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RedditUser24567 8 points

That was a good looking car. I have some up close pictures of it on my other computer. I'll have to find them. They ended up just bringing over a flat bed wrecker from Hendrick Motorsports and just hauled the wrecked car out of the track and back to the shop on that.

edit: Found the pictures. Not the best quality. Oh well.

DrFlobotnik 1 point

Great shot! I'm an amateur just took my first long exposure for this launch as well. What kind of lens are you using? And is this a full frame camera? I am thinking of getting a wide angle since my kit lens & crop sensor did pretty well but I'd like to get more in the shot

RedditUser24567 1 point

Thanks! This was a wide angle lens, a Tokina 11-20, on a crop sensor. What camera are you using?

DrFlobotnik 1 point

Awesome! I'm thinking of going with something similar. I'm using a Nikon D3300 which I love right now, the only thing I've sort of noticed is isn't as good for low light shots (I tried getting some star shots that didn't turn out so well). I have heard sometimes that full frame cameras have better sensors for low light in general, which gave me an itch to look into switching. but that is good to know you're shooting crop your picture turned out really well! Maybe a new lens is the trick (with lower focal length & lower f stop) & playing with shutter more.

RedditUser24567 1 point

Yeah, I mean full frame definitely has its advantages from what I understand. But good glass helps too. A good wide angle will help. Also, just as a reference, I'm usually anywhere between f/12 and f/16 for a launch depending on different factors like where I'm shooting from, ambient light, moonlight, type of rocket, how long my exposure is going to be. It's all kind of trial and error.

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florida4_life 18 points

Looking at him after the fact, he really does look better. Roger knows what he's doing!

RedditUser24567 11 points

I mean, I think the long hair was ok. I think the stache just wasn't working. But the hair was getting to the point where he was probably going to have to do something before long anyway. He's just lucky that it looks like he's got a good head of hair, so he's got plenty of options for hair styles that will work for him.

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vaporsilver 2 points

Got one question. I noticed he would spin the gun up for a second before hitting the lugs. Is this a timing thing between him and the jackman?

RedditUser24567 2 points

I think it's probably a couple of things. 1st is getting the rpms of the gun up so that it'll spin the lugs faster. 2nd it might also be him sighting the first lug he's going to hit. Like a timing thing for himself. Part of his routine. It does seem like there is an excessive pause when watching it, so maybe there's more to it. But it could be a case of him "slowing down" a little to go faster. Yeah, he could have probably gone quicker if he wanted to, but he looked so smooth and consistent there. If he tried to rush it more, he might have risked a mistake. Just my take on it. I coukd be wrong though.

vaporsilver 2 points

Yeah I thought it was a timing thing but you never know

RedditUser24567 5 points

Yeah. I have no idea how these guys are coached to do things. But I used a similar approach when I was doing pit stops in ARCA. Granted I practiced very little, had no coaching, and was nowhere near that fast. But I always tried to slow down a little and just hit the lugs. The hard part is maintaining your composure while it's all happening. I think that's half of what makes the pros so good. I mean, yeah, they are in great shape, and have tons of training and reps. But to be really good, you have to be able to shut everything else out in the chaos around you and do your job quickly and efficiently.

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RedditUser24567 41 points

Sad news. He definitely left a huge legacy though. His company, All American Racers, has been so cutting edge throughout the years. They even built the landing legs for SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket.

RedditUser24567 12 points

Also, I've gotta add, if you haven't ever seen a rocket land, you should make it a bucket list item... it's pretty cool. I'll shamelessly plug my picture of last weekends SpaceX launch and landing.

BlueMountainsMajesty 3 points

Dude are you shitting me?

RedditUser24567 4 points
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RedditUser24567 2 points

Maybe you can come up with some jack stands to put a car on. Or even a surface plate and/or some scale pads. A tool box or a pit box or something like that. Some templates hanging on the wall somewhere.

bourguignon7 1 point

I have all that coming in eventually. I have a list of things to add. Im also locating a donor 1/24 to cut into "sheet metal" and hang those.

RedditUser24567 2 points

Cool. That was another thing I thought too. Or even a raced/wrecked version sitting in the corner. You might need a bigger shop haha.

goat_nebula -22 points

Is that the one where they fucked up and lost a satellite worth billions of my taxpayer dollars?

boutros_gadfly 6 points

If you're that rich, I reckon you can afford it.

RedditUser24567 5 points

I think we figured out Jeff Bezos' Reddit username!

RedditUser24567 4 points

Yeah, the satellite is reportedly lost. The consensus seems to be that SpaceX did everything right on their end though. The theory is that there was an issue with the payload adapter which was designed and built by the customer. Of course we don't know any solid details because of the nature of the mission.

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Chev_350 12 points

I have asked if it was him selling it or if it was apart of Robert Yates estate. No answer yet.

RedditUser24567 6 points

I'd be curious to know. I feel like it has to be a replica. Even if it was part of the estate, I have a hard time imagining the family would sell off something like that.

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ClemsonNascar21 25 points
RedditUser24567 2 points

But it's 2 separate schemes side to side.... did it actually race, or was NASCAR it's usual consistent self and make them change it?

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OSUfan88 3 points

Does anyone know if this will be visible from Boca Florida (Fort Lauderdale)? I'm hoping that I'll be able to see a little bit of the flames, although it's quite a long ways away...

