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Mark Twain was not well off at the end of his life. Facing going broke, he was forced to go on tour, which back then meant exhausting train rides, to give live shows in which he regaled his audience with his funny stories.

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Original Poster1.4k points · 6 days ago

That must have been amazing to see though.

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I've wanted this god damn poster for so long.

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Original Poster8 points · 12 days ago

I got it for a b day present in 2007!

Whoa you just took me down a Bonnie & Clyde vortex. It felt like it took me 2 hours to read & ponder that Wikipedia article, and I now have on my bucket list to visit Pimm Nevada to see the Bonnie & Clyde car riddled with bullets, and I want to go to their annual festival in Gibsland near the place of their final ambush. It's a fascinating story, I've HEARD of Bonnie & Clyde my whole life, but have never known or cared a thing about it until now, and now I see how it's been such a morbidly fascinating & enduring story.

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You and I both. I randomly looked up their story and read the whole page throughout the day. Such a great story and amazing what they got away with for 2 years.

Never heard this band before and listened to the first track on a whim. Fuck that is cool songwriting/vocal delivery.

Are breakers like this always knob and tube, or is there ever romex?

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Somebody please draw Ned in his Wookie costume standing with Bigfoot.

Cool that he used the same intro song from live in Tacoma minus the jingle bells. Great episode!

Aww sweet (flips) ! Where did you get that?

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Redbubble! They have a lot of good TAZ mercy.

How have I never realized Blake Shelton used to be a wafflehouse?

Most jobs in the trades seem fairly safe to me. Plumbers, electricians, carpenters...

Yesterday my brother witnessed me wash my hands with the water in a soda fountain, a practice I had never paid much mind to. I tried to tell him it is a charming character trait. He did not agree.

I had me a young wife once. We spent our first summer up in the mountains. We made love every night and after she would lay there bere chested and we'd talk all night til the sun come up. to me......that would be my heaven

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The green mile :)

There Will Be Blood. No Country is a great film, but I feel like Blood is slightly better.

Pretty boring but I discovered a new band which is pretty cool :)

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what band?

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