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PurpleVilla commented on a post in r/news
Zurlly 14 points

No, they are not. They sound like whiny bitter crybabies, and I say that as someone who deplores Trump.

The worst is probably Charles Blow.

Thank god for The Washington Post, who can remain professional.

PurpleVilla -3 points

Charles Blow is an op-ed columnist. Read his bio. If you didn’t know, ed is short for editorial. He’s very different from NYT reporters like Matt Apuzzo and Maggie Haberman.

aguyfromhungary 8 points

Glorified bloggers add nothing to democracy and only bring down the overall quality of the media organizations that post their drivel.

PurpleVilla -2 points

Right, because reporters at one of the most prestigious newspapers are "glorified bloggers"

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PurpleVilla commented on a post in r/videos
SummerPop 0 points

I am sorry, could you elaborate further please?

PurpleVilla 1 point

Musk is a businessman, he's not Iron Man. The cult of Musk on Reddit is ridiculous.

SummerPop 0 points

Ah, I detect a tone of frustration here. I think I understand. Please allow me to explain.

First off, 'Elon Musk is not Iron Man, he is a business man.' I have never said that he is Iron Man. I merely said he is going to become Iron Man. There are several reasons why I made such a remark.

The space rockets flying back down to the landing spot and landing without blowing up calls to my mind, the scenes where Iron Man calls in his suit/s, they detect the sensors on his body, zooms in and covers his body to protect him.

Elon Musk has a drive for improving technology, has access to space flight, and is wealthy to boot; I honestly think that he could be the closest any man has come, to achieve what Iron Man did.

From the above points that I mentioned, you could say that I am an idiot for bringing fantasy into reality; how can mankind ever build an AI like Jarvis? Well, imagine what bringing Bill Gates and Elon Musk together would do. Or you can also express your displeasure by grunting, smashing a tree up and going back into your cave. Whichever you prefer.

I would like to clarify, though, that I have never heard of 'the cult of Musk', never intended to worship said Musk, and think that you need to go back to your daycare.

Sincerely speaking, if you are sick of all the posts showing videos of Elon's space boosters and rockets taking off, maybe you need to take a break from reddit. I am assuming that these are the heart of your resentment.

There is a reason why people are so hyped about Elon Musk. He has used his wealth, to reduce the cost of achieving space flight. A technology that no other man or country, wealthy or powerful, has even bothered to try to attain for humanity, instead, preferring to focus on expanding their wealth and influence.

TL;DR Achievement of one Man, adds Salt to another.

P.S. Sauciness begets sauciness. I really hope you find happiness in your life soon.

PurpleVilla 1 point

Okay I’m actually happy with my life, but I’m just tired of Reddit looking for some nerd Messaish. Thanks for the assumptions though, I think they say more about you.

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PurpleVilla commented on a post in r/pics
WyattEIRP 1 point

Ok reddit communist #36923491

You know what the cure for communist fantasy is? Getting off your ass and making something of yourself, then there comes a day of ultimate realization. The day you realize you pay more in taxes in one year than you used to make at your first job. All to subsidize losers who want to sit at home and cry about capitalism, or just be losers in general.

You could be working for Elon Musk if you made something of yourself. Or maybe even be him if you had the drive and brilliance, which 99.9% of people don't.

Meanwhile you look up to some retard like Logan Paul? Who makes millions and employs no one, contributes absolutely nothing to society. Ok then. You keep trying it your way.

I can tell you this. It would absolutely fucking pain me to live in a world where Elon Musk was forced to make the same money you do to stay home and bitch about him while watching Logan Paul shock rats and be a general retard.

PurpleVilla 3 points

Wow, this is an aggressive response. The wild musk lover is triggered.

WyattEIRP 0 points

That's not aggressive, aggressive involves swearing and name calling. It's probable that too much soy makes the average reddit communist very timid and prone to thinking that things are aggressive when they are not.

PurpleVilla 4 points

oh lol you're one of those people

PurpleVilla commented on a post in r/EnoughMuskSpam
PurpleVilla 29 points

I mainly hate the cult of personality. Reddit has been sucked into believing that he is Iron Man incarnate and inventing never seen before products (rockets, electric cars, PayPal etc.). Musk is a businessman who wants to make a profit, he's not the savior of the human race.

I also hate the hypocrisy around Reddit, billionaires, and corporations. They ignore the fact that he treats his workers like shit and won't let them unionize because it wouldn't fit into their narrative of Musk.

That's about it, just upset that Reddit won't get Musk's dick out of their mouth. He's a businessman, not a scientist.

PurpleVilla commented on a post in r/pics
Shrike99 0 points

*260 per week, at the end of last quarter. Not total. They made about ten times that number total(~2450)

Look i'm not saying that Tesla aren't having production issues, they clearly are, but you are being misleading there.

