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There's alot of those in Yalova, Turkey. I'm surprised everyone is, it's really common out here.


But also, you did really good on this.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

Sorry to dissapoint but I didn't make it. It's been on my phone for months and I just remembered it existed after seeing yours. Thanks for the inspiration.

Oh, that's okay. Even though it's not yours, its still funny lol

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Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

So is end me® super relateable

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Room temp is ok but warm water, ew.

I'd keep you as a pet if I could.

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audible groan = upvote

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True as fuck

John's foreneck

I've seen this thousands of times and if this hasn't been posted here before.. TAKE MY UPVOTE!

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They don't. Bad coding.

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If you think anybody is ever going to give you respect because you put thousands of hours into gaming then I got some BAAAAAD news for you. Nobody gives a shit. Hell, they're more likely to not respect you because you think think being a gamer is so prestigious. Go outside and ask 20 people whether they agree that only REAL gamers deserve that title, see how many of them laugh in your face because it's such a retarded point you're trying to make.

Also Ive played runescape since 2007, probably got well over a year worth of play time.

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What do you know of the real world? You have about 10k hours on runescape

LMFAO this is gorgeous. Well played you beautiful autist

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Thanks Bob,

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kapat lan iman gucu agacta mi yetisiyor

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Sonra iman gücü faturası fazla geliyo kapat amk

bu yarışmanın bi ciddiyeti kaldı mı ki? cast ajansından oyuncuları çağırıp sansasyonel cevaplar verdiriyolar rating için.

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Aslında hep öyle değil. Bizim müdür yardımcısı çıkmıştı.

We watched tons of these back in elementary school learning about hydraulics.

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She held 4 fingers, not hers.

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And what's dark about that?

It's implied she cut off someone else's fingers or found them somewhere.

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OH, thanks

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This is not mildyinteresting it's blackmagicfuckery

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And anotha one

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And anotha one

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I have a desease called ligma and I think I caught it in SawCon when I was with sugondese people.
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