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Redditnotes commented on a post in r/tifu
ShuRugal 1 point

Are you one of those people?

Redditnotes 1 point

No. I’m the opposite, I’m English.

ShuRugal 1 point

Then why are you white knighting for them?

Redditnotes 1 point

I haven’t told the op to stop, just providing a perspective and but if nuance they may not have considered. Usually people enjoy gaining more context to situations, it’s the reason many people come to Reddit.

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Redditnotes commented on a post in r/pics
dragonwhisp3rer 2 points

C'mon, why are they trying to limit themselves to only 10 customers!?

Edit: Wow, I really thought I was funny there...

Redditnotes 2 points


dragonwhisp3rer 1 point

Good eye there! 👍

Redditnotes 1 point

There's plenty of costumes too in Dublin on st Patrick's day tbh

Redditnotes commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
shinydizzycomputer 9 points

I pay for Spotify which comes with Hulu so my family uses that lol. I also pay for my car and my family uses that too...

Redditnotes -16 points

Do you want applause?

shinydizzycomputer 13 points

I meant it more like "ugh they use my car..." Almost like a self-depracating joke. Sorry, I've been told I'm not very good at portraying meaning through text. Or jokes in general.

Redditnotes 1 point

You are a sad person

Redditnotes commented on a post in r/PrequelMemes
its_okay_tommy -8 points

i believe the joke is supposed to be that it's a sexual innuendo for a hand job

wiki article for the confused

Redditnotes 5 points

I believe the joke is fact that sign language involves the use of hands and the word "handy" has "hand" within it. It's pretty low effort - but that is why we love prequel memes.

Redditnotes commented on a post in r/worldnews
lxkrycek 162 points

Hmm. Depends on the vote, first, and then sometimes it may be up to countries to make it real or not. Some of the EU regulations can be enforced, some others are guidance.

Redditnotes 3 points

Technically EU regulations are defacto enforced in national courts and European courts. It’s directives which need to be implemented at state level.

Redditnotes commented on a post in r/news
HereForTheFreeBeer 228 points

Thanks for all you do! I fly quite often and appreciate every take off and landing!

Redditnotes 2 points

I travel for work and get through flights by thinking it wouldn't be too bad to die. Instantaneous, a novel way to go and I have an excuse to get out of my obligations.

Redditnotes commented on a post in r/todayilearned
xiX_kysbr_Xix 6 points

The US literally has a system called social security that everyone working pays into ya dumb dumb. If you want to claim it not as extensive as some European countries thats fine but saying there aren't any is just flat out wrong

Redditnotes -2 points

When it doesn't act as a springboard for social mobility - it may as well not exist.

Redditnotes commented on a post in r/pics
ratshack 1 point

the prosecution does not prove defense and the standard of proof in criminal court is "beyond a reasonable doubt".

stick to bird law.

Redditnotes 2 points

Sorry, in my jurisdiction the burden of proof shifts when a defence is offered by the accused in criminal courts and the standard of proof reduces to below a preponderance of the evidence - proving a reasonable doubt. Do you hold any qualifications or are you just armchair lawyering?

ratshack 1 point

what jurisdiction is that?

Redditnotes 2 points


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Redditnotes commented on a post in r/nottheonion
atohitotsu -2 points

Yeah but then legal damages would probably be nominal, like $1 or something. He should get his licence suspended but I don't see how the patient will win much from a suit.

Redditnotes 7 points

Being informed that a professional battered and mutilated you while you were unconscious and had entrusted yourself into their care could be seen spun as a shock induced psychiatric injuria.

Redditnotes 3 points

Nervous shock upon being informed and punitive damages maybe?

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Redditnotes commented on a post in r/news
wigglin_harry -10 points

Everyone in the world is just clamoring to go to school in Germany

You retards were Nazis less than one lifetime ago

Redditnotes 2 points

I'm going to break this down, this is /r/ShitAmericansSay level commentary.

People didn't up and decide to turn into Nazis, there was a long period of socioeconomic distress for Germany post World War One, which left a vacuum for demagoguery. Similar to what you are experiencing, a figure promised the world only he actually seized control of the state.

Did every German support the National socialists? No, there were many many people who didn't.

Germany has so much going for it, don't write it off because of a period of Europes history. I don't think America is full of "retards" because you elected Trump.

wigglin_harry -5 points

That's why we have the best universities in the world, yep

Redditnotes 5 points

Oxford? Cambridge? London School of Economics?

