Did I mention how awesome a school UW-Madison is? by JoshuaHimemiya in wisconsin

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UW Madison is not a top five research institution anymore.

Moving to Madison, best places to live? by fluidvapor in madisonwi

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See if you can rent a studio downtown. Some you can find for around $550. Look by Wilson maybe. Use extra money to go out, meet people, have fun. Atwood, Marquette, and Willy st neighborhoods are also all great if you can find an apartment within you budget. Good Luck. And DO NOT rent an apartment on the west side!

Scarcely used dog parks? by frankieh in madisonwi

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Checkout my dog and me park . It’s about 20$ for a 45 minuet session but you get the park to yourself. I believe there is one free visit for first timers. It’s located off Buckeye next to critters corral. They also have a new indoor dog park as well.

Night Shift people, what’s the spookiest paranormal encounter you’ve had at work? by cybermals14 in Paranormal

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I have worked night shift at a skilled nursing facility , where death occurs on a weekly basis, for the past 7 years. I have never seen anything spooky or paranormal.

Salad Recommendations? by thatemokidd in madisonwi

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Willy St co-op has a great salad bar!