What TV show of today has the potential of running for as long as Doctor Who? by Ianrathbone in television

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I don't think so. Time and time again it's been proven that the reason it's worth coming back to the X-Files is Mulder and Scully. I think they might try to make it about other characters now that Gillian Anderson said she will leave, and they're going to find out that people aren't willing to give them a long leash the way they have these last two seasons if she and Duchovny aren't around.

Never Not Funny #2122: Michaela Watkins by apathymonger in Earwolf

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And also one where the plot should have no bearing on one's enjoyment of the movie. It's a movie about a family talking for an hour and a half.

Never Not Funny #2122: Michaela Watkins by apathymonger in Earwolf

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Their hardline take on spoilers is starting to annoy me. The fact that a movie might have a twist or something that may be considered a spoiler is not a spoiler in and of itself. Matt didn't want to say why he didn't like I, Tonya because it would be a spoiler? Really?

To the people feeling saddened by the recent Colin controversy, here's Austin Walker summarizing why people have a problem with him, his behavior etc. Posting this so it doesn't spill into every thread. by Dokaka in kindafunny

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What about a black or asian Irish person? Is that more diverse?

Sure? But wasn't Colin specifically talking about white people from other countries?

The fucked up thing about people's views on "diversity" is that diversity seems to be code for victim. You use words such as "plight" when discussing entire races of people.

To say something like this really displays an ignorance to what the minority experience is in America. It really wasn't all that long ago that African Americans were slaves, yet along able to vote, or go to the same schools as white people, or use the same public bathrooms or water fountains. Even now, after so much has been done to rectify the wrongs of the past, there is still a sizable and active group of people in America who consistently undermine the very rights that black people have fought tooth and nail for. Not only Nazis/KKK and their ilk, but Republicans in state legislatures all across the country that want to disenfranchise black voters by making it harder for them to get the ID they deem necessary to vote with, by redrawing district maps in their favour, etc.

On top of that, black Americans live in a system that has been systematically unfair to them ever since they were "freed" after the Civil War. Ava Duvernay explains it more succinctly and eloquently than I'll ever be able to to in the documentary "13th" (I highly recommend that you watch it on Netflix, hopefully it can open your eyes to how fucked up everything is), but the TL;DR of it is that the 13th Amendment included a provision that says that prisoners are still ostensibly slaves. For the next 150 years, people who were still pissed they lost the Civil War and their descendants turned the very concept of incarceration into a for-profit industry, and made it more and more difficult for African Americans to get out of that vicious cycle of criminal activity.

Nowadays we spend more time clutching our pearls about what it means to take down monuments that were erected out of spite to honour the losers of a war, to stop people from waving a flag they either don't know the history behind or do and don't care about what it means than they care about rectifying the problems that are still present today.

And that's just African Americans... 70 years ago Japanese immigrants were interred because the country they left decided to wage world war. for 17 years anyone remotely brown is subject to accusations of terrorism because 19 dudes funded by a dude who was propped up by America in the first place hijacked some planes. Millions of Latino Americans live in fear of being deported regardless of what they're doing here, or how long they've been here, or whether they came here through no fault of their own or not. Or anyone who dared be born with a sexual orientation or gender identity different than your own.

So yeah, man. It is a plight. They are victims. Shit's hard for the vast majority of anyone who (presuming you're a cis white male, which seems like a fair assumption to make based on your comment, if not, I apologize) doesn't look like you. And that's not to say that things can't be hard for a white person, but the whole point is that all these other people are born with something the majority long considered to be a disadvantage, and the correction to put everyone on level playing ground is still happening. The white irishman who chooses to leave Ireland in 2018 to go to America cannot possibly have the same experience as the black American whose parents may be old enough to remember a time where they weren't allowed in the same buildings as their white counterparts, yet alone afforded the same social or employment opportunities. The whole fucking problem here is that, for a student of politics and history, Colin can't seem to wrap his head around this shit.

Drew Tarver on "LA to Vegas" by bjau75 in Earwolf

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Literally every show in the history of television has gotten better after the pilot. With the exceptions, maybe, of The Walking Dead and Homeland. Pilots are this weird thing that are completely removed from the normal production of a TV show. They're made months before a show goes into production if its picked up, many are made specifically to appeal to executives and focus groups, they're not tested with wide audiences to see what clicks and what doesn't. And on top of that you have to set up a show and its premise/characters with exposition, and on top of that everyone on the cast and crew is usually still trying to get to know each other.

Like, sometimes you just know what you like, and there's a lot of content on TV, but I'm not sure it's fair to judge a show based on a third of its first episode.

TV Ratings: ‘9-1-1’ Builds Big on ‘X-Files’ Lead-In by NeilPoonHandler in television

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Wow! That's really impressive for 9-1-1. It's not Empire season 1 impressive, but to build on the ratings from your second episode is almost unheard of these days. The renewal news probably helped too.

Those X-Files numbers aren't terrible, looks like it's leveled off.

Also Goldbergs out-drew Modern Family in total viewers. Very impressive there too.

to review an amusement park by Woland77 in therewasanattempt

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No, he's saying he doesn't understand what r/NotKenM is laughing out loud about.

