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swiftlessons 1 point

no its not wrong. But just keep in mind that it's the musical scenario that dictates whether you use sharp or flat. Example: if you're using the Emajor scale, you wouldn't say Eb, you would say D#. This is to avoid having two notes of the same letter name in the scale. Also, musical notation plays a roll here. If you were writing an Emaj7 chord on the staff, you wouldn't use Eb, because then you would have two dots drawn on the same line - E and Eb. Make sense?

RKuken 1 point


If indeed it is the musical scenario that dictates whether you use sharp or flat, why did you go with B flat and E Flat instead of the A# and D# in this particular video to demonstrate?

Thanks (big fan!)

Yodaddysbelt -1 points

Nobody would copy a Yamaha acoustic, they’re already a budget line. You could put heavier strings on as long as your bridge does not appear to be lifting up from the guitar top, and I don’t think it is.

The hole would probably require the sides being taken off and that side being replaced. Or you could bend a piece of thin wood and glue it from the inside

RKuken 1 point

Thanks. My thinking was, since this is quote unquote vintage, a regular guitar masquerading as a 1970s build FG201 could be a possibility. I didn't buy this from a shady person, but one has to take into account all other occurrences of being duped when buying used goods. Especially since my expertise don't lie in the subject.

Wright4000 is 'wright' - I won't probably take anything off. Just strengthen the patch somehow.

RKuken 1 point

Thanks. I suppose he's digging in too much or accenting at some points. When I play the song(copy) it's very harmonious and robotic(if that makes any sense) while he's being discordant and original(on purpose and better sounding). Sorry for lack of a better word, while describing a professional musician.

I guess I'll have to keep on practicing.

dr150 1 point

The consensus is that you need to try both a PB and a 80/20 set to see which matches best to the woods/tone of your guitar and ears. You WON’T know until YOU experiment.

That said, buy the #1 favorite string among experts, the John Pearse strings. Relatively cheap at ~$7, lasts long and that GREAT tone that animates your guitar.

Buy them at to save on taxes snd shipping.

Also get them in 12’s to start. Easier on the fingers for bending though a 13 set may be fuller/louder, but not necessary when sitting on the sofa.

RKuken 1 point

Thanks. I went to and typed 'John Pearse Strings' and a whole lot of them came up varying in names and qualities(phosphor bronze/pure nickel/resophonic/bronze etc). Can you be a bit specific to help me out, as I've never had the pleasure of picking one out before.

Thanks again

dr150 1 point

Don't buy strings from Amazon. Generally they're more expensive than other stores (Guitar Center & Musicians Friend do well on price with their coupons and Chicago Music Exchange for the John Pearse strings).

For John Pearse strings, the best place to buy them with no tax tax or shipping is Chicago Music Exchange (the company that owns They're really legit and a place experienced guitarists go to buy their stuff.

80/20 12's:

Phosphor Bronze 12's:

Other John Pearse Variants:

Remember to buy both an 80/20 and PB set. Maybe another set in the 13 gauge to see if you like the stronger volume despite the string tension. Once you play around with these variants you'll know what YOU like in terms of tone for your future purchases. And to repeat, John Pearse strings has the best rep among pros for their tone. Their ~$7 price and longevity make them a no-brainer!

RKuken 1 point

Got it! Thank you sir.

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jvin248 2 points


Those are typical user scars. I would however, get a bottle of "thin" CA adhesive (hobby lobby has it but don't go to a regular hardware and get anything with 'gorilla' in the branding as those will foam and leave a mess). carefully touch the tip of the CA container tip to the crack and watch it seep into the damage. This will stabilize the finish and wood from further chipping. Be very careful handling the thin CA as it will splash and soak into anything. I know a person that spilled the bottle in their lap and set their thighs on fire while they tried to get their jeans off before the glue set. Don't get the vapor near your eyes.

No, that damage won't effect 'the tone'...


RKuken 1 point

I'm on it! Cheers and ty

Shared_Computer 2 points

Newark Airport? I watched those gorillas bouncing suitcases and cargo against the wall like a basketball backstop. It was a jovial contest one gorilla trying to outdo the other bursting locks and hinges. It was done with such glee.

RKuken 2 points

Not in the US, but I suppose it's mostly the same majority of places. Although I haven't visually 'caught' anyone red handed in the act of battering luggage, but I sure have heard horror stories.

