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Robobvious commented on a post in r/NPR
JediDavion 52 points

Maybe you're making a joke that I missed, but no, you didn't use an Oxford comma. An Oxford comma is the comma that precedes the conjunction (and, or, etc.) in a list of 3 or more items.

"I had bacon, eggs, and toast." (with Oxford comma)

"I had bacon, eggs and toast." (without Oxford comma)

Robobvious 1 point

Today I Learned.

Robobvious commented on a post in r/ScenesFromAHat
Robobvious 2 points

Stop! That's not a magical potion at all, you're drinking recursion! Stop! That's not a magical potion at all, you're drinking recursion! Stop! That's not a magical potion at all, you're drinking recursion! Stop! That's not a magical potion at all, you're drinking recursion! Stop! That's not a magical potion at all, you're drinking recursion! Stop! That's not a magical potion at all, you're drinking recursion!

Robobvious commented on a post in r/funny
A_Clockwork_Kubrick 3 points

The Mothophecies.

Robobvious 7 points

Today On Ancient Moths: What if the Egyptians were in contact with the higher power of their Ancestors? And those Ancestors, were Moths.

One_Clown_Short 675 points

That's the first time I've ever seen someone slip on a banana peel that wasn't staged. Bucket list check.

Robobvious 1 point

I saw a banana peel on the ground and went to make an exaggerated show of "slipping" on it once, but almost ate shit for real as a result. Don't fuck with banana peels.

Robobvious commented on a post in r/Documentaries
mistershoe88 6 points

Never got into The Office for some reason. I mean, I adore Steve Carrell ever since he entered the scene back with The Dana Carvey Show. I just don't really like the other characters that much. I've gotten a lot of hate for this from friends and what not, but I just really didn't like The Office. I get the same reaction when I tell people I don't like Community too. Sometimes you just don't enjoy a show, it's not because I hate what the person likes, I just think it isn't that funny.

Parks n' Rec on the other hand, I adore every character every minute they are on the screen.

Robobvious 1 point

The Office took me awhile to get into at first but now I love it. Community? Eh, there are parts of Community that I love but honestly I'd probably say watch Remedial Chaos Theory and then just stop. The hyper-characterization that happens in that show is pretty pronounced imo.

john_nollers 19 points

Yes, of course. But also:

"The Disney film Dumbo was based on the children's story written by Helen Aberson and illustrated by Harold Pearl.

In the book the main character Jumbo Jr is ridiculed and cruelly called "Dumbo" as they thought he was "dumb".

The real life Jumbo was the influence for this name choice and inspired the book and subsequently the Disney film."

I mean the difference in the name doesn't matter. This elephant was the inspiration for the Disney movie. Or am I missing something?

Robobvious -1 points

He's not famous if no one knows about him. People that know about Dumbo have no idea who Jumbo is, so he can not be the most famous animal ever.

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Robobvious commented on a post in r/tipofmytongue
FuCuck 6 points

It’s like that Goosebumps episode/Book with the invisible friend

Robobvious 7 points

Seriously, first thing I thought was that it sounds like the sort of twist R. L. Stine would put in a Goosebumps book, lol.

Although to be clear for the OP, I don't actually think this is from a Goosebumps book.

Octodionis 2 points

Are you sure?

Robobvious 8 points

Definitely not, I just read this book. This is nowhere in there.

Robobvious commented on a post in r/RetroPie
columboscoat 3 points

This page is very out of date but it gives an idea of what FBA is about

Robobvious 1 point

Nice, thanks!

columboscoat 2 points

FBA uses a sub-set of MAME ROMS and is generally more concerned with making the games playable rather than "accurate" in terms of hardware emulation, as the actual current MAME project focuses on.
This means it will run on lower power, less capable devices, ie a Pi.
Of course this is a very brief and a poor attempt to broad-stroke an entire project but you get the gist and I'm sure you'll have a read online if you are interested in knowing more.

