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Retrrad commented on a post in r/gifs
SeeThroughCanoe 9 points

The water is often green from algae. That doesn't necessarily mean it's unhealthy or polluted though. And it is often the large fevers of cownose rays or groups of manatees that are the cause of muddy water. They can both stir up a lot of sediment from the bottom and manatees often pull sea grass out roots and all when they eat, which really stirs up a lot of mud.

Retrrad 6 points

A "fever of rays". TIL

Retrrad commented on a post in r/RimWorld
XD_xoxoxo 5 points

Oh Stardew Valley!


Retrrad 7 points

Ohhh that reminds me of Stardew Valley, betcha that comment would get some karma. Better scan the other comments... I’m good... good... still good... DAMMIT!!

Ten times a day.

XD_xoxoxo 1 point

Are you making fun of me? Or is this what you did?

Retrrad 2 points

That’s what I did. The point was, ten times a day I think of something I think is clever, only to find out somebody else (you, in this case) got there ahead of me.

Retrrad commented on a post in r/Calgary
Jokkers_AceS -23 points

Prepare for this to be the new normal.

Retrrad 7 points

Huh? Why?

clagary -16 points

Human caused climate change.

Retrrad 3 points

A chinook is now caused by humans? Because that’s what’s happening- an incoming chinook is trapping the pollution at ground level. It happens.

Retrrad commented on a post in r/factorio
Retrrad 31 points

Love the shirt, want one just like it.


If I had this shirt, I'm pretty sure I'd notice something that could be optimized better within 5 minutes of the shirt being delivered. Then I think there's a better than even chance I'd throw the shirt out, fix the factory, and order a new shirt. Lather, rinse, repeat.

There's something wrong with me...

Stealth_Robot 3 points

Wait wait... are you me?

Retrrad 2 points

I’m you, eight hours in the future. Go back to sleep, gonna be a long day tomorrow.

Retrrad commented on a post in r/factorio
SheikBlock 16 points

That's why I always set up PAX stations at each base/orefield/etc. Also you don't have to drive manually if your stations are a 5 min drive apart from each other. Live and learn :D

Retrrad 3 points

PAX? Personal access?

SheikBlock 2 points

Yes! Actually saw that done by some player in his mega base so I stuck with it. I name them like "-PAX- Cooper Ore 1" so with the "-" in first space it shows up on the top of the list.

Retrrad 6 points

Ahh - I use "VIP Parking". Wordier, but it makes me feel like a somebody. :)

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Retrrad commented on a post in r/factorio
pieterhulsen 1 point

Isn't the setup costs for this astronomous in comparisson to normal smeltin setups with belts? You could probably start 5 or 6 normal mines from the costs of this one mine.

Retrrad 1 point

Astronomous? Astronomous.

I like it. I’m always curious: is your creative vocabulary on purpose or by accident?

Retrrad commented on a post in r/bikecommuting
jtg123g 4 points

True, and I am saving up for and have my eye on a few new better commuter bikes. As for the cloths and stuff... I am only 24 and I need to look good because I already look like a student and a wrinkled shirt or pants would really hurt my "image." Tips and thoughts are more than welcome!

Retrrad 10 points

Buy good quality clothes, and learn to fold them neatly - you’d be surprised the condition they arrive in. Don’t try to stuff them in with a bunch of other things and they’ll be just fine. Keep your dress shoes at work if you can - shoes are bulky and heavy and you probably don’t need them at home. If possible, keep a clean pair of pants and a couple of shirts at work in case of emergency (it’s a good habit even if you’re not biking). As biking becomes routine, you’ll figure out the things you truly need, and the things you are just shuttling back and forth every day (mech emergency stuff does not fall into this category).

Retrrad commented on a post in r/bikecommuting
JamesB5446 10 points


Retrrad 5 points

Don’t get your panties in a knot.

abmaurer 2 points

Don't get your panniers in a knot.

Retrrad 1 point

Sorry, autocorrect. :)

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