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South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut

27.5% you, 72.5% him

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38% 62% here. Married almost 12 years and have done this from the beginning, it's working well so far.

We have a list of shared expenses like childcare, medical, food, transportation & each get spending money proportionate to our income.

Awesome. I didn’t realize there was a series in the fall/winter. I’m 4 races into a 6 race summer night run series. Started with a 5k, ends with a 50k in September. I need to sign up for the fall races as those are my favorite. I stumbled upon aravaipa a couple years ago. I started doing a race per month in The fall to avoid gaining holiday weight and just kept it up. So much fun!!!!

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Original Poster1 point · 3 days ago

I'm sure we'll run into each other then! I'm still a beginner so opted for the 25k series

Their night races look super fun! I just started headlamp running this week since I'm an early riser, I won't lie it's a bit scary out there as a noob in the dark, really the only option with this heat though. I lunch ran today & it was brutal.

yeah, so i run pretty much exclusively at the phx mtn preserve cause its .7 miles from my house, and i mainly run at night.

I remember when first i started running at night i used to fear things like an escaped mental patient, or a serial killer or something. LOL. then as it got hotter, i came across my first rattlesnake... scared the fucking shit out of me... my fears shifted immediately to snakes and all the other night creatures that are actually real. ha.

I was out monday night and came across a bobcat in the middle of the trail. ha. just be careful out there, this is the time of the year where all the creatures are moving around.

the best part about the aravaipa runs are not having to worry about the creatures. They are definitely scared off by all the runners. Plus, seeing a hundred people with headlamps on lighting up the desert is quite the thing to behold!!!!

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Original Poster1 point · 3 days ago

South Mountain is my home course. I'm mostly scared of the critters, I see them early morning too. Luckily no bobcats or rattlers yet!

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I just ran my fastest ever 5k!!! In Arizona, in August. I'm feeling like I'm going to kick serious ass come fall when it's not this miserable out 💪

I still had to read it twice to notice. I'm going to leave it to confuse others.

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Your confusion method is working.

It’s summer here, so I think I’d shed a tear if I had to lose a Buff for the cause. I starting buying cheap knockoffs, but they just don’t compare to the real deal.

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Here's a dumb question- how should I use a buff? I've been eyeing but not quite sure what to do with them.

For context: I'm an extreme heat desert runner.

I've been running now for almost 2 years, and I've decided to give trail running a try. I've been training for a half/full marathon and have been putting in upwards of 25-30 miles a week (I run 4 days a week) and enjoy every second of it! I don't live far from some great trails I used to mountain bike on (Suburb of Denver) and am looking at about a 6 mile loop. (Matthew Winters park if anyone cares) It's pretty technical but I feel like it's doable, do you guys have any tips for a newb like me? Am I biting off more than I can chew with my planned first trail run? Thanks for the info!

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Start small, maybe a 3 mile for the first. I wasn't prepared for how sore my ankles & feet ligaments would be when I started. I just started trails in February after my first half marathon, you have a better base than I did so should progress quickly.

I feel strong. At 5'3" & 120 im usually the small weak one in groups. Trail running shows me that looks can be deceiving & makes me feel like a badass.

That and me time I don't have to feel guilty about.

Today I hit my milage goal for 2018. Almost 5 full months ahead of schedule! The goal seemed fair & challenging enough when I set it but I guess I've advanced much more than I thought I would, I switched to trails in February and really got hooked.

Original Poster2 points · 13 days ago

If you look closely, on the right where all the trails intersect, there is a little stone building. No clue why it's there.

Beautiful. AZ?

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Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago

Indeed. South Mountain National Trail in Phoenix!

44 points · 22 days ago · edited 20 days ago

Talk Less

run more.

edit: I made a more fun version

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The day a ran the entire Hamilton soundtrack was the day I knew I'd finally made it.

What kind of fabric did you use? These are cute

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Original Poster31 points · 1 month ago

I used flannel & terry cloth. If I were to go back & do again, I'd not choose white. We've been using them a few weeks now & some have collected stains.

If it's any consolation, kitchen rags will always end up looking funky. Our older tea towels and dish rags are black and they've faded unevenly, have bleach discoloration, etc, they look terrible now... but they work, lol.

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Original Poster1 point · 26 days ago

Exactly! They work! And I'm minimizing my waste while saving money. Good enough for me.

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Anyone have a Forerunner 645 Music? If so, how do you like it?

Experiences with podiatrists? I'm using my referral and scheduled an appointment. I've been dealing with multiple lower leg tendon problems and a stress reaction (5th met). I'm already working in PT, but I will lose my current insurance in the Fall, so I figured I'll use all of my current resources to deal with this frustrating period.

