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1.3k points · 8 days ago

Holy fuck, how bad do you have to be to Get the royal family to refuse to meet you?

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Just be poor, then they will 100% refuse to be anywhere near you.

38 points · 28 days ago

Bullshit. I am Saudi and foreign woman can drive as long as they have a valid driver's license (more than 6 months left) from their home country. Last night there were many of them driving.

But you already achieved your goal of spreading hate and misinformation.

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Do you still throw people off buildings for being gay because some non existent god thinks you should?

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Quick question before I do, do you support gay rights?

Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

Hair is super greasy right now cause i got a touch of sun burn so my moisteriser has rubbed into my hair and i've not washed in a week, getting it cut by a stylist in my town in 2 days so looking for ideas, not sure what faceshape or hairline i have tbh. Cheers my dudes

Original Poster6 points · 3 months ago

Gotta admit getting pretty stressed about cutting down to a low body % before summer holidays, how am i doing so far? Got little bit to go, but any feedback is welcome xoxo

gz on losing the fat but u should bulk, u will look skeletor by summer if u keep cutting

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Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago

Yeah had a pretty serious case of fuckarounditis, think I’m gonna keep cutting tho, take the L and bulk after summer - properly this time

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As opposed to giving retarded as fuck streamers attention for being cunts?

No, boiling and cooking and animal alive is inhuman and disgusting. kill it before hand

Flare guns only spawn in shitty locations, and its on miramar only, and there barely any vehicles. GG

This is too advanced for shithole

Nobody cares what your lifting, focus on yourself, focus on proper form and move up in weight at a proper linear increase. Headphones on, music up and get on with your workout.

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