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I've seen islands like this in various pieces of media and wonder where this "trope" originates from.

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They're inspired by Hawaii, if I had to guess.

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Is there any specific island that looks similar to the one above?


I once saw (in a Reddit thread that I cannot find) a guy who asked whether the command above was actually useful to which someone replied with an answer along the lines of "You can load an entire server into memory and then update the entire system without interruption". So my questions are, is this possible? Has anyone ever had to do this?

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To be honest I don’t actually know what a cooling tower is.

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One of these.


Hello! Sorry if this is a frequent post or if this post breaks any rules (in which case I will remove it) but I am a completely new player to this game, have just finished creating my first character, and would like to know what to expect. As a bit of backstory, a friend of mine came up with the idea of gathering a couple of friends and playing this game together which interested me greatly since I have heard so much talk around the internet of the game. This friend (who is also new to the game) will also act as the DM for our group and today they took me through the process of creating a character (a Drow rogue named Laucian). Since I am fascinated with the idea of this game, I have a few questions: what does a typical "session" (the are called sessions, right?) involve? How long would a typical session last? Do I need to do any prep work/further reading prior to playing the game? As an additional note, judging by the front cover of the player's handbook my friends has, I believe we will be playing the 5th edition. Any advice/answers are appreciated and thanks in advance!

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Ok, so you’re a drow rogue. Cool!

First thing is to look at your racial abilities. Darkvision is very important. Trance isn’t all that mechanically relevant but you will use it often, just be aware that that’s how you sleep in case it becomes relevant. Fey ancestry rarely comes up, so keep it in the back of your mind. Drow magic/dancing lights is your only spell, so know what it does. Sunlight sensitivity is a major drawback, so make sure you know it well as it will come up very often.

Now look at your rogue abilities. Sneak attack is your signature move. You’ll want to strategize your attacks to enable it every turn. Thieves cant almost never comes up in play.

Now look at your skills. The high numbers are the things you are good at, probably things like stealth, acrobatics, and sleight of hands. The low numbers are the things you suck at. Start thinking about how someone with that skill set would navigate the world. For example, a character with a high deception would probably try to lie their way out of everything, while someone with low deception would probably try to avoid being questioned as they know they’re a terrible liar.

Next, look at your alignment and background. If you haven’t already, try to weave them into a story. What was your character’s childhood like? Why did they leave the Underdark, where most drow spend their whole lives? Why did they become a rogue? What led to them choosing the alignment they did? Are they religious and, if so, which deities do they follow? What motivates your character? (Note: these things define your character at the start of the campaign. They do not need to define you forever. For instance, you can start the game as a selfish petty thief and end the game as a selfless hero!)

Lastly, try to get in the head of your character. If they were behind a locked door, would they A) break it down, B) pick the lock, C) try to trick a guard into handing over the key, D) something else? (Hint: look at your skills to guide your answer.) If a beggar came up to you and asked you for money, what would you do? (Hint: look at your background and alignment.) If you saw a burning building, what would you do? After a while, you should be able to answer reflexively. When asked during a session, try to answer “I do x” rather than “my character does x.”

If you have time, check out the Combat section in the rules and get an idea of what you can do on your turn. But IMO the mechanics are easy to learn by doing whereas role playing is the harder thing to learn, so start there and you can learn the mechanics as you play.

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Ok, thank you for the advice. Also, as a quick question, can the effects of sunlight sensitivity be negated by wearing a hood or a mask?

Yes, it’s called a session, and every session will involve different things depending on player choices and how the dm runs the game. Some may be more combat focused and involve a lot of dungeon crawling, and others may be almost exclusively rp focused. Sessions typically last between 4-6 hours, but there’s no set recommended time. Iv been in groups where sessions only lasted 2-3 hours and Iv also been in groups where sessions lasted 8 hours. As for further prep work to do, UNDERSTAND YOUR CHARACTER! You don’t need to know any of the more advanced rules, but it’s a real help for your DM (especially since their new) if you understand at least the basic rules as well as what your character can do. Other then that, try to bear with your dm early on and help them as much as possible with keeping the game flowing. The first few sessions with a new group can feel quit slow (especially when everyone is new), but once you really get into the flow of things the sessions really begins to fly by

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Thanks for the tips! Also, how long are gaps between sessions typically? Are sessions played back-to-back day after day or are there often long periods of inactivity between them?


Why not just fly the plane? Wouldn’t that be easier?

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This is in Russia so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You dropped this \

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Thank you bot.

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