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ProudGentleman commented on a post in r/AskReddit
daboss54320 7,720 points

Is it a common issue for your poo to get cut in half by your butt because you can't squeeze the last bit out in one push? I do this almost every time (not intentionally of course) and it makes it quite messy to clean up and I have to use what ends up feeling like an above average amount of toilet paper. Are your poos clean (relatively)? How many wipes do you require on average?

Update: oh no... 231 notifications... 6,000 karma! This... this comment wasn't supposed to be the one.

ProudGentleman -13 points

Have you ever considered using a poop knife?

ProudGentleman 834 points

Have you considered using a poop knife?

ProudGentleman -7 points

Have you considered using a poop knife?

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ProudGentleman commented on a post in r/AskReddit
svk_alert 11 points

What does “F” mean

ProudGentleman 22 points

“Press F to pay respects.”

SciFiPaine0 1 point

Why does "F" = respects?

ProudGentleman 1 point

I believe it's from Call of Duty.

ProudGentleman commented on a post in r/darksouls3
ProudGentleman 1 point

I never see anyone using my favorite weapon, it makes me feel unique. I love Gael's Greatsword. And not even for the weapon art, because honestly I almost always forget I have it. Sometimes I try to spring it in PvP, but it almost never works. The sword itself is perfect for me though.

My secondary weapon will always be the Warden Twinblades though.

ProudGentleman commented on a post in r/AskMen
RealFoxD 36 points

I would love to date a female version of me. Let's assume for the sake of argument that you've got Gene Gene the Cloning Machine, but you tweak the genetics to (a) solve the inbreeding problem if she had my babies and (b) adjusted the sliders so that she didn't end up looking too much like my mom, the way I am unquestionably my mother's son if you look at pictures of her and me.

Oh, and down-age her to 30 somehow so kids are a possibility without it being either urgent or extreme risk for the kid turning out with a bunch of birth defects from maternal age.

I wish I could meet a girl like that.

ProudGentleman 9 points

Upvoted for Gene Gene the Cloning Machine

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