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I got a free copy of Wildlands when I bought my One S last year, but wasn't interested in it and sold it for 50 bucks without even opening it. Guess I'll try it out and see what's it's like now.

Anyone know how this Flatout is? I had a blast with the original ones way back whenever, hopefully this one is just as fun. It's all I'd be interested in for this sale.

My wife and I like to jump on the four wheeler or snowmobile and just go out exploring wherever we feel like. We've found so many nice spots practically in our own backyard that we never even knew existed.

The IndyCar Race Thread yesterday while that was going on was without a doubt the most toxic I have ever seen that sub. Yeah it was at most, an inconvenience, and maybe could've been handled a bit differently, but my god that was embarrassing. I'm a fan of both series but I had to unsub from there. It was a boring race anyway besides following Rossi's troubles.

And a parts warehouse probably.

I kid, I kid. My Dad is a Polaris fan and just picked one up. I hope to hell it is reliable, because he is the exact opposite of an abusive rider. If it can't hang with his use case, there's no hope.

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My little 325 Polaris Magnum has spent its whole 16 years plowing snow all winter and hauling 2 adults all over the countryside all summer and it is still going strong. Had two of them and had great luck with them. I'd buy another one in a minute.

Yeah they're enormous. I've seen a couple in person and they're pretty intimidating, especially the males. Usually they are pretty chill though, unless you get near their babies or otherwise do something to piss it off lol.

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I've come across a few while out four wheeling or snowmobiling, it really startles ya! Saw one just a couple weekends ago while wheeling (at dark too, so I didn't see it until I was almost up to it), just sauntering up the side of an old dirt road. I scooted by it pretty quick once we saw it. One time last fall we came up on a big one at night and I just turned tf around and went back the other way and waited for a bit for him to get out of there. Never know what they'll do.

Also saw a good sized one late last winter while snowmobiling on a groomed trail. It was standing partly on the trail, facing completely away from us, and it took my brain a few seconds to register what it actually was. I realized it was a moose right before we got up to it and I swear I could've reached out and slapped it's ass on the way by if it wasn't on my throttle hand side. Definitely opens your eyes for sure.

Is that an NBFSC trail pass decal I see? Hello neighbour! Great looking sled, enjoy!

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Yes it is, I'm located in kent county

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York County here, I have the exact same pass on my XLT so it jumped out at me

The first two digits of the year plus the second two digits.

Most of them tbh, but personally I like 'Smells Like Nirvana' way better than the original.

I briefly had a Samsung Gear watch as my first 'real' smartwatch (not counting a cheap Chinese knockoff piece of junk) before realizing I couldn't make it play nice with my LG phone. I sold it and originally only wanted to find a square watch, but eventually picked up a Fossil Q Explorist round watch and I love it, I'd never want to go back to a square watch now.

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Now I don’t know what to do change only the broken spring or all of them

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I only changed the broken one and haven't had any more problems since, that was a little over a year ago. Now would be the time to do it of course, if you wanted to change them all.

Called it! I'm actually a little surprised because I don't think this is a common problem on these motors, but your symptoms sounded so much like mine that it was worth a shot. Glad you found the problem, she should work like a top once you get that spring changed. My spring even broke the exact same way, I still have it here somewhere.

Damn that looks like a real picture. That is Rockstar-level attention to detail! This game is gorgeous, for the first time I'm actually a little jealous of you 4K guys.

My 2011 did something verrrry similar a couple years ago while my wife had it. She was just driving along when it suddenly fell over on itself so she coasted it into a parking lot. Would start hard and run very rough but wouldn't pull itself, and gave me the same P0300 misfire code. Towed it to a shop (a dealership I worked at at the time) and they eventually found a single broken valve spring. That one spring effectively shut down 4 cylinders somehow (2 MDS cylinders and 2 non-MDS) they had never seen anything like it and spent a few days working on it before they finally pulled both valve covers and found it. They had originally pulled one cover and found nothing even though 2 of those cylinders were dead so they never expected to find the broken spring on the other side. New $6 spring and it was back to its old self. Just something to consider, it sounds just like what happened to mine. Good luck with it man!


Does it have to be that exact size, or will other sizes work? I can get 23" tubes 30 seconds away from my work, I know tubes will expand somewhat but I don't want to be ruining them. The tires still have a ton of tread but are weather cracking on the sidewall a bit and almost left me stranded a couple weeks ago (either a big crack opened up or I sliced one, it was dark and I was in buttfuck nowhere so I shoved a couple plugs in it and aired it up to get me home. Haven't looked at it since). Don't want to buy new tires as I'll be upgrading to a bigger bike or SxS before long. I figured I'd throw a couple tubes in them for now so I can get out this weekend.


I would not put a tube in a damaged tire. Replace the tires. If you're worried about getting flats after you have new tires look up tire balls on YouTube.

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That doesn't answer my question at all, and you're suggesting I not only buy new tires due to a cut, but also $500 worth of a different way to air them up? I'll take my chances with the tubes my man. Or I'll try to patch it. It's a 16 year old 325 Polaris that can hardly get out of its own way. People have been putting tubes in ATV tires for decades, I'm just wondering about sizes. Thanks for the heads up about those tire balls though, never even heard of them before. Not something I'd ever use though.

Ruffles All Dressed, without question.

Hold up a sec. I'll just buy you a Spidey PS4 bundle real quick. Should hold you over for now

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Any fellow Canadians here that can confirm what channel the races will be on today? Trying to have my wife set the PVR and TSN shows conflicting info. TSN2 vs TSN5. Their schedule does not show any racing on TSN2.

Edit: The guide on the cable box doesn't show any racing either.

Edit2: Thank you guys!

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Thanks for the input I'll keep it that way

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FWIW, I still haven't updated my Canadian G6 to Oreo, and I don't plan on doing it. My phone works great, has good battery life, and Oreo doesn't bring any features that make it worth upgrading. If it ain't broke, why fix it?

All I remember about Pandora is that if you gave the slightest hint of liking classic rock, you were bombarded with AC/DC every other song

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Shit time to cancel my Spotify subscription and jump on Pandora I guess

XLT 600? I've got the identical sled but in black. It's been a great sled and has never left me stranded. More than fast enough for me too. My wife and I go on trips all the time on it. If you're gonna be carrying two people, I'd suggest looking into stiffer torsion springs. Mine bottoms out on bumps with two people on it, even when it's my 10 year old daughter and I. I also had an intermittent flickering lights issue, it turned out that the voltage regulator just needed to be mounted more securely. Other than that, just check stuff like plugs, carb boots, chain case level (wouldn't hurt to drain and refill it), and carry extra oil with you!

Man it's been on my bucket list for a few years now to camp here. Just bought a pop up trailer a couple weeks ago too but it probably won't be ready to go in time to make it there. Hopefully they (or someone at least) bring it back some day.

I've got one of these in my backyard right now, and many people I know use them too. They do make excellent fire pits, and they're easy to move around if you need to.

Waiting to hear back?! This is shocking to me. I'm assuming this is an insurance issue, but man, as you may know, nerve damage after that long is not a good thing. Good luck.

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Not an insurance thing, just the trade off for free healthcare I guess. If it isn't immediately life threatening, you may be waiting for a while to see a specialist. Hell, the day I went to the ER for x-rays when it happened, they told me the wait list was up to 2 YEARS to get an MRI done. Thankfully they called me within a week or so for an appt.

I was worried about lasting damage but it is getting much better now. I was told that if it got worse (or didn't improve at least) then to call my doctor back and he would do what he could to increase the urgency. Thankfully it was already improving at the time but I'm still going to see the neurosurgeon at my first chance. Better safe than sorry.

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