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throavagvet 5,467 points

Love this question!! I'm a vet.

  1. People "knowing" how veterinarians don't really want to help the animals, but how we're making unnecessary stuff and treatment up for profit. Last summer I was attending my friend's wedding, and the gentleman sitting in the same table than us decided to let me know how he is aware of my profession's "little secret". In reality I studied for years and still keep going on this industry which is far from dancing on roses because I truly care about animals. I also will always let the owner know if I think that putting their loved one to sleep is the most humane way to go. After all these years my patients are still what keeps me going and what brings me genuine joy. I care about and like your dog more than I like you or the overwhelming majority of my fellow human beings, and I would never put you through expensive and painful cancer treatment if I didn't think it was the right choice. Now imagine how I treat your dog.

  2. What kills me the most is the amount of people convinced that you can give toxic products to your dogs/cats, especially alcohol, because reasons and muh feefees. These people are everywhere, it's a shockingly common misconception. I've had the discussion about giving beer/wine to dogs countless times, i.e with my BIL's girlfriend. Unfortunately we're the ones who have to deal with the consequences when idiots pull this crap, and it's truly heartbreaking. There especially seems to be a new trend of people getting their pets drunk because apparently it's funny, and then filming it to social media (this Christmas we had a record number of dogs "accidentally" drinking alcohol). Please, dear humans, don't give a single drop of alcohol to your dogs. It's toxic, harmful and potentially life threatening (even very small amounts can be fatal). There is no way you can explain that away. Your dog might be your best friend, but beer is one thing you can't share with him. If you want to enjoy a bonding experience, give your friend something appropriate to enjoy.

Rockah12 1 point

My aunt feeds her dog beer. Daily.
I have no idea how this dog is alive.

WallOtterCarpetSeal 9,845 points

I'm a mechanic by trade. A guy I know bought an older European sports car to fix up. It doesn't run, so he got it "cheap". I told him that it's definitely going to cost him way more than he thinks, and it's not going to be easy for him to do himself. Not to mention the difficulties of finding parts for it. He would probably save money if he just bought a new one.

He just blew it off and gave me some strange twisted reasoning about how he can do it cheaper and make it better. Ok dude, whatever. So far he's sunk thousands of dollars into it, and it still doesn't run. I believe that he's pretty well invested into the sunk cost fallacy at this point. Bye bye retirement fund.

Rockah12 1 point

And now I have a sudden urge to continue playing My Summer Car.

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the_crustybastard 2 points

Have you read Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy?

Rockah12 2 points

Never heard of it. What's it about?

the_crustybastard 2 points

It's a retelling of Paradise Lost. Pullman is a splendid writer. Technically YA, but he doesn't condescend to his audience.

Rockah12 2 points

I'll check it out, thanks for the recommendation!

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eric1894 19 points
Rockah12 3 points


Phimosisist 10 points

"Sol et Lumiere" by Mars Volta, "Travolta" by Mr. Bungle, "Sake of Heaven" by 16 Horsepowers, "S.Y.L." by Strapping Young Lad, etc.

Rockah12 5 points

When it comes to Mr Bungle, Pink Cigarette always brought the chills. At least in my case.

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jviray 27,318 points

This didn't happen to me, but my friend, who is currently visiting his grandfather on the Big Island, told me that right after he received the first alert to seek immediate shelter, he went down a couple homes to where the Clintons were staying to ask the secret service guys what was going on. Apparently, they were all in gas masks and ready to go.

My friend, before receiving the false alarm alert, said he made a mimosa, said goodbye to his family, and planned to go sit on the beach to watch, as he described it, the "fireworks."

Edit: Grammar

Edit 2: Thank you for the gold, stranger! I’ll let my friend know the love he’s getting for his story

Rockah12 1 point

In Killer7 they describe the anti-nuclear warhead defensive system as "Fireworks". I don't know why this reminded me of that.

paper_schemes 6 points

I think in a way part of me knew something wasn't right. I remember being in high school listening to Me vs Maradona vs Elvis and believing with all of my heart that the lyrics expressed the only way men would ever feel about me. I ended up in an abusive marriage at age twenty, and stayed for six years. When the allegations came out, it all "clicked".

It's conflicting. Part of me feels that cutting ties with the music completely is letting the "bad guy" win. My ex husband introduced me to Cursive, and when I finally left I listened to almost nothing but the album Domestica for MONTHS. It reminded me of him/us on a whole other level. It disgusted and enraged me. I screamed along to songs like "The Martyr" in the car with tears in my eyes. It became my outlet. It didn't matter that I discovered it because of a monster, it was helping me cope.

