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FoxFalk 2 points

Maybe it's a stupid question, but won't we release/cheaptrade Ellsbury anyway at a given time? I mean we play this DL game for now, but do you actually expect him to be in the lineup ever again? How can he ever get back in shape etc.

Sanlear 1 point

I would think that contact is weighing heavily on Cashman’s mind.

fatmike63 2 points

IIRC one time, either in the 08 or 09 playoffs he talked about a lot pressure and he felt shook or something to that extent. So, I say no thanks.

Sanlear 1 point

Anyone coming to the Yankees needs to learn to deal with pressure and expectations, that’s for sure.

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Sanlear commented on a post in r/comicbookmovies
Grendergon 3 points

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think he's ever talked about how he joined shield in the show

Sanlear 9 points

He did. He mentioned getting recruited right out of high school.

Grendergon 3 points

Cool, hopefully they stick to that

Sanlear 1 point

It would be nice to see some nod, however subtle, to the show.

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Sanlear commented on a post in r/NYYankees
rushy1911 10 points

Gleyber still studying the new pitcher lmao. He's so determined and hardworking.

Sanlear 3 points

Very focused.

crispyconnor 3 points

They have probably said it multiple times the past week but where has Michael Kay been?

Sanlear 1 point

He’ll be back on Friday. Just out for a couple of series.

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Sanlear commented on a post in r/TVDetails
Steb20 8 points

And then get resurrected, and then die again, then resurrected... like 6 times.

Sanlear 1 point

The eternal cycle.

Sanlear 2 points

Some habits die hard.

Sanlear commented on a post in r/intothebadlands
BigBenW 9 points

It's a fear thing. Sunny kicked Minnervas ass the last time they fought and she thinks he is gunning for her. The only way she knows how to respond to someone else putting fear in her is to do it in return to someone else.

Sanlear 3 points

Understandable. Not many people can hold their own against her, much less win.

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