Desert burros see green grass for the first time by 10gauge in Unexpected

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This is when a gif ends before you were ready for it to ends. Usually you're left thinking, what did I miss?

In your case of a fucking gif that ends too soon, you probably always miss the money shot.

Double cheese and bacon burger from Burger and Beyond, Camden Market, London [4032 x 3024 pixels (12 MP)] by michaelprimeaux in FoodPorn

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If you guys are all going to talk about the best burger places in London can you start linking to Google maps?! Been craving a good burger for over a week now!

Shared by edgy friend by Mandrutz in im14andthisisdeep

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He's actually a crayon but he's friends with like 3 packs of pencils.

Shit by BonglordFourTwenny in Prematurecelebration

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No. This wasn't autobalance. I even think you can cause this using mp_switchteams in console with rcon password, although I haven't played in over a year.

Oh come on by kalkut123 in gifsthatendtoosoon

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It's actually quite annoying when people post stuff that isn't power washing porn to powerwashingporn.

Help Me Make this Happen! (G2 eSports Podcast) by eSportsRin in RocketLeague

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boost my ego and I will

What a ballbag, whoever he is. And you suckers ate it up.

Your thoughts on making body camera footage public? by Kingfishercore in policeuk

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"I've always believed the only way to keep any system honest is to have it open to the people who pay for it"

https://youtu.be/GxmTSJLCq4g?t=1922 Might be worth watching 2 minutes from 1922s.

She speaks from a court perspective but the fundamental belief is the same. I've lectured (in policing) and they're recorded, the university can do whatever they want with it, including making it publicly viewable on YouTube. It's fine. If I'm shite I'll get told. If the students didn't get their money's worth, it's on me, and someone can check and be certain. It's good.

I'm not quite sure this is a fair comparison because policing and teaching are so different. Policing is far more important than lecturing 21 year olds! I can't ruin a life, but a police officer can, and there's a lack (through shrinking at a snail's pace across the UK) of transparency there which doesn't sit well.

I think with policing and some of the professions you mentioned should at least have everything recorded so should there be a need to check anything, it can be viewed. So maybe the complete transparency (i.e. absolutely everything available to the public) is too strong, but for accountability and the governance of security, the option should be there -- and will in the future.

Colored edge wallpaper by b4dwallpaper in GalaxyS8

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I think the backgrounds with too much going on actually take away from how good the screen is. Mainly black with just some colour is right up my street!

Your thoughts on making body camera footage public? by Kingfishercore in policeuk

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I have the same view as Judy Sheindlin, anyone acting in a public office should be completely transparent.

Thoughts of a Dying Atheist feels so.underappreciated by Naiiro777 in Muse

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Those last chords in the chorus are great though. The whole last run down. So satisfying to play on piano (not as much on the guitar).

Shit by BonglordFourTwenny in Prematurecelebration

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TF2 and the teams switch at a precise time every game. ie he knew the second it would say that. Its just a meme.