I am Alison Wonderland and I make music, I think too much, I don't believe in pants. AMA! by AWonderlandDJ in trap

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I found the boys like you remix somewhere back in 2012 and was around your 300th follower on soundcloud

My gf found two kittens behind a Mexican restaurant in November and took them in and raised them both by The_Belt29 in aww

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Hi The_Belt29! Thanks for posting to /r/aww. Unfortunately, your submission has been removed for the following reason(s):

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New orchestra pit cover by wombatlatte in techtheatre

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Gala spirlaifts are amazing. Slow, and can be pricey, but there is no need to drill way down for hydraulics

[mac] Can I disable Teamviewer blocking a scheduled shutdown? by RicoVig in teamviewer

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I will look into those alternatives. Thank you so much!

Can someone tell me what I'm hearing on 3575 and 7075? southeastern coastal NC by RicoVig in shortwave

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Thank you! Just checked out some youtube videos on it and it seems really cool!

(Discussion) Shiny Pokémon by FN-2487 in pokemongo

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1/100 snorunt, a few pikas from community day, the new swablu.

but the kicker? 0/800 aron

Are Ubers/Lyfts available in the middle of the night? by darkphoenix188 in Charlottesville

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I've waited upwards of an hour for yellowcab before. Never had a problem with their scheduling service however

down with the mods by [deleted] in Vaporwave

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Also, /r/charlottesvillememes has nothing to do with the alt right rally that happened in August. I happen to live in Charlottesville, and that sub was created in February.

down with the mods by [deleted] in Vaporwave

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I can speak for /u/the_dinks and I and say that none of those subs are seriously racist... (besides the name) All of them were created as braveryjerk/circlejerk style humor years ago and /r/niggersrebooted was created to troll the racists looking for a new home after /r/niggers got banned.

I've been meaning to purge a lot of my subs (including a lot of those) for some time so thank you for the reminder.

Also I'm not sure where the alt right accusations are coming from... I dont believe I've posted in any related subs and I can guarantee /u/the_dinks coudnt be farther away from alt-right.

down with the mods by [deleted] in Vaporwave

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unfortunately nobody checks there anymore, so a lot of actual racist stuff gets posted. I just cleared a few months of reported posts over there.

So... by nuvpr in Vaporwave

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those subs are old braveryjerk style humor where the joke extended no further than the name of the subreddit.

/r/niggersrebooted was created to troll the racists looking for a new home after /r/niggers got banned

So... by nuvpr in Vaporwave

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You're an idiot