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Robobvious commented on a post in r/mildlyinteresting
Robobvious 1 point

I was really confused by the water bottles at first. They're clearly the same bottle design as Poland Springs and the label itself is quite similar. But if you look closely this one's called Deer Park. Apparently they're both a part of Nestle Waters Inc. Makes me wonder how many different regional varieties of bottled water they sell.

Robobvious 1 point

Ah yes, a classic case of engineering student v. laziness.

Robobvious commented on a post in r/AdviceAnimals
CajunTurkey 12 points

Okay, now what?

Robobvious 21 points

Spend time with your grandmother. Don't just plug in her mouse. Show her Stardew Valley or something.

Grandmas love to garden.

CajunTurkey 18 points

Okay, Grandma is making me plant stuff outside now.

Now what?

Robobvious 14 points

Get a sword and explore the mines.

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Robobvious commented on a post in r/videos
Takethisnrun 8 points

I mean this creeped me out a bit but has anyone here watched the ice king episode where he rips off pieces of other princess in their sleep and creates a horrible monster looking one. Freaks me the fuck out and I am an adult.

Robobvious 7 points

Hey now, he's just a man, and she's just several women; How can their love be wrong?

theirishembassy 5 points

i'd still love to be in the studio when justin's laying down vocal work for lemongrab though.

i can't imagine he's leaving with his vocal chords intact.

Robobvious 3 points

He leaves it all out there on the studio floor.

I mean literally, chunks of trachea and snapped vocal chords. What a mess. Good thing we just hired a new janitor. His name's Noob Noob, and he's a real ace with a push broom. God Damn!

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Robobvious commented on a post in r/gaming
poyahoga 4 points

Fair enough, there have been games I have liked that haven't been well loved also. Taste is totally subjective.

I played Predator: Concrete Jungle and Jaws Unleashed, there I said it.

Robobvious 1 point

Stuntman on the PS2 was arguably terrible and arguably awesome at the same time.

LordMackie 19 points

I never played this game but that first song is pretty dope

Robobvious 10 points

It's funny, definitely worth a try. This and Day of the Tentacle.

Robobvious commented on a post in r/explainlikeimfive
mikeysweet 2,273 points

The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube created a video explaining the way screens display images to us and how they use the way our eyes and brain process images to show us movement and color. They use really high speed camera recording equipment to slow down what a screen does to display their images. This is also true for pictures since they capture a split second of what the screen is showing at that moment, they almost never look like what your brain sees because your eyes/brain are looking at a constantly changing image.

Robobvious 3 points

Wait, why were the OLED's shaped differently from each other? Red was a block while Green and Blue had chamfered edges and shit.

Robobvious commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Robobvious 1 point

I just died laughing imagining a bunch of astronauts entering zero g as one of them pulls out a bag of Doritos like "Woo! Time to celebrate!" and the others give a classic exaggerated "Noooooo!" as thousands of chip fragments and cheese dust particles explode into the cabin and float around.

Robobvious commented on a post in r/videos
wafflesareforever 30 points

Correct, but she didn't just copy the recipes, she copied everything - the intros, photos, etc.

Robobvious 3 points

Damn, that's ballsy or just really stupid.

Robobvious commented on a post in r/gaming
FireIsMyPorn 8 points

What's the game name?

Edit. Found it. Jurassic world evolution and it looks amazing

Robobvious -2 points

Goddamnit guys, please stop supporting these copy-pasta phone games that cash in on popular licenses to rob you of your senses and the contents of your wallet. They're not gonna go away unless you do.

"Ooooh look! I built a new Visitor's Center! Now my park is the best!"

Pull the wool from over your eyes, dammit! You're playing a click-wait game!

Kinda /s but also kinda not /s :/

FireIsMyPorn 2 points

Do you have a problem with games that I personally enjoy on my own? I think you should focus more on yourself and less on everyone else.

Robobvious -1 points

Games are an industry, whatever the masses are willing to consume they're willing to mass produce. So yeah, I do kind of have a problem with it. Because you enjoying it tells them it's okay to keep making this crap. This is gonna be a Jurassic Park reskin of The Simpsons: Tapped Out, and that sucks major ass when you consider the alternative that maybe if these crappy phone games weren't so damn profitable, they might actually focus on making a fully-fledged game instead of another crappy appstore reskin of Tap And Wait Plus 2: Break into Electric Boogaloo.

Edit: These. Games. Are. Crap. ಠ_ಠ

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Robobvious commented on a post in r/gaming
MrBobBuilder 330 points

is it good to play without the other 2?

Robobvious 1 point

Yeah I've found the first two a bit more difficult to get into, three is a lot easier to just pick up and run with. So I'd say play 3 first as it's the easiest to enjoy gameplay-wise. Then if you really like it maybe try the other two.

Robobvious commented on a post in r/AskReddit
zepherxion 5,326 points

I ate an entire bag of dry brownie mix over the course of 2 weeks when I was 13.

Robobvious 8 points

Couple of eggs one day, quarter cup of milk the next. But sooner or later your parents get mad at you for pooping in the brownie pan "for science".

Robobvious commented on a post in r/gaming
Golradiir 85 points

No, trees don't level up.

Robobvious 3 points

Not with that attitude they don't! /s

Robobvious 1 point

Now show us how many voice actors they hired... I don't want a repeat of Oblivion. Massive open-world with like three different voices in it.

Robobvious commented on a post in r/funny
Robobvious 0 points

Actually getting up and off the plane as soon as possible if you're seated anywhere near the front is important after international flights as you'll be able to beat the rest of the passengers to getting through customs if you pre-fill out your info card, disembark asap, and rush to customs ahead of the other passengers.

Robobvious commented on a post in r/GetMotivated
V1rtus 1 point

It's just a movie.

Robobvious 1 point

It's from Seinfeld, mate.

V1rtus 1 point

Weird. I don't remember it, and I've watched the whole thing 2 times. Will have to watch again.

Robobvious 1 point

Yeah, I had to look up to see which episode it's from but it's a two-part called 'The Raincoats', should be episodes 18 and 19 of Season 5. Don't let that stop you from watching all of them from the beginning though! ;D

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