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R_EYE_P commented on a post in r/cowboys
qsdls 5 points

Dez is absolutely right. Watch the film, its not all on Dez. Yeah, he's lost a step, yeah, he had a few drops, but not enough to justify cutting him the way they did. You can make an argument for cutting him, but you cannot with any reasonable sense say the Cowboys did it the right way.

Stephen dragged his name through the mud, called him a distraction, said he's overpaid and would have to play on a smaller contract. THEN waited until well after the free agency frenzy dried up to not even offer him the paycut they said they would.

Dez was quiet during all this. He had a few responses, nothing crazy. No doubt in my mind he honestly thought the Cowboys were going to ask him to take a paycut and keep him on the team. And I fully believe he would've done that.

Had they cut him after the season, or right at the start of free agency, he would have demanded a multi-year contract for a shit ton of guaranteed money from some WR needy team. He'd easily have been a top 2 FA WR.

Now everyone's cap has been spent, holes have been filled, and the draft is around the corner.

Dez will get signed to a modest 1 or 2 year deal. After which he'll be in his 30s and won't see the opportunity for good money again.

The Cowboys cost Dez 10s of millions of dollars and fucked him over best they could. To what? Save a couple million in cash when signing Hurns? Save a million on the cap? Not worth it if you have to fuck over your players like this.

In short. Fuck Stephen, Fuck Jerry, Fuck Garrett, and Fuck Linehan. This is not the way you treat a guy like Dez who's given everything he had on and off the field.

Edit: I'm not saying this is the way he SHOULD act, because its not. He's hurting himself. But he's totally justified in calling out the Cowboys like this.

R_EYE_P 0 points

Fuck. This. Front. Office.

Holmfastre 3 points

That's why I said at worst, I'm sure there are some 17 y/o's playing in the NCAA.

R_EYE_P 1 point

I mean 18 - 21 year olds are practically children

R_EYE_P commented on a post in r/trashy
IAMATruckerAMA 40 points

I thought he was trying to say they'll end up shot like him if they did drugs like him, but I can see this interpretation as well.

R_EYE_P 6 points

I think he's saying, "inquire about illegal intoxicants and I will direct you to a derelict that will rob you of your goods and shoot you twice, the very same fate I've endured"

R_EYE_P commented on a post in r/drunk
AroundGoesThe18 2 points

I could upload my autographed flyer and drumstick I got from the band when I went to see them at the House of Blues in New Orleans in 2002 - but it's locked in storage. One drunk night I was on a early 2000s drunk nostalgia binge and two days later I got Taproot Deftones and Kittie CD's in the mail.

R_EYE_P 1 point

Aw yeaaa I saw them sometime around 02 also, in Austin. They were awesome, the singer moshed with us a bunch, and at one point jumped down from the grating of this balcony for the crowd to catch him.

Man their first album was so good too

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Scrags 46 points

If you don't love me now
You will never love me again
I can still hear you saying
We must never break the chain

R_EYE_P 1 point

"Omg this is the best song ever made" - reddit

R_EYE_P commented on a post in r/cowboys
PlaymakersPoint88 42 points

I'm pretty much convinced that the same people that bitched for the past year about Tony are the same ones that are bitching non stop about Dez. I'm sad that Dezs play necessitated the release but it did. You don't pay 16 million for 800 yards. Some of you want to win like the Patriots but lack the balls the make tough decisions when it comes to guys not pulling their weight.

R_EYE_P 1 point
R_EYE_P commented on a post in r/cowboys
keanex 299 points

Fuck. I really hope they know what they're doing. I can't believe they got rid of Dez and kept Linehan.

mambo_matt 4 points

I'm really starting to question my fandom honestly. Everyone knew this team's Offensive Coaching Staff needed to be gone and yet in typical Cowboy fashion, they doubled down and blamed a player/s. They seem to always let go of the wrong people, which is why I have no faith that this is a right move. Dez is going to end up in the NFC East, play us twice a year just to show what we let walk. I hope I'm wrong but I'm sick of being a Cowboy fan with moves like this.

R_EYE_P 1 point

Me too. I'm sick over this...I hate this team right now. Get rid of Romo and dez, 2 of the major faces of the franchise, but let linehan and Garrett have lifetime jobs. Fuck them

R_EYE_P 1 point

They've proven they absolutley do not know what they're doing. This FO does one thing well: draft. Every other decision they make is wrong

R_EYE_P commented on a post in r/explainlikeimfive
R_EYE_P 27 points

Just like the guy in the video the other commenter posted, I got an infection in my eye from sleeping with my contacts all the time, not cleaning them enough.

