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RobertAPetersen commented on a post in r/SwitchHaxing
GhostlyCrowd 8 points

Yes it does, and "once to install" is not how its going to work. They have stated it will have to be run EVERY cold boot to boot CFW, it may change in the future but for now thats what will have to be done.

RobertAPetersen 7 points

System updates aside I’m not sure I’ve ever run my Switch to 0% battery or needed a reboot.

Shouldn’t be much of an annoyance, it’s comparable to what’s called a ‘tethered jailbreak’ on iOS.

RobertAPetersen commented on a post in r/getnarwhal
Bathplug 1 point

The first link opens up the image straight away and display comments. The second just display comments. I usually 3d touch a lot through the front page so it gets annoying coming across links like the second one and having to come out of 3d touch view, tap the link again then tap again at the bottom just to see the content.

RobertAPetersen 1 point
RobertAPetersen commented on a post in r/SwitchHaxing
toddforester89 3 points

It sounds easy. How far have you gotten my brother?

RobertAPetersen 16 points

I opened my IDE. Looked around a bit, then decided to get drunk instead.

toddforester89 2 points

Get drunk aaaaand...

RobertAPetersen 2 points

Played Doom

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RobertAPetersen commented on a post in r/todayilearned
uhohitsPK 294 points

Teach them TF2 instead, the skills will pass over to virtually anything

RobertAPetersen 62 points

They won’t need to pass over, we’ll still be playing TF2 in 20 years.

RobertAPetersen commented on a post in r/technology
[deleted] 0 points


RobertAPetersen 2 points

That’s completely false, a 5 digit pin can be trivially bruteforced. So easily that in fact you may as well not be using a code at all.

Use long/complex alphanumeric in addition to the print sensor for a mix of convenience and security.

The passcode will still be required if the device has rebooted or powered down, if it hasn’t been unlocked in 48 hours, or if SOS mode has been used (side button pressed 5x).

Might not cover every law enforcement scenario, but I’ve been pulled over twice in the last year and you can bet first thing I did both times was SOS mode as I was pulling over to the side of the road.

ValErk -42 points

But a simple picture of the finger can be used to crack it.

RobertAPetersen 2 points

Yeah, that’s not an iPhone fam.

Start at page 8.

That’s not to say the TouchID sensor can’t be fooled, but it’s more involved than ‘here’s an image of the print’, and it’s likely not a method the average police department would be able to employ, at least not before the 48 hour TouchID timeout.

RobertAPetersen commented on a post in r/pics
looloopklopm -4 points

Why are there always so many people in this fucking store?? I don't understand

RobertAPetersen 7 points

Because Apple makes popular products that many people buy.

looloopklopm 0 points

You never see ever 1/10 of the people in stores that sell other types of phones and last I checked, market share was pretty comparable.

RobertAPetersen 2 points

Probably because most Android manufacturers don’t maintain their own specialized stores (or not nearly as on large of a scale), whereas Apple does.

Just a guess.

RobertAPetersen commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
Darkone539 1 point

Skyrim and fallout 4 use the same engine. They could bring that over.

RobertAPetersen 5 points

Based on the same engine, but modified.

Not like you could just drop fallout data assets into Skyrim and have it work. I’m sure if they wanted to a port could be done to the Switch, but who knows if they feel it’s worth the development time to do the necessary backporting or trimming down.

Demopyro2 926 points

Doom 2, Hell on Earth anybody?

RobertAPetersen 460 points

Reverse Doom - You play as a lowly possessed demon fighting hoards of humans.

RobertAPetersen commented on a post in r/pics
Sykotik 13 points

He was actually specifically asked not to attend.

RobertAPetersen 1 point
assistanmanager -18 points

Eh not true

RobertAPetersen 13 points


Because he was at the golf club for over 3 hours yesterday.

RobertAPetersen commented on a post in r/AskReddit
SamwiseTheOppressed 6 points

Enough ice cubes could collapse to form a black hole, which could destroy the sun.

RobertAPetersen 13 points

One ice cube would be enough to form a black hole, assuming it were in a small enough volume.

Assuming a 10 gram ice cube:

r =



Where r is the event horizon radius, M is our mass (in this case 10 grams), G is the gravitational constant, and c is the speed of light squared.

For our ice cube to form a black hole it would need to be condensed into a area of 1.485*10-29 meters.

Although at this size there would be no destroying of the sun, as it would evaporate in 8.41×10-23 seconds.

Dart06 2 points

I see you came from the high intelligence thread!

RobertAPetersen 5 points

Actually I’m just an idiot who made WolframAlpha do the work.

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RobertAPetersen commented on a post in r/movies
sgtpeppies 6 points

There's no memorable character moments at all, no quotable lines when movies with a quarter of the success has plenty. The movie blew records and just dissappeared.

RobertAPetersen 3 points

Yeah that’s the thing for me. It looked pretty but for me that was it. I ended up seeing it like 4x with different friends but I couldn’t tell you a single line or even the name of a single character now.

RobertAPetersen commented on a post in r/todayilearned
AudibleNod 146 points

40 years ago, they would have used a clever split screen technique.

RobertAPetersen 221 points

90 years ago they would have filmed it legitimately and not cared if some extras got mauled a bit.

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