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yup, if they can attract hollywood's best and brightest to lower budget experimental films with well known characters, and the films work, WB/DC might have actually brought something completely fresh and new to the table.

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I have been saying that I wish Marvel could do this (not that they need to). Like really specific drama focused stories (Like Kraven vs Spiderman Last Hunt).

They do this a little bit with the Netflix Marvel, but this may be better for DC.

Post infinity war there will be a shift in focus of the movies. Just like the comics. I'm sure things are going to get personal for any character they focus on. That's just how you do it in comic book character arcs. You can't go from infinity war right into the next big crossover kree/skrull war, or whatever, without time for setup and momentum building. You do that with smaller personal stories. Then the cycle repeats.

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None of the Marvel movies have been small like this (even Ant Man which is a heist movie had very big set pieces).

It is not a bad thing it is just a different style and pacing.

I can't forsee Marvel going that direction unless they do something directly for their platform.

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Maybe the a few parts resembled on the 2nd one but definitely not the 3rd example.

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Second song is absolutely a mumble rap song.

ITT: People who think mumble wrap literally means the rapper is mumbling into a mic.

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I mean there are rappers who are almost unintelligible (Thugga comes to mind), but it is more just beat driven, lots of adlibs, simple lyrics, repetititve lyrics that makes it mumble rap. And it doesn't mean just dumb and drugs, Lil Uzi Vert is interesting to me because even though I am not a fan of the genre, dude's main single is basically an emo rap song. And some of them are very psychedelic and experimental and out there. Especially in their fashion and music videos, stuff that only Andre 3000 was doing for the longest time.

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It’s good. But the “of all time” thing seems a little strong especially since this is a shit time to watch SNL

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actually general comedy consensus is that SNL is in a better place than it was 5 years ago. Still not super great but tighter sketches, better guests, and kate McKinnon is amazing in pretty much every sketch.

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It’s something we actually say.

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grade A, cross-network synergy

I'm calling it, Rs are going to dig into every Dem they can to try to drum up a sexual assault accusal. And they're so short sighted that they won't expect every Dem to be in support of an investigation. Because whether or not it is from a Democrat or Republican, sexual assault is never okay.

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They already stretched a bunch to get rid of all franken.

When it is their side attempted rape is okay but touching a woman too low on the waist during a photo is a fireable offense.

Yeah, me either...

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I'm a huge mulaney fan but hated that sketch. People really liked it because of the absurdity.

Then Japanese were Sinoboos.

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Not really likely the same people split up over generations. Not a separate culture who wanted to copy another.

Now are you talking tickets only or with other merchandise as well?

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For sure events should be regulated right. Maybe so with physical and limited merchandise. But the ability for people to instantly buy up inventory is ridiculous, especially with robots.

Not only is it cheating consumers, but it is cheating artists out of money, because they only get paid at the set ticket rate, not the resale rate.

2 points · 1 day ago

I dont really get how it cheats them out of money. They get the same amount they'd have gotten before.

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If 80% of the tickets are being bought by robots and reselling them at 30% mark up. They could have sold the tickets at THAT price instead, but didn't (Usually because they are told by companies such as ticket master fans wouldn't by).

Ticket master by being both the seller AND reseller is essentially creating a market where they contract an artist under the assumption of X price, but really ultimately selling and profiting off the higher price.

300 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

"One trans person is a murderer, clearly that's evidence that there's something wrong with trans people"

If you don't see what's wrong with this logic replace trans with black, white, male, Christian, American or Jewish.

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Don't bother with this sub. It's for 14 yr old alt right edgelords who shit in easy targets.

Comment deleted2 days ago

Including revelations in the Bible was probably the biggest mistake ever in Christianity. It was written like a couple hundred years after the rest of the Bible and is literally the fever dream of a dying man.

It contradicts half of the New Testament and makes the religion very judgemental and harsh.

Comment deleted2 days ago

He is probably sheltered. Because even in big blue urban areas the percentage of church going Christian's is high. Across America.

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This sub sure seems to have a problem with content providers trying to get paid for their work.

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Gimme free please!!!!! Let me find as many work arounds as possible to keep you from being paid.

These people are greed monsters. First they complained about now access to material. Then some shows are available to buy direct. Only streaming services. And available for free with ads and they still will find ways to by pass shit.

-10 points · 2 days ago

Except Peter Dinklage. But at least he does an excellent job.

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I couldn't find anything saying he hates it. He doesn't really watch the show but seems to be very positive ins lol his interviews about getting to play Tyrion. He said he is ready for the show to be over because he thinks it's the end of the story and he doesn't seem to like the attention from fan boys and girls. But nothing negative about his experience on the show.

That's just how much power he wielded over Hollywood.

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What's sad is in terms of actual size and power he didn't have that much. But he was the king of oscars and owning press so no one wanted to cross him. Was he in the top 10 most powerful? Maybe at best for a year or too. But there were plenty of big studios financiers and agencies and all the people who worked for them bigger.

