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There are people who think they're fake? I just saw one in a zoo last month, thing was nearly the size of my 5 year-old daughter and was eyeing her through the glass like a potential meal!

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A YouTube hack thinks they're people in suits.


I still love him no matter what.


What type of dog was it?

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This is the shortest lifespan of any tetrapod, and the whole reproductive strategy is very similar to many insects and fish.

Sigh...alligator gar are native fish in NA and have been around since Cretaceous times..

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That's what they want you to think.


Yesterday, a family friend took me out to her house. We saw her horses, saw some birds (including paradise shelducks, oystercatchers, pigeons and a heron) and went to her house.

It was great to see her again after nearly five years, but she had a pitbull who she let into the house with me when it was getting stormy outside.

That made me nervous. The pitbull was fairly old, but was still pretty strong and heavy, if small, and licked my face all over. Pibble nutters would say "this dog will lick you to death!", but I was genuinely worried at the back of my mind that the pit was going to eat off my face like Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones.

She seemed like a nice dog but I wasn't entirely convinced that she wouldn't attack me, seeing as almost every pitbull that's killed a child was described as the "sweetest pit ever".

I will be visiting my family friend again, but I'm worried about my potential safety around her pitbull. Are there any ways to stay safe around a friend's pitbull when visiting their house? Need advice, and thought this was the best sub for it. Thanks in advance.


If being around the dog makes you uncomfortable, be honest with your friend. If she really is your friend, she will try to accommodate you by creating the dog or putting it in a separate part of the house when are are visiting. If she takes offense, you have the option of either trying to visit her outside her home, or if you must be in her property, carry a breakstick. A breakstick is a small piece of wood that all legitimate pit breeders and trainers recommend pit owners keep on their person. The purpose is to pry open the jaws should the dog ever latch on. You can also have pepper spray on your person, but this is iffy; the spray may just dribble instead of actually spray, and may not be effective.

Unfortunately there isn't a 100 percent way to prevent an attack outside of not being around a dog. A breakstick or pepper spray are only tools to use after the fact. Honestly, just be upfront but respectful with your friend.

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Original Poster2 points · 6 days ago

OK. Not sure if pepper spray is legal in New Zealand.

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It either died there millions of years ago and became fossilized, or the devil hid it there to to confuse people about the creation of the earth.

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Think more tens of thousands of years ago.

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IMO, if your child is dying from cancer, you have a moral obligation to tell them.

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An extra chapter in which God/Elohim destroyed a race of carnivorous lizards 40 cubits long before populating the Earth with humans.

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