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SkyfallCamaro 12 points

I've seen fans try to get a driver's autograph at the most inopportune times. They'll be head-deep in a conversation with a crew member about the car and fans will come up and start sticking Sharpies and hats in their faces with total disregard to what's happening. That's super cringeworthy to watch. Most drivers are too nice to say anything mean but you can tell it's off-putting to be in the middle of trying to make your car better and some bozo won't leave you alone until you sign his diecast just so he can go sell it on eBay for a massive profit.

RedditUser24567 2 points

At Homestead like the first or second year it was open (Busch Series only), the cars were lined up to go out for practice. Mark Martin was racing in the Winn-Dixie car that weekend. Well he's sitting there, strapped in, window net up, engine running, and some lady comes over and tries to hand something in for him to sign. There was some hand gesturing, head shaking, and nothing was signed. The lady walked away looking confused...

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jwlurch 2 points

Your are moving down in temp at a constant alloy. The lines you intersect are the phases. There is a slight amount of undercooling actually needed to start to solidify and then the temperature stays constant during the full phase change at the 920C value.

The alpha and beta value look to be different crystalline structures of a solid. But idk for sure.

RedditUser24567 2 points

The alpha+L is the region of solidifying Ag with liquid Cu. The Beta+L is solidifying Cu with liquid Ag. Thus solidification begins to occur in these phases, but is only one element. The lower portion is where both are solidified. I don't recall what the only Alpha and Beta regions on the sides are though...

fibonatic 1 point

Alpha and beta are probably not just solid Ag and Cu respectively, but instead are two different crystalline structures consisting out of both Ag and Cu (but with different ratios). So alpha+beta is just a mix of the two crystalline structures. The size of these crystals probably dependents on the rate of cooling. So alpha probably has mostly Ag in its crystal lattice and beta mostly Cu. However the region with only alpha or beta will probably then also have some pure Ag or Cu crystals respectively as well (depending of the percentage).

RedditUser24567 2 points

You may be right. Been quite some time since I've seen this stuff. And my very quick and crude search to refresh led me to what my answer was. The details aren't really important to the answer and the approach to determine the answer for this question though I suppose.

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RedditUser24567 5 points

The question is, are these new sponsors/sponsors not currently in Cup, or are these sponsors from other teams? It sucks to see a long time sponsor leave, but it doesn't hurt as bad if it brings in something new instead of taking away from the already thinly spread sponsors present right now.

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22Fusion 9 points

He is, I think. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the City Lights Spirits (CLS) on Hemrics decklid. That’s Brendan’s alcohol thing (not sure if it’s beer or wine or what lol)

RedditUser24567 5 points

I think it's a moonshine thing.

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HouseofWoogeroo 1 point

He recently retired after the Knoxville Nationals I believe, you can do a search on it, there were a few articles about it on some racing news sites.

RedditUser24567 1 point

It was the Chili Bowl. I only watched some of the MavTV coverage where they touted him retiring after the race, but he didn't really participate in the coverage from what I saw. They brought him in for a segment where he basically reminisced. He may have been doing work on the PPV side earlier in the week though.

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CarpoolKamoke -5 points

Kerry never had any say in DEI, so I don't know what that has to do with anything. Either way, it doesn't excuse the fact that Ganassi tossed him to the curb immediately once they started the process of buying the team.

RedditUser24567 -8 points

I heard Kerry worked as a security guard there. If that's true, he kind of did have a say about some things.

CarpoolKamoke 13 points

You.... you must be kidding. A fucking security guard does not have say in who drives the damn race cars.

RedditUser24567 -4 points

Yes, I am kidding. I never said he had any say over who drives race cars. It was more of a sarcastic comment about having a say about something. Like who can go where.

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RedditUser24567 2 points

Most things have been covered here. The race should last around 3 hours without any delays. But of course there are pre-race ceremonies. The race is scheduled to start around 7 pm. As a first race, I'd consider fan zone tickets so you can go see the garages and watch inspection and be down on the track before the race. I would plan to be there by 12 or so to give you plenty of time to get parked, get in and see everything for a few hours before the race starts.