There's a big difference between missing a deadline and not delivering at all. See Falcon Heavy as an example. It's definitely behind schedule, but SpaceX did end up delivering, and at a lower cost and higher performance than initially promised. And it's development was in most part funded by the company's revenue, not loans or government grants.

Tesla had similar issues in 2012 with Model S, yet have since got production up to over 50,000 per year. I'd also point out that they make a profit of around $25k per Model S sold, the company overall doesn't make a profit because all that money has gone into Gigafactory, Model 3, and Supercharger expansion.

PurpleVilla 1 point

Can you provide a link to that first assertion?

PurpleVilla 1 point

From the same article:

Despite analysts' repeated questions on the Wednesday earnings call, Tesla executives did not provide hard numbers, including a current weekly production rate of Model 3s.

So this number is self-reported?

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PurpleVilla commented on a post in r/AskThe_Donald
onmyownpath 2 points

So why do people travel from all over the world to the US for premium healthcare services?

We don't want to emulate anyone else.

This is a FREE country. We don't believe in confiscating money from people to give services to other people. You are free to thrive or to fail.

PurpleVilla 5 points

I believe that people come here for specialized services and treatments. The problem is the US has lackluster primary care.

This is a FREE country.

This is a really weak argument and seems like you’re just hiding behind “patriotism.”

PurpleVilla commented on a post in r/worldnews
JokeCasual 17 points

So why is tourism in Asia so high then ?

PurpleVilla -6 points

Trumpster used whataboutism! It wasn’t very effective...

koproller 149 points

Man, Reddit sometimes really feels like that uncle that keeps on making the same predictable puns nonstop every Thanksgiving dinner.

PurpleVilla 1 point

Yeah pun threads on Reddit are the worst

PurpleVilla commented on a post in r/IAmA
J0hnnyChimp0 -18 points

That film has held up surprisingly well. Pretty good prediction for all the left political correctness horse shit we live among nowadays

Edit- Cry harder

PurpleVilla 7 points

such edge

PurpleVilla commented on a post in r/cringe
sch00lb0y 49 points

He charted on Billboard, so people are listening. Fuck adam22.

PurpleVilla 0 points

I think it’s kids who don’t really care. What don’t you like about adam22?

sch00lb0y 6 points

Just the promotion of explicit drug use to essentially kids and teens. I was already pretty adamant against pills and lean, but when Lil Peep died it just left this distaste in my mouth for anyone promoting that in their music. Half this generation isn't drugging because they're depressed, they're depressed because they're drugging, or they're going to be. I've taken enough drugs to know what to stick to. Some 33 year old washed up bmxer promoting that shit to the next generation, no thanks.

PurpleVilla 1 point

Cool thanks for your take (not being sarcastic)

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PurpleVilla commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
LeonTooGone 7 points

Lacks in lyrics... lmao. So because kendrick doesn't use much punchlines that get absolutely no where, he's not lyrical? Gotcha... also, his flow feels forced? Elaborate, I fail to see how his abundant amount of flows feels forced. Point me to a song in which Kendrick fails to flow on a beat. Enlighten me.

PurpleVilla 0 points

You have to be blind or choose to look away if you don’t acknowledge that this sub excessively dickrides Kendrick

PurpleVilla commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
Nolar2015 -5 points

thats horrible and all, but if he already got condemned before and he did it again thats an L on his part

PurpleVilla 2 points

Haha civil liberties suck am I right

BanterMaster420 15 points

Man, this would be like YG going to jail for Fuck Donald Trump

PurpleVilla 0 points

Kind of. He’s from Catalunya, an autonomous community which wants to be it’s own country. The Spanish state has a long history of suppressing Catalan culture and language (especially under dictator Francisco Franco, that’s why he uses the adjective Francoist).

You can kind of compare these situations but there’s a long history of oppression of the Catalan people

PurpleVilla commented on a post in r/Drugs
PurpleVilla 0 points

This is the biggest circlejerk on the sub

ioasisyumich 4 points

I wonder why? How many families died in car accidents due to stoned driving? How many families have been killed by a drunk driver? Yeah, it's totally a circlejerk when there's plenty of proof that alcohol should be Schedule 1 rather than cannabis.

PurpleVilla 1 point

Okay? People on this sub are just beating a dead fucking horse. Everyone has had that thought

PurpleVilla commented on a post in r/AskTrumpSupporters
[deleted] [score hidden]


PurpleVilla [score hidden]

You said you don’t hate any race but your beliefs basically say that you’re superior and others are inferior. Your post history also talks about “Jewish brainwashing.” Is it safe to say you’re either a racist or a troll? You’re a sad person.

PurpleVilla commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Jarvis28000 58 points

Doing feminine things, painting nails/wearing lingire/dresses/heels, idk it's all so fun and interesting. (I'm a 19 yr old guy)

PurpleVilla 3 points

Keep doing you!

[deleted] -32 points


PurpleVilla 4 points

looks at post history.

Checks out. He isn't hurting anyone, chill out man.

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