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Quravin commented on a post in r/TrueChristian
Quravin 2 points

I am so far from God I don't even see how I could return and stay close.

workingleather 3 points

Try not to think of it that way! You’re either with him or without-for you this is good news. You’re just one step away and He’s right there

Quravin 2 points

Thank you. I don't have more to say, but I am deeply truly grateful.

Quravin commented on a post in r/Art
RobJob130 5 points

What happened to Kathy Griffin?

Quravin 25 points

She took a photo with a prop of Donald Trump's bloody decapitated head.

Yes, there was a big public outcry over the image with most of the outrage coming from Republicans, but I don't see how that's mob mentality. Can you imagine if a Republican had held up a fake decapitated Obama head? Nobody should do that, ever. I think both sides condemned her for that.

PM_ME_WAT_YOU_GOT 14 points

Like when they made an Obama effigy with a noose around it's neck and set it on fire?

Quravin 1 point

I forgot about that. Yes, that's a perfect example. In both examples, I think the reaction of the media and the public should be the focus. I'm quite sure the perpetrators of the effigy weren't given a pat on the back and a thumbs up by the public and/or media. Both incidents are detestable.

Quravin commented on a post in r/itookapicture
Quravin 2 points

Whoa, that looks a lot like the inside of the One World Trade Center. Where was this taken?

Isir86 2 points

It looks like the 1WTC because it is! If you visit the place you will notice that the orientation is not the same, but it feels soooooooo good like this that I think that is how it deserves to live as a photo. Given it is abstract-ish I took that licence.

Quravin 1 point

This is the picture that reminded me of yours

Granted it's not even close to being a good picture, it's more of a tourist-y snapshot

Quravin commented on a post in r/news
YaBoyStevieJay 27 points

Fun fact everyone: Nobody gives a fuck how close the school is to your house, how you know somebody who graduated there, how it's your rival school. It's not about you.

Quravin 1 point

Please believe, I'm responding with nothing but respect for a polite discussion, but I personally don't see the problem. Let me clarify: with the low amount of comments I've seen as you've described (less than 5), I don't mind it. It's like a live pulse of the situation. If something like this happened at a high school near me, I'd be stunned. I can't imagine this happening, not near me, not in my town.

These comments about rival schools, "I overslept and wasn't there", are important to me because they illustrate the raw reactions of real people around the area. That's what the internet, and Reddit specifically, is to me. It connects entire counties and states and countries and continents.


3rdLevelRogue 64 points

I'm sure this comment section will be a bastion of rational debate

Quravin 1 point

I've seen some good arguments on both sides, though yes there is plenty of sarcasm and blaming and straw-man attacks. After 7 hours have passed, have you seen any legitimately rational debate?

thenottoserious 5 points

Maybe Cap simply surpasses his own limit and transcends to the realm of the Gods because he doesn't fight for himself and is engulfed by the power of friendship.

Quravin 1 point

If they end the movie with everyone holding hands and singing it will make 11 quadrillion dollars, and I will see it every day after work.

facepalminghomer 36 points

I hope the soul stone can not in any way be remotely connected to the letter H

Quravin 2 points

I'm not following, can you explain?

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Quravin commented on a post in r/itookapicture
brazzersjanitor 2 points

It was from a recent snowstorm here so it had a dull look overall. Here's the original

Imgur isn't letting me upload it right now, I'm trying to see what the problem is.

Edit: fixed sort of. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Quravin 1 point

Sweet, I'll be checking back to see if it'll upload; no worries if otherwise, though.

brazzersjanitor 2 points

Somewhat fixed. It's a tiny picture for some reason. I'm not sure what is up.

Quravin 2 points

Wow, you really made the final image pop! I hope to be that good at editing soon.

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Quravin commented on a post in r/itookapicture
Quravin 1 point

I love the grain/noise

indieaz 2 points

I had to pull up the shadows a little as the mountain was getting quite dark. Clouds were casting a shadow. I pulled the shadows up a bit in post which led to the noise - i didn't bother applying any noise reduction as I felt it gave the shot character.

Quravin 1 point

I think you made some good post decisions -- instead of Mt. Hood standing out as blue and white against dark red and gray and black, it's a nice blue-white/red-brown contrast.