Daytona has what I would call the best set up going with their recent renovations. It is pretty comfortable seating. Plus all the stuff to see in the concourses is cool. And if it does rain, there is a place to stay dry.

Finally, Daytona has a massive fireworks display after the race. It lasts probably half an hour. So you might be interested in sitting around and enjoying that after the race ends. Then be prepared for traffic. But in all honesty, the past couple times I've been, traffic hasn't been horrible.

lilleespen 1 point

Thank you!

RedditUser24567 1 point

You're welcome. Have fun. Oh and make sure you have sunscreen, and drink plenty of water. You'll be glad you did.

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BigFootIsReal28 3 points

Where the hell is that team buying motors? 2nd week in a row they've blown one.

RedditUser24567 1 point

PME. Which basically means they build their own motors. Mark Smith started both companies. He passed last year and his son is running Tri-Star. Not sure his involvement with PME.

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RedditUser24567 2 points

That's a really good deal. If I lived around there I would be all over that. Buy some stuff to do my own oil change, which is do anyway and get tickets to a race.

Maybe Daytona could do something like this some day? Obviously not for the 500, but the 400 or even the clash or duals would be cool.

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DecoyNumber7 6 points

One to cut in half, one to put a screen door on, one to blow holes in with a cannon, and if you call right now we'll smash one into a wall and see if we can fix it in 6 minutes!

RedditUser24567 4 points

What about one to turn into a submarine?

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DownstairsFailure 8 points

Thanks! Will do. I'm more than green, and have an insatiable hunger for NASCAR knowledge hah. This is a tall order, but are there any other legendary finishes to watch? I never thought NASCAR was "hur turn left hur", but it wasn't my thing.... and now I'm really regretting it.

RedditUser24567 5 points

Legendary race: 1992 Hooters 500. Richard Pettys last race, and just so happened to be Jeff Gordons first race (in cup). Also came down to the closest points finish ever at the time. Back then points were awarded all season (no playoffs with a reset). There were 5 bonus points awarded for leading at least a single lap in each race, and if a driver lead more laps than anyone else in the race they got 5 additional. Alan Kulwicki led 1 more lap than Bill Elliott, thus leading the most laps in the race and getting the 5 additional points and winning the championship by 10 points (which back then equated to only a few finishing positions throughout the entire year). Had Elliott lead more laps that race instead, Elliott would have gotten the 5 additional points instead, which would have resulted in a 10 point swing and a tie in points. Elliott would have won the championship on a tie breaker. So the whole season championship came down to 1 lap led. And the margin was in points only equated to 4 finishing positions throughout the entire season.

There have been closer points finished since then, but they feel more artificial with the playoff formats that have been added since like 2004.

The Day video. I'm on mobile, so sorry if it doesn't link right. But it's easy to find on YouTube. Also, fun fact (for me at least), I make a brief cameo in the video in one of the shots of fans regarding Richard Pettys Fan Appreciation Tour. That was a surprise the first time I saw the documentary!

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GoDuke4382 1 point

I've bought a bunch of used parts from Roush-Yates Performance Parts, (the company is now named SRI Performance), in Mooresville. Looks like they're out of stock on used race engines right now, but they did sell them. Heck, I think you could build a whole car from all the used parts they had for sale. I bought all kinds of things from them.. an old Johnny Sauter aluminum seat, a carbon fiber dash out of a #17 Roush car, SHR carbon fiber gas pedal assembly, all kinds of gauges and switches and electrical stuff that's been mileaged out. Haven't dealt with the new company, but those guys used to be great to deal with.

There's another company that has engine parts, CTS. They sell new sealed crate engines for local short-track cars.

As far as engines go, Roush has an aluminum version of the RF9, called the RY45, that they sell here. And as others have mentioned, ebay and RacingJunk are great sources for used race stuff.

You might like this too, its an article about buying used Roush race engines.. details about the internals, dyno sheet, etc.

