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The outro riff is the worst part of the song IMO. It's just boring. It's just a jamming ascending riff, feels like filler to me.

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I feel like it's a nice, round ending for the song. Straight forward headbanger riff after that long ass bridge.

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Idk I liked them. They're pretty creepy and make wandering the prison somewhat challenging (unless you know where they're all placed and gut them accordingly, which admittedly is pretty easy to do).

Although to be fair, isn't every enemy in dark souls designed to waste your time?

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There's no way to fight back against them stealing your HP. No resistances or anything. Sure you can try and kill them quickly but that doesn't work in a room with six of these fuckers.

They're meant to be an environmental hazard, similar to the Dreg Heap angels. There's a clearly defined path about how to avoid the chunks of health drain through the giant corridor, but everyone just runs though then complains that they die.

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I didn't die to them once and I enjoy challenging enemies. However for these guys there's just no other option than to lure individuals towards you to seperate them from the others (unless you wanna go full risk and fight them on one HP) and it's just so, so time consuming and boring. Don't get me wrong, it didn't piss me off or anything but I often thought to myself 'Hey they really could've put some more thought into this enemy design'

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I love this community ...

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Right? Who would've thought that one of the most infuriating games bears one of the most wholesome communities?

Came here about a month ago for the first time and I gotta say, there's so much more decent discussion and content on here than on most subreddits. Never change r/darksouls3


So I've played dark souls 1 and 2 with strength builds because I enjoy the hell out of swinging ridiculously gigantic weapons into my enemies' faces, but when I started DS3 I felt like I wanted to try something else for a change (jokes on me, felt like in the first 20 hours I would only find the most amazing strength weapons and barely any dex weapons). Currently I'm using using my Uchigatana which I've just upgraded to +10. First weapon I upgraded past +6 as well.

However, I think I'm about 40 hours in now and I'm barely having trouble with any bosses at all. I stopped summoning help after the curse rotted greatwood because it felt like cheating and I wanted to beat these bosses by myself or at least grow so desperate that I would throw the gamepad a couple of times before getting help again. Now I just defeated the twin princes, and they were the first boss that actually took me more than 2 to 3 tries since then, except from Yhorm maybe. I feel like I'm approaching the end of the game and thinking back, Dark Souls 1 took me more than 80 hours to finish.

So my question is: Have I missed huge optional parts of the game? Is my estimation wrong and I've actually got hours and hours ahead of me? Is a dexterity build just objectively easier concerning single player? Or is it just normal that I'm becoming decent at the game after having played two souls games before?

EDIT: You guys are great and I love this community. So wholesome considering it's about one of the most infuriating games ever made! Thanks for all your advice


And what about the Demon Ruins?

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Original Poster1 point · 18 days ago

Yes I did these too, fuck the ballista man. Killed both bosses on the first try as well though.

Wait.. Both bosses? What did I miss? There's the old demon and what else?

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Well, there's this worm mini-boss thingy, sorry I was too lazy to type it out

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T_D has a long history of harassing and denigrating the former first lady, threads referring to her as a man or a subhuman creature because of her status as one of the most powerful and popular African American women in the country can be found on their front page almost daily. At the time of my post, the linked thread was 96% upvoted with over 4300 karma

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How can we get reddit admins to finally listen? How can it be that this sub violates reddit rules on a daily basis and nothing at all has been done? At what point does it become illegal to offer and maintain a platform for racism, anti semitism and bigotry?

this song finally feels like Muse again

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Only things I can criticize:

  • could've been longer, the song offers lots of playground for a weird fucked up bridge before kicking into the solo

  • last chorus could have some more variation / different parts to make the climax more enjoyable

  • "angry rock" was a bit misleading for muse standards

Apart from that it's fucking dope, the synths are wonderful and the drums are absolutely perfect.

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Wenn du Nazis wählst mit Sicherheit. Es gibt politische Meinungsverschiedenheiten und es gibt fundamentale Differenzen in Fragen, die Menschenrechte und unser grundlegendes Zusammenleben betreffen. Aber klar, meine afd wählenden Freunde werden ja weiterhin nett zu mir sein und es wird sich nichts ändern, so lange ich blond und blau äugig bin.

Do school buses in the US pick up individual people from their homes?

Comment deleted23 days ago

Thanks for explaining!

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Neuer Vorschlag: nachdem Amerika den Mann loswird (seis jetzt durch Neuwahlen oder Impeachment) sagen wir das dem Donald einfach nicht. Packen ihn in ein Altersheim und sagen, dass das das neue White House sei (er hat ja auch den namen "White House" schonmal vergessen), schicken regelmäßig Reporter hin, und lassen ihn paar Mal im Monat irgendwo nen "Staatsbesuch" machen.

Zur Volksbelustigung.

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Das wäre ne verdammt gute Black Mirror Folge.

We all have our opinions on Muse but wouldn't Matt Bellamy be up there too?

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Can't prove it but it sure feels like his vocal range exceeds that of Thom.

