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I like the idea, only thing I would change is make it track dependant, or x miles to go or something. Last 20 laps at Bristol or Martinsville etc would be fine, but 20 laps at Daytona or Dega is still a lot of racing and you know it would take forever to finish a plate race when the late race cautions don't tick off laps. Maybe last 10 laps at the bigger tracks? I also didn't like watching those last few laps at Eldora winding down under caution, I feel like we missed out on some great racing, but at the same time, sometimes that just happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here's my levelled 2011. it's actually 2.5" front and 1.75" rear, so not exactly levelled, but better than it was.

And here it is with 35's, you can tell a bit better that it's still not level. I originally considered leaving the rear spacers off, but I sometimes haul a four wheeler or snowmobile and didn't want the squatted look.

Does it work? Does it feel good? Isn't Mad Katz kind of crappy?

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I can't speak for all their stuff, but the Mad Catz GameCube controllers I had a few years ago were without question the toughest, best working controllers I've ever owned. I've got a normal sized one and a smaller version, they were the main controllers we used, the original GC ones were just backups when we had friends over. Still have them here somewhere.

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How does Just Cause 3 run on the X? Also, is it worth picking up the game of the year edition?

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I can't speak for the X, although I believe it still has framerate issues during big explosions, but it is well worth the fps drop because the game is awesome. I bought it a couple months ago cheap and it is probably my favourite open world game outside of GTA.

I'd get the XL edition too, it adds a lot more fun to the game for sure, and the main story is shorter than you'd think. It was a little confusing to me at times because I was kinda playing 2 or 3 different storylines at some points early on in the game because of all the dlc, but honestly I had more fun just liberating towns and bases anyway.

I've got a Unicorn Beetle case on mine and it has a fairly big lip above the screen to protect it, made of plastic/rubber and has a built in screen protector. Makes the phone much easier to hold and feels much tougher. I love it and would buy another for my next phone.

FYI for fellow Canadians, it's now $46.66, down from $70.

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Vaping. It's a good way to help you stop smoking, and it works (it does for me at least), but I don't do it in public anymore because I really don't want to be associated with the "culture" ...

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Same. I haven't had a smoke since I picked up an ecig 'just for the hell of it', didn't even finish the pack I was on and gave it away to a friend. I smoked a pack a day for 17 years. I unknowingly smoked my last one on the way to the vape shop on my lunch break that day. Now I feel better, smell better, and have more money in my pocket, but I still won't use it in public, or even around friends/family usually, because of the negative stereotype it has gotten. The few definitely ruined it for the many, we're not all inconsiderate cloud blowing douchebags!

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I’m sure it’s not the most illegal, but it’s my favorite.

We called it Operation Purple Falcon.

My roommate worked at a chain box store. I was 20; she was 19. We wanted some whiskey. Couldn’t find anyone to buy it for us.

So we hatched a plan: I would go in shopping, pick up a bottle of Jameson, and go through her line, pretending I didn’t know her at all.

The catch was that she was too young to sell alcohol so her manager had to approve it. Before her manager came over, I was to show her my ID and she would communicate my birthday to her manager to type in, changing the year by one digit.

The plan worked flawlessly, and we enjoyed our whiskey.

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Years ago, before I was 19 (legal age in Canada), I worked for a well known delivery service in my smallish city, that delivered everything from pizza to auto parts to liquor. All the drivers had a radio with an external mic attached to it, that our dispatcher communicated to us with. I went into a liquor store and grabbed a couple bottles of rum etc and when I went to pay, I plopped that radio down on the counter hoping they'd realize I was working for said company and was picking up an order. It worked great, they never even bothered to ID me.

Just want to say that 19 is NOT the legal age in all of Canada. Québec is 18, Ontario is 19. I know for sure there are other provinces that are 18, but don't know for sure which ones.

That difference in age is a problem in the Ottawa/Gatineau region because 18yo Ontarians crosses the river to get shitfaced. That's why bars in Hull closes at 2 instead of 3 like everywhere else in the province.

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Yeah, sorry I should have specified my province, NB. I knew it wasn't the same everywhere but I didn't know what the ages were for each province. Thanks.

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Wow Dave Oblenis my dad used to race at the same track as him

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In Geary by chance? O'Blenis is 100% a racing name to me, the only place I've ever heard it is there. His daughter races there now.

Sunglasses, a hat (like a baseball cap), and my watch. I did go for a couple years without a watch because I always have my phone anyway, but I bought a smartwatch a few months ago and I'm right back into feeling naked if I don't have it on.

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Sunglasses. I can barely stand daylight without them. They only come off indoors, but then I hang them on my person, or push them up on my dome. If I don't feel them, I'm instantly thinking I've lost them somewhere.

