What is the scariest, most terrifying thing that actually exists? by SkeletronDOTA in AskReddit

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Explain please, I’m already wanting to die after this thread. This might put me over the edge

If dinosaurs are ever brought back to life, they will be turned into the most expensive and sought after shoes/jackets/handbags. by KennethPowersIII in Showerthoughts

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When you reveal it you gotta show up in a futuristic space craft with a ramp that goes down really slowly to build anticipation. Don’t go to fast or you’ll be a failure.

The LAPD has arrested a man in connection with the Kansas swatting death by spsheridan in news

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People who clearly haven’t watched the tapes are commenting as if the cops fucked up. Reaching for the waist is assumed to be a draw for a weapon. The cops aren’t at fault, the fucking idiot who called them is.