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Fuck the asshole cameraman. Acting like someone working retail is lazy, or not doing their job, or somehow morally deficient for not risking their safety to stop a shoplifter. “That’s their job.” No it fucking isn’t, you judgmental shitbag!

Edit: I can’t believe the downvotes. People actually think the woman in the video should have thrown herself bodily on the shoplifter instead of calling the police? Why? To save her employer a few bucks so they can keep not paying her a living wage? And y’all think the dumbfuck cameraman is correct in insisting it’s her job to tackle shoplifters? Sure. Makes sense. Paging r/AntiConsumerism and r/LateStageCapitalism and r/ABoringDystopia.

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You sound like an absolute idiot. She asked why he wasn't helping.. What is he supposed to do? I would have had the same response.. You fucking work here, you go help him. Why the absolute hell would you expect me to put my life on the line for $20 worth of garbage from your store? That lady is dumb and hypocritical and so are you.

Charm thing last till 19th you still have 2days m8

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Do you have any idea how much time you have to watch to get the highest tiered charm? Just wondering how long I gotta leave it on when I get home tonight.

Why do people care about the charms so much? They are my least favourite items to get. You hardly notice them because of how small they are. Some skins or headgear would be nice.

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Gotta catch 'em all bro.

Just to clarify things, Clash has a MP9 as Primary + a pistol as secondary and her gadget right? Because I have no information on weather she is going to use her shield like an attacker shield operator, can you clarify?

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I'm also wondering this. Does she put it on her back when not in use? Does it stop bullets on her back? Is she just a 1speed Turtle type of character?

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Posted this before, but it's always good for a revisit.

Applicant: "So, y'all do background checks, criminal history for this job, right?"


Applicant:"So, the court messed up, and when you run my background, it's not gonna say 'statuatory', but it was totally just statuatory."

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On a related note, one time I applied to a company with background check, I got the copy of it in the mail. Out of curiosity I opened it and the only charge, in bold faced letters was "SEX CRIMES."

I just about fainted. To clarify I have NEVER been arrested or charged for anything even resembling a sex crime.

That was a fun game of phone tag to play between the courthouse, the background check agency and the company applied for. I was absolutely flipping out on the company who does the checks. It got resorted, they did a new check, and it came back rightfully clean. I did not get the job, for related or unrelatedreasons, who knows..

I still think that's a pretty egregious mistake to make as a background check agency.

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Well since I'm British I don't have to deal with business riased by events such as Super Bowl, but I will have to make pizzas, prepping, cleaning, dealing with and serving customers, however I want to serve customers as best to my ability and tackle obstacles, the more I can work on my social anxiety, the less work it becomes for me, you know?

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Just remember that nobody expects the guy in the pizza shop to be the most outgoing, socially adept person there is. Now I'm by no means saying that a job at a pizza place is a bad job, and I'm definitely not saying that pizza workers can't be very social people, I don't mean to generalize at all. But what I am saying is that nobody is going to be offended or judgmental if you take baby steps into social adeptness.

My first job was in a grocery store, and that helped me a lot in practicing how to deal with customers, and people in general. Now I work for a vending company and drive a truck around to different stops and fill vending machines. I don't have to talk to too many people, and when I do, it's usually on topic about the job, and even the short small talk I see as good practice for life in general.

I'm still not great at making friends, but I'm better at coming up with short witty responses to peoples small talk without just saying "Yea, haha" to everything people say due to me not being able to think of a proper response. I think we purposefully choose jobs that allow us to interact with people as we see fit, and I don't think that's a bad thing at all. Just get yourself into a habit of being at work when you need to be. I used to get into bad ruts where I'd develop a habit of not wanting to go to work. My job is 5 days a week so it's just habit to get out of bed and go to work every day during the week. That was always the hardest part for me in holding jobs. The easing of social anxiety helps with that. I really wish you good luck.

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You'd be amazed at how facist the left is.

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I don't think I would, because that's not a thing. Socialism does not equal fascism..

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I'd recommend trade school. Bachelor's degree is the new high school diploma. I'm lucky to have started college in 2001, right when prices started to skyrocket. I had a pretty decent scholarship, my parents helped a lot and I worked part time. Now I don't use my degree and I'm a radiation protection technician at a nuclear plant and I make more money than most of my friends who work with their degree.

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How did you get started in that field of work, and what does it require?

