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670 points · 1 day ago

It couldn’t possibly be that the kid has allergies because the kid just has allergies. /s

Do people honestly think food allergies didn’t exist before vaccines?

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There's actually evidence that all her efforts to keep a super clean, "natural", and "organic" household increased the risk of her children getting allergies.

Sort of in the same way vaccines work, exposure to safe levels of household bateria, dust and dander help train the immune system's response so it won't overreact to everything later in life.

Welp, guess I'm rolling my kids in some Roach and dog poop and covering them in dirt when I have em. I will be having a custody battle for them with the mother shortly after, but the little shits will be immunity juggernauts!

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1 point · 1 hour ago · edited 1 hour ago

Lol! No it just means that don't freak out too much about cleanliness. Yes, keep the clutter picked up (a messy house is a dangerous one for young kids and babies - choking, tripping, etc), yes vacuum and dust. But don't treat your house like a hospital. Don't use hand sanitizer or bateria killing soups unless you're around sick people, have a pet, let them get dirty when they play, etc.

Remember you're not training their immunity systems to be stronger, but so they don't overreact to literally everything.

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3 points · 13 hours ago · edited 12 hours ago

Pretend to steal a ball from a kid so he gets a signed one from Baez?

edit: tough crowd.

Why is Q back out there? Wtf

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Bullpen is gassed after double header and still has to play 7 more games without a rest.

You haven't disputed that Democrats are for limiting choices. The guns, plastic bags, and soda fountains are particularly egregious examples of Democrat overstep.

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What you call overstep I call responsible. Guns enable a lot of death, plastic bags are a massive pollution problem, and soda is a leading cause of diabetes and obesity. People like you are why we need the nanny state.

15 points · 22 hours ago

More than that, the Trump Problem underscores how the Republicans are not really about American conservatism - they are about power and keeping it in every form possible. This new kind of conservatism is usually called fascism or demagoguery. We see this with gerrymandering, Russian collusion, voter suppression - In the recent past we saw it in the form of catering to voters: lip service to evangelicals, starting needless wars, deriding intellectualism, etc.

But this is all about power. The Republicans in particular seem concerned with keeping power at all costs. This probably is the result of a culture of authoritarianism in the Republican party which pervades conservative America. We see evidence of it in their strong-arming of Obama to prevent him from making his constitutionally granted right to pick a supreme court judge, we see it in gerrymandering and we see it in the election of Trump. Russia knew all of this and just gave Trump an edge in the election, they were just pushing the Republican party in the direction it had been going for decades - toward a protectionist, anti-intellectual agenda that resonates with the under-educated, gun-toting cash-strapped rurals who look at Hollywood movies and excess and wonder 'where theirs is' while at the same time hating the liberal hedonism that exists everywhere in our popular culture - values which do not square with rural's upbringing or religious principles.

So I would say that there is real vision - not with Trump, but with Republicans. They don't care about America or the principles of our democracy, they care about the huge amount of lobbyist and corporate money that flows into their pockets like rivers of gold when they are in power.

There is no conservatism in this country in any cogent, effective form. There is only lip-service, the occasional pick (or theft of) a Supreme Court Judge pick and the desire for power and money. This is a big problem, because we need a cogent conservative body in our government, but in a Republican party where leading a conservative agenda amounts to adopting a down-home kinda-Texas, kinda-Arkansas drawl which they heard in a movie once and bringing up abortion or convincing people their guns are going to be taken away when things aren't going your way counts as conservative leadership - we are fucked. And the real problem is: Republicans don't care about this state of affairs, as long as they have power.

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American Conservatism fucking sucks. After decades of shit policies and one terrible president after another, no reasonable person should identify as a conservative.

Oh yay, it's time for conservatives to rebrand themselves again like they did after Nixon, Ford, and Bush Jr. Can't wait for their next shitty candidate because they keep getting worse.

3 points · 21 hours ago

Jesus have they always banned people for speaking the truth?

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You know it's bad when even conservatives make a new sub to shit on t_d 2.0. r/shitrconservativesays is a goldmine.

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/r/conservative is more t_D alpha release, not 2.0. It was crazy and delusional long before t_D came along.

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12 points · 1 day ago

Looks far enough for me.

It's at least a borderline swing.

I don't understand the outrage.

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And the 1B should've called it. The home base ump has no business calling that at all because he has no angle and should be watching the pitch. Remember the image you're looking at is the side image, not at all what the home base ump sees.

If the 1B says he went, the entire situation never happens.

What the hell are you going on about? Ump made the right call. Give it a rest.

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The right call was to appeal. So no he didn't. It's the 1B's job to call that on a right handed hitter.

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27 points · 1 day ago

I have never posted shit like that because I'm not racist, and I knew better than to post incredibly ignorant shit

I’ve been hearing this argument a lot lately and I just wanted to provide a different perspective on it. Just hear me out. For people who grew up in environments far separated from those that Hader’s old tweets were directed at, racist and homophobic language isn’t much more than common vulgarity especially for teens who have little life experience outside of their hometown bubble. For many, it is not until they mature or until they actually gain reach to a more diverse range of people that they begin to understand the great baggage this type of language carries that makes it so hurtful to so many.

