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2 months ago

Hawaii's Volcanic and Earthquake Activity.

Hey Everyone!

Hawaii is experiencing some significant geological activity. Here is some information that may be helpful in order to navigate this story:

Most recent story about the 6.9 quake on r/news.

Yesterday's story about this on r/news

USGS Twitter and website.

r/Hawaii's megathread is located here.

r/Hawaii's live thread is located here.

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10 months ago

Megathread: Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is now a category 4 storm. It is expected to produce winds that could reach 125-155 mph and anywhere from 15-30 inches of rain and potentially as much as 60 inches of rain in some places according to some models. This will be a long storm and if you are in its path, it may be too late for you to evacuate. Make sure you follow emergency management advice.

In some areas, officers have been ordered to cease responding to emergency calls until the storm relents. Stay safe out there!

You can access information from FEMA about the storm at

You can see the latest from Governor of Texas here.

You can follow the Reddit Live Thread here.

/r/tropicalweather has an excellent thread with more information available here.

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1 year ago

Comey Hearing Megathread

At 10am EST today, ex-FBI Director, James Comey will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee about his interactions with President Trump.

You can read his prepared opening statement here.

Watch Comey's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee here.

For people who have not been following the Russia investigation closely, the LA Times makes an effort to explain it all here.

Reddit Live Thread here.

The hearing is now over.

You can read the full transcript of the hearing here.

President Trump's attorney is expected to make a statement. You can watch it here.


This megathread will serve as the central discussion point for all things Comey/Trump today. As a result, the mod team will remove all other submissions relating to this topic.

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1 year ago

U.S. Election Megathread

As of 8:47AM EST, Trump has taken 279 Electoral Votes to Clinton's 218 Electoral Votes.

Check out the /r/politics Live Thread to get updates in real time.


You can track live results on CNN and Fox. You can also follow the FiveThirtyEight live blog and the BBC's blog and results.

You can watch coverage live online for free at:

PBS Live Stream

ABC News Live Stream

NBC News Live Stream

Fox News Live Steam



State Electoral Votes Winner
Alabama 9 Trump
Alaska 3 Trump
Arizona 11 -
Arkansas 6 Trump
California 55 Clinton
Colorado 9 Clinton
Connecticut 7 Clinton
Delaware 3 Clinton
District of Columbia 3 Clinton
Florida 29 Trump
Georgia 16 Trump
Hawaii 4 Clinton
Idaho 4 Trump
Illinois 20 Clinton
Indiana 11 Trump
Iowa 6 Trump
Kansas 6 Trump
Kentucky 8 Trump
Louisiana 8 Trump
Maine 4 Clinton 3, Trump 1
Maryland 10 Clinton
Massachusetts 11 Clinton
Michigan 16 -
Minnesota 10 -
Mississippi 6 Trump
Missouri 10 Trump
Montana 3 Trump
Nebraska 5 Trump
Nevada 6 Clinton
New Hampshire 4 -
New Jersey 14 Clinton
New Mexico 5 Clinton
New York 29 Clinton
North Carolina 15 Trump
North Dakota 3 Trump
Ohio 18 Trump
Oklahoma 7 Trump
Oregon 7 Clinton
Pennsylvania 20 Trump
Rhode Island 4 Clinton
South Carolina 9 Trump
South Dakota 3 Trump
Tennessee 11 Trump
Texas 38 Trump
Utah 6 Trump
Vermont 3 Clinton
Virginia 13 Clinton
Washington 12 Clinton
West Virginia 5 Trump
Wisconsin 10 Trump
Wyoming 3 Trump


It's Election Day in the United States! We'll be posting updates all night as election results come in from each state.

Some quick info for anyone who may not understand what's going on:

The Candidates

Hillary Clinton -- Democrat

Donald Trump -- Republican

Gary Johnson -- Libertarian

Jill Stein -- Green Party

How It Works

The USA uses the Electoral College to determine the winner of an election. It takes 270 votes to win.

The results will be posted as they are announced.


Please note: This thread will be actively moderated. Racism, sexism, calls for violence &/or death, harassment, and witch-hunting will result in a permanent ban. Keep it civil folks.

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2 years ago

Orlando Nightclub shooting - Megathread

This megathread is for discussion of the recent Orlando Nightclub shooting. This post will be kept up to date with the latest links from reputable news media organisations.

Link to current reddit live thread:

Latest Links:

Please note while this thread is for discussion of the event we reserve the right to remove any comments that violate our rules

Duplicate threads have been removed due to having been already submitted.

Brigaded threads have been locked.

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