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199 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

To save you a click, they don't actually tell you what the new scream is.

Edit: They also don't talk much about searching for it, either, as would be expected from the title. It's mostly a history of the Wilhelm Scream.

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Well that's neither alluded to in the title nor the point of the video. Instead, it details the history of the Wilhelm Scream and the fact that there's a new, yet-to-be discovered scream out there.

Not sure why you are erroneously expecting otherwise.

One of my all time favorites. The screenplay and score work so well together.

Plus, we're fortunate that Dustin Hoffman was cast since studio wanted more an All-American type (of course). Similar to how Pacino was such a dark horse for his Godfather role, the studios wanted out, Coppola stuck to his guns, and the rest is history.

I might very well be in the minority here, but I'm getting awfully worn out from all the superhero movies. It just never ends.

It's been a while since I've seen it but man you just reminded me what a killer cast that movie has. Sure the second half of the movie wasn't as good as the first, but it's still an underseen flick.

Insane how the first wave wasn't enough for him to think, "maybe i need to turn the fuck around!"

Could be worse - like the Grammy's!

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