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Roy2501 commented on a post in r/Music
Gadjilitron 9 points

Actually the name of a festival, held at Donington Park somewhere in the midlands. Still a weird name mind!

Roy2501 8 points

Back in the early days, you'd get one free mp3 download of each band playing. Hence the name! Absolutely amazing festival

throway_nonjw 2 points

I'm going to be a grandparent (again) and I'd like to get one of these for the kids. Can you let me know where I can get one?

Roy2501 1 point

Congratulations! Someone posted a link to the thingy for it in the comments :)

[deleted] -1 points

Bah babies are stupid. It was your bad planning that led you to have an easily awoken monster in your house.

Roy2501 2 points

Actually, she was my second of two planned children, so, y'know...

Worth it.

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We have a 6 week old baby, our neighbours knew we were having a little trouble getting her to sleep!! They made us this great little cross stitch
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[deleted] 1 point


Roy2501 1 point

It's not a YouTube video...

Dad_B0T 2 points

Working on a new feature here, my bad fam. I let it loose a bit early. I'm reapproving everything. I forgot to comment out a few lines before testing it. - /u/mynameisethan182

Roy2501 1 point

Haha no worries at all!

Roy2501 commented on a post in r/StarWars
Tempestyze -9 points

He'll be back. He's the real bad guy. Kylo is just terrible.

Roy2501 6 points

Im really enjoying watching how Kylo is slipping in to the dark side. Being torn multiple times BUT EVERY TIME HE'S CHOSEN THE DARK SIDE!

Seems much better to me than just, bam, here's a tough bad guy who's always been bad

korbinkreme 4 points

Prequels for the sequels? If there's money in it, Disney will be happy to oblige.

Roy2501 1 point

... the pre-sequels?

zippityd0dah 7 points

Next tv series would be good. Clone Wars like animates show with OT characters and a few more new ones. I’d dig that.

Roy2501 2 points

I've never watched any of the animated series, but I definitely would for that!

Where's best to start with the others?

Roy2501 commented on a post in r/Vive
[deleted] 22 points

Day 1 buy. Fallout VR is a blast and Skyrim is a better game. Might even go mage for once.

Roy2501 8 points

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go sword and shield this time round!

Halvus_I 3 points
Roy2501 1 point

Maaaaan I've got to wait another few days for my Vive thanks to a shite salesman.

I didn't even consider the Shiskebab! Even more excited!!!

Roy2501 commented on a post in r/ImGoingToHellForThis
[deleted] 16 points


Roy2501 1 point


blasphemyblack 1 point

Thanks for the catch kind stranger. Mobile is a bitch sometimes.

Roy2501 1 point

You're not wrong there buddy!

pavan2304 1 point

Which breed is your dog?

Roy2501 2 points

She's a Siberian Husky

Doomblade10 2 points

Stuff like this alway makes me wonder if dogs can somehow tell that babies are part of the family...or maybe smell the parents on them

Roy2501 4 points

I think they see the care that the bubs are given and accept them as part of their family. When we took on Rebel, we already had a 3 year old human and they get each other in to trouble, but love each other like nothing else!!!

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[deleted] -7 points


Roy2501 2 points

She's got her entire life ahead of her to do ANYTHING she wants and be whoever she wants to be... meanwhile you're stuck being you 😂😂😂

Roy2501 2 points

I have no idea why this and everyone's comments are getting down voted 😂

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PlayGtr990 3 points

There are alot of great guitars out there in that price range. I'm not sure what is available in your area but here are some models worth checking out...
Seagull S6
Eastman Guitars
Epiphone Masterbilt

Roy2501 1 point

Thank you very much! I'll start having a look

Roy2501 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
CarrotIronfounderson 5 points

Oh I know, I was referring to the SSTB neverender tour, in which he played with them.

Roy2501 2 points

Sorry bud, my mistake!

CarrotIronfounderson 2 points

No sweat man. I'll gladly geek out on drummers and/or Coheed any day of the week. I was responding on the phone, in the car on the way back from thanksgiving holiday, so wasn't typing super specifically.

Man your jackhammer!

Roy2501 1 point

I would love another full Neverender, it would last a over a week at this rate!

Can't imagine Josh playing some of Pennies parts though

Man your battlestations!

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jazzdrums1979 6 points

Very nice! A lot of drummers struggle with playing a kick drum that large. Once you get used to it there is something about the presence a 26” that lends to your sound that smaller drums can’t provide.

Roy2501 3 points

If I'm being entirely honest, I jumped from a 20" to a 26" and it's a huge difference

The rack Tom is positioned way further left than I would usually have, and your right leg feels the fatigue a lot faster. It's also lent to the cymbals being further away from me.

All in all, I can totally understand people saying it's more uncomfortable to play, because it definitely is

However, it is bloody lovely and sounds like thunder

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