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Imagine if Shaq jumped out on the crowd and tried to crowd surf

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BREAKING NEWS: Hundreds die at EDM festival following Shaq’s attempted crowd surf. When questioned on the matter, he responded “I don’ giva shit” and walked away.

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Like a core of KAT, Wiggs, Lavine, Markkanen, & Dunn? i'm sad

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Eh. Max contracts to towns and Wiggins, giant contracts to Lavine and Markkanen. We’d be in salary woes real quick without much depth

Lavine makes almost the exact same as Teague, and Markkanen won't get a new contract for a couple years and even then probably won't make more than Jimmy (not considering inflation). We'd be in about the same position $-wise.

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We would’ve been able to offer Lavine more and probably would’ve done it, plus he’s worse than Teague right now. I agree that I’d love to have Markkanen, but the Bulls are going to offer him the max, guaranteed.

If we look at their contracts now, yes we’d be in the same position financially. But we’d also still miss the playoffs for another 2-4 years. Whether that trade off would’ve been worth it is up to you

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It is all speculation at this point. I think today is the day we decide to ship him or convince that we will work things out and he stays.

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I doubt we ship him today. Maybe a few days down the line after we get it out to teams that he’s on the block

Franchises, unlike fans, don't operate on rumors.

We got LeBron this year.

We'll get someone next year. It could be KD, Kawhi, Jimmy, etc.

We're in no hurry.

Our motto is sustained success. The young guys aren't going anywhere.

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That’d be some crazy shit if you guys got KD, g’luck brother

Personally, I don't think it'll happen. But, crazier things have happened.

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How do you think people would take it, at least compared to him going to the Warriors? That’s a championship level team, pretty much comparable to the Warriors right now (especially if Lonzo, Kuz, and Ingram all take good leaps)

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Idk man call him up and mention it

I expect no advertisements when i pay for no advertisements

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You’re paying for no audio advertisements while you listen, you will still get “suggestions” which are ads in disguise, but that’s literally all their “discover” playlists are so just stay away from them then

Cavaliers are gonna do great after lebron leaves and make the playoffs still.

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That is definitely unpopular.. he had 27 EWA on a 50 win team last year lol

Yes, he should have verbally attacked his literal biggest guest ever, that will attract more big guests

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Im glad that i have a 9-5 work and play video games on my freetime.

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Joe would punch you in the anus for saying that

The WNBA puts forth very little effort in making the league successful, especially given how much needs to get done for the league to prosper. I’m sure the players are sick of it, and not getting to a game on time is a classic example of a problem that a better league would not allow to happen. I’m making some assumptions here, but I have a feeling that this incident is a lot bigger than just one loss.

This is on the decision to skip the game, and is independent from whether the game is "forfeited" or not. Forfeiting the game (instead of rescheduling) is the decision of WNBA. I would loved to comment on whether Aces' decision is wise or not, but I guess I shouldn't because I really don't know the condition of the players. No professional athlete should risk playing at 100% effort with a fatigued body, and this decision should override all other "collateral benefits" such as "voice out to WNBA on tight schedule or low pay" or "save energy for future games". In other words, I'll support their decision as long as they cancel the game solely due to the players' condition and nothing else. Should WNBA reschedule? Well, the schedule is crazy tight, with Aces playing on 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 15th, 17th and 19th August. Playoff start on 21 August. I'd say it's reasonable that WNBA cannot reschedule the game. Should WNBA forfeit or just "omit" the game? I'm not sure about WNBA's regulations, but assuming that the travel arrangement and associated risk are team's responsibility (instead of the league), then forfeit is a "legal" outcome. However, given that the travel delay was due to weather, I think it'd be more reasonable for the game to be cancelled/omitted, i.e."no one lose", and the playoff position is determined by winning percentage.

I don’t think whether she would be productive or succeed really matters. There will never be a female player in the NBA because she will have inherent disadvantages. There’s a reason competitive sports are separated, and it’s due to trying to make the playing field as even as possible. Same reason why a male player will never be in the WNBA. I think if you picked the best WNBA player and put them in the NBA they could be at least a good rotation player, maybe even a starter. It just won’t happen.

In short, the NBA is a very, very tiny percentage of human beings and is, as a result, very selective. Consequently, there is no chance a woman will break into the NBA. There are incredibly tall and incredibly strong and athletic women out there, but not any taller and stronger and more athletic than the 450 most tall, strong and athletic males in the world.