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I went to one for custom orthotics, it was totally worth it!

It's still Sunday Runday here in America so early this morning I set out for 10 trail miles (+1400ft) which I've done once painfully months ago and have been working back toward. All was going great, was on my decent at mile 8 when I fell. Hard.

My chin took most of the fall & my jaw is in pretty rough shape now, hurts to eat & talk. Road rash all on my right thigh & arm, left knee bruised and busted. My chest is all scraped up along with my face. Got up and ran the remaining 2.5 home bloodied with hikers staring at me whenever they passed. Some checked if I was ok, some just stared.

I have a pretty big work week next week and now look like I've been I've been beaten up. I'm a woman too for what it's worth.

I'm currently having the same debate between the Vivoactive 3 & Forerunner 645. I currently have the Forerunner 35 which served me well but my running has advanced beyond it's capabilities. I'm worried if I get the Vivoactive the same thing will happen.

I especially love the black/rose combo in the 645 but don't really need the music. I truly cannot decide.


I really never thought I’d see this day but I’m finally to the point that I’m running more days than I’m not running. I finished last week with my highest ever weekly mileage, hitting 24 miles & 2,400 feet elevation change! This sub was so motivational & helpful to me in the beginning that I wanted to share my progress and show others that their far fetched goals could be their reality if they just build slowly & remain patient.

I started running a year and a half ago with basically a modified couch to 5K program. As most new runners do, I struggled with finding the right shoes, injuries, and general lack of confidence I’d ever progress or be like some of the runners on this sub. I ran my first half marathon about a year into my running journey but still struggled with shin splints & had to take at least a day off to recover after every run.

In February, I switched to running trails and got hooked, it really changed everything for me. I got so much stronger from the elevation change and my shins were so much less affected by my varied foot pattern on trails. Though it was hard to see my pace slow down so much from roads, I kept at it and gradually increased my distance every week. Soon enough, I started running 4 days instead of 3 & now I’m up to 5.

My trail pace is now the same as what my road pace was back in January, I’ve logged over 340 miles so far this year (my yearly goal was originally 400), and am training for my first trail 25K. I’m PR’ing almost every run despite the fact that it’s summer in the Sonoran desert. I’m more fit & happy than I’ve ever been & it’s all attributed to running.

New runners, stick with it, build slow, and remember the first mile is always a liar. You’ll be amazed at what you can do a year & a half from now.


Hua! I love how you are absorbing running entirely into your life. Like you said, for me, being out in the trail and running thru it makes me realize how amazing it is to be alive on earth. And it reduces my desire for unnecessary ‘stuff.’

I heard of Luna but had not have a chance to give it a shot. Currently i love vibtam five fingers. But best is really running barefoot. I first started running, barefoot on grass, and thats how I fell into its bliss. Landing on dirt, grass and even asphalt, barefoot, makes it a completely different experience.

Okay, enough dramatizing barefoot running. I hope you enjoy your running. And i hope you make sure you keep building your core and work on stability so you can run further and stronger! Cheers!

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

So funny you say that about reducing your desire for "stuff". It totally started me on a minimalism kick too! Glad it's normal.

Happy barefoot trails to you!

Super awesome! Trail running keeps my running spirit alive too. Here is just a suggestion from soneome who loves trail: give barefoot running a shot on trail. Maybe the last mile barefoot and add gradually. You are in for a pleasant surprise :)

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Running trail has really improved my life in so many ways. Being out there just me, the mountains, & critters just feels so primal & right.

Also,with my increased respect for natural, I've greatly reduced my carbon footprint. I've stopped consuming single use plastic & paper towels which has had a huge impact in my house.

Not ready to try barefoot quite yet, my friend did however just switch to Luna's & is in love.

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I'm traveling to Phoenix in early October and I really want to run Piestewa Peak trail, not sure if I'll be able to, though. The back up is a run in Papago Park.

My question: For any runners in Phoenix/Tempe familiar with the trails, How afraid of snakes/wildlife should I be? I'm used to running roads in Georgia where at most I have to worry about a stray snake in the Summer but even that's never happened.

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I run South Mountain in Phoenix at least 3 days a week for the last 6 months & have only seen one snake (not a rattle) but Javelina & Coyote sightings are frequent. I just observe & they move on past me. If you do Papago, it's pretty urban so you probably won't see too many critters. Check out South Mountain though as another option, so many great trails. I'm happy to help you out with routes if you want to DM me.

