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Reasonable-redditor commented on a post in r/politics
DahmerRape 236 points

It's scary from the inside, also.

Reasonable-redditor [score hidden]

Dems and moderates have been trying to give Republicans an out so they don't have to admit they are wrong by trying to propose really moderate things along the years (reason why we have Obamacare instead of Universal) like on gay marriage, infrastructure, Dreamers instead of all immigrants, and they keep moving further to the right because they just want to WIN and don't want to be wrong.

And the ironic part is the people who support them just want to WIN and don't want to admit they are way wrong so they keep digging deeper just like the pre-Civil War.

I don't think that war is imminent, but this problem could fix it self easily if the ego and bloodlust would be put on hold for 5 seconds admit they are wrong and they could just return to early 90s Republican policy.

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Sliacen 4 points


Reasonable-redditor 6 points

Nah I think they are talking about LemonNation. Because at one point in the video they say Andy you are also fucked. And Lemon never played with Smoothie unlike Sneaky and Jensen and they were playing FQ that day.

semisomniac 15 points

Reapered says “Eric you are also fucked,” it just sounds like Andy because of his accent. So Licorice, not Smoothie.

Reasonable-redditor 4 points

Got it. So probably Contractz based on the length of the pause. Plus I have never met an unhygienic Korean. It may be a stereotype but I'm sticking to it.

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jimmcdermont 37 points

Is thinking Meteos is a better MVP candidate than Aphro really unpopular?

I feel like the Aphro love is partially due to Smoothie being considered MVP leader for a big chunk of the early split and ppl wanting to just stick to a support winning it

Reasonable-redditor 3 points

Meteos has been super clutch to this recent 100 thieves run.

Aphro however has been pretty dominant all season and he is the lead caller.

I think it is a slight edge to Aphro, but only slightly.

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TehMrSKinner 19 points

You can see his headshot in the trailer with 'Bedlam' written underneath though?

Reasonable-redditor 3 points

Yup so he is probably Bedlam, the costume lines up with the giant X on the front.

Orval 14 points

Or this guy

Bishop was already in Days of Future Past and was most definitely not Terry Crews.

I know, time messed up / different movie / there have been like 5 guys playing Colossus, etc but it doesn't make sense for him to be Bishop.

Terry is most likely G.W. Bridge

Reasonable-redditor 4 points

Why does everyone think GW bridge instead of Bedlam.

Both are XForce, but Bedlam is actually a mutant (like the rest of the team which all seem to be mutants).

Also the Bedlam Costume has the same giant X across it like Terry's does in the trailer.

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smashadages 1 point

I mean he was something like 2.5% more qualified so she doesn't sound "incompetent."

Reasonable-redditor 3 points

All the articles are saying .25%. Which is statistically negligible. The only place where they messed up was 1. saying they used this algorithim in hiring that was quantitative and 2. the CEO admitting she hired the person because of her gender.

They could have easily won if that wasn't the case. In America, quite frankly if there a bank with all white males and a minority female is .25% less qualified than the next person maybe she should be hired because of intangible qualities. Not every job is going to go to every person and the definition of qualified is very subjective.

But if your stance is to be solely "data-driven" then you have embrace hiring blindness male/female, white/minority, gay/straight and let the chips fall where they fall.

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ghostfragment92 413 points

This looks like a new Jackass with just Knoxville and Pontius, and some narrative bits spliced in there to make it more like a film. Stoked.

Reasonable-redditor 156 points

So weird, because it is based on a real life theme park. So it is like Jackass + "Inspired by True Events" which would be hilarious if they just started doing it for random moments in history.

Bleus4 29 points

What, it this really based on a real life park? :0 I couldn't help but think that it seemed kinda unrealistic throughout the trailer, but damn if it's based on a true place then I'll eat my thoughts.

Reasonable-redditor 1 point
Reasonable-redditor commented on a post in r/politics
pooponagoose 148 points

I hate hearing and seeing this argument.

Presidential salary is 400k. ONE mar a lago membership is 200k. TWO members cover that salary lol. He donates simply for the optics, he doesn't give a shit about that salary. Morons.

Reasonable-redditor 5 points

Hey hey hey, those membersships pay for many things like minimum wage waiters and valet drivers and premium grass and water.

So like maybe 4 members... maybe 5.

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Reasonable-redditor -1 points

Anyone who things a loose plastic bag is what a airbag post deployment looks like has never seen an airbag deploy.

2stinkycheeseballs -5 points

Is it bad that I laughed? I do feel bad for the person he hit.

Edit: I didn’t know it was fake.

Reasonable-redditor 2 points

...if it makes you feel better there isn't another person.

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[deleted] -37 points


Reasonable-redditor 29 points

Except Bad Moms and girls trip did very well. Maybe they just want to make money and not every movie is for you dude.

You sound like an old person shaking their hands at rock and roll.

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zacharyheat 530 points

Holy shit that Top15's channels dude's voice is fucking brutal. This guy should just voice over every one of Top15's videos. Why would someone who speaks with no inflection in such an annoying tone make video commentaries their full time job?

Original video from Top15s

His voice is a meme lmao

Reasonable-redditor 22 points

Reminds me for the Disney toys/Gummy guy who is so annoying he spawned an entire parody series that is hilarious.

Parody: Original:

Reasonable-redditor commented on a post in r/WhitePeopleTwitter
BannedForFactsAgain 0 points

"On the blog, Conditt described himself as a conservative. He wrote that he was against gay marriage and abortion and in favor of the death penalty.

He also wrote that he supported doing away with the sex offender registration system."

Reasonable-redditor 1 point

Dude I am willing to believe this guy is a terrorism. But the same information says that blog was part of a community college project 5 years ago. It wasn't a manifesto for recent actions.