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As someone who strongly hates aggressive defenders (as in those who spawn peek and run out) since it’s against the point of the game, you deserved every bit of that.

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Sounds about Copper.

Just a thought, what if he let's you open up those concrete windows on every map?

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Then you'd throw off the competitive balance of every single map in the game.

Twas but a thought

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Honestly a fairly interesting thought at that, but I really believe it would create a problem in the long run.

Thought I was being helpful by telling my morbidly obese 4th grade teacher Mr. Nelson to go on a diet while in line waiting for lunch.

Instead of receiving a thank you, he pushed me up against the wall and demanded an apology. Crying, I was suspended for a couple days and it really bothered me why it wasn’t helpful. Well now I know not to tell people to go on diets lol

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I almost find this hard to believe. I cant imagine you getting suspended for a teacher pushing a 4th grader up against the wall.

You've come to realize that no matter what, kids say stupid stuff and that teacher was way out of line, right?

Sure, like 50 protesters. But thousands upon thousands of counter-protesters? I’m seeing numbers of like 1000 to 400. Anyone got a better estimate?

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625.3 is my best estimate.

R6 is the only game I watch competitively so can anyone tell me how prolific and expansive G2 is? Do they have their hands in a lot of other esports? I saw someone mention them in regards to CSGO. Are they good? Any other games they have teams in?

Just trying to figure out whether this was a great move on Pentas part.

You people defending this shit talker is what's wrong with the world these days. What ever happened to "talk shit get hit?" We all know that you're not supposed to run your mouth, but everyone is so used to trolling on the internet and playing with people's emotions with no repercussions, that they expect it to work in real life.

How stupid do you have to be to go to a Ski concert and yell "Fuck X" during a moment of silence for him? How removed from reality do you have to be to think nothing is going to happen to you? Even if it's true, and that's what you believe, it's wrong place wrong time..

And then after you get what's coming to you, what was obviously going to happen, then all you're thinking is "Imma sue!!"

Is everyone a fucking troll that thinks real life is like the internet? Does anyone have situational awareness? Dudes lucky he didn't get killed for saying that shit. You're not behind a keyboard anymore, you beta.

I personally love playing online games. I like to test my skills against other players, and in the beginning it was the best way to practice social interactions. You only have to talk about things pertinent to the game. No small talk, no random things, just game related stuff. And if you say something stupid? That's fine as well because you'll most likely never play with these people again, and if they do they most likely won't remember you anyways.

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That already exists. Your name appears on the right when you talk.

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Not on PC. Its push to talk, so when you press the key, yea your name pops up, but you don't know if your mic is picking up until you type to your team in chat and ask if they can hear you, sometimes to no response if you're playing with some real randos

This rarely happens and you just gotta tinker around with a few settings, so I dont think it would be totally necessary. But the point stands, there's not really feedback except the game telling you you're pressing the key.

Thank god the 2nd Amendment exists here. If the government here tried to pull off some of the shit that the Bangladeshi government did, you know there is gonna be at least a few people with rifles and rounds taking the streets against the government.

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And against our military, those people unfortunately are going to be slaughtered extremely quickly. Even if they cause a few casualties, do you really think a few dads, kids, and rednecks with a few AR-15s are going to overthrow our government?

I get it, its sending a message, but let's not pretend that the 2A is going to protect anybody from the technology and firepower that the US Military has available..

"We'd be met with Fire and Fury we've never seen the likes of which."

Same in Iran, people are protesting for 5 days but no western media coverage at all, the price of almost everything has been tripled in the past 6 month, many lost their jobs, we are deprived of any fundamental rights for over 4 decades and no one hears our voices

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Meanwhile the US is having talks of going to war with Iran. We're trying to keep those tensions at bay. If the US invades Iran, it's going to get much worse for everybody.

There's little that we as citizens can do about how our military works, but were trying to sway politicians away from the hawkish stance they've had lately. It's dangerous rhetoric, and I hope you and your family are safe.

Nah because if you drone the roamer just destroys your drone and moves to a different spot. I never understood why people thought droning just instantly countered roaming.

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Copper rank? Why wouldn't you drone a roamer? If anything it forces them to move, they still dont get as much of an element of surprise, and at least you know what floor they're on, what side of the map, which room theyre near, etc etc.

I can understand that logic if you're the type of person who throws their drone and drones for 30 seconds around the whole map, being nowhere near your drone by the time it gets destroyed, but that's some Copper level stuff..

