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RedLabelClayBuster commented on a post in r/guns
RedLabelClayBuster 3 points

For what you asked? Savage model 42 takedown. But I have better suggestions if you have more info.

GamblinGambit 1 point

Absolutely interested. What kind of info would you be looking for? It would be primarily taken kayaking, other than regular shooting occasional hiking. Single shot bolt action is fine but a semi or repeater would be preferred. I know not the easiest preferences with price ($150-200) but hoping someone may have more knowledge.

RedLabelClayBuster 1 point

Well a lot of my question hinges on "what are you most concerned about"

Are you worried about muggers? Wolves? Bears?

I'm a huge fan of kayaking, and usually keep my trusty Glock in a gallon bag (for waterproofing) just in case.

RedLabelClayBuster commented on a post in r/guns
Valentine033 2 points

Would it matter that we live in BC, Canada. I forgot to mention that

RedLabelClayBuster 2 points

Case of LeBatt, gallon of maple syrup, and all the poutine he can eat

Redteded 1 point

Do you mean Labatt, the beer first brewed in anglophone Ontario?

RedLabelClayBuster 1 point

Canada is just Canada to me. I don't discriminate by province.

RedLabelClayBuster commented on a post in r/guns
PrometheusSmith 1 point

There's a big discussion thread over in /r/ar15

RedLabelClayBuster 5 points

Its 99% shitposting

PrometheusSmith 7 points

That thread, or /r/ar15 in general?

RedLabelClayBuster 7 points


RedLabelClayBuster commented on a post in r/guns
RedLabelClayBuster 13 points

Makarov. It's a neat little piece and would have been cool from a collectors standpoint at least, but mine came with these god-awful hard plastic grips, and absolutely 0 blueing. It's like someone hit it with a sandblaster. Maybe I should try to re-blue it.

Romanian PSL. Cool rifle, but I really don't have any use for it. Traded a grab bag AR for it, and I'm probably just going to sell it at some point.

Glock 22. 40 sucks, I overpaid for it, and made the mistake of trying to use a 9mm conversion barrel in it, which didn't run for crap. I was thinking about buying a G34 slide for it, but the cost of the slide, barrel, internals, spring, and sights is nearing the cost of just buying a damn G34. Oh well.

Live and learn, try not to sell at too much of a loss, and do your best to avoid impulse buys.

DrClo 3 points

I'll take that PSL off your hands.

RedLabelClayBuster 1 point

I PM'd you, but I'm not sure if my direct messages are going through.

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RedLabelClayBuster commented on a post in r/guns
RedLabelClayBuster 8 points

Myself, and many others on here, think that lasers are silly.

But you didn't ask for my opinion, you asked for a holster.

Alien gear seems to make one, and they are a pretty well regarded company in the holster world.

Also, you might have better luck in /r/ccw.

Be safe and happy shooting.

RedLabelClayBuster commented on a post in r/AskReddit
julianface 2 points

Would this happen with a gun buyback program?

logictoinsanity 1 point

Maybe a bit, not as much though because rather than just stick a male and female cobra together you have to build guns. Much harder to do and much more expensive.

RedLabelClayBuster 1 point

You can build a slamfire "shotgun" out of a piece of wood, a nail, and a black iron pipe for $20.

RedLabelClayBuster 1 point

Absolutely. You can make a black iron slamfire "shotgun" for $20 in materials. It's totally legal, and technically a firearm so it qualifies for the buyback. One guy who did it made the serial number "GunBuyBacksDontWork1" or something.

RedLabelClayBuster commented on a post in r/guns
FrenchFriedMushroom 3 points

$5 mags?


RedLabelClayBuster 6 points

On /r/gundeals a few months ago, there was a sale on Sig AR mags for $5 apiece, with free shipping over $100. Naturally, many people (myself included) picked up 21 of them.

RedLabelClayBuster 21 points

I spy $5 Sig mags! I've been running them pretty hard lately. They're no Magpuls, but they seem to be just fine.

RedLabelClayBuster 15 points

Brand new Ruger GP100. Sorry if it's not clear which pin I'm referring to. It's the one with the red circle around it. I was dry firing and whispering Dirty Harry lines under my breath, when I saw this pin had walked out about a quarter inch. I pushed it back in, but I'm curious as to what it is, and if I can just peen it over with a center punch for retention. Thank you!

boltgunner 20 points

Call Ruger. They have one of the best customer service departments in the industry.

RedLabelClayBuster 7 points

Yeah, but if it's not super important I'll just hit it with a center punch. This is my first revolver. I'm imagining that it holds in the rear sight, but I just wanted to ask you all.

RedLabelClayBuster commented on a post in r/AskReddit
f_myeah 2 points

And when it's said that these sort of people have "bad coping mechanisms," this is exactly what they're talking about.

You actually think that ~50% of the entire population of the world are "treacherous?" Because of their gender? That there's not a single good woman out there, and only men are capable of being honest? Really? Think with your brain, not your emotions, man.

RedLabelClayBuster 1 point

I made the OP that you're talking about, just so we're clear.

f_myeah 2 points

Which? The parent comment is by "ItsChlowey" and your original comment is about what your dad said.

Your dad is wrong and you seem to have inherited his terrible choice in women.

RedLabelClayBuster 1 point

My b, I just wanted it to be clear that I was the one who said all women are treacherous, then proceeded to call myself a sad, angry, lonely guy on the internet. Making sure we're on the same page.

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RedLabelClayBuster commented on a post in r/AskReddit
thetasigma1355 0 points

Ok, you got me. I shouldn't feed trolls. Message received.

RedLabelClayBuster 3 points

I'm not trying to be a troll, man. Ethical scenarios like this are really interesting to analyze and have discussions about.

thetasigma1355 2 points

You are making nonsensical arguments about a hypothetical situation. As I said in my original reply, the fuck you smoking man? This question isn't about forced sterilization or any of that. If you want to have that conversation make your own AskReddit post instead of hijacking a similar one.

Once again, read this slowly.

If you get caught speeding, you pay a fine not get your car impounded. If you get caught speeding again? You pay the fine again.

You seem to not be realizing the fine is the enforcement no matter how frequently I say it.

RedLabelClayBuster 2 points

WHICH TAKES ME BACK TO MY PREVIOUS STATEMENT, what if they can't pay? Accidents happen.

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RedLabelClayBuster commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
reaper0345 9 points

Gives me something to collect.

RedLabelClayBuster 7 points

Lol "lung cancer trading cards"

The cigarette packages in Chile were freaking brutal. Most people I knew cut the pictures out of them. I just didn't care.

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