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basedrowlet 34 points

Adding on,

1.5, 2.5, and 2.8 are remastered collections.

1.5 has KH 1 (Final Mix), Re:CoM and HD cutscenes from 358/2 Days

2.5 has KH 2 FM, Birth By Sleep FM, and cutscenes from Re:coded.

2.8 has Dream Drop Distance, an Episode for KH Cross, and a new ~10-hour game KH "0.2 Birth By Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage"

Rc-one9 2 points

Which games I do I HAVE to play? Are all of these considered main entries to the series?

SnowBlackCominThru 1,981 points

If you have a ps4 you can pretty much play every single kh game that has come out except for the mobile one. (Cant remember the name.)

Edit: it's kingdom.hearts union cross

Rc-one9 1 point

I was just looking into this! What do I have to get to do this? Is it just getting KH 1.5 & 2.5 ? Is it all on one disk?

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Rc-one9 2 points

I'm approaching 19 months on my hair (also a guy)... I think we have the same type of hair (do you have bouts with poofy-ness?). But man I'm getting a lil concerned with you eluding to how much work/upkeep will be involved when I get to your length.

showbobnow 2 points

Haha 😆 Yes it does get harder the longer it gets but idk it really depends on your style and how easy it is for you. For me, My hair gets dried out easily and plus it gets tangled, (amongst other things) these are the hardest for me. So if you have hair like mine you will probably face these. But I will say that I love long hair and how good it looks and I think every dude should try to at least grow their hair out for a little bit. Just to see if they like it, but yes it’s upkeep and work but at the end of the day you look really good!

Rc-one9 2 points

Thanks for responding! What is your routine, or what products do you favor?

Rc-one9 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
imasheepleman 53 points

Not trying to be a negative Nancy but I’m getting a lot of “r/niceguy”-esque vibes from this thread.

Rc-one9 16 points

Yes seriously!! I don't get this!?!?!

.0001% success rate walking into a bar/lounge/club with what I'm reading here.

I understand those places aren't the end all, be all for meeting women. But let's not kid ourselves either!

Rc-one9 commented on a post in r/progresspics
catholic_dayseeker 5 points

No offense taken, this long curly hair is both a blessing a curse lol

Rc-one9 3 points

Idk man..I have curly hair and it's approaching chin length. And I would never be mistaken for a female!

Rc-one9 commented on a post in r/Music
dustincoughman91 -4 points

Didn't listen still could care less.

Rc-one9 1 point

you're so cool! 😎

dustincoughman91 1 point

Nah, i just think trends are overrated.

Rc-one9 1 point

Ok... I can respect that! 👍

Rc-one9 commented on a post in r/ExpectationVsReality
TropicalVision 4 points

Yeah its terrible.

A lot of it as well is the difference between European men and the mainly Americans on here too, though. Your average american guy is still wearing suits like its 2005. Wide, long legs, big jackets etc Nothing slim, neat fitting in sight. Its horrific.

Rc-one9 3 points

This is definitely 100% accurate! It's actually pretty cringe worthy to still see that style. Match up their wide legged pants (think boot cut) down to their 90s style shoes... It's a horrible look!!

oldcoldbellybadness 6 points

I don't know who these people are and both outfits look stupid and don't fit right

Rc-one9 1 point

??? David Beckham's suit fits him to the T ???

Rc-one9 commented on a post in r/curlyhair
Oprah69 18 points

My routine changes like biweekly but recently I wash 2 times a week with L'Oreal EverCurl sulfate free coconut oil shampoo. I Use L'Oreal EverCurl sulfate free rosemary conditioner every shower and detangle with a wide tooth comb while it's still in my hair. I don't think either of these are fantastic it's just what I've found so far that doesn't suck. If I'm going out I'll also comb in a keratin leave in conditioner after the shower while my hair's still wet, (I just use the stuff I bought from my local salon, it's called CHI keratin leave in.) And I'll also run a light styling cream through to weigh it down a bit because I get mad dog ears all the time.

Honestly I'm sturggling more than half the time trying to grow this puppy out and would love any tips or advice from everyone

Rc-one9 11 points

Guy here... I gotta say that looks pretty damn good!

I also have curly hair and I'm about 15 months in. I definitely struggling and I'm always on the fence every other day about getting it cut. You wouldn't happen to have an under cut under that? My hair has sooooo much volume... And I'm thinking maybe an undercut will help with that.

Rc-one9 commented on a post in r/Whatcouldgowrong
Junioroo 11 points

But that would require someone to do their own research and have an informed opinion. Much easier to toss buzzwords. /s

Rc-one9 -10 points

Oh please.. This isn't Wikipedia! You come on Reddit and see what you see and leave your comment (I'm not saying they are right comments). Get off your high horse!

Rc-one9 commented on a post in r/curlyhair
Rc-one9 1 point

Guy here!! That looks Great!!

I've been thinking of doing a simple buzz undercut in the back in the HOPES of possibly it removing some of the volume I have in the back. From your experience do you feel that that was the case for you? Did removing that layer get rid of volume?

whateverloz 1 point

It did! I was always worried that the back was sticking out at a weird angle, and this has solved it!I tend to comb the bits behind my ears towards the back now, so they sit nicer than before (before they stuck straight out like a triangle)

Rc-one9 2 points

Wow.. that's great news! I think I will do it. I hope I can get rid of some of volume and help a little with the shape. Thanks for responding

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