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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Dronpes,

Thank you for your time, energy, passion, and commitment. What you do matters, what you do helps, and what you represent is a flicker of light to a great many people in an otherwise dum world.


A Pokémon Trainer

9 points · 6 days ago

1) You can do fast catch perfectly fine with the bugged update. 2) You won’t be playing with an outdated version because they will have to force the bugged update before community day starts.

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The Seven Second Catch Trick is still possible without berries, but we are expecting Partly Cloudy in my area. Therefore we won’t be Fast Catching Boosted hundo Eevees over Level 30 with Golden Razz. Sometimes it seems like we are spoiled knowing as much as we do.

I know it’s not the best defensive move, but I still pride myself on Pound Clefable being my first choice for defender.

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Legacies are cool.

Didn't know Pound was a legacy move...I've got a 96 Clefable with pound/psychic that I caught 10/2016 that's been doing nothing, guess I'll dust him off.

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Super jealous! Fastest Attacking moveset for it despite no STAB. Charge TM for Dazzling Gleam and you have the second best Fairy Attacker available currently. Kudos.

no. do you really want to invest that much stardust and snorlax candies to bring it up to a good cp?

wait for raikou. he is the best doggo

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It’s modeled on saber tooth tiger. Not a dog.

High defense and low attack, not a good sign

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Tell that to bkellz and Ninetails.

Same here. We wore the Ludicolo & Lotad hats and took lots of pics with folks. It was great fun, but we missed finishing the unowns. Niantic pulled our feet out of the fire!

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Totally snapped a photo of you in the Ludicolo hat outside the park on Sunday. Did you make it yourself?

Yeah. We used straw sun hats and craft foam. The glue was contact cement. Pretty basic but it took us some trial and error to get what we wanted.

Next year we are going to be a two person Mammoswine (kidding)

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I was at the intersection by The Moody Church near North Avenue and was like “is that a man in a Ludicolo hat?” and I couldn’t take a picture fast enough. Bravo.

5 points · 1 month ago

Boost the legendary pokemon, say double it's CP. Still something the vast majority can counter but gives it a "boss like" feel. You defeat the first 5 pokemon (kicked out) and then you face off against the Legendary pokemon, one time instead of three, to take control of the gym.

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Make it a 1-on-1 Battle for the Legendary. No group beat downs and you only get to use one Pokémon. Battle winners from defeating the original 5 have priority for taking down the Legendary?

Ehhh, I'm all about bringing in hard content for solo play but I think those stipulations would negatively impact the gym scene for the average player. I'm fine with the boss pokemon basically being a mini raid. Something similar to a tier 2 raid with a few raid type items given out for the win. I think it would spice up gym battles and make them more desirable to do aside from hoping for a few coins.

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I’m not super concerned with the average player, but I take your point.

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1487 would be perfect IVs so you’ve got more than adequate IVs with its absolute best Defending Moveset Legacy or otherwise. Max it and never trade.

Rarest so far is se blaziken, followed by double legacy dragon shiny gyarados, wouldnt dare to comment on blastoise tho

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I still regret Fast TMing my Dragon Tail Shiny Gyarados.

R.I.P. Red Dragon

I have shiny gyarados with dragon tail... too bad I never TMed it to twister...

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Twister wasn’t TM-able at that time.

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This is great but as somebody that owns zero shiny 'Mon I'm being bullied right now.

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I legitimately LOL’d at this. Thank you for your service.

2 points · 1 month ago

It happens sometimes when you manually spin a disc that your Go+ had targeted. Not every time, or even most of the time, though, from what I've noticed.

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Original Poster0 points · 1 month ago

Thank you for the information. Admittedly I have the game open 99% of the time I’m playing, but I can’t believe it hadn’t seen it sooner.

The mother of two young Trainers in our community suggested Jigglypuff with a Microphone and/or marker.

I was actually arrogant enough to think I was the only Trainer to Max/Power Up Fairy Types besides Gardevoir. Kudos to you and your Battle Party Name.


First EX invite for me of 2018. A few days ago I soloed a Machamp at a location that has previously never been an EX location until this round. Barely had it Silver. Exciting stuff.

Download Discord from the App Store or Google Play. Create a profile, click the + sign in the bottom left corner, click Join A Server and type in/Copy & Paste G5vzEyh. The Raid Lounge East and Raid Train East serves are your best bets for Raid Reinforcements. It’s an active community from as far north as Elgin to as far south as Shorewood. Good luck!

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