He only posts in TD and the great awakening...

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A lot of accounts on this sub don't have any activity apart from T_D and other right biased subs.

So they're either extremists or Russian bots. I don't know what I prefer.

What the heck is that sound on the album version anyways? Sounds like a voice going "daah daah dadadadaaaahh...." and then fades into that weird synth sound. I've never quite been able to put my finger on it, is it a weird guitar sound? Synths? Vocoder fuckery? A mix of all of them?

Someone better have said let down

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you know wheeeere you aaaaare with

Listening to Reckoner with good head phones gets me every time.

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Heck yes. After the bridge when he goes "Take me with you" is one of the most heart breaking musical moments I've had the pleasure to enjoy.

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If you create this standard, it will be used against you. Do you want to create another social weapon that the Republicans can use against you?

Do you want your future Democrat President to always have to step down if one of their employees steals a TV? lol

My way ensures only the guilty are punished and the CEO/Leader who committed no crime stays in power. After all, he did nothing wrong and committed no crime.

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So let's just tolerate any crimes that have not been performed by the president himself huh? Have 20 people beneath him committing crimes and betraying he country but hey, he's just the president, can't judge him for any of that. After all, it happened under his command and leadership so associating him with these crimes would be absolute nonsense.

You wasted all this time and effort only to reveal an alleged campaign finance violation? lol wut...

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If you truly think that this is all that has been revealed then you're either uninformed or deliberately ignorant

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Wer? Und was? Und überhaupt wieso?

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Der dude aus Lazy Town. Freddy Faulig oder wie der hieß

oje, Lazy Town war ja mal mit Abstand das Schlechteste was damals auf Super RTL lief

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Kann mich kaum dran erinnern aber es war schon sehr bescheuert. Trotzdem hat's mich irgendwie schwer getroffen weil man den Typen aus der Kindheit kennt und er noch keine 50 war :(

war das nicht die parodie von den hosen?

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Ist der nicht original von BAP mit dem Titel?

Comment deleted1 month ago

Sobald du dich mit dem Titel "Nationalsozialist" brüstest, kannst du dich nicht mehr beschweren, wenn dir niemand zuhört. Du befürwortest in der Öffentlichkeit Hitler und den Holocaust? Wer hätte ahnen können, dass daraus keine zivile Diskussion entsteht?

2.7k points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I mean... are we ignoring him going on national television and saying that he obstructed justice? cause that's kind of easy evidence.... I get that the memo establishes a timeline and adds even more, concrete evidence that the cultists will ignore like every other piece of evidence, but dayum this orange terd leaves evidence of wrong doing lying around in his wake like crumbs at a Popeye's buffet.

Edit to add: popeyes had a buffet here in new Orleans for years, but I think they had to shut it down because a bunch of the local school football teams would stop by the buffet after practice and they wound up operating at a deficit so... i'm not sure if there ARE any more buffets open, but that one time I got to go was pretty awesome and had a lot of crumbs

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Haven't you heard? Nothing matters anymore.

31 points · 1 month ago

Scheiße ist die dumm

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It is in Australia :)

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What the heck is that episode though?

EDIT: Nvm I got it

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What episode is it? Because I never remember seeing this and I've watched all seasons twice now lol

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Same, but when I saw the subtitles I realized I knew it and it was probably just a shot of the TV while Rick was talking an zapping through channels quickly. Easy to miss when casually watching an episode.

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How... How is that even possible!?

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With the proper coding.

I think most people would make a joke and move on, not halt the conversation to draw attention to it. But I understand, Jonah is probably sick of it. Patience only goes so far.

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I think he reacted appropriately. Could have given him more shit for that joke as well, I think he did his part of signalling that it was a shit thing to do while not drawing too much attention to it

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How do they know who they’re supposed to be fighting lmao there’s so many

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And they all look exactly the same


Die liefern in meiner Gegend nicht aber ich hab so'n Ding hier rum liegen. Gutscheinwert ist 8€ bei 18€ mindestbestellwert.

Code: H4BER0618AmPxy

Wer zuerst kommt malt zuerst. Könnte sein dass das Ding nur in Berlin gilt.

Guten Hunger Brudis!


Ich weiß nicht, ob's immer noch so ist, aber als ich das vor nem Jahr oder so mal mit Gutschein probiert habe, wurde mir die Bestellung bestätigt, aber mit ungültigem Code, also zum vollen Preis. War dann auch das letzte Mal, dass ich da bestellt habe.

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Diesmal scheint alles gut geklappt zu haben, aber ich bin auch generell kein großer Fan von diesen Lieferunternehmen. Versuche wenigstens den armen Hunden die es liefern etwas Trinkgeld mitzugeben, was bei denen wahrscheinlich ziemlich mager ausfällt da heute jeder Spast online zahlt.

110 points · 1 month agoGilded1

How do you delete someone else's comment?

Because I want to post this myself

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How do you delete someone else's gold?

Because I want gold myself

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