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RKuken 1 point

Yeap, I did try a fan curve. Was it aggressive? I suppose it was. The fan's rpm was directly proportional to the temperature. at 90 degrees at one point the fan speed reached 95%

I did some research and the reapplication of thermal paste on-average yields a 3° improvement. Has anyone observed more in their personal experience? I think -3°c is still worth it. I'd take -1 as well on a crappy day.

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[deleted] 2 points


RKuken 1 point

I have a VSonic GR07 plugged in to an HTC One M8. I use it for listening to audiobooks and sometimes classic rock/80s/90s pop music.

I was thinking of upgrading to the LGV20 based on some reviews I read about it's DAC. You seem to dislike it from my understanding. But you didn't specify what you like(what other setup or phone).

EVGA_Erin 2 points

1) It's a monitoring/overclocking utility. It's not mandatory to use it for normal operation of the card.

2) Your card should rarely need a BIOS update. If it shipped after 1 November, it already has the latest version installed.

3) The latest driver from our site or will be fine.

RKuken 1 point


Victolabs 2 points
  1. PrecisionX is EVGA's exclusive gpu overclocking tool that only works with EVGA gpu's, you dont need it unless you wanna overclock your gpu. Keep in mind other gpu overclocking tools will work, like say: MSI afterburner. Debunked by /u/ryryryry below

  2. You dont need to really if the card was bought/manufactured after 11/1/2016. If you still wanna check put your serial number into this website:

  3. Typically the latest version works best, you can download the drivers from either or It doesnt really matter which website you use tbh.

RKuken 2 points

Thank you sir.

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RKuken 1 point

Hello, I recently bought speaker system from the picture, called Audionic Pace 6. (backside of the system)

I wanted to use it with my Creative SB0880 5.1 sound card


But I really don't know how to make the two work together. The yellow pins go into the detached speakers and the red/white ones are for my sound card. I tried using the 3.5mm RCA Audio Cable, but it only works 2 pins-to-1(if you even understand what that means).

So if I use this cable, 1 slot on the sound card uses up two slots on the speaker system(eg. FL and FR) - Which I don't believe is ideal..

Should I buy a new soundcard with similar inputs as being seen on the speakers? or something else.

Help would be appreciated.

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SneezePee 22 points

I would be a lot more responsive to these kind of posts if this game costed money..where I would understand the hesitation to commit. But since it's free, why don't people just download and figure it out themselves. It's not hard. It's free. You have nothing to lose. Are you really gonna post here, have a 3 day discussion about whether it's worth it or not and then download it? Just play it ffs.

RKuken 2 points

How do I give this guy a medal?

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nshsnh6 1 point

More than 50 People are having this problem... From different countries. Therefore, I thought Frostburn should know about this issue.

I have already tried OpenGL, It didn't help.

If Frostburn is not gonna reply here then I think I will have no other choice than to apply for a support ticket.

Can you use pebble and level up its ultimate just to see whether you are facing that particular bug or not? Let me know if you see the bug I have mentioned.

I have been playing HON since 2011 and I have never faced any of these issues..

Thank You so much!

RKuken 1 point


Sorry if this doesn't help or not considered constructive, but I must reveal here that I have none of the problems you mentioned in your original post after the patch you mentioned(nor before the patch) I have an old Asus 5750 1gb card and Intel Xeon W3550 desktop 3.0ghz/Win7 pro.

So to any FB developers/bugfixers, please take that into account while searching for a fix for this problem. It might be related to specific drivers. If you want my version of the drivers, let me know and I'll turn on my pc and look it up.

Good luck.

nshsnh6 1 point

Thank you. It will be nice if you can provide the driver version. I can try it on my Desktop.

RKuken 1 point

Just checked. Here's what I have and I never get any errors(it might change in the future not sure, but as of now, haven't encountered any crashes)

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1. screenshot of amd catalyst control center:

Also have SoundBlaster XFi titanium fatality card installed with daniel_k third party drivers.(just mentioning for the sake of completion)

Good luck

RKuken commented on a post in r/HeroesofNewerth
S2AceJR 14 points

Hey guys,

There was an issue causing the bonus silver not to be given out. I've re-setup the event and extended the end date to the 18th.

RKuken 2 points

God bless you AceJR!

RKuken 1 point

In for answer.

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