I do listen to BN differently now. The self pity and narcissistic tones stick out more. Jesse's apology read so familiar. The sex addiction line, the "woe-is-me I never wanted to be the bad guy" vibe. The empath in me wants to believe people can change, but I wasted almost my entire twenties putting faith in that hope.

I know this is stupid long and rambling. Sorry. I guess TL;DR I still listen to BN, just try to focus on what it means to me instead of what it may have meant to him.

Rockah12 2 points

just try to focus on what it means to me instead of what it may have meant to him.

goddammit i've been trying to explain this exact point and i kept fucking it up
Thanks for putting it into words when I failed to.

unicornographyy -5 points

Yeah, unfortunately you should feel crummy. (Edit: By crummy I mean uncomfortable. Because there is PLENTY of reason to feel that way. I was using her words.) I've been struggling myself with the whole "separating the artist from the art" thing and ultimately I'm not sure it's really moral.

He solicited nudes from a 15 year old when he was in his 20s, jacked it on camera on Skype sessions with multiple minors, pinned a girl he had a thing with (who was pretty darn young btw) up against a wall and started like making out/ touching her in their green room on the guise of "I have to get my backpack", etc. There is a pattern of shitty behavior from this dude, almost always starting with women when they were underage even if it moved into a later time when they were 18+.

Sorry to ruin your favorite band, but this stuff is important to know. They were also one of my favorites and this stuff was devastating to me. Kind of still is, I get songs stuck in my head all the time and I struggle with wondering if people can really change and the fact that this mostly happened 10+ years ago but knowing that it DID happen and was happening while I was listening to them at the same darn ages these girls were.

Rockah12 3 points

you should feel crummy

Why? It's not like she was involved with Jesse's behavior. She didn't even know about this until recently, why should she feel crummy about something she only JUST found out about?

Sorry to ruin your favorite band

I don't think you're sorry.

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Overdue_bills -25 points

If its something he really wants to do you'd think he'd know how to spell it.

shivan21 -26 points

Yes, aren't astrophysicists supposed to be smart? And there's even at least one kid who finished university at 14.

RE: not being fluent in English does not make you dumb, I agree, but I wouldn't be so sure about not knowing the name of your favourite profession in English at the age of 14, especially if you have real ambitions.

RE: Yes, I knew how to spell programming in English when I was 14. But I don't say it's a disaster if you don't, I just want to say that I don't understand why there is an article about something like this. (Let's go a little bit further and imagine a similar article "20-year old French dreams of being a roket scientist".)

Rockah12 22 points

not being fluent in a language that isn't your first language doesn't mean you're unintelligent.

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omepiet 2 points

The German version of The Model is called Das Model, with a single l. The word Modell, meaning model, exists in German but it has a stressed second syllable. Kraftwerk used the English loan word "model", with its English pronunciation, in their song.

Rockah12 3 points

Das Model was spelled as Das Modell on the album packaging until the 2009 remaster of the album corrected it to Das Model. I'm used to writing Das Modell.
https:/ The original, with the "Das Modell" spelling.
https:/ The 2009 remaster, with the "Das Model" spelling.

omepiet 2 points

The confusion seems to be as old as the song. Ploughing though their releases on, I see that some of the original vinyl releases state "Das Model", others, most indeed, "Das Modell". The pronunciation throughout the song is consistently "Model".

Rockah12 1 point

hey no matter how it's spelled on the packaging the song's damn good
thanks for the information!

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ArmyOfMemes 5 points

I love Brand New, it’s great seeing them on Reddit.

Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don’t is seriously one of the best songs out there.

Rockah12 2 points

Every song on Deja Entendu is fucking amazing, but Guernica, The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot, The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows, and Jaws Theme Swimming are my personal favorites. All I Have To Do Is Die is up there too, and I could listen to Tautou for hours.
The only song that's at all iffy is Me vs Maradona vs Elvis, but that's really only because of the recent accusations against Jesse making it much worse in hindsight. It's still a damn good song.

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Rockah12 3 points

Guernica by Brand New. I lost my grandfather two years ago and the song captures the feeling of losing a loved one suddenly too goddamn well.

obsolete16 2 points

I listened to this non-stop when my grandma died... Sorry for your loss.

Rockah12 2 points

I'm sorry for your loss as well.

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