Ready for some new music. What are you hoping to see out of Coheed’s next release? by RedZoneD25 in TheFence

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I'd Definitely like a return to some heavier and more proggy songs. I missed that with TCBTS. Don't get me wrong, I love the record but I miss that crunch

New Octopus by Frank Carter at Sang Bleu, London, UK by raving_roadkill in tattoos

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How was it man? Frank is such a fucking lovely guy. He's tattooed my leg

So what's the consensus on Snoke? by soral in StarWars

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Im really enjoying watching how Kylo is slipping in to the dark side. Being torn multiple times BUT EVERY TIME HE'S CHOSEN THE DARK SIDE!

Seems much better to me than just, bam, here's a tough bad guy who's always been bad

General Discussion | I'd love to see a film bridging RotJ and TFA with the rise of the First Order... by Roy2501 in StarWars

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I've never watched any of the animated series, but I definitely would for that!

Where's best to start with the others?

Skyrim is now officially confirmed for 2018! by Pengwan_au in Vive

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Maaaaan I've got to wait another few days for my Vive thanks to a shite salesman.

I didn't even consider the Shiskebab! Even more excited!!!

Skyrim is now officially confirmed for 2018! by Pengwan_au in Vive

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I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go sword and shield this time round!

We were worried about introducing Rebel to our new daughter Ivy... Now we have no idea why! by Roy2501 in aww

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I think they see the care that the bubs are given and accept them as part of their family. When we took on Rebel, we already had a 3 year old human and they get each other in to trouble, but love each other like nothing else!!!