF o.O mine was 370.8MB

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Mine was 2.2 gb as well. My patches are alwaysvweird though. I've posted a couple times about it actually.

after loading a clip into it

Bonus points for using "clip" correctly, I think the kar98 might be the only gun in the game that uses a clip. Do any of the other bolts?

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This place is so weird. A neat observation like this is downvoted for some reason.

I bet all I do is whine about the nolifes that downvoted everything lol.

Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago


I think he's spent too much time around paint. Liquid, and lead based.

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Solid based paint would be like.. A crayon ... I don't know what I'm doing

Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma?

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I've seen those English dramas too, they're cruel.

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