As somebody who knows people around the league, it's all about the cash to the owners. Robert Sarver only wanted to pay 9 players, and once sold the 7th overall pick for a 2nd rounder and $3 million dollars. Does that sound like the type of guy who does anything with altruistic intentions or has long term foresight? Don't mistake his penny-pinching for being shrewd, the man missed out on Loul Deng, who would've brought in exponentially more money than he received for the pick, because, well, it was there. The WNBA was founded with the ideal of making NBA owners more money, but the league has never been truly supported beyond paying the bills. It's no surprise that the WNBA wasn't an initial success. It's market visibility was poor, ad campaigns were almost nonexistent, and NBA owners obviously didn't think it had much merit. Beyond the initial investment and covering for losses when they were occurred, NBA ownership has not made much of an infastructure investment until now (which was probably spurned by looking at how much money women's sports generates in markets where it is funded overseas), which has led to the history of an underfunded and mismanaged league. ESPN has even gone as far to call it "frugal," which is an embarrassing designation when the league was very, very young and should've been invested in. If you want to see what competent economic outlook that is market-oriented with women's sports, look to see what companies are doing that exist outside of the NBA's monopoly on professional basketball. Elena Delle Donne and Skylar Diggins, two of the league's young stars, both make so much money from endorsement deals that they willfully choose to not play overseas, so you have to believe they're making somewhere close to the 1.5 million Taurasi is to make the year-long exposure worth the opportunity cost of playing. In 2015 it was reported that Delle Donne was making at least $250,000 on some of her deals, and with attendance on the rise, it's probably only gone up since then.

Also, I just realized that you were potentially talking about billionaires with money to burn as overseas owners. While some clubs are owned by wealthy people with money to burn, that is also indicative of a better market overseas, where sports are viewed as conduits of joy, and not an investment. Also, talking with friends and agents who work overseas, I can assure you that the majority of overseas owners are more similar to minor league hockey owners in the states than NBA owners. Most are not fabulously wealthy, and while they view their team as a business, they don't make irrational decisions with either short term or long term opportunities. The professional sporting system and market is much more capitalistic and free than in the states. Loyalty among fans is important, but with relegation and promotion being the norm, bad owners are punished and forced to sell, or they risk bankruptcy.

The WNBA is better attended than the women's leagues overseas, but they're finding a way to pay the player's what they're worth, probably due to better marketing and distribution deals. The idea that outside money would willfully be taking massive losses that contracts like Taurasi's would lead to if the league wasn't financially stable is an odd one. Either way, if it outside money is coming in, a freer market than the WNBA's says Taurasi is worth $1.5 million. The WNBA is actually the 3rd best attended basketball league in the world, behind the NBA, and only ~700 people less per game than the Euroleague. The WNBA actually has about 1,000 more spectators on average than the Spanish ACB league, but both those leagues run for longer. If the WNBA owners became smarter, they could negotiate better TV deals, charge slightly more for tickets, afford to pay their players what their true market value is, and bump out competing overseas leagues and build a two-league monopoly on basketball talent. But, they've obviously lacked the foresight to capitalize on what they have.

Yes, the NBA is a faster, more explosive, more highlight-friendly league, but the perception of the WNBA continues to be "it's boring, that's why nobody watches." Look no further than this thread. While I agree that part of this is the play, a large part in my opinion is the excitement factor of the games themselves. The crowd isn't there, the announcers are usually highly technical and analytical but hardly exciting, there's no music, etc. There is, simply put, no marketing for the WNBA--advertising is only part of it, and there are hardly even any ads. I'm not saying it's possible to get Drake on the sidelines, but the WNBA's outreach has completely failed to reach any meaningful young audience. Adam Silver said it himself on The Jump a few weeks ago--the WNBA is having tremendous difficulty becoming popular with anyone other than older men who are most likely interested in technical basketball to begin with and looking for more. Most of this is the public perception, but it's in the NBA and WNBA's interest to change this public perception by driving the dialog and marketing material in the opposite direction, and they're completely failing. In today's social-media friendly league, everyone is always talking about how NBA players are their own brand--yet nobody can name a WNBA player. That's not just the lack of "dynamic play" or "exciting action", because I can name a few golfers. It's the lack of marketing.

This said, there have been calls for equal pay between the leagues but this isn’t going to happen, at least until revenue raised by both leagues are equal which is not happening anytime soon. Paying the players more, if not equally is an argument that has support.

