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Roino commented on a post in r/conspiracy
[deleted] -9 points


Roino 12 points

Idk why you instantly went anti-Semitic when I didn't even mention Jews in my comment..

Edit: Also, a lot of what you said is either incorrect and/or conflated.

Jews are only Democrats??

Dutch EAST India company operated in the East Indies, not the west. I might consider your statement if you said British, but the Dutch were also kicked out of North America be the 18th century.

Something Judeo-Bolshevism. I think the Communists were just appeasing the Jews to gain their sympathy following centuries of neglect by the Romanovs. I don't get why Bolshevism is even mentioned when we're talkin American political parties..

And the most juicy "slavery wasn't instituted by force" Tell that to the millions of slaves who died in chains.

RyanUnited -1 points

Classic revisionist. Perfect example. Thank you for going back and revising what you wrote after the fact. Clearly demonstrates the overall tactic.

Roino 7 points

I edited it less than a minute I posted the comment. My apologies great gatekeeper

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Roino commented on a post in r/AdviceAnimals
Whatsthedealwithit11 157 points

Well, yeah - he's guilty as fuck. You have to be a blind cultist to not see something so blatant.

Roino 1 point

All he's doing is pleading the fifth. No sign of a verdict. Anyone who is under arrest should be pleading the fifth, honestly. Saying a word will do nothing but potentially incriminate the suspect.

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jjacobsnd5 7 points

Should've been Amy Adams.

Roino 2 points

Either are incredible!

Robbie_Babic 6 points

I've watched it 1st day in the theater and like 2 weeks ago again @ home and after watching this clip I still can't see it.

Roino 1 point

Try this video. Pay attention to the boys background right at 0:55

Roino commented on a post in r/wisconsin
shamansalad -12 points

Don’t force needles onto others. Why is this controversial? I can simultaneously agree with the benefits of said vaccination but support someone’s decision to decline. It’s not that hard of a pill to swallow. Your argument is Orwellian.

Roino 11 points

TIL people are more afraid of needles than they are deadly infectious diseases.

shamansalad -3 points

Needles don’t scare me, authoritarianism does. If it’s a beneficial vaccine, I can make that educated decision, myself.

Roino 4 points

I believe speed limits on the highway are authoritarian. My car, my speed. I believe police officers are authoritarian and unnecessary. I can save myself. I believe taxes take away my income and my livelihood. It's my money, I shouldn't have to share it to you. I believe sentencing someone to jail is authoritarian and evil. Nobody in my family was murdered, I think the murderer should go free.

You're argument is weak. You sound so selfish and self centered it's sad. You're afraid of a needle, so you'll risk the lives of other community members around you for your self-righteousness. It's like seeing your neighbor at gunpoint and running away because "it's not my problem."

Anti-vaxxers are so careless.

Roino commented on a post in r/conspiracy
joewns23 0 points

It is pretty obvious that you think Donald Trump is guilty. This explains, in your mind, his doing things that 'look guilty.

Let us pretend that Donald Trump is actually innocent. If you were President, and your whole term as POTUS has this giant cloud of an investigation into a crime that you're actually innocent of, wouldn't you want to shut down the investigation? Now realize that you control the branch of governemt that is currently doing the investigation. Would it not be tempting to try and end it before anything potentially embarrassing is leaked by people inside the FBI that don't like you?

I am just a random guy and I was able to come up with a realistic motive that explains Trump's behavior, no matter how guilty it may look to you.

Roino 3 points

No. If I was under investigation for a crime I didn't commit I'd be speaking with investigators, doing on air interviews, and doing everything in my power to prove my innocence, not try to shut down the investigation and start firing respectable employees within the FBI.

Roino 2 points

No. If I was under investigation for a crime I didn't commit I'd be speaking with investigators, doing on air interviews, and doing everything in my power to prove my innocence, not try to shut down the investigation and start firing respectable employees within the FBI.

Roino 5 points

No. If I was under investigation for a crime I didn't commit I'd be speaking with investigators, doing on air interviews, and doing everything in my power to prove my innocence, not try to shut down the investigation and start firing respectable employees within the FBI.

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Roino commented on a post in r/ImGoingToHellForThis
[deleted] 27 points

So funny how snowflakes want to run the world but can't figure out a fucked up situation like this they created for themselves.

Roino 8 points

I lean left but I also have morals and know separation of church and state. Fuck both of these two in the meme

Roino commented on a post in r/conspiracy
LuketheDiggerJr 33 points

As long as George Herbert Walker Bush has a heart beat his loyalists will do whatever it takes. Once Bush is dead his loyalists will lose strength and cohesion. George Bush 41 was the deep state.

Secrets inside of secrets.

Roino 1 point

Is there a post in this sub explaining what you just described?

Roino commented on a post in r/rage
gunmetalkatana 3 points

You all realize they use a large metal hook to train elephants for elephant rides all across Asia, right? It isn't a single instant of people being shitty. It is their cash cow.

Roino 2 points

I've been to Thailand. I guarantee there's still a large portion of elephant keepers who use sticks with needles at the end to move/train their elephants.

Also it's colloquially known that if you can ride the elephant it's most likely been tortured to accommodate the rider.

Roino commented on a post in r/atheism
masterballx 1 point

But that still does nothing to explain how calling people Nazis "pushes people to the right"

Roino 1 point

That wasn't the original argument. It wasn't about the word "nazi" pushing people further to the right. It was about how using the word further distances the right from listening to the left. People become upset, including myself, when others start comparing the Vice President of th United States, although a vote grabbing anti-gay douchebag, to a man who orchestrated the rounding up and full executions of millions of people.

Those two do not compare.

As I said before. I don't support Pence, but if you want Moderate voters who incidentally voted for him to see through his corruption/bullshit you can't be spewing this nazi shit or else they won't listen to you!

ObnoxiousOldBastard 7 points

Pence wants to kill all the gays, as did the Nazis. Seems a pretty fair comparison to me.

Roino -4 points

Facts? Data? I'm not denying your statement. But you can claim something and not have any data/statements to go with it.

Roino commented on a post in r/gifsthatkeepongiving
tardigrade-love-song 287 points

Is this actually a thing? I've never had a Facebook, Twitter, IG or anything else (nothing to hide, I just don't feel like putting my life on display). I'm married to the same woman for 20 years so I don't know what the modern dating scene is like - is this actually a deal breaker these days?


edit: Thanks for all of the different perspectives. I find it sad and a bit scary that this is where we are as a society; but I'm glad to hear that the video is mostly sensationalized. By not participating in social media, I guess I've been blind to how much of an integral part of some peoples' lives it has become. I think Knife Party pretty much hit it on the head with this video.

Roino 2 points

This was definitely an exaggerated display of today's dating. There were obvious puns being used like the dick pic joke and "catfish in reverse" but I believe the manic behind not being able to scout out somebody online is real. I think it's become so easy and commonplace that everyone my age is using social media in some way or another psuedo-stalk people that they're interested in. I think the last line of the gif put a good reflection on the whole situation. Yes, social media allows you to cut corners when trying to "learn" someone, but just asking them is best and most sincere.

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