Keeping the noise was also a good idea.

Quravin commented on a post in r/marvelstudios
burky17 88 points

This makes me really want to see Bucky save Stark’s life in IW, as a way to show both Stark and the audience the true extent of his redemption, and that it is possible.

Quravin 36 points

A-la Harry Osborn and Spider-Man: "This doesn't change anything."

flysoup84 2 points

A kid took a bomb into a High school nearby. Luckily a few students noticed it and it was disarmed by police.

Quravin 1 point

Holy cow that's huge. Did it get overshadowed by a "bigger" event?

mscott8088 2 points

Jewel getting rid of self checkout. Now it takes forever to shop there. I only go when they have a sale and I'm not in a hurry.

Quravin 1 point

Is that a grocery store? I live in the southeast US, it might not be local to me.

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AgentD22 48 points

It's the thing she fears the most, Luke feared seeing himself in Vader, she fears being on her own.

Quravin 16 points

Thank You! So obvious now.

walktall 15 points

It’s trying to take advantage of her insecurities. Waiting in a long line of identical Reys = you are not unique or special, just one in a crowd. Seeing herself in the mirror = you are alone.

This dug into all of her issues from Jakku.

Quravin 2 points

The connection to Jakku is another good tie-in I missed, thanks for pointing that out

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Quravin commented on a post in r/Music
GhostrickGilly 3 points

Coming from a Christian, I don’t even like it that much. Tobymac is the only Christian artist I like just because he actually sounds different.

Quravin 2 points

Do you prefer his older hip hop or newer pop? I got into Momentum and Diverse City again and I truly think it's good hip hop, period. I don't prefer his latest stuff.

dung0 3 points

Y'all mind if I praise God?

Quravin 4 points

Y'all mind if I praise God up in here?

Quravin commented on a post in r/greenville
Quravin 6 points

Augusta GA!

Fun disc golf courses, a quaint downtown with good restaurant options, and nice local lakes.

bonestars 5 points

My husband is super into disc golf, so we will definitely try out Augusta. Thanks for the rec!

Quravin 3 points

If he hasn't gone to Tyger River in Reidville yet, tell him he should! Most immaculate course around the area.

Quravin commented on a post in r/newyorkcity
itsallsamantics 52 points

Because I grew up there. Because I wanted to get away from the attitude that New York is the only city in the world worth living in.

I miss it all the time. It’s home. It always will be. During the winter, I’m certainly glad I’m not there. But, in the other hand, everyone in LA is dumb and bad at driving all year round.

Eventually, I’d like to go back. If I ever have kids, I’d want them to be New Yorkers. There’s a lot of things that need to change first before I can even consider that move, though.

Quravin 3 points

There’s a lot of things that need to change first before I can even consider that move, though.

Like what?

Quravin commented on a post in r/WatchPeopleDieInside
Hollowpoint38 332 points

I feel great. People get stressed out at the office and have mental breakdowns, but the way I see it, we're in the A/C and make pretty decent pay. A lot better than walking miles and miles carrying a pack and having to clean your weapon all the damn time for $800 a month.

Military was the best thing that ever happened to me. And I went in on an open contract. They paid for college, I get a pension, and not a whole lot upsets me these days.

Quravin 4 points

I envy your attitude, but I despise the conditions that created it. shrug

Hollowpoint38 22 points

You see a lot of people who get diagnosed with cancer or something tragic happens and they talk about how now they learn to appreciate things or how they have regrets on what their priorities used to be.

I'm not on death row yet, but every single day I enjoy the simplest of things. A good meal, fresh air, a deep breath without obstruction, and the privilege to be able to just lie on my bed in the A/C and stare at the ceiling. Love getting a warm shower, I love getting in the car, love being able to choose from so many things to eat, and I love how I have all of my limbs intact so far.

The reason I live this way is because a lot of people got really hurt or died for me to be able to have these things. So how much of a dirtbag would I be for whining about small things when these guys' loved ones and family members would pay any price for just one more week with who they lost.

We have such an amazing gift. And I enjoy every moment of it before one day it's gone.

Quravin 6 points

I really like how you live your life. I have a lot of growing up to do.

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