Robobvious 1 point

Yeah that was the sense I got, sounds awesome. I'd avoided doing MAME emulation up until now because I had heard there was a lot of fine tuning involved for the different ROMs. So FBA definitely sounds like something that I'd like to look into more.

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Robobvious commented on a post in r/AskReddit
anameofnoconsequence 11,519 points

Other people's food preferences. I personally couldn't care less if someone's vegan, or likes pineapple pizza, or whatever; you do you.

Robobvious 8 points

I had a lady come into my pizza shop one day and ask if any of the salad dressings were gluten free, so I proceed to go out back and bring out each container so she could read the ingredients. Then, she ordered a slice of pizza.

Fuck that lady.

Robobvious commented on a post in r/funny
perldawg 343 points

Can we just take a second to acknowledge what an asshole the driver is being when he grabs the motorcycle guy? Regardless of how stupid the cyclist was for entering the crosswalk blindly, the ultimate fault lies with the driver, it's his responsibility to pay attention to what's happening on the shoulder as well as in the street. His attitude when he gets out of his SUV is totally entitled and wrong. He should be thankful no one is hurt, not pissed off at someone who (however stupidly) was exercising their right-of-way.

Robobvious 46 points

I think people are reading this situation totally incorrectly. Dude with the bicycle crosses at a crosswalk, but it looks like he does so without checking to see if the oncoming car has enough room to safely stop. (It doesn't.) Luckily the driver narrowly avoids killing the pedestrian and angrily pulls over, probably reeling from the thought that they almost killed someone and what effect that would have had on their life. (It would be ruined.) This is when they see someone trying to ride past them down the street. The adrenaline and fear leads them to seize this person, mistakenly thinking this is the person they narrowly avoided hitting, who is now fleeing the scene of an accident.

He's not trying to assault someone for crossing in front of him, he's trying to stop someone who's at fault from fleeing the scene. Albeit he's grabbing the wrong person in his adrenaline-charged furor, but to his credit I don't see him actively try to harm the motorcyclist at all, merely to stop them.

None of us can know if we would have handled the situation any better had it been us, we'd all like to think we'd instantly realize what had actually happened but that's simply not true. You can't know that. No one can.

TL;DR: Don't quickly and completely assign blame in anything, unless you're prepared to be judged the same way in everything.

infib 18 points

Who doesn't look if someone's going to cross at a crosswalk though? It's the main one thing they drill into you when taking your drivers license; look ahead to see if someone is close and might use the crosswalk.

Robobvious 2 points

And if you're at the crosswalk look out for cars before stepping into the road.

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Robobvious commented on a post in r/funny
vanderplugger 88 points

Ok I can't believe this comment is being upvoted. Phil Hartman's wife murdered him because he was going to divorce her because she would not stop using drugs. The fact that you shift the blame onto the person who gave the wife cocaine as opposed to the person who, you know, actually murdered her husband, is fucking disgusting. Stop repeating nonsense.

Robobvious 14 points

Andy Dick then acknowledged his partial role in the events that played out by mocking Hartman's death and saying he'd put the "Hartman Curse" on Lovitz, as in Lovitz would die next. I think most people are not saying Andy Dick directly murdered Phil Hartman. But are saying Andy Dick played a partial role in the events that led to what happened, and was worse than unremorseful about it after the fact.

magical_n00b 4 points

but this is reddit so.. so much for personal responsibility.

Robobvious 8 points

And then Andy Dick made a comment to Lovitz about putting the Phil Hartman Curse on him, basically acknowledging that he was at least partially responsible, while also treating Hartman's death like a joke to tease his friend with. So... So much for Andy Dick.

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Robobvious commented on a post in r/todayilearned
petscii 127 points

Second, George Washington.

Well, I was wrong about that, He did run for President in 1788 against 8 others and did win. It's different than how it is done now so that is what made me wrong. Sorry about that. Stop upvoting me. ;)

Robobvious 4 points


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