Lets wait for actual information to come out. The upbringing and blog may suggest religious background, his targets suggest racial.

It could be a hate crime, which I count as terrorism because it does relate to the political standing of black people. But that is different than being an alt-right terrorist like Charlottesville.

BannedForFactsAgain 0 points

So this guy being a conservative and targeting blacks and Hispanics was just coincidence? I am willing to wait for the information to be clear as well but if this guy was brown, conservatives won't have waited for any information to declare him a terrorist.

Reasonable-redditor 1 point

I agree, but using that as evidence of terrorist belief is pretty low standards which we shouldn't lower ourselves to just because the otherside would jump to proclaim something.

Especially since most of what he said was (and still is) mainstream conservative beliefs (homosexuality is wrong, abortion is murder).

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Reasonable-redditor commented on a post in r/television
EvenG 1 point

Thanks for being reasonable and expanding on my comment. If that's a novelty account, I wish more like-minded users would create similar ones to promote sensible dialogue around here.

Reasonable-redditor 2 points

Its a novelty in that I try to be reasonable, but that is to only make me a wiser person in real life. Its my only account and I speak from personal information.

I will also be sarcastic and mean to my detriment from time to time but usually the other person is truly toxic.

FilterAccount69 2 points

Not a problem. What are you reading now? I finished three books on Nixon's White House and just bought my fourth and final one, not sure what to read after that.

Reasonable-redditor 2 points

well right now I am reading Umberto Eco, so not exactly the same genre.

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Reasonable-redditor commented on a post in r/nfl
Frugal_Octopus 14 points

I hadn't read any until seeing your comments and holy hell these people don't even see it as an article about a human being, it's just something for then to try to make a horrific joke/comment about.

I Know Reddit can be bad but damn.

Reasonable-redditor 2 points

Worst than even the Donald and YouTube. They are just monsters.

Reasonable-redditor commented on a post in r/food
james_randolph 1 point

The damn ice cream sandwich drives to you! Actually quite genius, could cause a considerable amount of weight but I'll take that challenge for Uber ICE.

Reasonable-redditor 1 point

Uber actually did an ice cream delivery promotion in LA when they were first starting.

Reasonable-redditor commented on a post in r/movies
Danny_Rand__ 7 points

I would bet its over 500k if not 1-3 Million

What do you think?

Reasonable-redditor 11 points

The budget was 1.2 million according to a couple sources.

Honestly they probably could have shot it on indieish or full cameras and the budget could still be the same.

NoFX contained movies aren't really expensive.

danlikespizza2 147 points

If “this is the future” means camera sensors ( in phones or cinema cameras) are improving while going down in cost, then sure. This doesn’t change 98%of the rest of the production process: sound recording, lighting, makeup, catering, set building, set dressing, props, DIT, all the production crew and vfx coordinators, etc. I didn’t even mention pre-production, post-production and marketing costs.

Reasonable-redditor 5 points

Yeah lighting is another huge one. Many people and many hours of labor around that. So unless someone can invent a set of ready to go orbs that can perfectly adjust lighting then ya fucked.

Reasonable-redditor commented on a post in r/videos
mangopearapples 49 points

The future bass one and Rachel's one were so good.

Man that baseline in Rachel's one

Reasonable-redditor 19 points

The first three were all really good in their own way. I especially agree on that bassline.

Andrew really did like 3 songs which he admits. Eachone could have sort of have built in to their own songs, but it was like the beginning section of three different songs.

Reasonable-redditor commented on a post in r/movies
Brockmire 54 points

I wonder do they ever use stand-ins for pilots? In other words they knew they needed to recast that part if the pilot was successful? Nothing against Dratch but even from the writing in the pilot she seemed to be out of place.

Reasonable-redditor 52 points

I work in television so I know this one. The only time I can remember PURPOSEFULLY seeing a stand in was for a pilot presentation and not a full pilot.

Pilots are so expensive to shoot that typically you want to avoid needing to recast anything so you can use it as episode 1 of your series. Now things get recast/retooled ever now and then and you do have to scrap the episode, but I don't think you would purposefully put in stand ins.

I have seen a presentation where the idea was to replace with bigger names but it was like 10 minutes just to get like the structure of the show and it was shot for cheap.

altiuscitiusfortius 0 points

The pilot for firefly had Rebecca Greyhart originally who was replaced with Morena Baccarin. Its always sunny in Philadelphia pilot had morena baccarin who was later replaced with Brittany Daniel.

That's just off the top of my head, but it seems it happens from time to time.

Reasonable-redditor 1 point

Yup! The only thing to note is that the Sunny pilot was more of a presentation as it was super low quality and never was going to air as is and Morena was less recast as it was a scheduling conflict.

Some big ones over the years like Melissa McCarthy's breakout was on Gilmore Girls when she had to replace Lois Griffin (aka Alex Borstein) and Bob Saget took over for some guy (I remember there being something really dramatic about it on the Full House Behind The Scenes).

What I want to see one day is the unaired game of thrones pilot. Bunch of changes there.

The more interesting thing is them just getting rid of the wife on Kevin James' new show or Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince. People just being replaced after already being on the show for years.

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Reasonable-redditor commented on a post in r/videos
Reasonable-redditor 20 points

I RECOGNIZE THIS GUY. I was vacationing in Florida and this commercial and a couple others would just play on a loop during commercials and on the local access.

it was the freakiest thing ever and we could recite the whole commercial by the end of the trip.

Reasonable-redditor commented on a post in r/videos
majorglich 7 points

I think the clown was going to flip over guy’s arm. Like the guy was supposed to just stand up and the clown would take care of the rest. Instead the guy just collapses for some reason, when he didn’t let go? Just my guess.

Reasonable-redditor 1 point

it looked like the guy jumped up or was off balance from the clowns weight.

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