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Now you're totally stuck in the Retro Zone. Sad face.

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I wanted to smack that bitch so hard, I replayed the game just so I could make fun of her on that staircase.

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That color is gorgeous. I wish I didn't have clown feet, I rarely find shoes that don't look orthopedic.

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I have size 14 shoes and it sucks ass that I can’t enjoy any chuck Taylor’s or sneakers or I’ll look like a fucking idiot.

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Edit: Holy shit look at his post history he’s literally a Neo-Nazi

Roll up the trees!

Na na, na na na na na na na....

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I can feel the teenage angst.

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it's a group of youtubers, consisting of faze banks, alissa violet, ricegum, sommer ray (famous instagramer though), and wolfie. there may be other members, but those are the "mainstream" main members. faze banks is a part owner of faze clan (a pro video game team in many video games), and is dating alissa violet. they all live together in a mansion in los angeles called the "clout house". ( picture of clout house ) they frequently collaborate together and it's more of a incubator where they are friends and business partner with one another to develop content.

alissa violet used to be part of another group called "Team 10", which the leader was jake paul (the brother of logan paul, who had the whole suicide video controversy). team 10 lives together in a mansion and frequently collaborates on videos together to bring a bigger following as well. team 10 came first, clout gang came after. jake likes to claim he's the reason clout gang exists due to the drama bringing them a lot of views.

alissa made a song with ricegum called "it's everyday sis" which was a diss track aimed at jake paul because jake made a song called it's everyday bro with a diss at a alissa. the title came from the fact that he vlogs everyday. in the track, he aims shade at alissa violet after kicking her out of team 10, saying :

And you know I kick them out if they ain't with the crew Yeah, I'm talking about you, you beggin' for attention Talking shit on Twitter too but you still hit my phone last night It was 4:52 and I got the text to prove And all the recordings too, don't make me tell them the truth video of the part with these lyrics dissing alissa

alissa violet slept with logan paul after being jealous of constantly jake paul not committing and was kicked out of team 10. jake claimed alissa cheated on him, but it seems like jake was never really committed to her and that's why alissa did what she did supposedely, but she never came out and said what she did exactly. that's why jake's lyric says, "dont make me tell them the truth" (referring to the fact alissa slept with jake pauls brother, logan). this came out in a tweet where jake said this information, but he later deleted the tweet. jake's mom made a comment saying alissa hurt jake by spreading her legs or something like that, but alissa never responded.

video of alissa's diss track back at jake paul with ricegum (this is the video aimed at jake paul, after jake released it's everyday bro, this is alissa's track back at jake)

i think this is where faze banks met alissa and they began dating, after alissa made this song with ricegum. faze banks all ready was living with ricegum at this time in the clout house. ricegum has a large youtube following, 10 million, and faze banks is a businessman running faze clan. faze banks started gaining a lot of following on youtube after he started dating alissa violet when she left team 10. after dating for some time, alissa eventually moved into faze bank's room into the mansion. since all these people live together in the house, they decided to make the group together. banks made a video saying they have large investors behind them.

clout gang is similar to team 10 in where they collaborate on videos frequently together and made a brand behind it. they have a clothing line and have more things coming down the line they say. jake paul frequently makes videos still saying he's the reason clout gang exists, since he kicked alissa violet out, alissa started dating faze banks and it really boosted faze banks in the youtube space, then with rice gum (who has 10mil subscribers), it gave the group a lot of "clout"

i added more stuff to this, this is kind of the history of the group and the beefs. even now, in faze bank's most recent video, he throws shade at jake talking about how he his office space is weak compared to his. ( heres the video of faze banks talking about how small jake's offices are compared to faze's office space time stamped, jake also mentions he's the reason for clouts success watch for about a min or two, you can see the drama brewing ) they are constantly beefing. banks even threatened jake on twitter recently saying they should box.

this is a tweet only 2 days ago from faze banks at jake paul threatening him to fight (history behind this is jake paul made a video saying he got in a fight with wolfie from clout gang and he used faze bank's picture as click bait in the picture. this is the jake paul video where he says he "fought" clout gang, he got into a verbal argument with wolfie and posted faze banks picture in the thumbnail:

i could go more in depth.. there was a lot of drama between these two "groups", lots of drama constantly has been happening, and it is always escalating, the thing from 2 days ago is the "latest" thing happening, but various events like this have been happening since alissa was kicked out of team 10

edit: someone made a comment asking about why logan would sleep with alissa violet. here's a "news" report where this information was dropped. i think the fact they are "blood", he must have forgiven him. logan and jake have always had a strong sibling rivalry. logan was "famous" first, he rose to fame on the app vine, which was where people made short 6 second videos. ( compilation of logan paul vine videos for reference )jake followed him to vine and gained a following after. then, logan moved to youtube and really blew up, and again, jake followed. i'm not sure where their beef stemmed, but it really felt like a brotherly rivalry until this happened. although it happened, they still appear to be close each other now. i'm not sure what really ticked them off to start the drama. jake made a diss track at logan called "logang sucks" (logang is what logan calls his following) logan has a diss track aimed at jake paul, called "fall of jake paul". i thought it was some kind of friendly type beef, but it appears some of it was more serous with alissa sleeping with logan. i dont know, or i dont think its public, at what point logan did sleep with alissa, but it had to have been BEFORE this track by logan was released( AND alissa is in the diss track video, so it is pretty serious stab at his brother jake), so i dont know what spurred it to happen. here are some lyrics, this was logan paul's reaction track to "it's everyday bro":