Edit: formatting

RedditUser24567 2 points

That Roush-Yates Performance store is really cool.

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RedditUser24567 2 points

How much water are these guys drinking? Are they bathing in it too? Did they fill a pool with it? I get that water isn't free, but it's pretty cheap. And to be a full on primary with just some bottled water is crazy.

Maybe he gave Ron Devine a ridiculous amount of water, and he is selling it to make a little cash?

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bross45 1 point

I would assume they would have it printed out there. They changed the wrap on their 500 car for the duel in less than a day. It shouldn't be a problem, even if they have to do it in between practices.

RedditUser24567 -1 points

Maybe. Or they could have whoever does their wraps in NC print it and then overnight it to them. I don't know much about how wraps are made, so they might prefer to use people who know about whatever special needs NASCAR cars need. Either way, no big deal.

bross45 0 points

Another fair option. I know Joe Gibbs has a video on YouTube about wrapping cars. It appeared to print quickly and I could imagine them over-nighting it.

Edit: Matt, let us know what is happening

RedditUser24567 -1 points

I'm vaguely familiar with the process. I just don't know about the templates and stuff they use, and if it's something simple enough to send to a competent wrap company and they can just execute it. I've always found that stuff interesting and it's crazy how they can get everything right so that it all lines up so well. It's definitely an art and skill.

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RedditUser24567 3 points

Somebody should tweet at Rodney with the clear evidence here that shows he is a liar and see what he says? My guess is nothing/blocks whoever.

Foxhockey 3 points

I think he really meant to say...about 2/3rds of a LAP into the race.

RedditUser24567 5 points

I think he meant to say 2/3 of the way to Vegas in the hauler. Because there is a picture of it like that in practice.

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ArizonaIcedOutBoys 6 points

I really dislike sadler. Old washed up guy who was never successful and is salty people who have potential in the sport overshadow him.

RedditUser24567 3 points

I wouldn't say never successful, but he wasn't overly successful. Definitely hasn't faded away gracefully imo.

Captain_Frylock 1 point

At least in terms of wins, he's in the same Cup neighborhood as Mikey (4), Robby Gordon (3), Brian Vickers (3), and John Andretti (2). So yeah...not exactly HoF-tier.

RedditUser24567 1 point

Not stellar. But I never argued that he was hall of fame caliber. I don't particularly care for him even, especially lately. But I am hesitant to say he was "never successful". Like I said, he wasn't overly successful, but he had some success. I'm sure there are a lot of drivers that would be happy with his career compared to theirs.

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Space_Coast_Steve 12 points

Saw the reentry burn from Cocoa Beach!

RedditUser24567 1 point

So did I. I kept looking for any sign of an explosion from impact. I knew it wouldn't be clearly visible, but was looking for a flash. I can't say I saw anything. I felt like I saw a very faint quick flash, but it was likely my eyes playing tricks on me.

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RedditUser24567 3 points

We've seen worse. Could stand to have the ride height lowered. The Camaro thing is probably the worst. Either put what it was, put Chevrolet or Chevy, or just put nothing. And it's obviously not an xfinity car, so again, just leave it blank. Or put Gauhan there or something. A few extra decals to liven it up a little and it wouldn't be so bad. To the NASCAR fan it'll always look off, but to the normal person it looks like a NASCAR.

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netwreck94 3 points

Her NASCAR/ARCA career consists of 1 lap in a start/park effort in a tiny regional series several years ago.

RedditUser24567 1 point

I saw the video. For a few grand, she could run a K&N race or ARCA I'm sure. Not that she would be capable of doing anything. Pathetic.

TheSpaceAce 6 points

He accomplished more than he can say of his own daughter, but that's not saying much. He made one truck start in 2000, started in last place (33), ran 27 of 73 laps, and finished 32 out of 33 cars.

He also entered the ARCA race at Talladega in 2007 racing for James Hylton, but he failed to qualify.

That is the entire extent of his professional racing career.

RedditUser24567 3 points

Worse than I thought.

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