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underterms 9 points

I'm going to post this in my cubicle, that way fellow co-workers will know about my crippling depression

Raphcomics 3 points

Why do they get to be happy!?

Bojanghal 30 points

So blunt and harsh it made me die laughing

Raphcomics 11 points

The best way to die

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And an extra panel here

surfmaster 1 point

I would have just left the last dialog at "Holy shit." The implication is obvious.

Raphcomics 1 point

You have no idea how long I stressed over that last line. I think you're right though. Potentially could have completely left the last panel out.

Kobold_Kid 33 points

Here's your first one (I'm assuming). I went through the archive section on the site to get to it.

Raphcomics 29 points

Yeah thats it. Some of my comics sucked so bad.

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garfunklemeuncle -4 points

Clearly not, my post history has nothing to do with my criticism and I think I was pretty fair in my criticism of your work. I don't, nor have I ever had any appreciation or respect for things you've made, how about spending your time trying a little bit harder as at the end of the day you scrape some form of income from this crap, instead of trying to make meaning of why I'm not trying to give you a reach around like every other commenter in this thread.

It's not that I'm a nasty person, it's that you're average and I've no problem in letting you know my opinion. But please, make another comic about an iceberg giving advice on how to make pancakes, it'll be sure to go down in the annuals annals of comic history. Don't be such a fucking baby, you loser.

Raphcomics 5 points

You seem to think your opinion matters more than it does. I enjoy what I make, and so do many other people. If you don't like it that's fine by me, I just dislike the unneeded negative comments. If you had said "This is bad, what you could do better is....", I'd be more than happy to hear you out, but that's not what you did. If you're a troll you're incredibly good and I applaud you. If not, I hope you reach a point where you're alright with other people's opinions without putting them down.

garfunklemeuncle -2 points

Well too fucking bad man, you put your shitty work out there and it will be commented on as this is a public forum. I'm not about to give you feedback like that, you're not a child that needs sponfeeding you're clearly just someone who needs to be told they're great the whole time otherwise you throw your toys out of the pram huh? From checking your Instagram you have 1,000 followers, big fucking achievement buddy the whole world so totally loved your work. Can I like, get your autograph?

Like, the only thing that separates your work and a fifth graders doodle is that your protagonist has the same pointy head in every irrelevant drawing Microsoft paint render. If you think my opinion isn't relevant as you tried to say in the first sentence of your reply, why even comment back? Is it because, you absolutely can't take criticism and you need people to suck your dick and slip a finger up your ass for good measure? You're the type of person to proudly display participation trophies and it's fine but average at best so don't try to play up like you're the star of the football team. But wait, I didn't get the comic right, so what do I know 😂

Raphcomics 2 points

All criticism is valid :) I'm just glad that most people like my work. Feel free not to! Get better man, I'm rooting for you.

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Salanmander 12 points

This is an awesome bit of meta-humor! I wish the glue stick were visible standing on the top-left panel, though.

Raphcomics 5 points

I like the way you think. Probably would have a been a bit too much in the way though.

Not__Doug 72 points

Why is there only grass at their feet?

Raphcomics 32 points

Because I didn't have too much time to draw today, but I also wanted to put out a comic.

Sindrelf 18 points

Not that it matters much, but I think it would be better to just have them in the white void.

But the important thing is the comedy, and it was really funny :)

Raphcomics 7 points

I definitely agree. And thank you!

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elia_rampage 111 points

I love his cynical clapping in the last frame

Raphcomics 9 points

"I'm mad but by god am I impressed"

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momo626 28 points

A real doggo never reveals his secrets

Raphcomics 9 points

But a pupper always tells

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gandlethorpe 2 points

Grats on getting that little 'Webtoon' logo! Not exactly sure what it means, but it probably means you're more legit now. I remember not too long ago when you first started posting comics here, and you've already grown so much!

Raphcomics 1 point

The webtoons logo just means I've gotten my lazy ass around to making a webtoons account, doesn't mean much. But thank you!

Jetz72 12 points

The first joke is swapping "iceberg" for "advice-berg", which is then revealed to be an iceberg which rattles off random advice. This is a simple pun with little context. The second, more complex joke comes when the man in the boat says "And that's just the tip". This is a play on the phrase "tip of the iceberg" which is usually used as a metaphor for something that seems imposing superficially and is even more substantial upon closer inspection, like an iceberg that looks large floating on the water which has far more of its mass below the surface. Here that phrase is depicted literally with the tip of the iceberg being the actual threat the boat is approaching. The play on the phrase, however, is that "tip" can also be a synonym for advice. The man's exclamation thus has a double meaning: "[that large shard of ice ahead of us] is just the tip [of the iceberg]", and "[that random suggestion for handling pancake mix] is just the tip [of the advice-berg]". The latter interpretation is additionally humorous because it implies that his panic is not due to the danger of crashing and sinking, but of being subjected to more irrelevant advice. This is not a rational fear for a human to have in most situations.

This concludes the explanation of the joke. I hope you found whatever you were missing.

Raphcomics 1 point

You're doing gods work

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Raphcomics 7 points

This is my first self-post so I'm pretty unsure how this works. I think that everyone who follows me can see this, so if you can, congrats! You get to read my schpeal. If you can't, congrats! I'm speaking to myself!

If you wanna support me, and if you have a Webtoons account (or don't, ya can make one), come follow me Here! It will really help me out!

EthanSucc 2 points

We can see this, don’t worry dad.

Raphcomics 3 points

I'm proud of you

yeahidkeither 132 points

Grateful for online comment sections giving me the option to comment “I can relate too much to this” without experiencing a social anxiety attack

Raphcomics 23 points

I'm glad I'm not the only one

Raphcomics 18 points

I'm fun at parties.

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YJCH0I 3 points

Is the dude on fire or is his hair going through “beach hair” (like “bed hair”) and is also the same color as his face skintone?

Raphcomics 2 points

It's just super messy hair. If you've ever seen the scene with Bart and Lisa where they start freaking out about where their hair starts and their head ends it's exactly that

Nibbink 1 point

I know it's like a small detail, but I really like how you blended the colors in this one.

Raphcomics 1 point

Thank you! I wasn't sure if it worked or not

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zT1TzbaT 5 points

Tish and pish! Nothing deep about semantics! ;)

Great comic! I love your work.

Raphcomics 2 points

<3 Thank you!

Leonid198c 7 points

Go post this on /r/memeeconomy for more publicity, and maybe even the next big meme.

Raphcomics 3 points

I think someone did it already for me if you wanna chuck an upvote!

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