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DylanPMYT 8 points

I had this done 2 years ago and wore my hair up. For the most part it felt and looked amazing but as others have mentioned already, it does get hard to maintain and feels like you're missing a large chunk of hair. I'd say go for it, didn't regret it one bit and you get a lot of head turns! Mine for reference

Rc-one9 5 points

If you check my post from below... I'm also a guy and I'm toying with the idea of doing this because I believe it will reduce some of my volume (which I feel is alot back there). I'm not concerned with the upkeep as I wouldn't be getting a design. Did you feel it reduced volume for you ?

Rc-one9 2 points

Does it stand to reason that this will help with reducing volume (not specifically the pattern, just having an undercut)? I have thick curly hair and I feel I have to much volume and I have been toying with the idea of doing an undercut in the back.

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chronicenigma 2 points

And yet ray didn't honor the handshake agreement made with the original McDonald's brothers... the movie with Michael Newton as ray krok, was great

Rc-one9 2 points


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strokesy 1 point

This will unfortunately impact a lot of smaller church communities that some people rely on that simply can't raise that kind of capital. My church is certainly not a money maker aside from the major holidays when more people show up.

Rc-one9 2 points

This is not a knock on your comment....If I open a restaurant and people don't show up! Well, I guess I just have to shut it down. As difficult it may be.... That's the reality.

Lack of people showing up besides holidays says something.

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Rc-one9 1 point

Wow...4 years!!

That's awesome, I'm currently only a year and half into growing mine.

I also have curly hair and I sometimes get a little self conscious about it. I have a lot of volume and I'm toying with the idea of getting an undercut for the back.

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Rc-one9 1 point

Did you find this removed volume in the back?

mariescurie 2 points

Not OP, but I also have an undercut and curly hair (2a/b). If anything the back of my head is more voluminous, as the bottom sections aren't weighing things down and tangling up. I decided to get an undercut because the lower 1/3 of my hair is fine and thinner than the rest of my hair. It would just turn into a snarly ratsnest by the end of the day, due to it rubbing against the rest of my coarse, thick hair. I've had an undercut for 7 months and I'm not getting rid of it anytime soon.

Rc-one9 2 points

Great, thanks for the response! I was actually asking as this is what I need to do (remove some volume)! How far up did you go with the undercut? How do I know how far I should go?

WeaselWeaz 1 point

I don't think that should be your biggest concern. You have a bit of tunnel vision, overall you're running new plumbing and electrical similar to a new kitchen and bathroom. It's not going to be cheap and the toilet is only going to be a part of it. Get a few estimates.

I'm not saying you're at the level of "I'm building a new engine but I'm worried how much a spark plug costs" but you're overly focused here. You'll want to find a general contractor you trust to help with this project.

Rc-one9 1 point

Yea..I can admit to that! For some reason I feel this is the biggest hurdle in my mind. The rest of it is just demo, put the new studs electrical/plumbing... Drywall/cabinets... Flooring and appliances! I'm less concerned with all that

TheTimeIsChow 1 point

I'd be less worried about the process of moving the toilet as I would be about other appliance necessities for the kitchen.

The primary pipe for all the drainage (the fat pipe you're likely referring to) would not move. They'd just tap into it and run the new 3-4" drainage for the toilet.

The pipe from the toilet to the main drainage pipe doesn't have to be straight down. Like a gutter system, as long as it's on a slight downward grade (1/8 inch or so per ft) it'll drain. That means over the total distance it'll maybe move an inch (for 8ft distance) up or down.

Rc-one9 1 point

Thaaaanks for putting my mind at ease! I don't even think we'd be moving it 8ft, so that is great news.

As far as the appliances, i'm thinking that reworking (cutting/moving/extending) the current piping from each will come into play. I don't know yet where the new kitchen sink will be and same for the bathroom sink. The pipes currently used for the kitchen and bathroom sink can be used to perform their new functions. Somewhat the same for the electrical for fridge, stove, etc.

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John-McAfee 1 point


Rc-one9 2 points


LawsOnMe 10 points

This show was fantastic, and I never hear anybody talk about it. The tone and the acting were both spot on.

Rc-one9 2 points

Yup 1,000,000 % agree on this!!

gmjones1021 3 points

Gorgeous hair & yes if you have someone you trust to cut hair they should be able to clean up the back & blend it into the sides well so it looks like it was all done at once

Rc-one9 3 points

That's my fear... I've never grown my hair out, it's never been this long! I've never had to do get such a haircut. :/

I'm hoping they (whoever I chose) doesn't screw it up... i.e.Takes off to much... especially since it feels like it took FOREVER to even get to this length and I want to go a little longer

Rc-one9 2 points

The front is ok... The back is a lil crazy looking! I can get a trim just to Target the back, yes??

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