People who trawl through others’ post history why do you do it? by SeNdTrApPiCs in AskReddit

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Years ago I read downvoting from an overview page does the affect actual score.

What was a loophole that you found and exploited the hell out of? by Dorothy_Edington in AskReddit

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He's looking for publicity in every rising askreddit thread.

By not seeing him before you just get to threads late. He's in them all the time.

Has anyone gotten Mumble overlay to work? by RedSquaree in PUBATTLEGROUNDS

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I really don't like their overlays though! But at least it works I suppose

Why do my professors never discuss Victimology? by holeoperation in Criminology

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That's why then -- it's not a full criminology degree. Like I said, there is so much under the 'criminology' umbrella that a load of topics won't make the cut! Usually the topics that make it in play to the strengths of the lecturer.

Why do my professors never discuss Victimology? by holeoperation in Criminology

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My undergrad degree did cover victimology but that was a three year programme with 18 modules lasting 12 weeks each (although it was 1/3 law).

You mentioned you are in a criminology programme. For me, putting together a criminology programme, victimology would not make it in unless it had a ton of modules -- but my area is more pre-crime (crime prevention, policing, crime science). Also, I would put victimology more in the realm of criminal justice and social studies (sociology, social policy, penal policy in a way) than 'criminology'.

When I said 'ask' I meant ask more fundamental questions about the curriculum rather than asking the teacher/lecturer to talk about something specifically.

I'm a doctoral student and consultant and this is how I schedule my time. by kevintaylor in academia

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Cross posting and spam are not the same thing. In fact, reddit used to have a rule that for every 10 contributions you make, you may self promote once -- something along those lines.

Post your favorite Chef John quotes by ChainedToRadiator in foodwishes

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I think this is from a potato potluck video when he's (not) smoothing the top

you know I like my nooks, and I like my crannies

Girl On The Right (☞゚∀゚)☞ by RedditUserName999999 in trashyboners

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Perfect, another sub where you don't see faces... How does anyone like that stuff? It's a butterface's wet dream for attention

I was a 40 year old woman at 13 by lacylove314 in blunderyears

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Inbox is RIP. I'll take the over (10) on people asking for a certain type of photo.