To the people feeling saddened by the recent Colin controversy, here's Austin Walker summarizing why people have a problem with him, his behavior etc. Posting this so it doesn't spill into every thread. by Dokaka in kindafunny

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most Americans know very little about Western nations other than the US

Most Americans are ignorant to what's happening in other parts of their own damn country, sometimes even in their own city, yet alone other places in the world. That's why comparing the plight of the white Irishman to the urban African American is ridiculous. Colin clearly can't even wrap his head around the black American experience, and he's trying to argue that the experience of someone immigrating for Ireland should be treated the same. He should be spending more time trying to understand the experience of his fellow countrymen before assuming what it's like to be Irish.

The whole point here isn't that an Irishman and white Long Islander are inherently the same, it's that neither could possibly understand what it's like to grow up black, or Asian, or whatever else in America, because both have been able to take advantage of the privilege of being in racial majorities. No one's discounting the experience of being Irish and moving to America. It's just that this was never the point of the conversation. It's moving the goalposts to another goddamn solar system.

#MeToo Backlash | January 17, 2017 | Full Frontal on TBS by kneeco28 in television

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Because the people on the outside perceive the any semblance of change is a direct threat to them. That's the nature of conservatism. They're afraid of change and they're afraid that it'll negatively affect them, and they can't wrap their heads around the idea of treating everyone fairly, because a lot of them have never been the subject of the same kind of disenfranchisement as the people leading those movements.

#MeToo Backlash | January 17, 2017 | Full Frontal on TBS by kneeco28 in television

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The other day someone around here introduced me to the term for this, it's called the "Thermidorian Reaction".


Aziz Ansari accuser didn’t approach Babe.net with story - Babe sought her out by GotAGripCameEquipped in television

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A lot of people seem to be sharing personal information for someone who doesn't want to be identified. This is very clearly against Reddit's rules. As a result, we've decided to lock this thread.

Homeland | Sneak Peek of Season 7 | Claire Danes & Mandy Patinkin SHOWTIME Series by Mynameis__--__ in television

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First of all, you're misusing the term "jumping the shark". When a show jumps the shark, it's the moment where you can identity that it'll never reach previous peaks in quality. It doesn't mean that it's bad now, nor does it really make sense to say that you can do it more than once in the same show.

More importantly, I'm guessing it's been a while since you've seen the show. While I acknowledge it jumped the shark (not sure if that happened when Carrie helped Brody escape after he was framed for blowing up the CIA or when Brody was running around Iran before he dies, but regardless...), it's since found a good sweet spot between what it used to be, and like a more intellectual, adult version of 24. The seasons are mostly self-contained, Carrie doesn't really do the bipolar freakout thing anymore, she and the rest of the characters are more complex (Quinn was probably in the top 5 of best characters on TV in 2017) and it's become more grand and conspiratorial in the nature of the stories it tells.

It's unfortunate that it won't ever be as good as season 1 and that it'll always carry that as a stigma for people who feel slighted by that decline in quality, because it's actually a low-key great show that I think still has a lot of juice left in its tanks. And it's definitely not some all-time worst show in the history of TV like the way you make it sound.

"Bill Nye Saves The World" is a steaming load... by GotYourGunnars in television

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Doesn't seem like anyone is willing to discuss this civilly so I'm locking this thread.

Last night's 'X-Files' episode is the most satisfying of the season by Gato1980 in television

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I thought it was alright, but "most satisfying of the season" isn't a high threshold. It felt like a script Carter pulled out of some old desk from the mid-nineties. The episode doesn't really have a point to make. It's a decent mystery with a satisfying ending and a couple of cool effects/twists, but I doubt it'll be an episode I'll really remember.

Aziz Ansari accuser didn’t approach Babe.net with story - Babe sought her out by GotAGripCameEquipped in television

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But the wine was white. She wanted red. SHE WANTED REEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDD!!!!!!!!

[Meta Discussion] Should /r/television focus more on news on tv series and discussions, rather than actor gossip and "best of" clips? by tlvrtm in television

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Some of the mods on the team aren't fan of megathreads as it sort of stifles natural discussion. But it might be something worth discussing, especially with the bigger ones like Spacey where it seemed like every hour there was a new development.

Also these are situations that evolve over the course of weeks, months even. With the Aziz thing, like every site had a thinkpiece about it and I don't think it really added anything of value to the site so at one point we just started removing them, frankly if I was around when the first one were gaining traction I would have removed those too. But, whatever.

Where is the empathy? by ShurikenFacial in kindafunny

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I'm not going to lie, I did like the idea of what Colin brought to the table. He was a dissenting opinion and he pushed discussions that KF wouldn't otherwise have (and that have been largely absent since he left). But I'm fine with where it's gone, it's something different now and if I need political discussions I can just listen to Pod Save America or whatever and get much better insight than anything Colin or three disinterested guys would say. And the more I think about it, I understand that the aura around those topics and Colin himself was kind of toxic.

I tried CLS for a bit but quickly fell off when I realized Colin purposely created an environment where no one would be able to challenge him, even though he claimed challenging people was supposed to be his schtick. I didn't even know any of this controversy with Steve Kim, Danny etc even happened until I saw the thread on Giant Bomb. And I'm glad, this kid doesn't deserve any of my mindshare anymore.