People just let him get away with it for very little in return because they didn't want to be on the outside.

To expand, you like the characters because they're from a graphic novel written by Alan frickin Moore

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I mean I think the comic series is great but the idea of a literary super hero group isn't insane for people to get behind. The movie and the series are quite different (with the series being way better).

But the concept could have not come from Alan Moore and people would have been excited for it.

8 points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

You have it backwards. Taiwanese don’t want to be referred to as Chinese.

Source: Worked with a Taiwanese grad student, and my wife is Singaporean with Chinese background.

The grad student I worked with always got a bit pissed off when referred to as Chinese

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I remember it was either a short doc or NPR story about it. That this is the first generation of adults that view themselves as Taiwanese.

It is a very big gap between the youth and the old old generation (some of which still remember the revolution).

The percentage of people who view themselves as Taiwanese and not Taiwan Chinese went above 50% in like the early 2000s. 20 years ago almost 20% of Taiwanese people completely rejected the Taiwanese ride Tory and said Chinese only (now that number is less than) 3%.

It used to be the goal to reunite and lead a democratic China but the under 40 generation just wants their own path now.

Thanks for the info.

Would love to see that doc or NPR story if you can find it.

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Does anyone happen to know what game is they are? Twisted metal in there or tm2?

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I have to imagine it would be because it is one of few properties from then that Sony owns themselves (unlike Tekken and FFVII which are confirmed but are from outside studios).

So it wouldn't be a thing to include them. But surprised it wouldn't be announced in the initial 5 over ridge racer.

Yes, if only someone would come along and invent a "universal" remote or if TVs started to come with devices like Roku already built in.

Oh well, one can only dream.

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I mean most tvs can do like 80% of roku now.

Comment deleted3 days ago

Lol. This is the most ironic thing someone can say. You understand this argument works for both sides right?

1.0k points · 3 days ago

Wtf are you talking about?

  • Sense 8 ($108 million a season)
  • the get down ($120 million a season)
  • Stranger Things ($103 million a season)
  • bright ($100 million)

They increased the original programming budget to 13 billion this year alone.

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I want to point out that Netflix budgets are hard to compare because they have inflated costs because they pay bonuses since no actors or writers or directors get any Box office or ratings bonus that they would normally get. Netflix factors those in upfront.

There budgets are higher than normal for sure but not as high as people think.

Not by them specifically, but there's a new show out that's by the screenwriter.

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So funny just saw the trailer and was think it was reminiscent of Avatar.

I didn't like the animation style though.

8 points · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago

There are plenty of good live-action movies based on manga/anime:

Oldboy, Speed Racer, Air Doll, Our Little Sister, Himizu, Tokyo Tribe, I Am a Hero, Lady Snowblood, Little Forest: Summer/Autumn and Little Forest: Winter/Spring, Lone Wolf and Cub series, Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion series ...

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky and Hentai Kamen are also enjoyable and Ichi the Killer its fans as well.

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Yeah when people are saying there is no good anime live action movies they really mean mainstream hero animes (Dragonball, Naruto, Bleach) type stuff.

But as you point out the genre is very wide and diverse and has very good material. Of course it is hard to adapt bonkers action made for 12 year old boys in to live action.

Captain Marvel: The Second Avenger (Until we introduce another hero between WW2 and the 1990s)


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Namor it is then.

We need Dan Harmon and Josh Roiland to confirm that the scene was cannon.

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It's all cannon as long as you say it's non C139 rock and Mortys.

Power of the multiverse.

I think you overreacted a bit. You a right with the subscription though.

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It's the entire premise of the meme though.

16 points · 5 days ago

Iraq had popular support. There was a very vocal anti-war movement, no doubt. But they were the minority.

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Yeah it was about 20-30% significant but not enough to stop anything.

Trump's net worth has gone down since he took office. Your "crimes" are bullshit.

Take a look at Clintons if you want some real crimes.

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Please explain how any of them are bullshit. They are still crimes.

Hillary Clinton could be a serial killer and that doesn't take away from Donald Trumps crimes. Two people can be a criminal at once.

You think beingfully investigated for multiple years by people who want to lock her up and then findinng nothing criminal would be enough for you.

Meanwhile turns out Trump foundation has violated the law multiple times so add that to the list.

You are such a sheep.

LOL Brian williams. Guy lied about being in combat and got relegated to MSNBC.

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Hey remember all those time trump has visited the troops abroad?

Oh wait. Brian Williams has him beat.

Can someone more in the know tell me who Shiva is? Tried googling it but obviously I only got the Jewish funerary tradition or Lord Shiva of Hindu fame.

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Independent candidate in Massachusetts. Claims he is being censored because he isn't invited to senate debates (mostly because he doesn't poll high enough to even be counted)

Ben likes him because his entire campaign is based around how he is Indian and Elizabeth Warren is a fake Indian.

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