Then I got a scratch on my eye and all the bacteria from the contact infected it. The bacteria ate almost completely through my cornea, I was really close to losing the eye altogether.

Not just the eye is important in that situation, it's very dangerous to have an infection like that that close to the brain.

So, without a $20,000 cornea transplant (that may only last for 10 years) I'm blind in that eye. And the pain, my lord the pain was excruciating. I've cut the end of my thumb off, bone and all, and it didn't hurt like that. While the infection was raging, hurting like hell, the doc had to inject antibiotics into the eye. I could have sworn he stuck that needle all the way through the back of my eyeball, but it only went in a millimeter. Trust me "stick a needle in my eye" is a legitimately horrifying thing.

Clean your contacts every single day, and never sleep with them in

Dustin9994 8 points

Jesus that is terrifying. I’m so sorry this happened to you

R_EYE_P 6 points

Don't be sorry, life goes on, I'm perfectly healthy otherwise and I'm pretty happy with life. There's plenty of other much worse tragedies a person could have to live through. Just learn from my mistake

R_EYE_P commented on a post in r/uberdrivers
Ihopetrumpdiessoon 1 point

The easiest way i found out of this is to tell them that Uber insurance wont cover any of us if something happens and that makes me liable regardless of who is at fault.

R_EYE_P 1 point

Above all other reasons I can think of, the most important should be the fact that if you get in an accident (driving at the most dangerous time, when there's a lot of drunk drivers out) and someone gets seriously hurt or even killed, you have to live with the guilt of that for the rest of your life. Hell, they're drunk, their judgement is totally skewed, your the sober rational one, you have to make the right decision for them. I know it can be hard to fight with pax tho

R_EYE_P commented on a post in r/uberdrivers
Michael__Cross 1 point

So I passed the first time with a misdemeanor from 7 years ago, what are the chances I pass again?

R_EYE_P 1 point

The article mentions multiple times about checking backgrounds annually. I think it just means if you catch a new case they'll know, where as before they never checked again after someone was hired.

The article does call them out for having drivers with previous felonies, but it doesn't say anywhere that they'll be changing how far back in time they look. In fact, they seem to be saying the way they've been checking backgrounds is just fine

I think they'll keep doing checks the same way they have been, just more frequently. If that's the case you'll be fine

R_EYE_P commented on a post in r/uberdrivers
mreed911 7 points

You should NEVER be sitting in a queue - especially for six hours. That's COMPLETELY on you. Nobody else.

R_EYE_P 3 points

That's not what they're saying. You have to wait in queue for at least 15 minutes, and if the ride you get is a short one they'll let you have an up front spot in the queue the next time you go the airport. That spot they'll let you have is good for 6 hours. You can go offline and you can accept other rides and your spot will still be saved. For up to 6 hours

R_EYE_P commented on a post in r/SubredditDrama
porksoda11 78 points

Yeah roger waters hates trump with a fiery passion

R_EYE_P 82 points
kittiesntits 1 point

Ooo that was one of the best concerts Ive ever been to.

R_EYE_P 2 points

It's a close 2nd to roger waters the wall for me. There was more theatrical stuff in the wall concert, but the selection of music in the us and them tour was better. Idk they were both ridiculous

R_EYE_P commented on a post in r/texas
Caduces 1 point

Bulldogs for Helotes elementary, panthers for OHS. Lived in Helotes for years, I miss it but its blown up so much that the small town feel is gone.

R_EYE_P 1 point

Oh didn't remember that about the elementary school. I was in the first graduating class of O'Connor. Is helotes that different from 2000? At a glance it kinda looks the same

Caduces 2 points

I was in the first grad class of 2000 also...small world syndrome! Was nice being the top class junior and senior year, heh. There are so many more people it's impossible to get on to Bandera from Diamond K now, have to go the light at the Exxon. I basically consider the slow decline in the small town Helotes feel when El Chaparal expanded, the Dollar General moved in, and the Cowboy Bar burned down...not that I went there much, but it was a bar in walking distance.

R_EYE_P 2 points

Ha! Small world indeed! Yea it was awesome being like seniors for 2 years in a row. Man I had a blast in those years. That was almost 20 years ago... Damn we gettin old

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R_EYE_P commented on a post in r/phenibut
BFerg02 3 points

On the contrary, I ordered 200g from LiftMode and it’s been great.

R_EYE_P 2 points

I've ordered from liftmode for years and it's always been good. Haven't gotten any in over a year so maybe it's changed, but I remember people talking crap about it before then too

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