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Title is a bit misleading, I dont think 51 percent warrants guaranteesthat this would pass. That's well within the margin of error. As we have learned over the past couple years, polls dont mean jack.

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I feel like the actual support would be higher than 51%, but regardless, the title is absolutely misleading by claiming "the British public supports" legalization

I dont necessarily disagree, but mine and your opinions on the subject dont mean shit

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Thank God they don't, we're just morons on the internet

10 points · 1 day ago

Take a look at /r/The_Donald

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It's scary to say the least

3 points · 1 day ago

It's also astounding how many world leaders continue to look like total fools by meeting with him.

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Yeah let's just cut all international ties with the US because their current president is a doofus

Original Poster3 points · 3 days ago

Well man, ill tell you. I love muse and can’t reaaally complain about a Muse Movie surrounded by fellow fans. I mean, I’m glad I went. I went to the tour so I knew what I was in for. But as I left the theater I was thinking a few things: the volume - too loud - but also specifically the guitar and MATT lol and the bass seemed way too low. THAT IS A SIN. Especially in hysteria. I hope my hearing is in tact haha. Apparently I’m not the only one who thought that same stuff though. Thanks for asking! Did you seen it?

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Seems like some cinemas did a much better job with the audio than others. For me, it was a little too loud in some places and Matt's voice would kind of blend into all these reverb effects and whatnot but apart from that, the sound was pretty solid.

4 points · 5 days ago

This is a solid feature idea which I've wanted for a while. Interlude into Hysteria, Intro into Apocalypse.

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Prelude into Survival, [JFK] into Defector

It’s mostly due to the lyrics, “Your ass belongs to me now”.

I still love the song, SPECIALLY LIVE

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I don't even mind the lyrics. What keeps me from listening to it these days is the fact that the song is 2 minutes too long. If you're gonna make a 5 minute long rock song there should be more than a solid but repetitive riff and a bridge that just barely amounts to a guitar solo. When I'm 3 minutes into the song I feel like I've heard everything and I'll skip the rest.

Really?I live in greece and they sold about 130 tickets at the cinema excluding the people who will get their tickets that day.There is even a second screening scheduled in athens.

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How do you know how many tickets your local cinema sold?

Has a decent build up and a great climax. I also love the chorus and the backing orchestra

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I feel like the drums are the only thing that could have improved the song for me. That slow beat in the beginning comes in really nice but Dig Down, like Madness, is a song with more and more layers stacking upon it until it climaxes, and the drums really could have supported the build up more.

It'll have

  • acoustic guitar

  • shitty lyrics

  • retrowave video

  • fairly catchy but overall uninspired music

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I was hoping all along that we might get 'Something Human' at the end of the movie. Now I believe it.

but what gives you the idea that we're going to see the new song in the movie?

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Well when I heard that they're gonna release it 'right after' without specifying further, I already thought "it's muse, they do shit like that". I mean why else release it right after the movie and not before to maybe get some last minute sales?

And now, why would they want fans to stick around for after the credits? "Yo check out all these names you can't even read that quickly" nah I don't think so.

Also it would be a great way to reward fans for buying movie tickets. Hey, you're here, you get to hear the new single in a friggin cinema.

Then again maybe I'm just overreacting and it's going to be Guiding Light 2

I'm still kinda hoping that they will top it off with Something Human in the very end, even if chances are close to zero.

Lol everybody here not getting what OP's talking about. He's clearly talking about Matt and Kate Hudson (unless I'm totally misinterpreting?)

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I feel like he's talking about their music. Muse used to be crazy, especially live, but lately their performances and setlists felt a little dull

Their setlists maybe...their performances to me seem wilder/more intense than they have since like 2008.

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That might be true for some concerts and I've only seen them twice but looking at old live performances they were much crazier and more energetic. Looking at bliss @ hullabaloo for example, nothing these days comes close to this.

But that's not necessarily bad, it's normal for a band to settle and become a little more laid back over the years. I still wish they worked on their setlists a bit.

I dunno about you but glorious seems pretty similar to the stuff on Absolution. I can't even see why you would think a folk inspired tuned like Let Down sounds like the effects driven alt rock of Glorious apart from the kinda similar synth near the bridge.

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Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

Maybe it doesn't work for everyone but it did for me so I figured some lost souls on here looking for their glorious 2.0 might be helped with this

That is a blessed website

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I haven't laughed at something that hard in a while.

"Ted Cruz is only one being and not several" killed me

So uninstall and never come back ? Got it.

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Months ago, I was absolutely crazy for pubg. Now I'm just completely disappointed because it doesn't seem to turn out different than day z etc. Haven't played it in weeks and I don't regret a thing apart from having spent 30$

Damn, I already have all these games mentioned. Well, except PUBG, but I can do without that.

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Couple of months ago I would have recommended pubg to anyone but yeah, not worth 30$

I could never recommend any game you run around in little circles to shoot respawns for no apparent reason. Just doesn't make any sense to me. Idiocracy.

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You don't respawn though if that's what you're referring to

There is no bottom. r/wheresthebottom knows the truth.

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Any sane person could never dismiss the evidence.

Cant believe nobody has thought of this yet

Hey, sorry mein Deutsch is immer noch nicht so gut Aber.. Wo ich 20 war hab ich meine ausbildung verloren Weil ich 3 kreuzbans risse nach ein Andre hatte. Hab Angeffangen zu saufen (höhepunkt war .7 l vodka am tag). Depression und und und. Ich hab meine free de weg gestossen und meine Freundin leidete. Die freundenen meiner freunden sagten ihr sie sollte schluss machen. Letztes jahr bin ich in ne offene anstallt gekommen nach ich versucht hab mein leben zu Beenden. Ich bin jetzt auf antidepris und gehe regelmässig zum psychater. Das alles dauerte jetzt 5 jahre. Es ist ein winder das ich meine freundin noch hab, und sie verdient die welt dafür.

Was ich halt sagen will ist, ehr braucht hilfe. Mama wird sagen "auch ehr braucht nur zeit" "ehr ist n guter junge! Es ist nur schwer!" "Wir verstehen ihn einfach nicht". Aber wenn ich mich helfen lassen hätte vor 5 jahren, hätte ich meiner freundin nicht 5 jahre unverdienter hölle gegeben. Ich bin der meinung ich müsste keine erste ausbildung mit 25 suchen und das ich noch gute freunde haben.

Mittleid will und brauche ich nicht, du solltest Aber vielleicht deiner freundin diesen text zeigen. Wenn's willst können wir auch über discord Oder so was reden woh ich schreib korrektur hab:p

Hoffe alles wird gut für euch.

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Was dein deutsch betrifft bist du auf einem sehr guten Weg, dranbleiben!

Crazy thing that they manage to create such a feeling even though there's nothing that is actually musically happy about these songs

This is not only needed, it's amazing there isn't already this option. Come on dev team

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It's funny how the dev team seems unable to think only a single freaking step ahead, even if it's as simple as this.

er hatte ja bei dem Passspiel auch echt was gut zu machen....

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Doppelt wieder gut gemacht würde ich sagen

Was wollen sie Jetzt von mir?! Wollen sie das wir schön spielen und dann ausscheiden?! Die habens uns echt schwer gemacht über 90 Minuten. Ich hau mich jetzt erstmal in die Eistonne und dann sehen wir weiter.

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Riecht nach copypasta

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