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Raserisk commented on a post in r/classicwow
Raserisk 2 points

After years of playing on Vanilla Private Servers it would be horrible to progress through the end of a Classic server only to be told that it's the end - while I don't expect TBC servers to automatically be ready after Patch 1.12 is released - I do believe that Blizzard will work on TBC/WOTLK realms after seeing the success of Classic.

Raserisk commented on a post in r/classicwow
Raserisk 2 points

The silent or unaware majority typically represents the largest demographic in a lot of things whether its gaming or otherwise - for this reason I really hope that Blizzard launches a good marketing campaign for Classic roughly 6-12 months before release because I would love to see tens of thousands of players from the past and present joining in for the launch.

Expect things to get more hyped once they actually start releasing some news or updates on development.

Raserisk commented on a post in r/classicwow
Raserisk 10 points

Unbalanced classes and systems, slow gameplay and the strong social elements required in Classic are exactly what keeps me coming back to the game and why I've played on private servers over the years much more than retail.

So I think that Classic and future TBC and WOTLK additions will be right up my alley.

In retail, the classes are homogenized, the gameplay feels incredibly drawn out and don't even get me started on what dungeon finder, LFR have done to the social network of the game among other things.

To sum it up - comparing Classic to Retail is comparing Apples to Oranges. By this point they're entirely different games for entirely different audiences.

[deleted] 1 point


Raserisk 1 point

I'll do the best I can. Thanks for your support!

Trevmiester 1 point

I'd change it so after defeatimg Kel Thuzad, your character wakes up back in the starting area and you realize it was all just a dream.

Raserisk 2 points

Not a bad idea at all! Waking up from the dream and then realizing its day 1 of Classic WoW's launch?

I can dig it.

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Pre_Elysium 7 points

Your guides are awesome. Would you consider doing a overview of the trash packs you'll encounter in Naxx? Whats skippable, what isn't, etc

Raserisk 3 points

Eventual plans are for a streamlined video that analyzes each trash mob/group in Naxxramas and maybe additional information such as tips and tricks regarding which to skip to save time.

However not sure when I'll get around to it, lots of projects to work on.

Raserisk commented on a post in r/classicwow
Raserisk 3 points

The private server community is very old and a lot of the players are veterans and experienced players - I imagine it will be totally different on Classic with a much larger demographic of players that will be trying out all sorts of specs despite what we know today for various reasons.

At the same time, I feel that in PVP situations there are a bit more ways to find diverse specs but it's unfortunate that respeccing is very costly in Vanilla if you want to experiment.

Raserisk commented on a post in r/classicwow
Raserisk 17 points

The original version of WoW known as Vanilla or Classic was available from 2004-2006 by the developers (Blizzard Entertainment) before they released their first expansion in 2007 and continued the trend from there.

However certain individuals decided to emulate the original version by creating their own private servers however these projects aren't 100% accurate to the original experience but its the closest thing to what things used to be like.

Which is why people talk about it so casually since many of them have played on one of these servers at a point. If you want a true, authentic experience then wait for Classic - no release date yet but my guess is 2019.

Raserisk commented on a post in r/classicwow
Raserisk 2 points

Yes though not as common as today in retail - on Vanilla private servers today you also see many raiding guilds later on transforming old raid tiers they don't need gear from anymore into GDKP runs (bid on items with gold, highest bidder wins and pays for item) which are then opened up to players across the realm.

At the end of the run the gold is then used to support the guild whether that is for consumables, resistance pieces or in our case - giving everyone their cut at the end of the run.

I still remember when we started doing GDKP AQ40 runs on Saturdays and some dude paid like over 5000g for an item that dropped, needless to say it was a nice way to make some pocket gold.

Raserisk commented on a post in r/classicwow
Raserisk 8 points

Based off previous experiences across several vanilla projects - 5000 seems to be the sweet spot for a good experience that includes having a healthy pop for all of the content in the game.

Either way, I expect Blizzard to introduce under the hood changes to accommodate modern players which will involve dynamic spawn systems for NPCs, quest items, etc that did not exist back in 2004-2006.

A large part of Vanilla is player driven activity out in the world and I have no issues with raising the previous cap of 2500 to something marginally higher by todays standards.

wiggleonious 3 points

Your guides are awesome to watch dude! Any plans on making ones for MC and ZG in the future?

