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Robobvious 3 points

I need to remember to check this tomorrow and see if people commented, cool thread idea though.

I haven't really had major success myself because I haven't really done anything, but my minor success recently has just been being more productive than ever. I've always wanted to start a side business that could one day be a source of passive income so to that end I've been making my own t-shirt designs for a POD shop.

I've got about 20 designs right now and while they're all pretty basic in nature I think some of them have potential to do well. Right now I'm just trying to make as many of these designs as I can and then I can go back and refine them all later. I know it's a saturated field and I likely won't retire off it, but just starting something will feel good, even if I fail and don't sell a single shirt.

My niche I'm aiming for is Gaming, both videogames and D&D. I'm also trying to design some shirts that could promote the influencers I like to follow, I think tapping into an existing fan base would be a good idea to boost traffic starting out. So eventually I'd like to show them my ideas and try to get their go-ahead to sell shirts with their brand and cut them in on the profits. Need more decent products first though. For now this could be a failure or a success story! I'll learn from the experience though.

By all means anyone with experience with running a first business, graphic design, POD stores, Printful, Shopify, Facebook advertising, etc, feel free to give me any advice you have. I'll take all I can get!

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Aethenosity 8 points

Here's 30 feet of ribbon, which is a common length I've seen at christmas time. I've never seen one that's only 3 feet, except those tiny sample packs. Also, how and why would they fake that?

Robobvious 3 points

Pretty sure they were making a sarcastic joke.

Chinapig 1 point

The guy who made it should have laid on it straight away.

Robobvious 3 points

Not laying on it is like the cool guys don't look at explosions of bed making.

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Bioniclegenius 184 points
Robobvious 1 point

Nice to meet you Cured, but don't call me Thanks.

Penelepillar 138 points

You’d be surprised at how many contractors are fly by night unbonded shysters.

Robobvious 1 point

Aw man...

Fly By Night is such a good song.

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ForumWarrior 268 points

Now I'm thinking how to make a hand towel that people would be uncomfortable using.

A bunch of underwear sewed together to make a towel?

Robobvious 6 points

Just a towel sized sheet of sandpaper.

"I don't know if they grade it, but... coarse."

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SuzIsCool 801 points

Fancy money lawyer, lol, how much do those cost?

Robobvious 3 points

One Fancy Money.

Robobvious commented on a post in r/todayilearned
Randolm 42 points

That's actually pretty darn interesting. I was a bit skeptical on the veracity given the brevity of the article, but it's backed up by Wikipedia.

The name "tank" was adopted by the British during the early stages of their development, as a security measure to conceal their purpose (see etymology). While the British and French built thousands of tanks in World War I, Germany was unconvinced of the tank's potential, and built only twenty.

Robobvious 35 points

I like how Germany was like “This fad is never gonna catch on you guys!”

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ShaolinBastard 7 points

Cool idea. The wife and kids are visiting friends for a week in October. This might be a fun project to take on while they're away.

Unfortunately, I'd have to factor in soldering tools and a whole mess of things I don't already have.

Robobvious 5 points

Soldering is fun anyways, if you pick one up you should check out some of the little hobby kits you can put together to teach your kids how to solder. I picked up the Hue and the Blink kits from and they were great starter projects.

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OneDollarLobster 3 points

They're banned now!!

Robobvious 1 point
asperatology 10 points


Robobvious 1 point


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Robobvious commented on a post in r/AskReddit
lordochaos321 30 points

How can you sleep with those crumbs in your bed

Robobvious 4 points

The same way I usually sleep, except with crumbs in my bed.

Anon_a_m00se 104 points

I had an ex who liked to lick the inside of my ear. She’d taste like ear wax when we kissed after that. Gross

Robobvious 7 points

I actually really like it when my girlfriend briefly tongue fucks my ear. You're missing out.

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Robobvious commented on a post in r/books
monsantobreath 6,125 points

This week I'm here in Minneapolis to help a languishing vegetarian restaurant. 8 months ago prominent Instagram star and natural food enthusiast Johanna Holmgren was brought in to revive the business but in that time all she's done is go mushroom picking and put raw acorns on the menu.

"You're aware this is raw?"
"Yes. I prefer it that way."
Ramsay's face breaks out in anguish and he buries it in his palms
"What are you doing?! You're going to kill someone you know!"

[cut to Ramsay marching into the storeroom through the kitchen]

"In all my years I've never seen such a joke. I mean look at this. Elderberry soup? Fuck me."
Ramsay heaves the entire container into the bin. A young cook in the corner smirks at the display

"Alright here's what we're going to do. We're going to make a beautiful fresh Gazpacho made with fresh -- local -- ingredients."
The whole time Ramsay is saying this the rear of his right hand is being slapping into the palm of his left, his entire body rocking up and down on his toes

"Aright James, how long you been here?"
"5 months."
"Yea? You enjoy serving mushrooms and fucking elderberries straight out of a field?"
"Naw, I wanna be a banker."
"A banker? Fuck me, no heart."

Robobvious 1 point


Robobvious commented on a post in r/buildapc
draginator 11 points

They used aluminum, but you're still not wrong.

Robobvious 1 point

AFAIK America doesn’t make enough to meet it’s own demand.

CaptainDiptoad -9 points


I bought my 750D for 130 3 years ago, I have upgraded all the parts several times, but never needed to get a new case. I have also built about 15 other computers using corsair cases, and probably about 5 using other companies. Corsair is by far builder friendly, good quality, and decent price.

Let me guess, you have something like this toy

Robobvious 3 points

but never needed to get a new case.

You say that like it’s common to need to replace a case. Cases don’t have a high failure rate dude, if you get a new one it’s probably because you wanted a different look or you bought parts that don’t fit. It’s not like non-Corsair cases shatter after the first year.

Robobvious commented on a post in r/personalfinance
JoeDangerAverage 112 points

My fuckin' word is my MOTHERFUCKIN BOND!

edit: added a hyperlink to the clip I was referring to. Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor in "I Love You Philip Morris". Solidly funny, almost completely irrelevant to OP's post though...

Robobvious 24 points

My voice is my passport.

Robobvious commented on a post in r/funny
trash-juice 3 points

Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back.

Robobvious 2 points

"O Señor Don Gato was a cat..."

Angiboy8 41 points

I’ve never even seen humans be able to have pet cats, but if anyone could do it, it would be dog.

Robobvious 25 points

Because let's face it: Dogs are the best people.

Robobvious commented on a post in r/funny
Convergentshave 52 points

What the fuck is “claw grip?” And come to that why would I want friction?

Robobvious 1 point

Go masturbate in the shower and see.

penguin_jones 1 point is going on in this thread?

Robobvious 0 points

Lately the top comment chains have been more fucking nonsensical than ever.

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Silvea -31 points

I have always been a fan of my female S/O having a hardwood floor. I don’t mind oral sex when there is hair, but I love giving it when it’s bare. I have an ex that always kept it like super short but never bare. She explained that she was prone to ingrown hairs if she shaved or waxed, but using the little electric clippers on the end of the razors for grooming down there she hadn’t had an ingrown hair since. I get them on my chest and stomach occasionally, so I bought a pair of barbers clippers the ones designed for getting the hairs on the back of your neck to basically be non existent. Same deal I haven’t had one in years and it’s incredible.

Robobvious 18 points

I laughed because at first I thought you were mentioning hardwood because it’s easier to clean up trimmed pubes from hardwood than a rug and then I realized what you were really saying. Nice I use chemicals myself, any risk of nicking your nutsack with a clipper like that?

misuseofyou 3 points


Robobvious 1 point

Chemicals it is then.

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