Always stay within 1 or 2 rooms of your drone. Otherwise yea, droning is pointless..

Yes and it's unfortunate yet almost comforting. It's not so bad when its rice and chicken, or eggs, or hashbrowns.. Or oatmeal for breakfast, etc.. But lately I've been buying or making burgers for dinner literally every day of the week after work for the past month. Whether i make them, or go to McDonalds or Culvers, or go to a restaurant for one..

It's well proven that red meat and obviously fast food every day is very poor for you, but I just cant help it. I feel extremely uncomfortable trying anything else right now.

What does he mean when he says this? I don’t understand

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You simply have to trip on a hefty dose to know what he's talking about. It's pretty indescribable. Basically you can't tell where your limbs are, you don't actually "feel" your body like you can when completely sober, it really just feels like all you are as a person is your mind. Like you're just a spirit in space and time..

You can google what a fractal is.. Sometimes it literally looks like you're in a kaleidoscope. Other times it's just warps of different shapes, some 3D, sometimes just 2D, projecting themselves onto the back of your eyelids..

So you can't feel you're body, it feels like you're moving, you have no sense of your self, and when you close your eyes you're falling or floating through a fractal space in time. It gets to the point where you start to question whether you're not just one of these many fractals and geometric shapes you're surrounded by. Like there isn't a difference between you, and the universe you are now a part of. It's all the same energy, you're that energy. Sound too crazy to believe? Because it honestly is, you just have to experience it to know. I don't know if I'd ever really want to trip that hard ever again, but I wouldn't take back the many times I've done that much for any reason. It's an amazing, emotional experience.

God is imaginary

nah it seems like he is being a bit accusive

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Yet no one would bat an eye if someone held a sign along the lines of "Be kind to everyone, God is always watching."

I dont think it goes one way, and while I can see that some Christians may take offense to that, true believers and truly good people wouldn't be offended by someone with a sign. Really he just seems to be pointing out that, everybody has a different god, some people have none. No matter what you personally believe, have compassion.

I’d be an awful mother. I seem to have a maternal instinct, but it comes out in the context of taking care of people. Children? Can’t stand them. Here’s why I need to stay child-free (or, at most, foster older kids I can deal with):

  • I have misophonia and sounds like crying, toddlers babbling or talking, chewing, or repetitive noises like feet tapping drive me up the wall.

  • I have some problems controlling my temper. Now, I’d never hit a kid but I could see me lashing out verbally in anger and I don’t want to do that.

  • I have food sensitivities that are so strong that just smelling offensive foods (such as rice) makes me feel sick. That means any potential kids would be limited to what I can eat, which isn’t much.

  • I grew up in a household with an emotionally and verbally abusive dad. Abuse is something that has gone on in my family for generations and I don’t feel like continuing the cycle.

  • Mental illness also runs in my family. Children would stress me out to the point where I could develop something bad, or pass it on.

  • Children cost a ton of money. I prefer to buy what I want.

  • Overpopulation is enough of a problem as it is.

  • Childbirth seems far too painful to be worth it for me, given all of the above. Plus, months of trying to figure out what the infant wants and running on less sleep than I need (I turn nasty very quickly when I don’t get sleep) just sounds awful.

Maybe I might foster an older kid who knows how to behave themselves but beyond that, nope. Dogs FTW.

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Other than the fact that I'm a guy, and the childbirth part, you just wrote a full list of exactly why I've realized why I'll never have kids. I already knew all this stuff, this is my list, but you wrote it much more eloquently than I would have been able to put into words.

I've thought about all this stuff numerous times. The noises, the sleep, my temper when I'm too stressed. I'm sure that my kid would live, that's the easy part. I just dont want him having to deal with the mental illnesses I've had to, and honestly I dont want to have to deal with them if I do. I wouldn't want to raise me, so I have no issue with never doing that. For the kid and for me. Just have to be real with yourself.

That's why I called them shooters.

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Yet the conversation wasn't about shooters we were talking about FPS. I dont think there's a soul in the world with access to the internet that doesn't know Fortnite is the most popular game of all time at the moment.

As a fuze main, I don't see why the hate against him. You can learn some killer spots to fuze that enemies won't ever expect it to come from.