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Same. I can't go outside without sunglasses at all if it's even remotely bright out. Sometimes if it IS bright out my eyes will water and I can hardly open them. I think I just have sensitive eyes, maybe due to wearing contacts?

Still not a fan of the name

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I kinda like it, and I like the lightning bolt 'I'. Gives me a strong AC/DC vibe.

I usually use needlenosed pliers to get the hair out of my drains, but there are tools for doing this. One is a long plastic stick with barbs that grab the hair as you pull it back out. It's a nasty job but oh so worth it after you've been standing in water to shower for long enough.

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Vehicle engines are typically gauged CI, cubic inches, like 350, 327, 454 etc.

only in the states, the rest of the world uses Liters

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Canadian here, it's kind of situation dependant. For example, everyone I know generally calls a 302 Ford motor a 5.0 litre, but not a 305 Chevy, and a 350 Chevy is more often called that than a 5.7. The Hemi gets called a 5.7, though. Dodge's older 318ci and 360ci motors go by that more than 5.2l and 5.9l too in my experience. It's becoming increasingly more common to use litres though, but we haven't abandoned cubic inches completely yet.

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And then there was this one, that emptied the shapes out of itself for you

I'm getting the same glitching others have noted. Koodo H873 on Nougat. Here are a couple screenshots to show what it looks like.

LED headlights

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A lot of people use cut up bicycle tires to wrap around the plastic wheel for additional traction on concrete or asphalt. Since this one is used off-road and I haven’t had any traction issues I have no plans to upgrade. If/when the plastic tires wear out I will swap to a set a pneumatic tires. More for the cushion they will add though.

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I cut sections of an inner tube to stretch over my son's power wheels truck and a small electric four wheeler he uses indoors, but I ended up taking them off. It helped with the spinning of course, but it also takes out that slip that I'm sure is saving the cheap plastic gears from shedding their teeth. Plus, seeing a 2 year old doing donuts in the livingroom all by himself makes me proud in a way that only a dad who grew up doing donuts can truly appreciate!

Oh, and I hate to be that guy, but you've got the wheels on backwards. Not a big deal on a power wheels of course but it's something that I always notice. Excellent job on the buggy though! I'd love to do something to his truck sometime.

I had one sort of like this back in the late 90's, but mine circled around the plate completely. It was on the car when I bought it and I thought it was kinda cool, but I would absolutely not put it on another car.

I've got a Fossil smartwatch and I love it! It looks great whether I'm dressed up for a wedding or hanging out in the backyard drinking beer. Best watch I've even owned.

2015 Ram 1500.. because I prefer to drive trucks not cars ... I wanted a truck that would be easier to park in town than my 2014 ram 2500 cummins ... I still have that truck too but I only use it for hauling stuff and pulling trailers

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Same here, I'm a truck guy for sure. I don't have the bed filled up every single time I drive it, but it is absolutely handy as shit to have it when I need it, for everything from a snowmobile to a couch set. Plus, not having to worry about getting stuck in a snowstorm, being able to just jump in and take a cruise through the woods to go camping, it's just so useful to me.

I did when I was like 6 or 7 years old. I was looking all over the house for my sister so we could go outside and play, couldn't find her anywhere. Last place to look was my parents room, the door was closed so I figured she had to be in there hiding. Walk in and there's my dad on top, I thought they were wrestling or just fooling around so I go over to the bed with a smile on my face and slap him square on the goddamned ass. They both look at me and yell 'get out of here!', which made me realize that something more serious must be going on. That was 30+ years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday. Think I ended up finding my sister outside already.

I was born in 81 and I feel ancient

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1980, you're not the oldest!

My all time favorite was Dale Earnhardt's black and silver Goodwrench colors. A simple scheme nothing fancy fit the driver perfectly.

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It will forever be my favourite scheme. It has my favourite colours in it, and it is such a simple but iconic scheme. I always end up painting it on so many random cars in games like Forza.

Other than that one, I'm gonna ruffle some Dale Jr fans' feathers and say his 2015 red/orange/yellow sunburst Axalta scheme is probably my next favourite.

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I was in the shower once and was holding her up and going against the back wall (which meant a slight incline) and had my feet just shoot out from under me..., I ended up riding her like a surfboard all the way down the shower and tub .... Totally stayed in the whole time though, so that was kinda like a silver medal.

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Wife and I once broke the spout off our shower/tub, I think her ass hit it while we were repositioning. Another time I had her propped up on this clear acrylic handle thing on the back wall of it and we managed to pull that right out of the wall too. Both are much more solid now.

Donairs (I always thought they were Greek or something, but they were created in eastern Canada), maple bacon (it's just as fucking good as it sounds), all dressed chips and ketchup chips.

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