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I have seen multiple times +15 and 3 times +20. The best i have seen is +22 (I have photo if u want)

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I want to see! I’ve had one or two +18, only on high potential/low overall rookies

Has it changed? At my college I've seen more than half of the tables outside taken by people studying or eating alone. It's refreshing to be able to sit down and do your work without feeling judged.

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I think he’s over-exaggerating. As much as I’d love to go eat with my friends at the DH my freshman year, our schedules very rarely lined up. 50-90% of the people there were eating alone at any time so it’s pretty normal

You don’t know what three simple words mean when strung together? Are you proud to be this retarded? Honest question, because you seem very enthusiastic about your own stupidity, judging by the caps lock and exclamation mark.

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Chill out Albert Dickstein

104 points · 19 days ago

You just did what opponents of mental health reform and gun control always do; you changed the subject. The prison system is not the reason we have mental health issues. Further, the war on drugs has next to nothing to do with mental health in this conversation.

We can actually change the health care system AND change the prison system. We don't have to wait to fix the prison system before mental health care can be improved. Your "argument" is a bunch of disjointed talking points that are irrelevant to the topic.

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3 points · 19 days ago · edited 19 days ago

You just did what unreasonable people tend to do; put a brick wall in front of your views not considering other’s from a non emotional way. Also, you grouped him based on his viewpoint which is super dangerous.

Next time, when you see someone’s “argument”, try to see it as an abstract statement of thought and take it in, instead of instantly thinking “an idea that differs to my viewpoint=ATTACK MODE”.

If things start slowly in Minnesota and tension builds there's potential for Butler to be a tremendous rental piece at the deadline for a contender at a low price players of his caliber rarely ever see. Key word of course is rental but for a team in win now mode like Houston or Toronto that could be something to watch

Also regardless of if he leaves or not the trade was 100% worth it for minnesota

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I’ll take 1 Kyle Kuzma for 1 year of Jimmy plz

I'll throw in 1 Deng at no extra cost

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Id absolutely take that deal

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Call her anyways. Dying or not, she's your mom and she'd probably love to hear from you. Might make her day a little better.

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If she’s literally dying right now from a brain infection, she may not have the capability to speak.. I think that’s what he meant

2 points · 22 days ago

What happened that makes you want to rage quit?

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"Made playoffs" means a first round playoff exit. Pretty frustrating after an 81-1 season.

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Original Poster1 point · 21 days ago

I definitely still won the chip, it just says that because it’s directly at the end of the season. What really made me mad is how I won like 20 championships in 30 years and this is the closest I got to 82-0. Frustrating as hell

Original Poster8 points · 22 days ago


I just uploaded the same video last night

Your should get more upvoted tho bc great title!

Khris Humphries BOOMED Adreian Payne what was I thinking smh

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Original Poster1 point · 22 days ago

Damn my bad I just saw a bunch of Kris highlights and wanted to continue the trend!

They think Kyrie is better than Curry.

They don't hate the Celtics.


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When Kyrie was making finals runs with Bron, like 40% of r/nba was saying he was better than Curry lol

no this sub has never said it to that level what lol

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You are severely underestimating the levels of blind Warriors hate on this sub during the playoffs

I'd say the fucked up the calculations of what the steel mesh of the cage could handle. Both Undertaker and Mick Foley are kinda heavy which already loosened up the elements while they were walking on the ceiling. When the Undertaker choke slamed Mick Foley into the "ground" or well the ceiling of the cage it ripped open and Foley fell 5 or 6 meters into the ring and was left unconcious.

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Nah they didn’t fuck anything up. They let two 300lb men on top of a steel cage held up by zip ties, and were probably well aware that they may fall through.

To be fair it's not too difficult to hit homeruns in leagues regulates like only a few count per game

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That’s what I was thinking. My buddies league limits them to like 5 HRs per team for slow pitch

id give him a farewell season of chucking 3s. see if he can hit 500+

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A career high 3PM at 500 with a career low .410 percentage.. casual All-nba first team and scoring champ final season, np

And a chokejob in the Finals. Does that not count? Curry wasn't putting up "Best player of all time" type performances when it counted.

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Yeah because he was the only factor in their loss.. That argument is strawman as fuck anyways

well if the guy is going to type as if hes the only factor in the 73 wins then sure why not

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Take Steph off that team and how many games do they win?

I'm 5'5 weight 120 and I can touch the ring.


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I’m 4’5” and can fuck your mom


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