Redditnotes commented on a post in r/law
rcglinsk 3 points

I am certainly no expert on the intricacies of European Federalism:)

Redditnotes 1 point

Believe it or not, Russia and Greenland are members of the Council of Europe and as a result fall under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights.

Redditnotes commented on a post in r/law
Adam_df 8 points

I didn't see any mention of the first amendment, which is odd. Any law purporting to restrict what can occur in a video game is going to run headlong into that.

Redditnotes 7 points

I guess that is why the title is "should" rather than "could"/"Is".

They appear to be engaging with the idea normatively.

But you are correct.

Redditnotes commented on a post in r/Cooking
AchievementUnlockd [A] 182 points

I tell you what, u/foodnetwerk.... this post is epic. Truly epic. I'm going to reach out to you by DM and drop a few months of reddit gold on you. But it's gonna come with some strings attached: namely, get out there and write the damned book. It'll make a fortune. Do it immediately.


Director of Community, Reddit.

Redditnotes -7 points

An ellipsis is supposed to have three dots (...). I'm sorry, it's my pet grammar peeve.

Redditnotes commented on a post in r/help
Celery_Stick_Figure 1 point

Or I could just raise my skepticism shields while participating here and get my news from reputable sources (i.e., nothing within Reddit) from now on. Because at least in some news subreddits, the inmates certainly seem to have free run of the asylum.

Redditnotes 2 points

I'm getting off the topic of moderation now but I feel that if you approach news on Reddit with your wits about you it is one of the more balanced sites to get news. If you accept that news will always have a personal bias then surely having thousands of people presenting news will diversify that bias, a quick skim of a variety of news subreddits will give you a feel of what a spectrum of people are thinking about current events. If we heavily moderate news subreddits then we risk losing this diversity.

The market forces which influence the news corporations have a reduced effect in a website which does not allow moderators to profit from their position.

Celery_Stick_Figure 2 points

I have unsubscribed from that sub, so I suppose I've done all I can do as a mere user. And I'm well aware that mods pretty much rule by fiat and whim in their particular subs, posting rules notwithstanding. One would think however that Reddit itself would have rules governing the posting of obviously fake news in news subreddits. But apparently they don't.

Redditnotes 2 points

I understand your frustration, however I would rather we all migrated to a new news subreddits. Giving that control to the admins is just shifting control to another, less accountable, anonymous body. I'd rather not access my news after it had been filtered by either of those groups.

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cmereahwancha 3 points

Your post about resisting censorship is curious given you participate in censorship efforts on reddit with your posts on r/spam -

Shouldn't you practice what you preach, or perhaps you don't really think all speech should be free?

Redditnotes 1 point

I only report people who post in /r/kikpals with illegal content. I'm obliged to.

Redditnotes commented on a post in r/MawInstallation
Redditnotes 37 points

He may have been pretending to be the nutty old harmless thing so Luke would not know who he was. Look up Obfuscating Stupidity.

The reasons for this were:

  • He didn't want to teach Luke (being wary of another Skywalker Reversal) due to Luke having similar problems to Anakin (started too late, wrong personality traits, Skywalker Curse, and excessive Midichloran count meaning that the downside of Luke falling to Dark Side was that much higher).

  • He didn't know if he could risk the info that he was Yoda the Jedi Master to fall into Luke's hands yet.

  • Luke not knowing who he was helped him test Luke by observing Luke in "natural" state (e.g. NOT the state of Luke talking to great Jedi Master).

In addition, that behavior was testing Luke (e.g. would he react with violence to stealing of flashlight or food? How would he react to having his patience tested by seeing this nutcase when he's in a rush to find Jedi Master?).

This is not just a logical speculation, but is confirmed in C-Canon:

Yoda had also given Luke a hard time at that encounter. It had been a test of Luke's patience and of his treatment of strangers. And Luke had flunked it. Rather miserably. (Dark Force Rising, Timothy Zahn) Also, as far as behaving in weird manner, it's a standard archetype/trope for a Quirky Weird Wise Wizard Mentor.

Redditnotes 18 points

Except from 'A New Hope' 1997 to add context:

Ben makes a sudden lunge at the huge warrior but is checked by a lightning movement of The Sith. A masterful slash stroke by Vader is blocked by the old Jedi. Another of the Jedi's blows is blocked, then countered. Ben moves around the Dark Lord and starts backing into the massive starship hangar. The two powerful warriors stand motionless for a few moments with laser swords locked in mid-air, creating a low buzzing sound.

Vader: Your powers are weak, old man.

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