Also his LMG is a beast with reflex sight, who needs to reload when you have enough ammo to take out the entire team and then some. Don't play him like a 3 speed and take your time

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3 armor and a giant hitbox is the main reason people dislike him. Also hes usually played by noobs who want free kills, and often ends up being a hindrance.

But I agree, I'd have no problem with my friend picking Fuze if I know that he has enough game sense to not fuck us over with him. But when I get a random who picks Fuze? I'm always a little wary.

2 points · 21 days ago · edited 21 days ago

I always call out I'm about to fuze (and check before I fuze if team is close to it) before I hit it. Just so if I do get a friendly kill it won't be my fault. I told you which room I was about to fuze before I ever even fuzed and you still ran into it.

They do have some pro spots you can fuze though. I forget the name of the map, but if you fuze the very top of the stairs on the top floor on a certain spot it shoots the fuzes all the way down to the basement where the bomb likes to spawn

Edit: I know what the map looks like and it's layout but don't know the name of it lol.

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Are you talking about Oregon? At the top of the main stairs with the railing? Next to the armory room? Shooting down into the laundry room?

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When averagingout all stages of Stomach cancer, the 5 year survival rate is 29%. 65% if they caught it in stage 1.

This is no way supposed to add any insult to injury, I just thought I'd share it for anyone who might be wondering what the prognosis looks like. I hope Kanyes father, as well has Ye himself, pull through this.

ITT: The exact same Imgur link over and over of him lashing out on someone in a shitty way to justify him being assaulted.

The kid is young, inexperienced, and feeling personally attacked. I'm sure a lot of people would say shitty things to people if millions of people were saying that they wanted you dead.

I dont like his music, defending him does not make me a fan, but posting the same misinformation over and over that you just copied from the comment above you and using it as evidence that he should be maimed makes you a hater.

The kid didn't sell laced fentanyl pills. And saying a really shitty thing to someone is something that I'm sure many of you people posting that link have done before.

309 points · 22 days ago

Holy Christ what a cunt. Nah kid no ones going to remember you when you’re dead except maybe your mama if you’re lucky. Cause it won’t be long, I’m guessing...

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Can you imagine his life though? You back a dog into a corner and its going to lash out. I'm by no means defending what he said, and I hope hes learning his lesson that his words and actions have consequences, but when your life is full of people constantly attacking you when you haven't even had time to develop, there's a lot of people who would start lashing out and saying horrible shit they wouldn't say otherwise.

I find it hard to judge him so harshly when I can't begin to imagine what his mental state is like. A slave to your label, millions of people hating you and attacking you for saying you think 2pac is boring (someone you simply didn't grow up listening to, can't blame him for being from a different generation) people literally wanting to kill or maim you, etc

This is something most people will never have to deal with in their lives, much less well before they're even an adult.

I can't help but feel sorry for the kid. Hes clearly ill equipped to be handling the fame, and he obviously hasn't learned that people are gonna hate regardless, and you can't have everyone liking you. The way to combat that is not by attacking back and trying to say even shittier things, but who has all encompassing knowledge before they're even legal drinking age?

I'm not a fan of his and I actually think hes a terrible musician who still hasn't developed a craft, but hes still a kid, and I'm just having an objective outlook on the situation. Hes not in the right mental state, and I dont blame him for being that way. I'm 22 and couldn't imagine being berated like that constantly, just for simply saying I think 2pac is boring(which hes absolutely wrong about, but you can't hate a man for an opinion)

I can spawn peek just fine with any sight and any speed operator but I just love the acog. It is rewarding for headshots and it’s visually pleasing. I don’t get why they go and remove the acog sand add an op like ela who plays very similar to those three speeds before the acog was taken away.

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Yes but they didn't take away their speed, they took away their ACOG. And they didn't give Ela an ACOG, so maybe I'm daft but your comment makes absolutely no sense to me.

They took away acog because the operator was being used to much and got to many kills. Now they have ela with a 40 round mag and 3 speed who runs all over the place spraying people down with her tiny hit box. It’s the same thing they didn’t want in the game. It’s like the ash of defense.

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We must be playing different versions of the game if you still think Ela is overused. I'm not defending them over keeping her in her prior state for an entire fucking season just to get people to buy the pass, but they did change her, and she is in a good place now in my opinion.

She still never had an ACOG though, and she doesn't make spawnpeeking easy mode. Jager with ACOG is simply overpowered when spawnpeeking. You should always be at a slight disadvantage when spawnpeeking, that's how it should work.

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