This is how it was when I where I grew up. Racist and homophobic jokes were common among teens. Looking back on it, I think such language ultimately did come from a place of ignorance, but (I believe) it very rarely ever actually reflected the views of the people who said them. We all knew that racism was wrong and that it is not okay to hate someone due to their sexual orientation. But in such a homogenous area you are so far removed from the struggle that others go through that it feels like you live in an entirely different world. Hell, I didn’t meet an openly gay person until college.

That said, I’m not trying to argue that what Hader said was acceptable. What I am trying to do is offer up an explanation for how a 17 year old could say such things and claim that he doesn’t actually hold those beliefs. It’s possible he simply didn’t understand the weight behind what he was saying. Or maybe he was just trolling to get a reaction. Or maybe he’s just lying and he’s a homphobic racist trying to save face. We’ll probably never truly know.

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Hader grew up in a affluent, educated suburb of Baltimore with a sizable black population. What hometown bubble was he in? He lived 30 mins from downtown Baltimore.

1.8k points · 1 day ago

How has she been so successful at not only infiltrating what I once thought were relatively secure institutions, but also influencing the actions of the decision makers in these offices? Do these officials just work hard enough to get these positions and then whore themselves out to the highest bidder?

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Not just money, sex. All the moralizations the GOP does about sex is projection.

Why the fuck are there people clapping every time Stewart speaks?

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Because conservatives understand how to work the bystanders. They know they can sway people simply by making it sound like one person is winning.

Jeez even mike pence. I bet pence has been briefed by the fbi from the beginning. But they had to let it play out to see how deep it went because they knew trump & co are all dimwits and would further expose putins plot. Russians nearly took over america in order to eliminate liberalism from the planet.

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Putin would love Pence as much as Trump. Pence caused fucking chaos in Indiana going full theocrat. He cost that state millions in economic damage with his culture war shit, and started an AIDS epidemic. He'll do the same as POTUS.

If Trump goes down with legitimate evidence, the GOP will be fucked for decades.

If they can't handcraft the supreme court, customize their legislative maps for red victories, or keep their corporate allies flush with cash then they will continue losing the race with progressives. Americans are realizing how much better our European contemporaries have it.

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I don't see how the GOP will be fucked. The People have proven to have extremely short memories.

357 points · 1 day ago


Anyone that brings up the Uranium Deal is immediately batshit in my eyes.

And Trump and his team have been using private servers, and Trump himself is using a fucking unsecured cellphone that he makes sidechick calls to people on in the middle of the night.

Tend to your own house

Also. Shes not the fucking President last i checked

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Trump's freely given away top secret information. No amount of NETSEC is going to work on his fat fucking mouth.

Shit Hader almost beaned Muncy.. Ok Muncy, introduce Hader to the hard reality of regression and tie the game up.

edt: fuck.


If the BP locks it down, that was Carpenter's last AB.

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43 points · 1 day ago

I used to be a huge Wikileaks supporter, back when it seemed to be a genuine nonpartisan leak clearinghouse. I still would support a thing like that, the world needs more transparency for the Great and Powerful.

But Wikileaks (and Assange) seem to have betrayed that mandate, picking particular Great and Powerful interests to serve at the expense of others. It really sucks, this will taint future Wikileaks-like organizations and make it even harder for them to operate.

Ah well. I don't support stuff like Gitmo, of course, but let the wheels of justice have their go.

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It seemed pretty obvious not long after wikileaks came around that there was always a distinct lack of leaks from many countries. It was never even handed.

Id rather him flip to help Mueller and receive immunity if it means Trump and his cronies all see the inside of a jail cell.

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And we'd still get the huge PR hit to wikileaks, which their cultists will now have to deal with. Of course they won't change their mind, but it'll be interesting to watch the mental gymnastics.

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-27 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

It's not for security inside the venue. The police decided that since there probably will be protests that the victim of the protest should pay the police bill for anticipated violence on public property.

This isn't even a libertarian issue, this is a free speech issue. I don't want a bunch of Nasis, shutting down liberal speakers by saying they will show up and protest, meaning the speaker gets a $60,000 bill for police services they never asked for.

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No it's definitely a libertarian issue and has absolutely nothing to do with free speech. You're not entitled to mass distribution platforms nor megaphones, that would be a violation of the NAP.

I'm going to keep saying this. r/conservative was the original, not t_d. Conservative media was a delusional ban happy echo chamber long before t_d came along.

I. Don't. Care.

I don't care what they say, I don't care what they do, I don't give a shit. They are ignorant, hateful and completely irrelevant. I'll stand to defend anyone facing fear and malicious harassment, but I will not give these human skid-marks another second of my fucking time.

They are entirely unworthy.

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I. Do. Care.