Raserisk 3 points

Yep! The plan is to eventually do a video series for each tier of content however I imagine most players will just need Ragnaros / Hakkar since there are tons of guides for pre-AQ content

Spaghetti_Blaghetti 4 points

Raser you are the boss. Do you still play on Lightbringer these days with the Scuba Cops folks?

Raserisk 2 points

Nah had to take some time off to deal with IRL

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Raserisk 10 points

Hey guys - This week we did a breakdown of the Sapphiron fight from Naxxramas which revealed an incredible progression encounter that players faced in 2006 along with being one of the only fights in Vanilla that required everyone to be using FrR gear.

What do you think about difficulty variables in Vanilla compared to Retail today such as Resistance and Consumable checks?

Do you feel that these challenges are more meaningful to overcome in this version of the game or artificial barriers which led to Blizzard changing how they design their raids?

tipsoutbaby 8 points

People always ask me if they should make guide videos as a starting point on Youtube. They think it's been over done. I simply refer them to your videos and explain to them that guides, like any other form of content, can be turned into art. Absolute pleasure to watch man.

Raserisk 3 points

Thanks Tips - looking forward to your next video!

Raserisk commented on a post in r/classicwow
Raserisk 53 points

I believe that this can be accomplished without making any custom changes with things such as proper scripting of boss mechanics, itemization patches, proper values when it comes to resistance, armor, health, spells, etc along with (the most important in my opinion) a proper content progression timeline.

On too many private servers have all 4 of these been in flux but the biggest issue is letting players farm a raid tier for months and months and letting players get full BIS gear before entering the next tier.

If there was a custom change that I had to put my input on then it would be to disable or remove world buffs.

Raserisk commented on a post in r/classicwow
Raserisk 63 points

I've tried playing retail off and on in the past several years and thought Legion was a pretty good expansion but what gets me every time is the feeling of loss when it comes to the social aspects of the game which pulls me back to Vanilla/TBC/WOTLK.

I mean yeah, a lot of people will say if you want social stuff then go find it but I really do adore the older versions of WoW which sort of forced people to work together, group together, raid together to get stuff done even if it took a bit more time in the cities yelling "LF1M - Scholo!"

Spaghetti_Blaghetti 2 points

Our guild doesn't let us get anywhere near 10 stacks of Digestive Acid. Is it just because you are using the Nature pot or are our raid leaders just overly cautious? It would be nice to get a bit more damage in before having to get out.

Raserisk 2 points

It's entirely up to the player and their judgement over how much damage they think they can take.

I'm a high-risk - high-reward type of player so I try to do as much damage as possible even if its dangerous.

-gibi- 3 points

Any particular reason you don't cover the conga line strat? much easier/safer for less experienced guilds/players

Raserisk 3 points

Honestly in my past experiences of raiding AQ40 I was never taught the conga line strat or used it so I decided to go over the two ways that I learned how to enter the room.

There's a lot of ways to get inside and I think that's the beauty of it in a way where players have came up with all sorts of strats over the years, probably best for these same players to comment on the video with their own tips they would like to share.

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Raserisk commented on a post in r/lightshope
nukul4r 2 points

For farming DS/Ruin is the king, just wear as much stamina as possible and sacrifice the Voidwalker. For raids, the usual consensus is that DS/Ruin is better then SM/Ruin, but this is only in scenarios where you can spam Shadowbolt nonstop. So there is the valid opinion (see Raserisk for example) that SM/Ruin is a better choice for Naxx (and AQ40 to some extent), because you die easier and have to move a lot (i.e. Shadowbolt spam is limited). With Amplify Curse/CoA and Nightfall you do more DPS while moving, also you always have Blood Pact for more survivability.

Edit: Maybe we can summon u/Raserisk to this thread for an opinion?

Raserisk 3 points

Both specs are viable in end-game raiding for Vanilla though my experience is with SM which I raided on my Warlock from MC -> Naxx

Arguably DS is better for MC and BWL and then once AQ40 and Naxxramas arrive (along with 16 debuff slots from ZG) this opens the door to SM becoming competitive due to the scenarios already discussed.

