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I think it's a funny response in reply to this post and this post.

It's very meta.

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That's gotta be the highest effort low effort post I've seen in a long time.

I'm impressed, but I'm also not.

That's not the line, is it? Isn't it "I did not hit her. It's not true. It's bullshit. I did not hit her. I did not. Oh hi Mark."?

Source: Saw The Disaster Artist one too many times.

a flaming spear that's as effective as a fallen scorch cannon

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And lasts for like 15 seconds. Awesome super weapon you got there, sparky.

Oryx had consumed a Worm god and grown even stronger after that. We killed him single handedly in his campaign mission and no one complained about that.

People are putting these worms on pedestals since we have literally never seen them do anything and have god in the name. But we have beaten things stronger than them before

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The thing we killed was merely his shade. To bring down Oryx proper, you had to do King's Fall, which was a suitably epic raid.

I'd be fine if the thing we killed wasn't Xol, but just a minor overlord of his brood. Killing Xol solo felt... cheap.

It’s really just gene Parmesan

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Eeeeeeee! You got me again!

Comment deleted4 months ago

"That's some wypipo shit we are NOT getting involved in today."

360 points · 4 months ago

How broke is he?

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Donald Trump is so broke, Melania won't divorce him cause she doesn't want to have to pay him alimony.

Donald Trump is so broke, the only lawyers that will represent him are those that accept payment in rubles.

Donald Trump is so broke, his personal physician is a gastroenterologist who looks like Beaker from Sesame Street.

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Sit on the Frozen Throne! Claim leadership of the Scourge and cleanse Azeroth of the living!

8 points · 4 months ago

My sister raise her two kid like this. She had obsidian black hair before she had them; no her hair are entirely white, at 40. The two parents are providing absolutely everything the kids want at the moment they want it. When they visit us it's completly natural for them to expect everybody to attend to their every needs 24/7. They consider us all merely as bot with the only purpose of attending to them at every moment and they are as manipulative as one can be.

The older is 11 and can't read at all. The younger at 9 can't form complete sentences.

I have no idea how they will step into the world at some point and realize you can't have your cake and eat it too.

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The older is 11 and can't read at all. The younger at 9 can't form complete sentences.

That's future President material right there.

Huh, an artist who draws all the characters in a similar style?

It's like mocking the Simpson's for being yellow. I mean, alright...

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No no no, he didn't just "draw them in a similar style", he quite literally copy/pasted the same god damn face from a fucking library. Instead of CtrAltDel, it should have been called CtrlC-CtrlV.


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the hive general with the lovely voice?

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I still can't forgive her for breaking up the Beatles.

Here's my question though, or you could think of it as a worry given that Trump is President right now.

If there is a tape of the President with some prostitutes, and it does show him ordering them to pee on the bed or some other similarly freakish thing, why is Trump worried about that? This guy went through the Access Hollywood tape and the backstage Miss Teen whatever remarks. At this point, over 20 women have accused him of various forms of sexual misconduct and assault. And he still got elected with the public knowing all that. Plus now we're got 2 (3??) former adult actresses, who were paid to be silent, saying that they had long-term affairs with the President. And there's likely more evidence to come regarding those allegations, given the Cohen investigation, the civil suits, etc.

So why is this guy worried about a videotape of him ordering prostitutes to defile a mattress? Can that really be much worse than where he's at now?

This all suggests to me that there is no pee-tape, and then either there's no kompromat or the kompromat is much worse than a pee tape.

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They do this in stages. At some point the Trump sex tape (gag, retch) would have provided the Kremlin with sufficient leverage to get Trump to commit crimes for them. Once he's done that, they now have even more incriminating material, which they can use as leverage to get Trump to engage in even more corrupt activities, which yield even worse kompromat, and so on and so forth. It's a vicious cycle that starts innocently enough and ends (fingers crossed) with indictments of a large swath of US lawmakers.

That, or Trump straight up raped and killed a kid and the Russians have it on tape.

76 points · 5 months ago

Too bad it’s photoshopped

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Purists: I'm a cosplay purist and she is the worst. This is obviously photoshopped.

/r/gaming: Photoshopped?

Purists: Weird, right? Yeah, and now she is attention whoring on Instagram, and that was the last straw.

