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wholesomeusername26 43 points

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Source: karmadecay (B = bigger)

Rc-one9 2 points

Where's the version with Super Mario game over tune.... By far the best one!!

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Rc-one9 2 points

I really didn't like Mario Odyssey :-\

This is the 2nd Mario game I didn't enjoy that much (Mario Galaxy was the other).

I'd go BOTW

Fed_up_with_Reddit 1 point

Sounds like you just don’t like 3D platformers.

Rc-one9 1 point

Nah... I've enjoyed all of them since Super Mario 64 (Super Mario Sunshine is one of my favorites). Just didn't like Galaxy or Odyssey. Odyssey barely felt like a Mario game.

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aquastorm 0 points

Nintendo is going to have to do way better than just first party and ports of several year old indie and third party titles.

The Switch is the next Wii imo. It’s selling well initially but it’s super underpowered and will never be good for third party and that’s the bulk of any consoles lineup.

Also, Switches pathetic excuse for an online service kills it when it comes to any kind of serious online gaming.

Rc-one9 3 points

I don't disagree... After Mario and Zelda which I've completed already... What else is there to play. I feel like I already missed out on Splatoon 2.

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LogicalAbstraction 46 points

I used to work at an Applebastard's. There was more 'cooking' done in the microwave than on the grill. "Neighborhood bar (limit: 2 drinks) and microwave" is more like it. It's a crude imitation of what food and dining should be.

Rc-one9 16 points

I've pretty much conceded to the fact that ALL chain restaurants operate this way.

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[deleted] 6 points


Rc-one9 3 points

OP has posted on here several times, and it's ok because his flow is great. But I'm sorry he DOESN'T look like J Momoa!!!! Just because he has long hair and is in good shape he still doesn't look like him.

Rc-one9 commented on a post in r/FierceFlow
Rc-one9 2 points

I'm not trying to be mean! You can probably look through my post history to gather that I'm NOT at all into that ultra manicured look for dudes. I actually do prefer the slight scruffy look. But I also don't understand looking this unkept. The hair looks fine and dare I say curly messy hair can look good. But I'd definitely clean up the mustache and beard.

Rc-one9 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
starchildarisen -3 points

Netflix. The stupidest thing people pay for I have ever seen.

Rc-one9 3 points

If you like the content, how is it a waste?

starchildarisen 1 point

Monthly fee. You can get all the same content from many other places for free.

Rc-one9 1 point

Where does one get Stranger things for free?

ktothebo 9 points

How's the weather on those days? will give you the dewpoint(1). Start tracking the dewpoint and your level of frizz. If the dewpoint going below or above a certain point greatly increases your frizz, you need to alter your routine with the dewpoint. Generally speaking, you want to cut out humectants(2) in your styler when the dewpoint is low and high. (If it's lower than the 5th ingredient in the list, it's probably fine.) Personally, I like to add Ouidad's Advanced Heat & Humidity Gel to my routine when the humidity is high.

(1) Dewpoint is the best measure of humidity. Here's an explanation of dewpoint with visual aids:

(2) Explanation of humectants and hair:

Rc-one9 1 point

Thanks very much, this is very informative... I'll start tracking this!!

grueble 1 point

One thing that could help, try applying the gel before squeezing out any excess water. I have to rewet my hair between products, and its best to be super ginger briefly after leaving the shower. It might be that you are disturbing your hair too much at the end of your routine.

Another thing you could try: adding a silicone-free leave-in conditioner. The frizz could be because your hair is getting moisture sealed into the follicle, causing it to draw out from within.

Overall, I think it looks like you are super close. I have frizzy and frizz-free days, and I'm pretty sure variance between application techniques accounts for the entire difference.

Rc-one9 1 point

I was thinking the same about disturbing my hair. I usually apply product immediately after I get out the shower and then I start the rest of my morning routine. Like carefully putting a shirt over my head, bending down to put shoes in etc. But maybe that is just enough to disturb it.

Should I apply the leave in first and then the gel?

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Rc-one9 commented on a post in r/AdviceAnimals
copypaper 1 point

Maybe we (the nerdy unpopular kids) don't want to be the "bottom rung" for you when the others cast you out. You didn't want us before, we don't want you now.

Rc-one9 -1 points

Lol "we"


Rc-one9 commented on a post in r/Instantregret
cochnbahls 5 points

Not before subduing her, no. Oh no! Someone got hit! It's not the end of the world people. Quit getting drunk and think officers should have to put up with you.

Rc-one9 -3 points

Two wrongs make a right?

I count two possible charges of assault. Except one of them is coming from an individuals whose jobs is to protect and serve citizens and to not take punishment into his or her hands!

Rc-one9 commented on a post in r/Sneakers
Rc-one9 1 point

What do you wear with all black monochrome sneakers/shoes?

heyguysitslogan 2 points

All black everything my dude

Rc-one9 1 point

Cool... I have the vans old school pro all black. I feel like it could come off like a uniform shoe sometimes... LOL

Rc-one9 commented on a post in r/curlyhair
Onadairybasis 7 points

By scrunch I mean take some of your curls into the palm of your hand (make a "claw", like kids do when they pretend to be a tiger), and then close your hand around it, then open. It's not a combing motion but if the gel makes your hair look like an 80s perm, this scrunching will break the hard gel and make the curls look more natural.

For gel, get something without glycerin if possible, but most cheap hair gels work. I have the blue LA Looks, it's $3 I think!

Rc-one9 1 point

"but if the gel makes your hair look like an 80s perm"

I feel I have been battling this very thing and I hate it!! :(

Except my hair isn't long enough yet (I'm a guy), I feel to do the scrunch because then it starts to flare out and not down! So it a choice of between two evils

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