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schnapsideer 17 points

The big thing to take away from this imo is that we shouldn't have to worry about another Versteeg situation. Upshall, as an alberta native, is very excited to play in edmonton and he says it's always been a dream of his to play with the Oilers.

RalphKruger 9 points

Versteeg from lethbridge though

RalphKruger commented on a post in r/canada
queenw_hipstur -13 points

Hahahahaha. Come by my restaurant some time and run around for 13 hours with me, with no breaks, no meals, and having to deal with people like you. Then you can say servers don’t work hard. I walked 22 kilometres on Friday in dress shoes. Such an easy job.

RalphKruger 2 points

How much money did you get that night

Neopolitan_Banks 1 point

Legally i cant say because i'm not sure... we both work for the same company and i would guess use this subreddit so.... in all seriousness though i have no idea what B.C's labour laws are but i would use them just in case. in ontario we would get the payout on our DOE anniversary if we were part time. but for the last two years i have used mine just in case. the three people that left today at my location all used theirs though.. its best to take them in case there's a /mix up/ on your final paycheque or you or someone else misunderstands what your plan is. I've heard Rumors and stories of people not getting them when they leave. just make sure to leave on good terms (not walking out like some of my former co workers) and you should be good to go. congratulations on the promotion BTW

RalphKruger 1 point

Thank you yes ill book the days oft today hopefully they get approved as i don't know how it works after the schedule been made

Neopolitan_Banks 1 point

It may be more difficult if they know that you're quitting. if you haven't handed in your two weeks yet wait until those days get approved looks at original post holy fuck dude 90 hours! good for you dude that like 12 some days of vacation!

RalphKruger 1 point

I already handed it in..

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RalphKruger commented on a post in r/EdmontonOilers
RalphKruger 25 points
p3rsonman 11 points

AMA as a new NHL insider?

RalphKruger 6 points

Listen to bobs hints he drops on his show hinted at larsson trade as well

RalphKruger commented on a post in r/canada
Throwaway_castaway2 -9 points

I try to buy locally and cut back on my meat consumption.

Honestly, in Canada, the former is far more important than the later.

If you’re eating local meats... you’re doing far better calorie for calorie than someone eating the same calories in almonds, peanuts, and avocados. Soy is Canadian but if all or even the vast majority of your fats and protein comes from soy you’re going to have some very negative hormonal effects (particularly if you’re a dude).

Local fruits and veggies can be pickled and jammed for the winter... but meat stores the best.

Also an icebox is a great investment... why we pay electricity to run a freezer in a Canadian winter is beyond me.

The key is to eat local... which requires you to tailor your diet to your local surroundings and not eat what some dude it California recommends because his locale and yours are different. The biggest problem with meat in places like California is precisely that it is not in anyway, near local... and it’s all fed Canadian wheat/corn in a factory farm in Nebraska.

RalphKruger 3 points

An icebox? Can you even buy those anymore

RalphKruger commented on a post in r/EdmontonOilers
camoprotato 5 points

What is a good Oilers talk radio station being in Calgary I don't get to listen to much. Just got a Amazon echo and I can listen to 1260.

RalphKruger 2 points

Are you just looking for sports? Then tsn is good from 10-12 630 ched from 12-2 then switch back to tsn from 2-6 cbc radio is good from what i hear but i don't listen to it

RalphKruger 12 points

Job interview today hopefully it goes well so i can leave walmart..

RalphKruger commented on a post in r/hockey
Rex_Reynolds 28 points

Police injuries make the news, but it's not even close to the most dangerous job. Being a bus driver, trucker or garbage man is way more dangerous, and for a lot less money. And let's not even get started about fishers and loggers. Kids: Don't go into logging.

RalphKruger 2 points

Weird that flying is super safe but being i pilot is the third most dangerous job

RalphKruger commented on a post in r/EdmontonOilers
RalphKruger 8 points

As the season progresses it get easier to afford players thats why there such thing as a rental market

RalphKruger commented on a post in r/EdmontonOilers
Starship_Coyote 9 points

So I think that Petan is likely to hit waivers but the Oilers could use him and give him a shot.

Montoya is likely to hit waivers but the Jets could really use him, unless they're signing Steve Mason.

So come on Chevy let's do a little flipsies.

I also think the Oilers should move Montoya because according to cap friendly his entire cap hit won't be buried and I don't want him taking time from the kids anyways.

RalphKruger 3 points

37.5 thousand is what his cap hit will be so bringing petan over will be a bigger cap hit and having montoya as a backup, backup isn't terrible incase koskinen doesn't work out or the young guys struggle in net for Bakersfield

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