/r/gaming: Oh, my God! That's disgusting! Attention whoring? On Instagram? What's her handle?

Purists: I don't know. One of those disgusting professional cosplay "models".

/r/gaming: Aw, those disgusting attention whoring Instagram cosplay models! I mean, there's so many of them, though! Which one? Which one is this one? Do you know where we can find her?

48 points · 5 months ago

Dismember every corpse you see... just to be sure.

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Try to telekinesis them first. "Corpse" not floating? That's a dismemberin'.

And if they do float? Stomp the shit out of the corpse to make sure they STAY dead.

4 points · 5 months ago

Any biologists here? Do you think at some point they can just smell their path and don't actually need to memorize? They can just smell their previous route?

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They can just smell their previous route?

I would be shocked and surprised if they didn't, given how important a well-developed sense of smell is for a rodent's general success in life.

For personal reference, questions I need answers to after the embargo ends:

  • What was the "Turkey concept" that the fans shot down?
  • What was Bungie's rationale for casualifying Destiny 2?
  • What was Bungie's rationale for 4v4?
  • Did Bungie have a good response for WHY the tone of Destiny has shifted so much?
  • How I mine for fish?
28 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

Peanuts if the president was Obama, for Trump I wont pay $5, better spent at the local bar.

But I understand what people are paying to get in is not to enrich themsleves with intellect but rather to enrich themselves at the expense of Americans

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for Trump I wont pay $5, better spent at the local bar.

You kind of are though if you're paying taxes. When Trump travels from Washington to the Florida Molestarium, he takes Air Force One, natch. Then he has a motorcade take him from the airport to Swamp Manor. Then a full set of Secret Sevice people needs to keep his ass safe while he spends a weekend golfing at the Garbage Taste Inn and Suites. Then he takes a motorcade BACK, flies Air Force One AGAIN, and then back to the White House.

Trump's weekend trips to Chez Mains des Enfants are not cheap for the tax payers. There's a number being thrown around a lot of somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 million, but it's probably less than that. But likely not by much.

Either there's some perspective shenanigans afoot, or her left leg is significantly longer than her right.

FUCK NO! God dammit, you fuckers are enabling the shitty joke writing that's already rampant in the game. Do you not realize that Bungie's writers have no common sense or restraint? Imagine what would happen if one of those tone-deaf wannabe comedians who call themselves the Bungie 2 writing team read this thread. "Hey guys look, the players want silly Rasputin! Anybody feel like turning yet another beloved Destiny character into an embarrassing caricature?"

I get it's supposed to be a joke, but we can't afford that kind of levity right now.

7 points · 5 months ago

did a robot write the title?

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Account is 14 days old, posts karma whoring garbage, has terrible spelling, is likely a foreign karma farmer.

I swear, reddit is starting to feel like digg of old more and more every day.

2 points · 5 months ago

what actual gain can you have from that? what's the point? i have lots of karma which means nothing to me and would sell it for five bucks if I could.

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Google "reddit accounts for sale" and see.

Original Poster226 points · 5 months ago

My gut tells me it’s Satan. Realistically, I think it’s a black house spider, could be wrong. Venomous but not fatal bites of so.

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Actually, this is not a spider, it's a black head crab, you just purchased real estate in Ravenholm, and you're all out of saw blades.

Good luck.

hmm so..... Pvepepvpe?

jkjk can't wait!

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It's PvPepe, players versus racist memes.

"MPTN1973/0. There. I just divided your username with zero. Where's your god now?"/0

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44 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

Divide by zero, and you enter Cuil Theory territory.

For the uninitiated

Edit: Also, that link is a wonderful time capsule of the Old Reddit. Your father's reddit. This is the social media platform of a Knight of New. Not as clumsy or random as Digg; an elegant website for a more civilized age. For over a thousand submissions, the Knights of New were the guardians of peace and OC on the Old Reddit. Before the dark times... before the shitposters.

Holy shit, they made some sort of online RPG based on Hearthstone?
That's wild!

14 points · 5 months ago

It’s Rice Krispies, you plick!

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Holy shit, I never thought I'd see a Lethal Weapon 4 reference in the wild.

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