RedditUser24567 1 point

If it's clear enough, it should be. My dad lives just south of Ft. Lauderdale and has seen a few launches that I've alerted him to.

robbak 5 points

Go Searcher, a sister ship to Go Quest and NRC Quest, has always been the fairing chaser on East coast launches. Last time she was (apparently) out of action, and she also spent time traveling down to Puerto Rico, probably doing disaster recovery work, likely as part of Tesla's efforts.

As far as I know, she hasn't been fitted with arms, and seems too small for such an encumbrance.

RedditUser24567 8 points

Saw them at the port yesterday. No arms.

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silicondog 325 points

No problem.

Other bit of advice. Community college is typically free if you’re doing anything right at all. I’m in Texas for example. Standard grants that EVERYONE can qualify for if they earn near the poverty line, pay out up to 5,500 a semester. Tuition at a community college is like $600-$900 a semester. I had a girlfriend that bought a beater car to drive to school and back with the difference.

My first step to six figures from barely graduating high school, was to pick a trade at a community college, and just sticking with it.

I don’t care what it is, as long as it’s something in demand that people will pay for.

If you can just do one or two classes a week Tuesday/Thursday nights or whatever, that’s alright. You’ll get through it. You’ll also probably find free showers and gyms to use. Free entertainment to attend (plays by other students and music performances) and a lot of other people trying to better their situations too.

They also have work study programs (jobs) for students too.

All of this adds up to basically a get out of poverty free card if you play it right.

Go fill out that FASFA as soon as campus opens. Get googling. Get good. Get paid.

Oh I forgot to say, 100% of your education expenses come back as a tax credit too.

RedditUser24567 98 points

To add to this, look into local union apprenticeship programs in your area as an option if there are any. They will put you through trade school with work as well. It's not easy, because you have to balance work and school to their standards. But if you're willing to pay your dues (literally and figuratively) and willing to put up with the politics of union life it can be a good option.

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RedditUser24567 1 point

So I know a little bit about number 5, that pencil sketch of Jeff Gordon with the race car in it. My dad was actually responsible for having this made. Leo (the artist) was business neighbors with my dad, and my dad had him do a sketch for a whole bunch of different drivers. I know there was one for Dale Sr, DW, Mark Martin, Harry Gant, Kyle Petty, Richard Petty, Sterling Marlin, Dale Jarrett, Bill Elliott, Ernie Irvan, Davey Allison, Jeff Gordon, Alan Kulwicki, and I think a few others I'm missing, all from '92-93 era. I have copies of most, if not all of them stashed away somewhere. I know I have autographed ones by Mark Marin, Kyle Petty, and Harry Gant. I'll have to dig them out.

RedditUser24567 commented on a post in r/space
jld2k6 150 points

My brother told me during Thanksgiving dinner that he can't believe Elon Musk is getting away with the recognition that he is for this because it's obviously just a rocket launch played in reverse. He wasn't even kidding :( He has so many conspiracy theories like that up his sleeve, to the point where it's awkward even being around him because he can't resist bringing them up

RedditUser24567 46 points

Bring him to the cape when they launch and land one and see what he thinks then.

RedditUser24567 commented on a post in r/NASCAR
RedditUser24567 1 point

Where are you from (generally)? There might be a driver from that general area that you could pull for. If you find it important to have a driver that has a decent shot to win on any given week, that will narrow your choices pretty significantly. But if you don't mind rooting for someone who probably won't win, but still want them to finish well, that opens up a bit more choices. The rest are just field fillers.

You also have the option of not having a single favorite, but having a driver or a few drivers that you just don't want to see win, so that you root for whoever can beat them.

RedditUser24567 commented on a post in r/NASCAR
jamesonhester 3 points

do you happen to have a more clear picture of this? It’s perfect but i can’t read the dimensions!!

RedditUser24567 8 points

Numbers across the top from top to bottom: 6.50, 5.625, 1.812

Numbers on the right side left to right as written: 1.875, 5.156, 6.00

The 4 holes for mounting: 0.34

Radius on the corners: 0.25

Plate thickness: 0.125

Restrictor plate hole size not specified. Holes are symmetric from the center point of the plate.

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codymacc8 16 points

It's ironic that when Rusty mentions "losing friends", the first three people shown are Earnhardt, who would lose his life at that racetrack just 7 years later, Bodine who probably came as close as you can get to death at Daytona just 6 years later, and Petty, who would lose his son in a crash 6 years later.

RedditUser24567 10 points

I also thought it was ironic that Kenny Schrader and Sterling Marlin were right there over Dales shoulder during a few of those shots.

RedditUser24567 26 points

As Rusty says "I'm tired of losing my friends, and my friends getting hurt. I don't know about you guys", and gestures to the group in the room. The camera pans and Dale Earnhardt front and center.... kind of eerie looking back on it now.

RedditUser24567 commented on a post in r/NASCAR
MercSLSAMG 1 point

As long as it's communicated pre race and they stick to a prescribed formula for laps prior to pits open it should be ok. I personally just think they should stop the cars with pits closed (either before or after putting) to allow for commercials.

RedditUser24567 1 point

This isn't a bad idea. Kind of like a stage break. I'm not sure about letting them work on the cars, but maybe as soon as they cross the line, freeze the field. Then either gather them up and do pit cycles like a normal caution. However after that, stop the them on track to allow for commercial break, and while that is happening nascar can line the field up accordingly, including wave arounds and such. Then when it's time, the cars come to 1 to go. It would minimize the caution laps. It would mean fewer counted caution laps between stages. And if its a reduced and calculated procedure/number of laps, maybe they can be not counted, but teams will know ahead of time that this is how it's going to go, so plan for it.

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