However there are too many variables for this to be a black or white decision such as,

-What is your guild's debuff slot system? -Are DS Warlocks allowed to use dots as well? -Buffs? Consumables? Guild strats that influence DPS? -Advanced Mechanics such as are Warlocks in your guild doing the 4H DOT Rotation? Replacing Greater Shadow/Frost pots with Rejuvenation for Loatheb/Sapphiron/KT?

Because of this, one spec will never be better than the other in my opinion. Everything is situational and more so depending on the type of player you are and the type of guild you're with.

darkspy13 3 points

Posted it in the informational videos section on my homepage at

Raserisk 2 points

Much appreciated!

Raserisk 6 points

Hey guys - the past couple of months has been crazy to say the least and starting out with zero video editing experience made it very daunting when players asked me to start doing this type of content.

Thankfully, a lot of people from this community really helped me out during a lot of tight spots and I just wanted to say thank you everyone - stay awesome!

simiandestroyer 2 points

Yes please, these are excellent. I was in a successful AQ 40 pug the other day and I would say part of our success was getting some of the pugs to watch your Skeram video.

Raserisk 2 points

That's great to hear!

Lagavoulin 2 points

I havn't watched your C'thun guide, but saw your videos for the other bosses. I think these videos are great. You are one of the few wow classic youtubers I have found to actually make usefull guides and good content, and not just random people with a recorder showing other people how they play.

Both MC/ony guides, aswell as world bosses and naxxramas would be great!

Raserisk 2 points

Very much appreciated! I'll put them on my list!

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Raserisk 7 points

During the making of this video - several questions went through my mind at the time however there are a couple that I wanted to ask you guys, the community.

With Classic WoW now announced and our knowledge of everything related to this version of the game - do you believe that these encounters should be changed or altered for a modern challenge?

Would bringing back the "mathmatically" impossible pre-nerf C'Thun be needed or is this a issue pertaining to 1.12 talents and much more?

Raserisk commented on a post in r/classicwow
Raserisk 8 points

Great idea!

Warlocks can use Detect Invisibility to reveal the "Unseen" spirits in Duskwood which are roughly level 50 and provide a nice source of soul shards that can be farmed several minutes from Stormwind.

Murloc Netters in Westfall have a low chance to drop the "Large Rope Net" which is a unique consumable that is useful even for level 60 players. The Dust Devils in Westfall can also drop Magic Dust which is another useful item for PVP.

Molten Core was almost cut from World of Warcraft's release in 2004 and it was only thanks to several developers working together in the span of a week that they were able to get it done.

Raserisk commented on a post in r/classicwow
Raserisk 11 points

There isn't many ways to be able to see into the future and determine the activity of a server though one way is seeing where many of the big communities, streamers and content creators are heading to set up shop.

During Classic launch I imagine every server will be filled with high numbers but as seen with private servers emulating the 1x experience, overall peak population begins declining around the release of AQ40.

Just my two cents but I imagine that server transfers and merge will be available at some (far) point after launch.

the-division-guy 6 points

id rather see them implement less servers but larger populations especially if they can make it so login ques are non-exsistent. The only problem i can see of big servers is the few months at launch. There will be major competition for spawns. I've been thinking getting FP may be a good idea but haven't found any information on using exploration to jump to lvl 5 or 6.

Raserisk 3 points

One of the best ways of jumping ahead of the wave is to get a bunch of friends together and grind mobs in higher level areas of your character's starting zone.

However that's if Blizzard doesn't implement some sort of dynamic spawn system that adjusts mob/item spawn variables to match the population size which I expect they probably will.

Raserisk commented on a post in r/classicwow
Raserisk 1 point

You will want to invest time into reagents that raiders will need for protection potions during the span of Vanilla.

Typically this includes Elemental Fire for Greater Fire Protection Potions, Elemental Earth (stock up on this one early) for Greater Nature Protection Pots and Elemental Water for Greater Frost Protection Potions. can provide you info on what mobs drop these.

Raserisk commented on a post in r/classicwow
Raserisk 3 points

Either way, I think that time is on our side since as WoW continues to lose traction in the years to come, they will look to the past as a way to generate profit.

At the same time as seen with open source private server projects, players, volunteer devs, etc are very capable of working together to emulate the original experience even if it isn't completely 1:1.

Life will go on in the private server scene as long as Classic remains unreleased.

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