Fuck people that circlejerk themselves and then harass victims, even showing up to shoot up places. Ignoring them makes it worse.

Who cares what they say? They're fucking liars and completely detached from reality.

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Because they harass the fuck out of victim's families for years re-victimizing them all over again.

-7 points · 2 days ago

Oh, did you think praisebetoscience was saying something based on fact?

No, he's just an asshole who doesn't like me because he's a socialist and I'm a conservative.

He was just being a troll.

But yes ... I do think people organize brigades off site. In discords and other places.

And topminds has DEFINITELY brigaded SPS before. That's just a fact.

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11 points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

Oh, did you think praisebetoscience was saying something based on fact?

You've cried about /r/politics 25 times in the last 9 days alone. Of course it was fact. I'm sure you're quite familiar with the tools available that allow you to easily do that search, being a mod and all.

No, he's just an asshole who doesn't like me because he's a socialist and I'm a conservative.

I'm not a socialist. But then again anything left of mussolini is a socialist to you.

He was just being a troll.

I don't have to troll you, you do that to yourself enough for the both of us. Since SPS is your sub, I just use you as the prime example of the kinds of delusions indulged there.

But yes ... I do think people organize brigades off site. In discords and other places.

Yes, and by far the biggest offenders are racists (formerly coontowners), t_D, and qultists.

They're die hard Trump supporters that pretend not to like Trump so they don't get caught in the trap of having to defend him in arguments against liberals.

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Gunn is the director of Guardians of the Galaxy and also a lover of Tweeting tasteless dark humor jokes, he habitually spoke out against Trump so Mike Cernovich, an alt-right hack and pathological liar who calls himself a journalist and who supported Gamergate and PizzaGate and is known for 1) accusing everyone he doesn't like of being a pedophile, and 2) deliberately taking a Tweet of Sam Seder's out of context to try and get him fired from MSNBC (it only worked briefly, he was rehired). Now he tried the same strategy on Gunn by digging up his Tweets from a decade ago to make him seem like a pedophile, and Disney predictably fired Gunn.

Mike Cernovich, incidentally, is known for being accused of rape and blackmailing his accuser's friend or something to testify against her. And he's friends with Matt Forney, who says among other things "Women should be terrorized by their men; it’s the only thing that makes them behave better than chimps."

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Cernovich is 1000x as disgusting as Gunn could ever be considered. I'd place a huge bet that Cernovich has a massive stash of child porn.

James Gunn is a film director who has most notably been the writer-director behind the Disney-owned Guardians of the Galaxy films. On Twitter, however, he is very vocal about anything and everything he feels, and has (and had) a very strange sense of humor. If you go back 8 or so years, that would include rape and pedophilia jokes.

Michael Cernovich is an apparent filmmaker in his own right. He ran a website called “Danger & Play”, a men’s rights website. He labels himself as an “American nationalist”, but not a member of the alt-right. He is on the conservative spectrum. Mr. Cernovich also advocates for conspiracy theories such as Pizzagate. He is allegedly an independently wealthy man, although how this occurred I am not sure.

James Gunn was recently kicked out from any and all involvement with Disney’s Marvel films, which includes his Guardians series. The decision to remove Mr. Gunn was decided upon due to Mr. Cernovich going so far back into Gunn’s Twitter that he could find the messed up jokes from near a decade ago, and informing Disney executives of these jokes. Cernovich claims to have gotten Gunn removed not because he made very fucked up jokes, but because he was very critical of Donald Trump. Cernovich himself has made many rape jokes, raising the question of why Disney would trust a person regularly making rape jokes now over the person who said it several years ago. It appears as hypocritical.

I tried being as objective as possible, I apologize if I swayed too much or was too much of a slog.

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He is allegedly an independently wealthy man, although how this occurred I am not sure.

He lives off the alimony of his rich ex-wife.

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Almost as if we live in a dangerous world where humans with bad intentions can get guns....almost doesn't seem fair if you aren't armed yourself. At least that way, you have options.

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It's almost like we hand out guns like candy to dangerous people.

Comment deleted2 days ago

You know it's totally not unhinged to go into someone's post history and respond to all their comments with the same nonsense you've made up in your own head right? You need to be disarmed and given professional help.

Comment deleted2 days ago

The Rambo insult cut deep I see. Good luck with your war. I hear there's a group in Tucson right now that you'd fit right into.

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28 points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

No, /r/conservative is the O.G t_D. It's been like this for longer than t_D existed. Conservative and hate subs have always been by far the most ban happy brigading subs on the site. The Free Speech Warriors never gave a fuck about free speech, yet so many people fell for their shit. Look at how they lost their minds over /r/fatpeoplehate getting banned, a sub you had to send pictures to the mods to get verified not fat to even comment.

Comment deleted2 days ago

Oh I see I really triggered you. You had to find go through my history and start responding to everything with your gibberish.

Free speech doesn't apply to Red Fascist scum like yourself,

Thanks for proving my point, Rambo.

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