I'd love to run South Mountain, but I'm staying in downtown Phoenix for a conference and from what I've been able to see public transport would take too long and an uber/lyft is $13 one way. As much as I'd love to run a trail like that it's not worth $26 and a rushed morning to try to get to the conference on time :/

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Completely understand, either way any desert trail is sure to be a fun experience. The sunrise is totally worth an early wake up.

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Yep. There are no sidewalks near me that aren’t dangerously close to streets (and that’s if I’m lucky to have sidewalks). So I go to a trail about two miles away. Honestly I love jogging on public trails; it’s fun and motivating to see other runners.

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Totally! Today I got my first fist bump on the trails & a fast girl who passed me motivated me to try harder.

14 points · 1 month ago

Nathan water belt, living in the dessert it’s a must. My 5 AM run was at 86 and it only got worst as the sun came up.

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Fellow desert dweller here. I have the Nathan handheld myself. It was 90 degrees and miserable at 6am here. The only thing getting me through it is knowing I'll start the cool weather as a much stronger runner after surviving summer!


I just registered for my first trail race! Actually, it's a series so technically I registered for 3 trail races, each 25k (call me an overachiever!). The first race isn't until October so I have plenty of time to prepare but I'm having trouble finding the right plan.

Most plans I'm finding seem to assume you don't have regular trail access but I'm fortunate to have an expansive trail system on the mountain in my backyard. Some background on me: I've completed one road half marathon and then switched to exclusively trails about 6 months ago. I had consistently been running about 15-18 miles total per week, 3 total days but have recently added a 4th to get my weekly milage up. I also strength train regularly.

So far my longest trail run has been 10 miles which I can do pretty much on any given weekend without wrecking my body.

Any ideas on how to best approach my training? Since I run rocky trails only, following a traditional plan with intervals doesn't make much sense because it doesn't account for the elevation changes. I'm thinking it may make more sense to train by heart rate instead but not sure exactly how to plan it out.

My goals for the race are really just to have fun & explore new mountains, maybe make some trail running friends since I only run alone.

Thanks in advance for any help! I tried asking in the trail running sub but it's not as active & I don't have an IRL trail community to ask.


Just run. Concentrate on distance (or time) rather than pace. Occasionally do a fartlek-type run where you push harder, but really, hilly and rocky trails will give you all the workout you need. I would recommend that you increase your weekly mpw, and 4 days is definitely better than 3 - 5 would be even better. So just run mostly easy, sometimes hard, and increase your mileage sensibly; you don't need a special plan for your races.

I live near a trail system and my fastest (road) marathon was run with 7 days/week training, 2-3 on trails. Trails are great. Have fun.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Thank you! I'm on week 2 of adding a 4th day a week and so far my body is holding up well. Maybe I'll add a 5th day on the flat canal in a few weeks. Sometimes miss the zone out aspect of road running so that'd be a good way to get it back.


I just registered for my first trail race! Actually, it's a series so technically I registered for 3 trail races, each 25k. It doesn't start until October so I have plenty of time to prepare but I'm having trouble finding the right plan.

Most plans I'm finding seem to assume you're a road runner but I'm fortunate to be able to only run trails. Some background on me: I've completed one road half marathon and then switched to exclusively trails about 6 months ago. I run about 15-18 miles total per week, running 3 total days. So far my longest trail run has been 10 miles which I can do pretty much on any given weekend without wrecking my body. I do usually need a day of rest between runs though to avoid injury.

Any ideas on how to best approach my training? My goals for the race are really just to have fun & explore new mountains, maybe make some trail running friends since I only run alone.

Thanks in advance for any help! I don't really have an IRL trail community to ask so though this was the next best.


If you're looking to improve, definitely get that mileage up. If you just want to have fun racing, get some long runs on trails similar to the races in terms of elevation and technicality so you aren't surprised on race day.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Thanks for the tips. I can definitely get my milage up during the summer a bit, but unless I find a way to run consecutive days, I'm a bit stick where I am once school starts (mom life + daylight hours + desert heat)

I haven't tried running back to back in a couple of months maybe I'll try a 2 mile after a normal 5mile next week to see how my shins hold up.

I start my challenge on Monday! I have been almost halfway following the program this week so it's not such a shock. I have my entire week of food planned out & my shopping done.

Any final tips? I'll be the only one of 4 in my family participating, I feel like going at it solo will be the toughest part for me. I'm also a runner and got some dates for running nutrition on long runs, hoping they'll cut it.

Ohh which trail is that?

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

This is National Trail on South Mountain in Phoenix.

If you're in the US, get a job at Starbucks. They'll cover your full ride at ASU.

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