" Let's talk about your garbage that you call a song It should be every other day, just some strong advice I made you famous once, it's about to happen twice Yeah, you on Disney but who helped you read all your lines (that's me) Don't forget boy, you were my shadow on Vine "video of logan's track aimed at jake paul's "it's everyday bro" diss track at jake

edit 2: someone asked about what other things that were happening, here's some other beefs and situations that happened between these two:

Another beef that happened was between team 10 members chance and anthony, and clout gang ricegum. chance and anthony actually went to the clout mansion and attempted to confront ricegum timestamped at his house. they went outside the house and started asking for ricegum, but he wasn't around. ricegum made a video response saying if they ever came back again, fists would be thrown. response vid from rice then, they wound up seeing each other in person on rodeo drive. ricegum attempted to shake their hand, and chance/anthony were saying, why dont you fight us like you said you would? chance/anthony then made a diss song at ricegum and continue to throw him shade in videos.

another thing "coming up" is boxing in youtube. KSI, another famous youtuber, had a boxing match that got a lot of publicity. he's now set to fight logan paul this august i think it is. KSI is more friendly with the clout gang as opposed to team 10. KSI has a little brother name Deji, and now Deji is fighting jake paul on the under card of this fight. Deji spent time at the clout house for like a week or two, and just made video after video talking shit at jake. Jake attempted to meet Deji in person and some members of clout gang were there, but nothing happened. But they are going to fight this august, so that should be really interesting.

Another thing that was a big controversy, i think i mentioned it in another comment, was Jake had an assistant, who was at a nightclub and claimed faze banks physically assaulted his assistent. Jake made a video saying faze banks is a woman beater basically and tried to ruin his reputation. jake also said faze banks cheated on alissa that night as well. faze banks made a huge long reply video where he pretty much redeemed himself after said fact. the story was that someone who was interning at team 10 was at a nightclub and claimed to be a millionaire or something and was hanging around the clout gang members were there. i guess faze banks was completely wasted and doesn't remember anything that happened. faze banks said if he hurt her, it was a complete accident, i think he might have clotheslined her or something, but pretty much it ended with it seeming like an accident. after it happened, logan paul featured faze banks on his account in a collaborative video. i think logan did it because jake paul might have fucked up with false accusations, and logan was trying to make it up so faze banks didn't sue him or something.

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jake’s mom

What is he 6?

I condmen these and those

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I condemn these hos

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Inform their employers. It's not slander if it's actually a fact.

What HR or Legal department would knowingly overlook a racially driven militant ideological extremist who actively participates in hate-group activities?

If they do nothing after being informed, that's one hell of a lawsuit just waiting to happen.

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What HR or Legal department would knowingly overlook a racially driven militant ideological extremist

United Airlines or EA

Bye, bye, Dusty Depot tonight,

Drove the party bus to Dusty but the Depot was dry,

And them good ole' Wicks, were drinking Minis and Chugs,

Singing this'll be the day Dusty dies,

This'll be the day Dusty dies

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Now Tilted’s air was sweet perfume

While Rust lords played an L-Taking tune

We all got up to dance

Oh, but we never got the chance

You have to fight the dog for it, and then live with the weight of what you've done to this poor good doggo.

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What weighs more 200 pounds of bricks or 200 pounds of feathers.

The feathers, sure you have 200 pounds of both but now you also have to carry the weight of what you did to those poor birds.

As a 14 year old guy in California struggling to get out of his mother’s emotionally abusive house to live with his father this post really spoke to me. I just got back from a talk with my dad on one of my two days a month and this hit like a truck to my heart.

Not my proudest fap

Rip my ticket to gell

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If you’re there you’re going to hell anyways so furry porn won’t damn you further.

Youre never late

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Another Vorophile is an uncommon sight in the wild.

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*I’ll keep this simple: if you are a Reich-winger who attempts to post anything here, you’ll be banned and your comments will be removed. See Rules 1 and 7. *

*Good-faith users: report reichlads; don’t give them the attention they’re desperately seeking when they shitpost here. *

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That is simply brilliant.

That frog should have known better than to crowd hit cats space.

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Only one letter at a time.

Listen here you little shit.

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This is my fav comment of this style so far haha

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But is it?

Is it even it?

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